Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Keystone XL pipeline suspended. Huge victory for environmentalists.

Courtesy of The New York Times:  

The company seeking to build the Keystone XL oil pipeline asked the Obama administration on Monday to suspend its review of the project, potentially bringing an abrupt halt to the politically charged debate over a proposal that had become part of a broader fight over President Obama’s environmental policies. 

TransCanada, the Calgary-based company seeking to build the 1,179-mile pipeline, announced the move in a letter to the State Department, which must approve cross-border projects and had been reviewing its application for a presidential permit. The pipeline would carry 800,000 barrels a day of carbon-heavy petroleum from the Canadian oil sands to the Gulf Coast, and the question of its approval has weighed heavily over Mr. Obama as he sought to build an ambitious legacy on climate change. 

A delay would be almost certain to put off a final decision on the pipeline until Mr. Obama left office, making it likely that the pipeline would be a hotly debated topic in the 2016 presidential race. 

Environmental advocates and liberal activists, many of whom are convinced that the Obama administration will ultimately reject the pipeline, called TransCanada’s request a ploy to avoid having its proposal killed.

That last part may in fact be true, but since Hillary has already said she would reject the pipeline deal that means Transcanada may have to wait many many more years before revisiting this project which essentially means that yes it is dead.

Unless of course by some miracle the Republicans actually choose a candidate with the ability to win.

Nah, it's dead.

Of course Transcanada can still take solace in the fact that they still have that 500 million dollars that former governor Sarah Palin gave them in the ignorant attempt to convince them to build a gas pipeline in Alaska that most of us knew all along would never be built.

Fucking moron. 


  1. Anonymous4:12 AM

    Please proceed, "governor."
    Snort! Dumbass "expert.".

  2. Anonymous4:30 AM

    Dang lame stream liberal media attacking Palin saying the biggest pipeline she built does not exist! How dare they report facts? It must not occur to the likes of her that telling the truth would garner her with credit for her pursuing a pipeline and earn integrity, value and respect versus liar and false impressions. When her lies are busted she screams she is an attacked victim to gain false attention and sympathy plus recruit people to do her dirty work.

  3. Anonymous4:37 AM


    1. Drinks all around!

      To the Ogallala Aquifer!

    2. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

  4. Anonymous4:53 AM

    So now it gives the Republican herd an issue to run on . . . unanimously they will promote the building of the pipeline as the "only way to pull the US out of the terrible depression we have been in for the last 7.something years." And morons will agree.

  5. Anonymous5:14 AM

    Yet another reason to keep the GOP out of the White House and to restore Congress to some semblance of sanity.

  6. Anonymous5:33 AM

    Now the same oil will be travelling by train which goes through every city, town and village, better hope there are no derailments/explosions, a pipeline would have been safer because it would have avoided population centers.

    1. Anonymous5:50 AM

      Boogie Man Alert!

    2. @5:50AM -- Tell that to the 49 citizens of Lac Megantic, Quebec, who died in a horrendous explosion caused by an oil-carrying trainwreck a year ago. Trains DO go through cities, towns and villages, whereas pipelines do not. Being against the Alberta tar sands and its horrible oil I can agree with, but being against one of over 800 oil and gas pipelines traversing North America is rather stupid.

    3. Anonymous6:44 PM

      Good point. It past time to update and enforce the railtoad regulations! Damn time!

  7. Anonymous5:50 AM

    I don't trust Clinton on this issue. If she is elected president and this issue is then resurrected, as I suspect it will be, I fully expect her to approve it.

    1. Anonymous6:12 AM

      I'm curious why you think that.

    2. Anonymous6:13 AM

      Me too.

    3. Anonymous6:54 AM

      She already said publically she is against the pipeline, so why your statement 5:50 am?

    4. Anonymous7:20 AM

      Because Hillary Clinton's like a tree in the wind. You can't count on her to hold the same position tomorrow that she told you she firmly held yesterday.

    5. Because Hillary Clinton's like a tree in the wind. …

      This reads like a simple generalization/broadening of Anonymous 5:50 AM's evidence-free claim. And still no evidence, nothing specific. Mere bad-mouthing. Around here we expect better.

