Tuesday, November 24, 2015

White Christians now make up less than half of all Americans, but virtually ALL of the Republican party.

Courtesy of the National Journal:  

Long the dom­in­ant group in Amer­ic­an re­li­gious life, White Chris­ti­ans have fallen be­low a ma­jor­ity of the U.S. pop­u­la­tion—and they are mov­ing to the right polit­ic­ally as they re­cede. 

The res­ult is that, like race and age, re­li­gious af­fil­i­ation marks a sharpen­ing point of dis­tinc­tion between Re­pub­lic­ans and Demo­crats, pre­vi­ously un­pub­lished res­ults from the Pew Re­search Cen­ter’s massive Re­li­gious Land­scape sur­vey show. 

As the na­tion re­lent­lessly di­ver­si­fies, both in its ra­cial com­pos­i­tion and re­li­gious pref­er­ences, White Chris­ti­ans now rep­res­ent just 46 per­cent of Amer­ic­an adults, ac­cord­ing to Pew data provided in re­sponse to a re­quest from Next Amer­ica. That’s down from a 55 per­cent ma­jor­ity as re­cently as 2007, and much high­er fig­ures through most of U.S. his­tory. 

Yet even as White Chris­ti­ans shrink in their over­all num­bers, they still ac­count for nearly sev­en-in-10 Amer­ic­ans who identi­fy with, or lean to­ward, the Re­pub­lic­an Party, the Pew study found. White Chris­ti­ans, in fact, rep­res­ent as large a share of the Re­pub­lic­an co­ali­tion today as they did of Amer­ic­an so­ci­ety over­all in 1984, when Ron­ald Re­agan won reelec­tion. A clear ma­jor­ity of all White Chris­ti­ans across the United States now identi­fy as Re­pub­lic­an, Pew found.

The data demonstrated that the result of the changing demographics is that the Republican party is becoming more entrenched in conservative religious values while the Democratic party is split among the white less religious liberals, and the more traditional, and more religious, blacks and Hispanic voters.

This means that the GOP can get the voters animated with simple talking points claiming there is an attack on their religion, or that the brown people are coming to take their freedoms away, while the gays are indoctrinating heir children.

On the other hand the Democrats have to walk a finer line, preaching more tolerant attitudes, while also being careful not to insult those raised in more traditional Christian homes.

Even though the trend is working in favor of the Democrats, there are still numerous elections ahead where the cohesion of the Republican party presents a real challenge to Democratic candidates.

And in smaller local elections, where getting out the conservative vote means simply paying a visit to the local churches, the challenge for liberals is to find a candidate that the various fractions within the Democratic party can rally behind.

Sadly this is the problem with leading those who make decisions based on critical thinking, as opposed to those who makes theirs based on faith.


  1. Anonymous4:35 PM

    Gryphen fails to mention that it's common in Wasilla and the country for moms to raise multiple kid with different fathers on their own. Sunny has several friends who aren't married who have kids with different fathers. Wasilla and small towns are huge family oriented places. No one cares because babies are loved. When Willow excitedly wrote she was going to have another niece, 150 people liked it saying that baby will be the luckiest in the world to have such an amazing family. ALL of the people who liked it are longterm friends. I also noticed Bristol is still friends with she and Joeys mutual friends and his roommate.Though she would be since there's no bad blood. That relationship was over before the new year.

    Anonymous internet liars don't affect moral people's happiness.

    Liberal liars will never be moral and they will always be sexist.

    1. Nikogriego5:04 PM

      What does this ridiculous nonsense have to do with the original post about the Republican party demographics, and that White Christians are now in a minority?

    2. Anonymous5:07 PM

      Thank you for the LoLs. Growing up in a small town, that works if you fit in or have something that other people want.

      If you don't, then it becomes a living nightmare of the exact opposite. Hen-pecked I think would be a good description.

      I don't care much for the discussion of Bristol or Willow or Breeze or whoever else- hypocrisy annoys me, but they have a right to privacy as long as they are not actively seeking attention.

