Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Well it's the day before Thanksgiving which means it's time for President Obama to do another one of those ridiculous holiday rituals again.

Of course, as the President pointed out, this is a silly ritual, but he accomplishes it with good humor, and the support of his daughters.

His daughters by the way are growing into fine young women, and you can certainly see how mature they have become, and how strong their relationship is with their father.

P.S. Yes I know that some of you are impatiently awaiting ANOTHER infamous turkey pardoning ceremony. And to you I say be patient, after all it is NOT Thanksgiving quite yet. 


  1. Anonymous4:53 PM

    I have witnessed many great things in my lifetime, but I can say I was alive to vote for one of the greatest leaders of the United States of America.

    1. Anonymous5:17 PM


    2. Anonymous5:52 PM

      And this is really cute. We've watched Sasha and Malia grow up and compared to the Alaskan ICE QUEEN slaughter....which I still think was a threat to all Alaskans...Hows that workin' for ya sarah???? Fuck you ice bitch!!!

    3. Anonymous5:58 PM


    4. Anonymous6:35 PM

      Hear hear!

    5. Anonymous9:07 PM

      Classy young ladies; Sasha & Malia. Then take a look of Sarah Palin's daughters: YUCK!!

    6. Anonymous5:00 AM

      To Anonymous 4:53 PM

      Same here. I am honored to have been one of the millions who voted for President Barack H. Obama, two times.

  2. Anonymous5:06 PM

    i love watching turkey snuff videos....can't wait.

  3. Anonymous5:11 PM

    Thank you for sharing this! Our President Obama just makes me smile; with his dad jokes and his well-raised daughters, he's just a joy.

  4. Anonymous5:21 PM

    This put a smile on my face. His daughters are adorable! That said, the Bears are going down. (Mimi from WI)

    1. Anonymous4:49 AM

      Football? That's all you cheeseheads got besides crappy cheese and crappier beer. Chicago has the Bears, the sixpeat Bulls and the Threepeat Blackhawks, great restaurants and microbrews.

    2. The Packers win but don't cover the 9.
      I'm taking a flyer on Detroit.
      And Cam Newton has another great game.

    3. Cutler don't look ready. He's shivering in the rain....Green Bay by 12

  5. Anonymous5:56 PM

    Yes, Uncle Gryph, we anxiously await tomorrow!
    The YT set to KC and The Sunshine Band is my favorite.
    After all, that's what she does best.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

    -- Lady In Oregon

    1. Anonymous6:14 PM

      That's The Way I like It, too :)

      I love our First Family, first time I ever have!


    2. Anonymous6:46 PM

      Mildred, the one I saw on YT is set to "Shake Your Booty," and that's our grifter.

      Happy Thanksgiving! I thoroughly enjoy you!

  6. It is always so wonderful to watch our beautiful, classy, intelligent and honorable First Family.
    Happy Thanksgiving to Gryphen and all of the IM'ers!

    1. Anonymous8:11 PM

      And to you and yours! :-)
      Q Sis

  7. Anonymous5:59 PM

    Holy COW has Sasha grown!
    Such a beautiful them.

  8. Are we not going to be treated to SP's infamous turkey beheading this year? PLEASE Gryphon. It was one of her finest moments. EVER!

  9. I know our President considers this one of the more distasteful duties of the office, but I must say this year he chose well. While I didn't see Honest, Abe is a great turkey. Plenty of personality.

    I know his breed doesn't live long, due to the genetics of breeding to develop them, but I do hope he has as long a life as possible and that it is peaceful and happy.

    And for us, let us take a page from Temple Grandin and try to find nourishment in food that has not been treated cruelly.

    Prayer After Eating by Wendell Berry

    I have taken in the light
    that quickened eye and leaf.
    May my brain be bright with praise
    of what I eat, in the brief blaze
    of motion and of thought.

    May I be worthy of my meat.

  10. Anonymous6:17 PM

    I still love me some Prez Obama.

    1. Anonymous7:11 PM

      Me,too. He is curious, intelligent, articulate, and kind. I wish I could vote for him again.

    2. Anonymous5:30 AM

      Anonymous 7:11 PM
      Me,too. He is curious, intelligent, articulate, and kind. I wish I could vote for him again.
      Yes he is all of that and much much more. You would be hard-pressed to find anyone on the Repub side with those fine qualities.
      I will really miss President Barack Obama.
      It has been a pleasure having him as our President.

  11. Nearly missed the P.S. It wouldn't be Thanksgiving without the SP turkey murder video. Looking forward to it. Again. Thanks Gryphen!

    1. Anonymous8:32 PM

      Damn, I miss him!

  12. Anonymous6:22 PM

    Gryphen. I do not know why comedians, late night
    comedians, stand up comedians and other
    comedians are not reading your blog and stealing your
    comments and comments of your readers. You are
    original , smart and so very funny. I read your blog before
    I go to bed and laugh and laugh, and at the same time
    go to bed smarter about current events. Happy Thanksgiving
    Gryphen, and this senior thanks you!

    1. Anonymous8:07 PM

      I second that. I start my day and end my day with Gryphen. He's a treasure! I so want him to 'go viral' one of these days and get the recognition he so deserves.

  13. I'll have it posted tomorrow morning too. Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Anonymous8:12 PM

      Thank you, as well!

  14. Anonymous8:18 PM

    Republicans Hit A New Low By Opposing Obama’s Pardon For Thanksgiving Turkeys

    According to new PPP poll, Republicans hate President Obama so much that they oppose his pardoning of Thanksgiving turkeys.

    WTF? This presidentail pardon 'tradition' has been in existence since Bush 1. And even before that, though not 'official'. How fucking disgusting are these people???

    The first proper pardon was organized by the George H.W. Bush administration in 1989, the White House determined, as he said the turkey has been "granted a presidential pardon as of right now."

    1. Anonymous4:57 AM

      Who gives a flying.... what the TeaThugs think? If he didn't do it they'd criticize him for breaking a "longstanding American tradition" They're all just racist whingers anyway.

  15. Anonymous8:21 PM

    President Obama Defies His Republican Critics By Pardoning Two Thanksgiving Turkeys

    The turkey pardon was Obama’s 7th and the nation’s 68th.

  16. Anonymous8:58 PM

    Are The Obama Haters At Fox News TRYING To Look Stupid?

  17. Anonymous5:11 AM

    Where's the turkey massacre behind him. Awhahahahahahahahahaha. ROTFLMAO!

  18. Anonymous5:37 AM

    TO; Anonymous 8:58 PM

    Why do you waste your precious time watching those bigoted idiots at Fox?
    It is a presidential tradition to pardon a turkey, it goes back many presidents ago.

  19. Anonymous12:26 PM

    Funniest, most heart-warming, and all-around best Turkey Pardon ever! The turkey dinners for homeless vets is definitely worth the silliness.

  20. Anonymous3:40 PM

    One of the things I'm most grateful for is this President, all he's done for us, the first family and living in this county with all the rights and freedoms that entails. Yes, the first daughters HAVE matured into two fine young ladies, with the help of two great parents and a grandmother, all of whom are their "soft spots" to land when life gets tough.
    Happy Thanksgiving, one and all, enjoy time with your families because time flies and life is like walking down a hallway while looking through a window. You want to take it all in and remember every moment.


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