Thursday, November 19, 2015

Ted Cruz challenges President Obama to insult him to his face, apparently thinking that when the President calls out the Republicans he is talking only about him.

Courtesy of TPM:  

Cruz was responding to Obama's recent criticism of Republicans suggesting there be a religious test for Syrian refugees seeking entrance to the country, a plan he called "shameful" and "not American" while in Turkey for the Group of 20 summit. 

"If you want to insult me, you can do it overseas, you can do it in Turkey, you can do it in foreign countries. But I would encourage you, Mr. President, come back and insult me to my face," Cruz said, staring directly into the camera. 

Cruz got even more schoolyard, challenging the President to a debate any place, any time. 

"Let's have a debate on Syrian refugees, right now. We can do it anywhere you want. I would prefer it in the United States and not overseas," the Republican presidential candidate said. "We'll do it on any station."

I would agree with Cruz on one point and it is that mentioning his name is "Utterly unfitting of the President"  which is why the President did no such thing.

Instead he was talking about the Republican candidates in general, and it is only Rafael Cruz's ego which convinces him that President Obama ever even thinks about him at all.


  1. Anonymous6:30 AM

    ooooooh, big tough guy, I'm sure President Obama is shaking in his boots at the thought. Got a penis the size of Tawd's do you?

  2. Anonymous6:30 AM

    What a worthless piece of something or other Ted Cruz is. The other day I drove behind a big SUV with at least three Ted Cruz stickers plastered on the back window as well as a couple of general right-wing slogans and a nasty anti-Hillary Clinton sticker. It all took up about 25% of his rear visibility. Morons one and all.

    1. Anonymous7:04 AM

      I always have a brief desire to ram their car, but never would, of course...

    2. I think the "something or other" you are looking for re Ted is Crud.

    3. Anonymous10:25 AM

      7:04 so do I, but I don't even make eye contact. Those mouthbreathers are armed and angry. And insane.

  3. Anonymous6:30 AM

    He only looks like more of a jackass.

  4. Anonymous6:35 AM

    What a huge ego he has. Why would Obama debate with him. He's not running for a 3rd term and Cruz is the GOP nominee. The man is a snake.

    1. Anonymous7:21 AM

      Oops, meant Cruz isn't the nominee.

  5. Anonymous6:43 AM

    Speaking of clowns in the car twitter users have been having a field day with geographically-challenged Ben Carson who has secret foreign policy connections lol:

    Ben Carson’s campaign made a U.S. map and put a bunch of states in the wrong place

  6. Anonymous6:48 AM

    Cruz is a snarly coward. He does fear 3 year-old refugees, but can't remember that he was a toddler from Canada, whose father was Cuban (gasp!). I think President Obama is taking this last year of his term to stick it to the Repubs and telling it like it is. Cruz is falling right into the trap, and looking like a complete unsympathetic creep.

    By the way, Sarah Palin's interview on Fox Radio with Tom Sullivan? Thought I distinctly heard her tell him that Trig was in First Grade. He's 7 and a half years old and still in first grade?

  7. Anonymous6:54 AM

    Cruz is NOT the GOP nominee, 6:35 AM. He would like to be! Tea Party guy! Creepy fellow and terribly mean spirited! He does nothing in Congress except cause trouble....horribly regarded by those that serve with him!

    1. Anonymous7:09 AM

      He's Cruz-in for a Bruze-in...

  8. Anonymous7:06 AM

    Cruz, Trump, Carson, even back to Gingrich and all the rightwing radio hosts have all called the President treasonous and anti-American! How dare he call THEM out! Once!

    And piss ant palin helped to start this disgusting trend


    1. Anonymous7:45 AM

      Which is why we will not let up until we kick the soapbox out from under her and land her in the gutter on her flat ass!
      Q Sis

    2. Anonymous7:53 AM

      Hey Mildred, c4p is arguing the merits of the quakers this morning. Oh, how I wish I could weigh much to share! Head tilt ( hat tip to "the kid")...
      Q Sis

    3. Anonymous8:57 AM

      Now that was a "made you look" moment, Q! I almost feel sorry for them bickering. If you ever do weigh in there, please give us a head's up, it's will be hilarious!