      But like the rest of the media, this blog survives on clicks. Sales driving content & whatnot. Apparently my opinion on that is in the minority, so I'll live with it /ignore accordingly while enjoying the sarcastic commentary and slice of politics presented here.

      As far as morality, no liar is really moral unless it is a lie that does no harm while at the same time increasing happiness.

      And Liberals are, on the majority, less likely to be sexist. It may occur, but it is not tolerated by either ourselves or our party. And when it does occur, we do our best to be aware and correcr/suppress it.

      You're more likely to find bigotry of any kind in the party that pooh-pooh's the concept of "political correctness (politeness)" and "facts (esp. Checkers)"

    3. Anonymous6:09 PM

      Sounds like an unstable situation in which to raise a child, but one that feeds from self-centered adults. Sad!

    4. Anonymous6:31 PM

      Wasilla is like the backwoods. Didn't Bristol testify in a federal court about how backwoods it is where she lives?

      Her pop Todd is from a tiny little place that is infamous for incest and hiding their secrets. So they don't do like an incestuous polygamist cult. They are more hicks and backwoods then that. Lies are a way of life. They have to bond and not be the snitch.

      I think peeps get it about the mixed up parenting and better parents take over for the worst parents.

    5. Anonymous6:38 PM


      Many similarities to Christians, Republicans and palins. Ridiculous nonsense is putting it nice.

    6. Anonymous8:28 PM

      Single women raising multiple children from different fathers? How very Christian of them.

    7. Anonymous9:30 PM

      8:28 PM Yes, it is their brand of Christian. And it is very Wasillian with pockets of the same philosophy around Anchorage.

      Also they don't need college or a high school education to pull in a huge pay day in the porn business and other.

      Does that person on this thread work for the Cusacks? I am pretty sure Kelly is half owner with her dad. She doesn't need to work if she doesn't want, she owns a business and has all the hockey stuff.

      There are several other office workers that know Bristol. All very close and they have a great deal in common. They do not need an education.

      Kelly and Marina

      Good pay, don't need no edjukasion

      Cultured and he went to school!

      Alaskan School teacher.

    8. Anonymous6:16 AM

      So, 4:35, let's see if I get what you're saying.

      Small town, predominantly white: single moms with lots of kids from different fathers = wonderful family values. Large city, varied races: single moms with lots of kids from different fathers = welfare mooches who represent the downfall of civilized society.

      That about right?

  2. Nikogriego4:46 PM

    Hey, the real challenge is making sure the voting is not rigged, as it has been in the last few election cycles, including most recently in the Governor's race in Kentucky. And Republicans control that game.

    Check out Richard Charnin's work:


    This is the biggest obstacle liberals have to overcome: outright election rigging. It's happened over and over again, from Bush v. Gore on to a few weeks ago. Obama won by many more votes than he was officially credited with. Now exit polls, which were considered the gold standard of polling, are altered to fit the "recorded vote" tally after the election.

    This has got to be dealt with, or it won't matter how many more Democrats there are than White Christian Republicans.

  3. Anonymous5:38 PM

    Admission: My niece's name is Sailor, same spelling, and I love it.

    Though I do love how parents do change up spelling, but I don't like the Y spelling of the word.

    I love that Piper's middle name is Indi and the cuteness of that spelling. Indy with a Y is ugly to me. I hate writing Indy 500 for work.

    There. Good deed or the day. Add positive comment to negative place.

    1. Anonymous6:20 PM

      Truth is the most positive.

      Opinions are just opinions.

      Opinions that cover up for liars are not positive opinions.

    2. Still bashing Levi's daughter to defend bristol? And now making up fake nieces? Get a life

    3. Anonymous7:07 PM

      As Bristol the fake christian would say, 'Go fuck yourself' with your positive comment. And from Trig, 'BULLSHIT'. Tripp says, 'Fuck you, faggot'. That is a lot of born again Christian living there.

    4. Anonymous7:28 PM

      You're on the wrong post.

