Saturday, December 26, 2015

A reminder of why gun violence statistics are so damn hard to come by.

Courtesy of The New York Times:

For nearly two decades, Congress has banned needed research on gun violence by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Last week, Congress, doing the bidding of the gun industry, quietly killed a provision in the omnibus spending bill that would have reversed that ban. 

In so doing, it left intact an anti-science smoke screen that has helped the industry and its lobbyists deny and dispute the facts of the gun violence that takes more than 30,000 lives a year. Imagine if the tobacco industry had been similarly favored by Congress with a ban on federal research about cigarette deaths. 

Imagine, too, if the auto industry had such a shield during the years when the government successfully fought unsafe cars in the cause of public health. 

Perversely, the gun industry claims that research by private and academic interests — which it can’t block — is untrustworthy. Expect that argument to be invoked in reaction to alarming research about the Missouri General Assembly’s repeal eight years ago of background checks for gun buyers that required people to appear in person at the local sheriff’s office. 

A study by the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research found that in the first six years after the repeal, gun homicides rose within the state by 16 percent, while the national rate declined 11 percent. By contrast, it also found that Connecticut, which has maintained its 1995 background check law, registered a 40 percent drop in gun homicides across a decade.

This is what we are going to have to keep in mind, and fight against if we ever want to REALLY pass any meaningful legislation against gun violence in this country. 

And if Hillary continues putting the need to do something about all of these gun deaths front and center in her campaign I imagine the amount of misinformation put out by the NRA will increase a hundred fold.

Here my question. If the NRA is right and the statistics often used by media outlets are often exaggerated then why would they NOT want the CDC to set the record straight?

Yeah, that's what I thought.


  1. Anonymous4:45 PM

    "Publicity is justly commended as a remedy for social and industrial diseases. Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants; electric light the most efficient policeman." Justice Louis D. Brandeis

  2. Anonymous4:51 PM

    Banning research? Sounds sort of authoritarian, totalitarian and communist right,GOP? Must not contradict the party ideology?

    1. Sounds more Fascist to me.

  3. Anonymous6:32 PM

    Check out the photo of Track and what one of Sarah's sisters sons got from Santa.

    Go to Payton McCann twitter, that's Sarahs nephew's twitter.

    Track looks like a nut and his shirt has a word on it i wont repeat here. This is the gun culture crazies. Scary stuff.

    1. Anonymous8:17 PM

      So..Payton wants to be a comedian when he grows up. Looks like he needs to hang on to his day job, if he has one. Whining because nobody "likes" your tweets should be sort of a clue. I believe Track is also flipping us off. Bunch of winners. Too bad they can reproduce.

    2. Anonymous8:51 PM

      OT from holiday greetings thread:

      Anonymous6:49 PM
      Sailor was born the first week of November. She was at thanksgiving and Bristol was sitting around bitching, ignoring the child's stinky ass pampers. She and her family are having a good laugh over another Palin pregnancy "success" in the media.

      Dakota is not the father. Bristol was already pg when they met.

      I'm a family member and even we are sick to death of sarah and Bristol's bullshit. Tripp was with his father during the time Bristol says he was meeting sailor for the first time.

      Bristol has already slept with at least two guys just since she crapped out the baby. She's a total whore and she goes out all the time saying its to "reward herself" with a mommys night out. But at this point mommy has more nights out than in. Bristol has left all 4 kids alone with just Piper as a babysitter.

      You are a shit mom Bristol and everyone knows it. You can't even keep fresh milk in the fridge, poor Tripp got a upset stomach from having expired milk with his captain crunch. But I notice you can sure keep fresh yeagermeister in the freezer.....


    3. Anonymous5:40 AM

      This is very brave. How can we know it is the truth?

    4. Anonymous8:47 AM

      When was the pic of Track taken? Did Sarah have him and his gf over for Eskimo Bingo and some Jesus cake?

      There is a pic of the exotic Russian Marine where she is holding the same blankets with what looks like a baby. The theme is to keep the baby's face mostly covered. It was posted recently but no idea when it was taken.

      Marine wants a baby now. She is shopping for Bristol's latest.

      It looks like they are at the same hospital as Trig's debut with the Heaths.

  4. Dinty6:44 PM

    OT: Those permanent fund payments may turn into tax bills as the price of crude slides:

    1. Anonymous6:56 PM

      You betcha, it's time. I don't see it as a big deal, max the dividend at a $1000 annually and imposing an income tax is a reasonable way to meet our budget deficit head on. I don't thing that many people are living up here simply for the annual dividend and the fact that we don't owe income tax, sure those are bonuses, but really, I don't see them as game changers.

    2. Just read that too.

    3. As an over 20 resident of a state with no income tax (Florida) I can say, somewhat reluctantly, you can run a state without an income tax. But it's tricky. You have to have something else to generate tax income from. Alaska could reallocate the personal dividend fund amounts to the state, which I would expect would be suggested before any talk of imposing an income tax.