    4. Anonymous9:31 AM

      Oh no! They insulted the quakers, so the illustrious leader, Sandra Bailey is posting! This is gonna get ugly!
      Q Sis

  9. Anonymous7:09 AM

    Don't we all remember when his little pet goat Palin was lobbing fireballs at the President while she was overseas and Cruzifer got so damn steamed at her !!!!

    Just about the time any of us think we have seen the worst of the smarmy teddy-boy, he outdoes himself. Carry on rat face.

  10. Anonymous7:10 AM

    Didn't Cruz recently challenge Sanders to a debate? I think he is desperate to separate himself from the rest of AIP Palin's deep bench and thinks he can taunt and provoke his way out. The problem is that no one is taking his taunts seriously.
    Cruz has relied on grandstanding to get attention throughout his political career. It is all he's got.

    1. a. j. Billings12:50 PM

      Nope, don't forget that Daddy Cruz says that his son is an Anointed King among Christians, and that Teddy is destined to rule USA with a rod of iron.

      He'll smite the unbelievers, bring war to Iran, Iraq, Syria, Libya, and all them other raghead infidels what don't love them gawd and sonny Jesus.

      See Ted is special, he's chosen, and like Queen Esther, his destiny is certain

  11. Olivia7:22 AM

    Just another fucking Republican narcissist.

  12. 66gardeners7:32 AM

    This is in response to ol jub war speech yesterday.

    Another Bush, another war.
    This one is jeb!, the war machine is at their core
    Make your bed with him and your babies are dead,
    but they won’t die for that money pie.
    His bro knows cause he has seen Putin’s soul
    Mamas weep cause their babies sleep ten feet deep
    while the Bush’s go off to Wall Street
    Tell veterans it ain’t so
    while you play them like a jimbo booya yoyo
    You wrap your flag around their crypt
    Republicans feel no responsibility for any of it

  13. Anonymous7:32 AM

    ‘It’s All Back in Snowden’s Lap’

    Former CIA Acting Director Michael Morell on how the NSA leaker’s revelations might have led to the Paris attacks.

    Michael Morell, the former acting head of the CIA, says the Paris attacks have exposed how freely the Islamic State was able to operate in a chastened environment in which intelligence gathering was partly shut down after Edward Snowden’s exposure of National Security Agency surveillance in 2013.

  14. Anonymous7:46 AM

    It's funny that Cruz says President Obama's remarks were so awful, because "no one has a chance to respond." Yet there Cruz is, responding on camera. If remarks by politicians must be made face to face, I suggest Cruz make derogatory remarks about President Obama to his face.

  15. Anonymous7:53 AM

    Republicans Are Following ISIS’ Plans Against America To the Letter

    It is not very often, if ever, that a nation’s enemy offers up its ultimate political goal replete with how they intend on implementing a carefully conceived strategy; especially a strategy that entails inciting their foe to self-inflict serious economic, social, and political wounds. When Osama bin Laden orchestrated the terror attacks on 9/11, the hapless Bush administration may not have known why al Qaeda operatives dared attack Americans on American soil; not that it would have mattered because Bush wanted some Middle East wars. Nevertheless, Bush reacted precisely as bin Laden expected and involved Americans in, not one, but two extremely costly and drawn-out Middle East wars giving bin Laden every right to declare “Mission Accomplished;” albeit without the banner on an aircraft carrier.

    The horrific attacks on innocent Parisians last week were not solely to wreak death and destruction on innocent civilians, or as retribution for France’s military action against the Islamic State and ISIS explained precisely why. In the official ISIS magazine, Dabiq, the Islamic State broadcast its intent, and the expected Western response, in launching attacks like the one in Paris. What is not-so-stunning is that Republicans are reacting exactly as predicted by ISIS to help them achieve their well-advertised long-term goal to “Unravel the fabric of Western civil society, the “grayzone,” by provoking governments into carrying out disproportionate military reprisals and adopting draconian security measures against Muslims living in their countries.”