    5. Anonymous7:30 PM

      5:38 PM

      If you think you are a do-goody Christian you will no doubt burn in hell for that tripe. No one is eating it. Toxic poison even if you only lie to yourself and spread it.

    6. Anonymous8:12 PM


      Poor kid. He only talks like that because his family teaches that language and thought process. When they filmed him he was shown to have no respect and he was angry and full of hate. Not blaming the child. He was taught by inferior, rotten family members.

      All that is on Todd, Sarah, Willow, Bristol and the others like them.

      The family is much more hideous than we have been told this far. More to come. I hope it is not too late for Tripp. He has a chance to go with his family that loves children.

      I don't even want to think what can be in Sailor's future. No father or one so shameful he must be hidden. And to be born into a lie with no hope in view.

    7. Anonymous8:30 PM

      Aren't you an only child? You don't have any nieces, do you?

      And you have to write Indy 500 for work?
      Is this the same job you claim pays $200-250k a year? The kind you didn't have to go to college for?

      Cuckoo, cuckoo

    8. Anonymous10:25 PM

      meghan phillips7:01 PM
      "Still.....(blah blah blah) .....Get a life"

      You are one to speak about getting a life meghan!!

      How many hours a day do you obsess over d-list celebrity Palins lol?!?

    9. 10:25, who died and made you hall monitor?

    10. Anonymous3:59 PM

      Can't be vinegar tits, she filled those pancakes on her chest with air and is pushing a christian book. Can't be her first daughter, she's in late pregnancy hanging out in public restrooms making fish face selfies. Can't be Todd. he's checking his wardrobe to make sure his shoes match this pocketbooks.Gotta be someone they trust to lie on their behalf but too stupid to get paid. .

  4. Anonymous5:39 PM

    bsmp2 26 days ago
    I was never sick with Tripp, I still get sick with baby girl 😖 .. completely different this pregnancy! @trisha.s10 .. And my back isn't too bad with #2 @northwestdoe I just want to be normal sized again!!!

    1. Anonymous6:15 PM

      Note to Stool:

      Quit Fucking!

    2. Anonymous7:03 PM

      Bristol has probably been taking adderall for the entire pregnancy.

    3. Anonymous7:22 PM

      bsmp_2 Were you sick with the 2007 baby? Were you sick with the DWTS baby? Was Sarah sick with her witeouts? Was Willow sick with her pregnancy in 2009?

    4. Anonymous8:46 PM

      Impossible she could be taking adderall.

      She could go to jail for child endangerment.

      Even if it is after the fact she should be reported. If Alaska is too corrupt, report to CDC http://www.cdc.gov/ or somewhere they can't ignore a child in harmsway.

    5. Anonymous10:46 AM

      "@northwestdoe" ?

    6. Anonymous4:01 PM

      You want your old body back? What in creation for? Seems like it's blocked your name and has been enjoying itself.

  5. Anonymous6:18 PM

    If Sarah's ghost writes another book for her and she goes on selling herself as a Christian there will be a mass exodus from Christianity.

    Bristol Nancy are doing their part to clear out the churches. Go fake Christian Blog!!!!

    1. Anonymous5:19 AM

      You note don't you, 6:18 PM that Sarah Palin's latest book hasn't sold well at all. People know she is no more a practicing Christian than Satan himself.

  6. Anonymous6:34 PM

    I dislike the Palins, the people that say they are Christians and don't follow the Christians doctrine and the majority of Republicans that spread their hate, fear and racism!

    1. Anonymous7:36 PM

      They are the worst. Didn't the 'Buybull' or Bible say blasphemy or false prophet something like, that was unforgivable? I am not up on all that but it seems what the Palins represent or do is going to condemn them to eternal hell with the Christians.

      So why are other Christians going along with them?

      I thought the thing with Christians was to speak up and call out the bad guys. Do they want to go to hell with them?