    6. Anonymous10:08 AM

      Hill's Flip-FLops
      - Against same sex marriage then for it.
      - In favor of Pres Obama's immigration plan, now says it's too harsh.
      - Voted for the Iraq War, now says it was a mistake
      - For the Transpacific partnership trade agreement now against it.
      - Volunteered for Barry Goldwater then became a Democrat.
      I know the Hill-lover response already: "Oh, people's views evolve." Funny how Hillary's views seem evolve to whichever way the popular wind is blowing. In the example of the pipeline, sure she's against it now. What happens next time oil prices skyrocket and the oil companies decide to push tar sands again? Flip-Flop

    7. Hill's Flip-FLops

      Thank you for making some specific points, unlike Anonymous 5:50 AM and unlike Anonymous 7:20 AM. Merriam-Webster characterizes a flip-flop in this context as "a sudden change of opinion"; indeed, the individual English words "flip" and "flop" imply suddenness. I would add to this that a "flip" only becomes a "flip-flop" if there is a subsequent "flop" indicating that the changes are responding "to whichever way the popular wind is blowing" to use your own words.

      I believe that some of the "flip"s you list were in fact prompted by later gathering of information that was previously unavailable, or even hidden, but I do applaud your provision of a list of specifics, unlike the referenced mud-flinging earlier commenters.

    8. Anonymous6:45 PM

      No problem! Vote for Bernie!

    9. Anonymous6:03 AM

      Heh, Ted Powell. This is the comments section of a blog, not Debate Team 101. What you're doing here - such as demanding sources, critiquing people's word choices with academic Merriam Webster analyses - is a pretty common form of internet bullying.

  8. If I’m not mistaken but wasn’t the $500 million penalty she lost was due to the fact she signed a no bid contract that promised the contractor that amount of money if the pipeline was not built. Of course in her inaugural speech she also stated that the pipeline had already been built. Just another lie from Palin. I don’t remember, but was the pipeline even approved by the Alaskan Congress?

  9. London Bridges8:40 AM

    While this could be interpreted as hoping for a rethug presidental win, it seems odd if Hillary is the favorite to win and Hillary has come out against it. Since Obama has not come out officially against it, wouldn't letting Obama make a decision make more sense? Of course, if they already had a (secret) approval agreement with Hillary then not wanting Obama to deny the pipeline would make it nearly impossible for Hillary to oppose it after the election after she said she was against it.
    Hillary, would merely, say her approval was based on "new" information she did not have when she said she was against it.
    If you read about Hillary's TPP opposition, she did say, "based on what I know now about TPP, I am opposed to it." (not an exact quote.) She also says she does not have access to the details of TPP, despite the fact that she was for it for her 4 years as SOS.

  10. Anonymous9:25 AM

    The Canadians are going to push these Tar Sands thru a pipline which runs thru the midwest pipline. It is already built and has had spills like the one that happened in the Kalamazoo River a couple of years ago. I believe it is the same pipline they will be using.

  11. Frosty10:05 AM

    This is not only a victory for environmentalists and liberals, it is a win for the world.

    Time to go green people.

  12. Anonymous3:44 PM

    Welcome to Centralia Pennsylvania.


    This was a mining town with a thousand or so people, there was/is an underground mine fire (coal) and now there are ten people left. Before it was taken my eminent domain, people could set fire to their well water, there were promises it would be "sealed and fixed" which never materialized. Something like Love Canal but with a less romantic name.

    I'll be glad when they pull the cork on this project, that half a billion the quitter gave could have gone to clean energy development and research and we'd be one step closer to energy independence.

    Those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

  13. Anonymous7:41 PM


  14. SUSPENDED. *Not* dead.

    That means it could be resurrected at any time and pushed through.

    They'll wait until people relax, let their guards down and are distracted by something else, then it will suddenly be activated again and be pushed through on a fast track.

    This isn't over. It's just a hiatus.

  15. Anonymous5:52 AM

    The update on this story is the Obama Admin says it plans to complete the review of and rule on the Keystone Pipeline before Pres Obama leaves office.


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