    In the February 2015 edition of Dabiq, an essay entitled “The Extinction of the Gray Zone” was specific on what the Islamic State’s expanded terror activities were meant to achieve. The gist of the plot according to ISIS is provoking “the West” into making the same errors as Bush, and worse. The author wrote:

  16. Anonymous7:55 AM

    Paul Ryan’s Syrian Refugee Bill Is Nothing But a Wasteful Show Vote

    The media loves Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI), so when he announced on the House floor Wednesday that he would take up the House’s Syrian refugee bill Thursday, everyone was aflutter. You see, he said,”We can be compassionate and we can also be safe.”

    Ryan doesn’t think it’s asking too much, and I’m sure any reasonable person can agree. “I don’t think it’s asking too much. I also want to point that we will not have a religious test. Only a security test.”

    OMG! He’s so sane! Also, he said no religious test, just a security test.

    The House bill (aka, H.R. 4038 – American SAFE Act of 2015), explained by the Hill, “would prevent any refugees from Syria or Iraq from being admitted to the U.S. unless the FBI, Department of Homeland Security and Director of National Intelligence can certify to Congress that each refugee does not pose a security threat.”

    There is only one small problem. There is already a security test.

    A rather thorough one, at that.

  17. Anonymous7:58 AM

    Trump crosses the Nazi line: Maybe Muslims should wear special ID badges

    Donald Trump stuck a toe across the Nazi line Thursday morning in the ongoing hysteria over Muslim immigrants.

    The Republican presidential frontrunner refused to rule out requiring Muslims to carry special identification showing their faith — which the Third Reich required Jews to do with a yellow badge that resembled the Star of David.

    “We’re going to have to do things that we never did before,” Trump told Yahoo News. “Some people are going to be upset about it, but I think that now everybody is feeling that security is going to rule.”

    The Nazi policy was based on an anti-Semitic practice in Medieval and Renaissance European nations, and historians say it played a large role in paving the way for acceptance of the Holocaust.

    “The German government’s policy of forcing Jews to wear identifying badges was but one of many psychological tactics aimed at isolating and dehumanizing the Jews of Europe, directly marking them as being different (i.e., inferior) to everyone else,” according to the Holocaust Center. “It allowed for the easier facilitation of their separation from society and subsequent ghettoization, which ultimately led to the deportation and murder of 6 million Jews.”

  18. Anonymous7:59 AM

    Republican combat vet eviscerates ‘xenophobic’ conservatives: ISIS wins if you block refugees

    Republican Rep. Steve Russell of Oklahoma laid into his party for its stance on Syrian refugees, saying that turning away people seeking solace from violent terrorist groups hands victory to Islamic State jihadists.

    Russell, a combat veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and 21-year career soldier with the Army, spoke Wednesday to Congress and decried anti-refugee rhetoric and moves by mostly-conservative state governors to bar fleeing migrants from settling in their states.

    “While I have tried to focus my comments on actions that we should take to eliminate ISIS, one action we should not take is to become like them. America is a lamp that lights the horizon of civilized and free mankind,” he said on the House floor.

    “The Statue of Liberty cannot have a stiff arm. Her arm must continue to keep the torch burning brightly,” Russell continued. “If we use our passions, anger, and fear to snuff out her flame by xenophobic and knee-jerk policy, the enemy wins. We have played into their hands, period.”

  19. A nony mouse8:00 AM

    The Tundra Twat began this crapola with the huuuuge ego and thin skin. All of these narcissists believe the universe revolves around them and that everything anyone says is about them. That is EXACTLY what we don't need in government.

    1. Anonymous8:07 AM

      And AIP and other anti-American subversive groups are so pleased with their little figure head.

  20. Anonymous8:03 AM

    A federal grand jury has indicted a Las Vegas man for threatening to gun down or hang President Barack Obama and members of Congress.

    The grand jury on Wednesday indicted 55-year-old Tyrone Paul Ponthieux on one felony count of threatening the life of the president and one count of threatening to assault, kidnap and murder other unnamed federal officials, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

    Federal authorities in Nevada arrested Ponthieux, the owner of seven registered guns, in June after he threatened the president and congressmen on his Facebook page.

    1. Anonymous8:46 AM

      I have noticed a ramp up of the talk on c4p, too. Disgusting traitors.