  7. Anonymous6:45 PM

    In The Battle For The Soul Of The Republican Party, Trump’s “White Nationalism” Is Winning

    ...What beltway pundits have not seemed to grasp yet, is that Trump’s racist slip ups and his verbal tirades are not a bug, but rather a feature of his campaign. Donald Trump is running as a white nationalist, and his campaign appeals to racists, bigots, xenophobes and insecure white voters who are growing uneasy with an increasingly multicultural America.

    Since Trump is a major party candidate, the media has been overly cautious in avoiding labeling Trump a racist, but his campaign has not been cautious about demonstrating that Trump is in fact, a racist. Trump’s blatant racism was on full display on Sunday when he tweeted bogus crime statistics from a neo-Nazi twitter user, falsely claiming that 81 percent of white murder victims are killed by black perpetrators. The real percentage is 15 percent. The vast majority of white murder victims (82 percent) are killed by other white people.

    While Trump’s tweet elicited some shocked outrage, his racism has been on display throughout his entire campaign. So far, it is serving him well politically.

    ...Trump’s presidential campaign has been dominated by ugly racist rhetoric and a slew of lies that promote a white supremacist agenda. Republican leaders should denounce Trump unequivocally, but many of them are silent or timid in their criticisms of Trump, because he is resonating with the Republican base. Republican voters may reject the notion that they are white nationalists, but as long as Donald Trump is leading the race while running an explicitly racist and xenophobic campaign, their claims to being anything other than white nationalists will ring hollow.


    1. Anonymous6:51 PM

      Fact Checkers Bust Donald Trump For Two Racist Lies In Less Than A Week


    2. Anonymous7:24 PM

      Let the Big Lies Begin


    3. Anonymous7:37 PM

      David Duke is a more honest politician.

    4. Anonymous7:41 PM

      New York Times: Trump Is A Modern-Day George Wallace & Joe McCarthy

      ...As the editorial notes and demonstrates, lying demagogic politicians appealing to people’s basest instincts of racism and hatred of “the other”, disguised as pride and security, are nothing new. What’s so terrifying is that, with Trump still far and away leading the polls for the Republican nomination – and his numbers only having increased as his racist rhetoric has ratcheted up in the week since the Paris attacks – we as a nation seem to have learned nothing from the lessons of the past that such vile men as McCarthy and Wallace have left for us. While one would like to hope that such a stinging denunciation from a major newspaper would take some of the wind out of Trump’s sails, given the post-truth world that he and his followers inhabit, this is almost certainly wishful thinking.



    5. A. J. Billings6:23 AM

      The more racist, ignorant, outrageous, and nasty shit Trump blurts out, the more popular he's getting.

      The raving religious lunatics on the Christian right LOVE them a rich, fat , fugly asshole who preaches white power, wealth, and kicking non Christian ass.

      Just like Reagan, he will set about trying to cut taxes for the wealthy, run up the deficit, and raise the military budget by a Trillion dollars.

      If Trump makes it to the White house, we will be well and truly f*cked.

      He might even try to get the Palin-Bitch from Wasilla into his cabinet by appointing her special advisor so she can pageant walk into the white house, and
      have her dreams of glory come true

  8. Anonymous7:17 PM

    When people tell me they want a CHRISTIAN president, and ONLY a christian president, I ask them if they want a theocracy. About 1/2 say they do. Next question, you mean like Iran? It isn't worth going into the stoning of whores, killing witches, etc. from the old testament.

    Then there are voting machines, owned and programmed by RWNJs. You know, those 'christian folk'...

  9. Anonymous7:18 PM

    4:35 PM Do you remember Bristol in 2010 and pregnant?


    Neither Sarah nor Bristol want to discuss Bristol's DWTS pregnancy and where that baby might be. Abstinence my ass!

  10. Anonymous8:34 PM

    Tea Party/cult in Anchorage

    Too old to be doing procedures and surgery. His daughter in business with him needs to put him down and get him out of there.

    They really, really love each other. In that typical kind of way like Bristol knows from Wasilla.

    1. Anonymous10:07 PM

      Every one of those bitchez including the old man bitch hate the way God made them. Same goes for Wallow, she has had her eyebrows pulled northwards and her fat ass and legs liposucked.

