Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Same sex marriage is now legal in Ireland. And progress takes another step forward.

Courtesy of the BBC: 

Same-sex marriage has now become legal in the Republic of Ireland, after new legislation came into effect on Monday. 

The law was passed after a referendum in May, when the Irish state became the first in the world to legalise same-sex civil marriage by popular vote. 

It is not yet known when and where the first same-sex wedding will be held. 

But the first people to be affected are same-sex couples who have already wed legally abroad. Their marriages are now automatically recognised by the state.

Of course the Catholic church, and other Christian organizations, had  campaigned hard against this new law, but ultimately they could not stand in the way of progress and acceptance.

Very happy for Ireland, and even more so for the many LGBT folks who will no longer have to feel like second hand citizens.

These are exciting times indeed.


  1. Anonymous6:32 AM

    Yay to our Irish friends. You stomped the wankers.

  2. Otto Katz6:34 AM

    Congratulations, Ireland! (I always cry at weddings)

  3. Well now, this makes me curious what other industrialized countries are still waiting for this same equality. In the midst of our own arduous tunneling toward the light, you could get the impression we were the last foot-draggers. (A wince-inducing mix of metaphors, but I'm on the first cup of coffee.)

    Jolly good, Ireland. Great to know me and the old man would be legal there too, but at 61 and 66 I think our traveling days are done.

  4. Anonymous6:56 AM

    Hey Gryphen, Sarah's dancing her political prick tease again this morning....

    Former Republican presidential candidate Sarah Palin said on Tuesday that she was ready to hit the campaign trail but was waiting for a sign from God.

    During an appearance on ABC’s Good Morning America, host Robin Roberts asked what it would take for the former Alaska governor to throw her hat in the ring.

    “What it would take would be knowing the American public would be ready for someone going rogue, you know, calling it like they see it, and having the experience that they see could be put to good use in the name of service,” she explained. “If I really felt that was there in terms of support, I would be more than willing to serve.”

    “And also, living my life, putting it in God’s hands, knowing you just never know what door may be opened,” she continued. “And if the door is open, I’m built to run through it, man. Charge through it.”

    Watch the video below from ABC.


    1. Anonymous7:09 AM

      Enough of that hypocritical bitch.

    2. Anonymous7:14 AM

      For eight years ...it is the same crap out of her mouth. She still believes God is her personal doorman.

    3. Anonymous7:17 AM

      "...I'm built to run through it, man."

      She is ridiculous.

    4. Anonymous7:43 AM

      Broken record.

      The Pee Pond still doesn't get it that she will NEVER run for office again. She's just dangling that proverbial carrot and they just keep chomping on it.

    5. Anonymous8:00 AM

      7:14 AM - As someone said yesterday, I'm sure God enjoys being her whore.

    6. Her reason (“If I really felt that was there in terms of support, I would be more than willing to serve.”) sound almost, word-for-word, exactly what VP Biden told Steve Colbert a month or so ago. Does anyone remember that? Interesting.

    7. Anonymous8:22 AM

      Why is that interesting, BJF?

      Joe Biden might actually have run for VPOTUS. He is qualified and would be a serious candidate.

      Palin would never in a million years fun for VPOTUS. She is completely unqualified and a complete joke.

      The fact that they use common phrases for anyone expressing a potential run (whether or not such a run is feasible or within the realm of possibility) is hardly a surprise or interesting.

  5. Irishgirl7:19 AM

    The first gay wedding already happened earlier today! We don't hang about. Yay for us.

    "The skies may have been grey and drizzly but it mattered little to newly-weds Cormac Gollogly and Richard Dowling when they became the first same-sex couple to tie the knot under Ireland’s new marriage equality legislation.
    “It’s great to be the first to do it,” said Cormac as he gave his new husband a kiss moments after Senior Registrar for South Tipperary, Mary Claire Heffernan confirmed that they were first same sex couple to be civilly married in Ireland at 8.40am on Tuesday. A number of other same-sex coupled are due to marry today.
    Cormac (35) a barrister from Terenure in Dublin and Richard (35) who works with AIB and is from Athlone, had met 12 years ago in The George in Dublin and within a few days were a couple and have been together ever since."


    1. Anonymous8:18 AM


  6. Anonymous4:04 PM

    I can't wait for the day when there's no distinction, Marriage is Marriage. With every vote like this, in Ireland no less, that day is getting closer. The argument used to be that it somehow "lessens" the meaning, strength, definition or morality of straight folks marriages, and I haven't seen a drop in the divorce rate no any other measure of a relationship between a man and a woman. The pursuit of happiness is a basic human right protected by the law, and there's no reason whatsoever some should "wait" for that right. Good for Ireland and Good for the LGBT community and those who know and love them.
    The only one I see making a farce of marriage is the daughter of someone with a "devotional" book that just isn't catching fire.


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