Monday, November 23, 2015

Marco Rubio is not happy (But he's kind of happy.) about the Paris attacks.

Courtesy of Addicting Info: 

When Republican presidential candidate Sen. Marco Rubio was asked by Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday if he thinks his “foreign policy credentials” are giving him “a boost with voters” after the terror attacks, Rubio responded: 

“I obviously am not happy about the events that happened last week in Paris, but I think it’s a positive development that it suddenly has forced Americans to confront more carefully the issue of national security, because it is the most important thing a president will do, and it’s the most important function of the federal government.” 

He literally just said, “I’m not happy, BUT…” So, in other words, yes, he is quite pleased that an event took place that will boost his polls numbers as he’s able to display what a xenophobic war hawk he is.

Make no mistake, the attacks in Paris are a gift to the Republican candidates.

Their only real hope of defeating the Democratic candidate is for the American people to be frightened into voting for what they perceive as the party of defense.

Remember that during the Bush administration we were kept in a constant state of fear with those terror warnings which allowed the Republicans to torture in our name, spy on us in our homes, and attack Iraq without justification.

Unfortunately for the Republicans our most likely candidate will be Hillary Clinton, and it is hard to make the case that the former Secretary of State will not be aware and prepared for acts of terrorism.

In fact she is currently leading in the polls when Americans are asked who they trust more to protect us from terrorism. 

Yes I know they will attack her over Benghazi (Good luck with that!), and just about everything else they can come up with, but the fact still remains that her resume puts ALL of theirs to shame.


  1. Anonymous12:08 PM

    I answered a TOWNHALL survey about Obama, and of course, got on their mailing list. I got the first (and last) one today, and the headline is "Clinton trails every GOP candidate!!!!!" Yeah, right.

    1. Boscoe12:35 PM

      Conservatives have a real Tinkerbell mentality when it comes to reality. "Just believe it hard enough and it will come true!" In this case, it's not only stupid because it's not true, but it's stupid to say even if it WERE true because then GOP voters might be less motivated to vote... oh, I get it.


      Muahahahahaha >:)

  2. But Donald Trump was a US senator, then he was Secretary of State . . . no, wait a minute. He wasn't.

    He is just a jerk.

  3. Boscoe12:31 PM

    So... Rubio somehow believes skipping his security briefings and his responsibilities on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee is... a qualification??

    Did I miss something?

    1. Anonymous1:08 PM

      Is he still collecting his paycheck as a US senator? I thought he quit because it was so boring.

    2. Boscoe1:52 PM

      Oh yes, he is still collecting a check. He didn't quit, he just said he wouldn't run for re-election and in the meantime, doesn't give a shit about actually showing up for work.

      You know, because personal responsibility and not being a moocher and all that conservative Ayn Rand stuff.

  4. Anonymous12:31 PM

    Well his first national ad he tries to scare people by bringing up Paris. But, hey he has a four point plan for defeating Isis. 1. Stop accepting Syrian refugees. Total bullpit that only puts more refugees in danger. 2. Increase intelligence gathering in the region because no one else thought of that. 3. Send US forces into Iraq and Syria alongside a multinational force to fight Isis. And who exactly would make up this force because there doesn't seem to be anyone interested. 4. Declare a no fly zone over Syria. And I am sure Putin would comply immediately. I wonder if Marco would be so fast on the trigger if his child had to go to war?

    1. Leland12:51 PM

      " I wonder if Marco would be so fast on the trigger if his child had to go to war?"

      That is a question that ALL politicians should be asked, Republican or Democrat.

      However, the more telling question is whether or not it would reduce the tendency of the repubes to be so hawkish. I think the first people to be put in the front lines of a war should be the children of those voting for the war - along with the politician him/herself if they are of age.

    2. Anonymous3:18 PM

      I'm not so sure some of these people would care if their own children became canon fodder.

      Don't forget that Sarah Palin gleefully sent her son overseas and basked in the glory of "raising a combat vet."

    3. Anonymous7:04 PM

      Exactly Leland. Ever heard of the politician /family lottery for war injuries? Some comedian suggested it last.century. still a good idea.

