Sunday, December 20, 2015

Amy Poehler and Tina Fey brought the ghosts of campaigns past to SNL last night.

"Also if it gets too hard just quit, who cares?"For the record Tina Fey's version of Sarah Palin is officially my favorite version of Sarah Palin.

I have little doubt that Palin herself is beyond thrilled that she was being referenced on SNL I imagine there will be some giddy Facebook comment sometime today.

P.S. Oh and there was also this rather brilliant cold opening last night. 


  1. Anonymous9:24 AM

    OT-NOT funny THIS>

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  2. Anonymous9:31 AM

    Because making fun of Sarah Palin never gets old. The costume and wig are 7 years old and they still get a great big laugh on SNL. Ya can't ride the man if his back is bent. you tell 'em Sarah! The Hillarys were funny, too.

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    1. Anonymous6:23 PM

      I loved both skits. I laugh more when the lines for Palin are her own phrases tossed into a special serving of uniquely Palin word salad.

      SNL did a great job with both skits!

  5. Anonymous9:52 AM

    There's your relevance, Boopsie.
    And you keep giving them more ammo!
    Please proceed. LOL

  6. Anonymous10:05 AM

    I kind of feel sorry for Bush because calling him "Jebra" just might stick!

    1. Anonymous12:57 PM

      He seems more like a Jeborah to me. More drawn out, and more biblical, just like Jeb!

  7. Crystal Sage10:27 AM

    I got my Christmas gifts early this year. Earlier last night, I saw "Sisters" and it was hilarious. Then, we were all treated to the greatness of Tina and Amy (and friends.) The highlight was the ghost of Campaigns Past with the reappearance of Sarah Palin and her word salad. Perfect.

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  10. Anonymous11:10 AM

    The "Meet your Second Wife" skit was hilarious as well.

  11. Anonymous11:38 AM

    Positive thoughts for a negative internet. How humble Bristol is and how despite being famous she doesn't give a shit about attention and celebrity.
    All she cares about is the fact that she doesn't settle, that her son has been happy every day of his life, that her son has had a college fund since birth, and how he has a great start in life from her well-deserved opportunities given all the slander from sociopathic democrats she's laughed through.

    That's a blessing. You can attack all you want and prove she's a victim every day with your evil words, but words from strangers don't change a person's truth or happiness.

    1. Anonymous11:58 AM

      You should start a fanclub for Brissy! You could be her #1 fan!
      Now, go read "Misery"...

    2. Anonymous12:06 PM

      Hey, the Barstool thread is the next post, try to stay on topic why doncha?

    3. Anonymous12:13 PM

      He has a college fund because his earnings from her "reality" shows are protected for the minor by law. I do not believe the Palins, any of them, all of them, would ever put aways money for a future education.

    4. Anonymous12:49 PM

      I truly hope Trip does well with his education. From a public perspective the family doesn't seem to prioritize education, in fact Sarah and her types seem to mock people that go to college.
      In addition, Sarah could have used her public persona to really do something great for education and support for children that are developmentally delayed. But she chose to do nothing. Instead of writing a book about the challenges of raising Trig, she wrote a book about saving Christmas and devotions. Please...

    5. Anonymous12:53 PM

      He'll be lucky if he stays out of jail that long.

    6. Anonymous5:36 PM

      Yeah, Bristol's such a role model, for what, who knows?