    2. Anonymous10:40 PM

      Wilswallow has messed her face bad.

  11. Anonymous9:27 PM

    If Bristol has a legitimate prescription for Adderall, big fucking deal if she takes it while pregnant.

    1. Anonymous10:00 PM

      I know, right? Like that baby has a chance of scoring a normal IQ even if she was completely drug free!

    2. Anonymous10:28 PM

      She has a Dr Feelgood or two and brother Track. I doubt it is only about Adderall. Without taking anything like a speed she can do enough damage just from an eating disorder.

      She always looked too skinny to be pregnant healthy.

      If she is worried about weight now that could be the body dysmorphia and serious psyche problems festering. Not good mother material.

      It is good she is not the type to nurse her baby. The child may have a caring nurturing nanny so she won't be totally deprived. Bristol can party any way she wants. The hired help can buy all the formula and baby food when it comes to that.

  12. Anonymous10:02 PM

    People who call themselves Christians, Gryphen. They're not the same thing as Christians. Right-wingnuttery and Christianity are not compatible.

    1. Anonymous10:55 PM

      Are there any Christians? They all call themselves Christians.

      They are all compatible or you would hear from those who are not compatible with the nut cases. I am not saying there are zero authentic Christians. But they must be so rare you could count them on one hand.

      Like Muslims have been taken over by terrorists and extremists, so everyone thinks all are crazy and violent. Same with Christians.

      Muslims are now speaking up more. Too bad Christians can't say when they are not like the ones like Palin. Silence will wipe them out.

  13. Anonymous11:21 PM

    "Christian" pastor Kevin Swanson said that the victims of the nightclub killings in Paris basically deserved it because they were "devil worshippers".

    This is the same pastor who said at a conference a couple weeks ago, that gays deserved to be murdered. Among the attendees of that conference were Huckabee, Ted Cruz and Bobby Jindal.


    1. Anonymous5:09 AM

      I think Republicans are the terrorists of the USA!

      They are the most angry, racist, war mongering, hateful bunch of hypocrites we have walking amongst us!

      And, saying they are Christians and walk in the path of their God is the biggest joke of all!

  14. Its hard to remain a Christian, when you see the perversion the religion has undergone.

    I would be unable to attend an actual church service, as I'd stand up and speak out against the hatred and political bigotry spewing from the pulpit.

    They'd gang up on me and squash me like a bug. So there's no use even trying to "reform" from within. I can only assume those still going and joining in, have lost all contact with Christ, and his teachings.

    Not only have they lost people like me as part of the "flock," but have also solidified my political leanings to many miles to the left of their rightwingnut stance.

    I used to delight in watching little old ladies bash the preacher over the head, if he said anything even slightly politically oriented, as he greeted them at the church door.

    I suspect they have all died. Replaced by selfish, angry people who feel hard done by, in spite of living a charmed life, compared to that of most people in the world.

  15. This is why churches should keep their noses completely out of politics or forfeit their tax-exempt status.

    They should be happy that is all that happens to them.

    The laws are much more punitive in Mexico when religion tries to interfere with politics or elections.

    1. Anonymous7:52 AM

      This is why churches should keep their noses completely out of politics or forfeit their tax-exempt status.


  16. Leland4:52 AM

    I will be SO damned glad when that disgusting woman and her kids and her family are long out of the news and peoples' minds! It looked to me as if fully half of the comments on this string were completely disconnected from the topic posted and related to that sick person.

    Have a heart, people! At least TRY to stay on subject!

  17. Anonymous4:57 AM

    There is a Baptist group in Anchorage, AK that have their noses in politics beginning with their leader's sermons! The "preacher' is Jerry Prevo and his flock assuredly follow him without question.

    They actually appear at Anchorage Assembly meetings (to provide their thoughts) all dressed alike (red t-shirts) as well as also carrying their bibles!

    Talk about mixing government and religion!

    This is a group that should not have tax-exempt status and their multiple real estate properties (located in Anchorage) should be taxed!


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