      Try suggesting 'state income tax' in Florida and you will be run out of town, with or without a rail. Funny story, back when I first started internetting and discovered the blogs, one local newspaper thread I followed had a regular poster who actually suggested that if Florida just allowed offshore drilling, Florida residents could all be getting checks just like y'all do in Alaska! Seriously, that's what the guy wrote. He apparently really believed it. Never mind the pollution if not just the ugly offshore views would ruin what drives the economy here - tourism. I guess he just was seduced by the idea of sitting around, doing nothing, living in Florida, not paying state income tax AND getting money from the state to boot! Now, what's that called, when people get money for doing nothing ... hmmm ... can't put my finger on it. When the profit of certain industries is distributed to all people in a certain collective, where the people in the collective do not have any financial stake in the industry - they are in the collective simply by being 'citizens' (residents?) of a certain geographic area - what is that called?

  5. Anonymous8:04 PM

    If you want to know all the stats and facts and names and stories about guns here in the US, is the place to go. For one thing, it's a treasure of facts you need if you're in a discussion with a right wing gun nut-say, for instance, at a family dinner.

  6. Anonymous10:30 PM

    I wanted to see what the palin(Heath) family photographer had to share about the miracle birth on Christmas eve. There is no one better then Chuch Heath Jr.
    He showed some winter scenes. Not any of his parents, nothing of his daughter, nothing. He had a photo of the wife..

    "Abby doing her best Elliot Ness impression with a Thompson submachine gun (note the handy violin carrying case in the background)."

    No baby Jesus and all that this year. Unless he posts his shots of the gala time they had at Sarah's house with the girls and all the new babies.

    Guns, guns, guns.

    1. Anonymous11:15 PM

      It is a gun Christmas. Chuck Heath, Jr. just posted:
      "Grandmas Sally and Jean babysat Sophie today so Abby could go to the range and try out her favorite Christmas present: a Springfield subcompact Mod 2, 9mm.
      I know there are those anti-2nd Amendment folks out there that will mock this post, but I want you to know that people like Abby, i.e. responsible gun owners, will be happy to use there weapons to protect you when the time comes."

      I do hope Abby is a responsible gun owner. Happiness is using a weapon to protect who when the time comes?

      Lo, Unto Bristol A Child Is Born: Hello, Sailor (Grace Eggnogg Palin)

      Mom and Dad with the newest addition to the family

      I am wanting Chucky to show us what he got.

      Hot News Pics not

    2. No one did this year, but if I ever get a Christmas card with a picture of anyone carrying a gun, I will cut it up and throw it in the trash immediately. That imagery will not be welcome in my household.

    3. Anonymous8:57 AM

      Bristol Palin and her ex-fiancé announce birth of her second child, baby girl Sailor Grace

      It is starting to look like Dakota and Bristol are getting back together. Has Sarah planned for him to go to Alaska for a photo shoot? It is hard to believe if a man was a father, he was happy with the blessing, he wouldn't go to see his daughter first thing.

      The Marine is making a change?

      Walter Kennedy
      That is what Marine boot camp will do for a young man. Semper Fi

  7. Gryphen, even you have different standards for guns and cars. With cars you ask about protections for unsafe autos. But with guns you talk about unsafe owners, not products that are unsafe for the users. You would take guns from all owners including the vast majority who are very safe with their guns because of a few idiots who use them criminally or recklessly. But you don't advocate taking away cars from people because some use them criminally and recklessly. People like you are the reason gun owners don't trust ANY new gun regulation. You try to sound reasonable, but then your true selves come out.

    You also mix facts and figures to be more dramatic and gain sympathy for your cause of eliminating guns. You mix suicides with homicides. The fact is, murder by gun has been going down for years. and murder by rifle or any long gun is so miniscule that it almost doesn't register statistically, but you rally against "Assault rifles" because that scares people to your side of the argument.

    And suicides, people who want to die will find a way. Pills, jumping from bridges, asphyxiating themselves in autos, guns, knives, drowning, hanging, etc. And before you try blaming it on easy access to guns, the US is number 50 on suicide rate in the world and many countries ahead of the US don't have near the access to guns including South Korea, Japan and France.

    If you really wanted to stop gun murders, you'd be after the feds to round up all gang members because of the actual gun murders and violence, gangs are the leading cause of gun violence. Go after the criminals, not law abiding gun owners. Pretty simple concept.

    1. Anonymous11:26 AM

      Why don't you drive your gun to the library and read about the socioeconomic realities in those hell holes you call countries. In Japan for example it's a national pass time and deserves it's own study entirely.

      The chance of getting killed by one of your guns is one in 25 000 in any given year and now schools here in Canada are cancelling trips to your exceptional country. 1/25 000! You'd die 1000 times before you would win the lottery!

      It's funny that you mention gangs and guns, we got them here in Canada too and they're all armed with guns from the US that were at some point legal and the way I figure it you owe me money. The USA has a problem and the longer people ignore it the bigger the bill gets and I want my money!

  8. And I bet there are quite a few people in San Bernadino who just LOVE them thar assualt rifles.
    Especially when they're pointed in their direction.


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