  5. Anonymous1:07 PM

    Like other members of the GOP, Marco Rubio is "happy" that he can sell fear and war mongering to the American people. They pander to the basest instincts of the electorate time and time again (think John McCain and "bomb, bomb, bomb Iran") and to the military-industrial complex. No interest in history, in geography, in how the real world works. Every last member of the GOP disgusts me.

  6. Anonymous1:15 PM

    OT-No thanks to Barbara?, Elizabeth is a total DRUNK on the KKKool Aid of Roger Ailes..To bad for her, FOOL..

    1. Anonymous1:43 PM

      Rubio comes off as a young whipper snapper that is sorely lacking in experience to run the USA! What a joke!

      Plus, he's into war! Fuck him!!! Keep him in Florida, America.

  7. Anonymous1:24 PM

    The events in Paris are a "positive development"????!!!!

    WHAT THE HELL. WHAT KIND OF MONSTER SAYS THIS, in ANY possible context?????

    Let alone, saying it in such a way as to promote his own interests.

    And there will be those who eat it up, of course. And these people vote.

    And I am very, very horrified and depressed.

    1. Anonymous1:48 PM

      Votes count America for 2016. NOT the money that will be put up in support of the Republican candidates.

      Remember how Obama beat the shit out of them and Karl Rove just knew they were going to whip his ass! Boy, were they ever shocked!

      We can do it again! Hillary Clinton is the best candidate out there - none of the Republicans begin to measure up to her experience, knowledge and capabilities.

    2. Anonymous3:13 PM

      >>Boy, were they ever shocked!

      They were shocked because they thought they could steal Ohio which they were on track to do but Anonymous stopped that cold. That's why Karl was so SURE that they should wait to announce the winner because he expected those votes to flip to Mitt as was planned. If Anonymous had NOT stopped the flip, we'd be dealing with the Mittster and his witch of a wife in the White House.

    3. Anonymous4:02 PM

      Three words: Diebold Voting Machines. Doesn't matter how many people vote when their votes can be flipped. That's what happened in KY and how Matt Bevin "won" the governorship, imo.. Karl Rove thought that he had it all in the bag with the voting machines in Ohio in 2012 just like in 2004. Kerry was leading in all the polls but then Bush pulled it out. Yea, right. It was Ken Blackwell manipulating the voting machines. Supposedly Anonymous, the activist group, stepped up and didn't let the voting machines be manipulated in 2012.
      If the election 2016 is at all close, the Republicans will steal it but if it is a runaway like LA was on Saturday and the Democrats, Progressives and the sane Americans in the middle show up to vote then we may prevail. Pay attention to the polls and exit polls the weeks before the election and the day of. Better yet, go to and see what that guy has to say.

  8. Anonymous2:06 PM

    last word in the last sentence> COMBINED!

  9. Anonymous2:30 PM

    I despise Rubio but I really think this remark is being blown out of proportion. We DO need to think of security which is exactly why I will make a beeline to vote for the Democratic Presidential candidate. Say hello to Madame President Hillary, suckers!

    1. Anonymous3:14 PM

      The stupidity of his remark is not being blown out of proportion. The correct thing to say is that this terrible event has caused us to look closer at our own security. There is no place in these circumstances to talk about anything being a positive development.

      Rubio has a serious problem putting his foot into his mouth.

  10. Anonymous2:33 PM

    It looks like none of the GOP candidates can open their mouths without saying something stupid.

  11. Anonymous2:43 PM

    Where the real video was:

  12. Anonymous3:01 PM

    Bad News For GOP: White Christians OFFICIALLY No Longer A Majority In United States

    ...The National Journal just released new research that indicates White Christians no longer hold a majority in the United States.

    “Long the dom­in­ant group in Amer­ic­an re­li­gious life, White Chris­ti­ans have fallen be­low a ma­jor­ity of the U.S. pop­u­la­tion—and they are mov­ing to the right polit­ic­ally as they re­cede.”