  21. Anonymous8:10 AM

    Cruz must have a guilty conscience

    1. Anonymous8:40 AM

      He's real brave while the President is far away. I would love to see his mr. tough guy bravado if the President came near him. He would deflect and run.

    2. If Cruz and Obama met face-to-face:

      OBAMA: "I'm the President, and you're NOT, so suck it, TeddyBoy".

  22. Anonymous8:11 AM

    Robert Reich: Now more than ever America needs an intelligent president — not a lying circus barker

    ...How have we come to this?

    First, anyone with enough ego and money can now run for president.

    This wasn’t always the case. Political parties used to sift through possible candidates and winnow the field.

    Now the parties play almost no role. Anyone with some very wealthy friends can set up a Super PAC. According to a recent New York Times investigation, half the money to finance the 2016 election so far has come from just 158 families.

    Or if you’re a billionaire, you can finance your own campaign.

    And if you’re sufficiently outlandish, outrageous, and outspoken, a lot of your publicity will be free. Since he announced his candidacy last June, Trump hasn’t spent any money at all on television advertising.

    Second, candidates can now get away with saying just about anything about their qualifications or personal history, even if it’s a boldface lie.

    This wasn’t always the case, either. The media used to scrutinize what candidates told the public about themselves.

    1. Anonymous8:41 AM

      Very disheartening.

    2. I love Robert Reich.

      I hope Hillary Clinton asks him to serve in her cabinet.

  23. 66gardeners8:31 AM

    "If you read the front page of The New York Times today, they said about Ben Carson that he's unable to understand foreign policy," Trump said at a Worcester, Massachusetts, rally. "It was a devastating story. It's all over the place."

    You gotta love the GOP: Their #1 ranked presidential candidate know-nothing is critizing their #2 ranked presidential candidate know-nothing for knowing nothing.

    How do "sane" republicans defend this?

  24. Anonymous8:46 AM


    Gryph, So much material here and in the comments. Jeez! They revel in their stupidity.

  25. Anonymous8:49 AM

    I'd like to insult him to his face. With a left hook.

  26. Anonymous8:50 AM

    Why do I always think the Palin cult sees her as a Christ like figure, always waiting for a sign of her "coming"? Hmmmm.....
    2 minutes ago
    I know it is frustrating and maddening to sit tight waiting for Sarah to get into the race. It is that way because we all look at this in conventional political terms which is natural. That is our mistake because the simple fact is that if Sarah has already determined not to run, that would have been made known to us by now. Since she has not and instead has allowed the issue to remain an open question, I can only read that as an intent to get it at some point in some fashion and that is where the conventional view becomes misleading. I have always felt that the decision to run rests with the Lord's will for her to do so and Sarah's understanding and acceptance that it is His plan that matters and not some advisers. And the one thing I know about the way the Lord works from all the examples in Scripture is that He waits until it appears that all is lost and then acts with lightning speed to accomplish His plan. As a result, I am not overly concerned with the passage of time. Until Sarah says "no go", I am waiting impatiently (I admit) to see just how the Lord and Sarah are going to pull this off and I know it will be well beyond our wildest dreams and we will collectively laugh at our impatience

    1. Anonymous9:00 AM

      They're going to be mighty disappointed.
      She's peddling a book, nothing more.

    2. Anonymous9:02 AM

      Because from day one, they bought into her Queen Esther crap.

    3. "And the one thing I know about the way the Lord works from all the examples in Scripture is that He waits until it appears that all is lost and then acts with lightning speed to accomplish His plan."

      That "Lord" sounds like an abusive passive-egressive bastard to me.

      And Christ in a handbag, that whole comment (and all the others like them) are so filled with delusion.

      They want to turn our nation into some kind of pseudo Christian theme park run by, and only benefiting, the Kochs and other corporate overlords.

    4. Anonymous10:48 AM

      Anonymous 8:50: That's the best snark I've read all day. It's not snark? You're actually that deluded and stupid?

    5. Anonymous 10:49, 8:50 was quoting a Palin fan. The Palin fan is deluded and stupid, not 8:50.

    6. Anonymous11:20 AM

      10:46 AM: That was jerseymark's handiwork. Anon 8:50 just posted it.

    7. a. j. Billings11:55 AM

      @Liz 9:20 a.m

      Great comment Liz!

