Friday, November 06, 2015

Mike Huckabee suggests that Congress defund the White House. Seriously?

Courtesy of Crooks and Liars:  

"He's got a Republican Congress that has never tried to slow him down on his unconstitutional actions. They don't try to slow down the judicial branch when it goes into judicial overreach and practices what Thomas Jefferson would have called judicial tyranny. They've ignored the typical checks and balances that are the constitutional duties of the other branches of government. So I think Obama's going to just go ahead and do whatever he thinks he can get away with, and up until now he's gotten away with pretty much anything he wanted to do. 

"And I hold the Republican Congress responsible and accountable. It's time for them to step up, and if they have to cut the funding out of the White House and simply not appropriate funds for him to function, they have the power of the purse, they simply need to start exercising it."

Holy shit that is a boatload of stupid!

This of course is the same idea floated by professional moron Louie Gohmert over a year ago, so that gives you some idea of the level of wingnuttery we are dealing with here.

If Congress were to attempt such a step it would open them up to charges of sedition and would certainly open a rift between the executive branch and the legislative branch that would have long term ramifications lasting long past the end of the Obama presidency.

Only an idiot or an anarchist would suggest such a thing, so which one is Huckabee?

P.S. By the way you might notice that this interview was giving to Newmax, which is the same low rent Fox News knock off that invited Sarah Palin to spew nonsense after the last Republican debate.

Which just goes to show how far the Huckabee candidacy has fallen these days.

And that is so far that he now has been excluded from the grownups table during the next RNC debate.

Gee what a shame. 


  1. Anonymous6:28 AM

    Just because he was Governor of a State that before him, brought a Governor to the White House, doesn't mean he could ever pull it off too. That he hides behind a goofy cheery demeanor using the Bible and the flag as a shield, doesn't deflect his vile, unAmerican, unchristian malcontent. Like Santorum, they do this to make a living on the RW Christian grift.

    Good news is Christie also failed to make the cut for the next debate. If only Jeb Can Fix It would see the light. And the rest of these whack-jobs. None of the above on the R ticket.

  2. Anonymous6:44 AM

    "Mike Huckabee suggests that Congress defund the White House. Seriously?"
    - Immoral Minority

    How about Congress suggesting that Congress defund Congress?

    1. Anonymous8:35 AM

      If only....

      Nah, then they couldn't fund their 9th investigation into Benghazi!

  3. Anonymous6:58 AM

    If that photo is any indication, and it was put up there by folks who support him; then the crazy is strong in Huckabee to the point that he looks like the devil incarnate. sheesh! what a load of hooey! what happens when his party holds the leadership of the nation?

  4. Anonymous7:04 AM

    I don't know if all of this GOP/TP tomfoolery is even worthy of popcorn anymore. I find it pathetic.

  5. Grownup table? What grownup table?

  6. Anonymous7:40 AM

    Huckabee's performing a useful function for the GOP; if a lie is told often enough, the stupid, low-information bigots will believe it. He's just repeating the lie that our President is overreaching and acting against the Constitution.

  7. Anonymous8:05 AM

    Another FAKE FUCK LIE..

  8. Anonymous8:15 AM

    I believe Huckabee is truly a dangerous person. On the same level as Lee Harvey Oswald. I came to that conclusion when I saw that he will apparently do or say anything for money and or attention. It seems there are no boundaries with him. He also has the "aw shucks, I'm just a country boy" persona going on. That makes him more dangerous than a Isis recruit on Meth. I just can't say enough about the creepiness of this man. I wish Anonomous could get something on him to really take him down.


    1. Anonymous8:52 AM

      lee harvey oswald ? you should really take the time and watch this >>

    2. Anonymous11:13 AM

      No matter what you think of LHO, the fact is he had a group of "friends" in Dallas who hated Kennedy. No one denies that ever. Huckabee does remind me of that type of person.


    3. Anonymous12:00 PM

      George Herbert Walker Bush was in Dallas so they say.."country boys will survive" 1963

    4. Anonymous1:02 PM

      take the time to watch the vid to see who oswald really was relative to his "friends".
      Or jump to 1:02:30 of the video link ...

      Another link about George Demohrenschildt >>

  9. Anonymous8:26 AM

    That obese asshole needs to be tried for treason and shot!

    I would love to run into the jerk and give him a couple of punches in his ugly, nasty, evil face!

  10. Anonymous9:05 AM

    He is no more to blame than the idiots who provide him air time.

  11. Anonymous10:43 AM

    Speaking of idiots. . . .

    Ben Carson gave up neurosurgery to become Sarah Palin. LOL!

    It’s Official: Ben Carson Is Sarah Palin

    AND. . . .

    Did Ben Carson Just Have His Sarah Palin Moment?

    1. Anonymous11:30 AM


    2. Anonymous11:47 AM

      Can he beat out Sarah for Liar Of The Year award?

  12. Anonymous11:19 AM

    Wouldn't that be treason?

  13. Anonymous11:55 AM

    That would be "Laugh-In" you SEX FREAK FUCK!

  14. Anonymous2:15 PM

    Huckabee should have played the role of Fat Bastard in the Austin Powers movie.

  15. Anonymous3:12 PM

    Damn that Huckabee is good. I've been taking ventriloquism for years, and he makes it look so easy! Huck should clean his own house before pointing fingers. It's beyond time they did away with the kiddie table and stopped blaming the media for their own stupidity.

  16. It's Newsmax? How many people would watch this? A few dozen?

    Don't even give it air time. Don't legitimize it by acknowledging it.

    BTW it's interesting Huckleberry wants to defund the very office he wants to be elected to.

    Let's be honest. He wants to defund the black man and when a white man is elected, give them all of the power back plus some.

    Republicans always want to remove the power of the president when it's a Democrat and increase the power of the president when it's a Republican. They just haven't figured out a way to write it up in a bill that would pass Congress and the Supreme Court.


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