    It is also noted:

    “As the na­tion re­lent­lessly di­ver­si­fies, both in its ra­cial com­pos­i­tion and re­li­gious pref­er­ences, White Chris­ti­ans now rep­res­ent just 46 per­cent of Amer­ic­an adults, ac­cord­ing to Pew cal­cu­la­tions provided ex­clus­ively to Next Amer­ica. That’s down from a 55 per­cent ma­jor­ity as re­cently as 2007, and much high­er fig­ures through most of U.S. his­tory.”

    1. That's because so many white Christians don't like brown Christians, black Christians, yellow Christians, red Christians, poor Christians, gay Christians, female Christians.

      Kinda like the GOP.

  13. Anonymous3:03 PM

    Ben Carson Goes Full-Fascist, Calls For Monitoring Of ‘Anti-American’ Media And Organizations

    After a brief moment near the top of the Republican field, Ben Carson’s numbers have been on the decline. Clearly feeling the pressure to say something crazy enough to outdo professional lunatic Donald Trump, Carson just went full-fascist. And you never go full-fascist.

    Having already admitted that he likes the idea of keeping American Muslims (and foreigners) in databases to be watched, Carson seems to be warming to expanding that surveillance to other groups he doesn’t like. At a rally in Columbia, South Carolina, Carson dropped the bombshell that he believes any “anti-American” group should be monitored.

    “What I have said is that I would be in favor of monitoring a mosque or any church or any organization or any school or any press corps where there was a lot of radicalization and things that were anti-American.”

    And what is anti-American? Carson doesn’t say, but he’s not exactly quiet about the groups he feels are destroying America. He means liberals, the “mainstream media,” and groups that challenge his conservative ideology.

    1. Oooo. Another tick on the "Are they Fascists" identification list.

      Now what would constitute being anti-American?

      I'm sure being a registered Democrat would be near the top.

  14. Anonymous3:07 PM


  15. Anonymous3:10 PM

    Daily Beast exec editor calls for Trump boycott: If you do business with him, you support fascism

    The editor-in-chief of the website the Daily Beast is standing by one editor’s call for Americans to shame and boycott companies that do business with Republican presidential candidate and former reality TV star Donald Trump.

    On Sunday evening, the Daily Beast’s Noah Shachtman took to the social medium Twitter to express his increasing distaste for the Trump team’s campaign tactics:

    Dear Media, Stop Freaking Out About Donald Trump’s Polls

    By Nate Silver

  16. Rubio is near the bottom with Cruz.

    He doesn't have the brains or stamina to stick it out.

    He'll be exiting the clown car before the ride is over and he can be kicked to the curb.

  17. Anonymous7:02 PM

    They may be using the same playbook that won the 2004 election for Bush, but there are significant differences in the circumstances this time around.

    The country has lived through 12 more years of war since that election, and has a serious case of battle fatigue. Even many conservatives are opposed to getting swept into yet another military engagement. Candidates who are ready to declare war in 12 countries at once may find that the fear-driven patriotism that gave Bush another term is not quite as easy to inspire in 2016.

    Bush may not have been the brightest bulb in the chandelier, but he wasn't as outrageously unpredictable and crazy as Trump or some of the other clowns in the car. It may be fun to support a candidate who has no filter during the campaign, but when it comes to pulling the lever in the voting booth, bombastic may very well lose out to experienced and safe.

    The world is a very volatile place these days, economically and politically, and with the GOP slate competing for the title of Most Shocking, they just may 'extreme' themselves right out of contention.

  18. Can we stop pretending these candidates have foreign policy credentials and experience? They don't. Rubio, like the others, wants us to imagine he has the answer. Sound bytes do not make a foreign policy strategy. The answer is a multi-pronged approach that involves air strikes, ground forces, working with both allies and enemies, destruction of the ISIS financial network, destruction of their ability to conduct commerce, disruption of their ability to use the internet, destruction of their ability to use and ship oil, an ideological war against the false values preached by ISIS, and elite strike force that will hunt terrorists anywhere in the world and kill them.

    When a candidate lays out a comprehensive strategy, then
    they might start to build credibility.


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