  27. If the shoe fits.......................
    Kruz finds it to be a good fit.
    Elaine in Canada

  28. I want to see a birth certificate!

    1. Anonymous9:10 AM

      I want to see the U.S.-born mother of this Sen. Cruz. On her hangs all his aspirations.
      Otherwise, he just missed the contest for Premier of Canada, his homeland.

    2. Anonymous10:24 AM

      The "Premier of Canada" is much like the President of North Carolina.

  29. Anonymous9:39 AM

    Cruz got even more schoolyard, challenging the President to a debate any place, any time. 


    LOL Cruz forgot what happened when the House Republicans wanted to gang up and embarrass President Obama and invited President Obama to speak to them. President Obama not only ate their lunch and embarrassed those losers but the Republicans regretted challenging the President in front of tv cameras.

    Watch "President Obama Full Q&A" on YouTube

  30. Anonymous10:09 AM

    I have decided that the best way to measure their fear, paranoia and general stupidity is to monitor the sales of Depends and wet wipes since they spending every waking moment spewing crap.

  31. Anonymous10:25 AM

    He calls that a face!

    1. Anonymous12:31 PM

      Old carrot nose is biting off more than he can chew. ;o)

  32. Anonymous11:00 AM

    You don't want none of President Obama. Just ask Sarah Palin, John McCain, Mitt Romney and all those others Sums Of Bitches Republicans.

  33. Anonymous12:12 PM

    Oh, this is getting bad! Goddamn ignorant bigots!

    Rhode Island Republican wants Syrian refugees held in ‘centralized’ camps: ‘Our country is under attack’

    A Rhode Island Republican lawmaker has gone one step closer to the Third Reich’s “Final Solution” by saying Syrian refugees should be rounded up and placed in a concentration camp.

    State Sen. Elaine Morgan (R) made the comment in a Tuesday email to a member of the public, which she accidentally CC’ed to other lawmakers, WPRI reports.

    “If we need to take these people in we should set up [a] refugee camp to keep them segregated from our populous.” Morgan wrote in the email. “I think the protection of our US citizens and the United States of America should be the most important issue here.”

    Morgan also launched into a bigoted attack on Muslim people by lumping the entire religious community together with Islamic State terrorists.

    “The Muslim religion and philosophy is to murder, rape, and decapitate anyone who is a non Muslim,” she wrote, also stating, “I do not want our governor bringing in any Syrian refugees. I think our country is under attack. I think this is a major plan by these countries to spread out their people to attack all non Muslim persons.”

  34. Anonymous12:41 PM

    Ted Cruz is nothing more than a grifter - just like his father. He's not running for President as much as trying to pad his PAC.

    Ted's father's story of his life and escape from Cuba is filled with nothing but lies. Others who fought Castro during that time have highly questioned his story. Also, if he was supposedly legal, why only become a U.S. citizen five years ago? He worked on the Reagan campaign but did not think to become a citizen to vote. Makes NO FREAKIN sense. Could it be Teddy was an anchor baby?

    Coming to the U.S. without knowledge of the English language and gets accepted into a school? There are English language tests for foreign students. Working while on a student visa (if he even had one). It's forbidden under the visa. If you do work, it is limited to only a small amount of time.

    Teddy and Daddy both use fear, religion and grandstanding to fleece people. I know that Rafael Cruz will be his son's undoing. The higher Ted rises, the more his father's lies will be exposed. Ted stands by him and he is no better. He distances himself from his father, he is viewed as betraying him, not standing by him. GOOD. They are both toxic and that relationship of deceit needs to be exposed.

  35. Anonymous12:42 PM

    He looks so swarmy. Who would vote for someone with that smug face?!

    He must have been one lonely child. I can't imagine he has any friends. Maybe that's why he is so hateful.

  36. Anonymous3:01 PM

    As if President Obama IS speaking to ONLY through the television to Cruz's delusion of grandeur , I think we have the makings of a new reality show. "Who can look at Cruz's face the longest without laughing hysterically or puking their guts out?"
    I hope President Obama takes him up on it and cleans his clock in front of the world. Guamtanimo Bay at high noon!!!


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