    7. Anonymous11:38 AM = demented loon.

  12. The Tina Fey parodied, dumb version of $arah is still smarter than the rill dill will ever be!

  13. Anonymous11:44 AM

    Sarah Palin's Breitbart editorial using the battered wife analogy offended me deeply. I know what I wrote is ugly, but that is my point. Bear with me:
    Sarah Palin is a Child Molester and We are her Victims
    Sarah Palin did it again.  Like the child molester who presents himself as an upstanding pillar of the community, Palin has violated us in the most vile, disgusting way.
    When Sarah first showed up in our neighborhood, we welcomed her as a waving, winking, folksy hockey mom.  But, most of us quickly sensed something in our gut and instinctively knew to steer clear of her.
    We try to avoid her, hoping to never allow her to be in a position to harm us, but like most paedophiles, she watches and waits and returns to try victimize us over and over again.
    Where is the GOP, the party that released her on our community without monitoring her? What happened to the party once known for CONSERVATIVE values and PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY? The party of Ronald Reagan, who promoted strong family values?
    They stood by and watched while Palin used an infant Trig like a predator uses a puppy. They watched while she paraded her pregnant teen daughter on the national stage to excite and lure the anti-choice zealots.
    We have had two good old fashioned election cycles and both times, the majority of Americans chose to be led by President Obama.  And yet, like the devious molester, Sarah Palin has spent a great deal of her time and energy trying to drive a wedge between us and our trust in the Obama administration, trying to convince us that she alone cares about us and has our best interests, hoping to convince us that even though we know that what she is doing to us is bad, we should ignore what we know is right and trust her.
    Sarah Palin had an affiliation to the Alaska Independence Party-ignore it.
    Sarah Palin spends only 5℅ of her Sarahpac on on candidates-ignore it.
    The brawls, the out of wedlock babies, the fish lipped selfies, the fuc_ you poster, the crosshairs, the questionable parenting, the dog whistle language-ignore, ignore, ignore!
    (I will not get into the failures of Sarah Palin the quitter politician, as I do not consider her a serious political entity.)
    Like the predator, she continues to lay in wait, looking for the opportunity to strike.  Much like the playground paedophile, she uses the promise of a future run, instead of candy, to lure her victims.  Most Americans are onto her, like the child who has been well warned to avoid her type.  Palin takes advantage of the slow, the weak and the ignorant, knowing they will rush forward to grab the proverbial candy from her claws.
    We, the thinking, informed Americans, the ones who do not vote based on fear, but on principles and values that this country must continue to embrace, say "No more!"
    You have invited your buddies over and are hoping to entice us to come over, but we are not fooled.
    No more quasi-politicians, who pander to fear and hatred and divisivenes.
    Sarah Palin, you may have exposed yourself to us, but you will not harm us!
    We will celebrate the day when you slither back to your hockey rink house on the dead lake.
    You will never violate what is ours again.

    1. Shawn's MOM12:55 PM

      Finally somebody understands. Our sweet son has been in and out of federal prisons since Sarah Palin raped him and took his innocence when he was just 17 years old. We've lost everything because of her. I've been fired from 2 jobs, my husband Craig has Lyme's disease and can't work, but now he does because he has to make restitution for harassing Sarah Palin's lawyers. We're poor mountain people. $20 is a lot of money to us, but we have to make restitution and we really feel the pinch of it, yet people think we shouldn't even get food stamps or an assistance. It's been a rough few years. Thank you for your support.

    2. Anonymous1:11 PM

      Shawn's mom, the post was meant as an analogy, as a rebuttal of sorts, to Palin's insensitive "battered wife" piece.
      I don't know your or your son's story, but I was not implying that Sarah Palin is or is not a child molester.
      I feel the need to clarify, this was only an analogy.

  14. Anonymous11:53 AM

    Sarah Palin argued over the weekend that the only time an atheist would be acceptable for public office is if the other candidate was a Muslim who “literally wants to kill” Americans.

    During an interview on CNN, host Michael Smerconish noted that Palin’s latest Christian devotional book was very political.

    “Real world stuff, yep,” Palin agreed. “It’s really important that people of faith, atheists, anybody who would be looking for answers today, the best place to go to look for answers that deal with personal problems and political problems that our world, certainly that our nation is facing, it’s already spelled out for us — the answers — in the Old and the New Testaments.”

    “So, I just want to direct people to where they can look and find that answer, and then be at peace and be able to live life vibrantly without worrying so much about what’s going on.”

    But when it came to selecting candidates, Palin asserted that it was better to vote for someone with no faith in God than someone who worshipped Allah.

    “Oof, gosh,” Palin stuttered at the idea of voting for an atheist. “If it all came down to that versus someone who believed in a religion that was hell-bent on destroying those who didn’t agree with their religion, who would literally want to kill those, the infidels who would not say, ‘Okay, I would go along with you,’ then I would.”

    “Which means, anybody who is sympathetic to what’s going on today with Muslims terrorists, who would crucify children and behead women and stop at nothing to try to destroy us and Israel and our allies, I’d choose an atheist over that!”

    “Okay, you’re voting for an atheist over an ISIS supporter,” Smerconish noted.

    “Okay, gosh, darn it,” Palin replied. “You made it too simple.”

    Watch the video below from CNN, broadcast Dec. 19, 2015.

    1. Anonymous3:59 PM

      Palin is voting for the next 'drunken brawler family' that needs a reality show. Throw in a 'bastard breeder', and she has a twofer.

  15. Anonymous12:08 PM

    Remember that sometimes when a woman dumps a man, especially when she changed his life for the better in a big way, he often needs to put it all behind him to forget her. Especially when the woman is pretty perfect like Bristol. I don't blame her for choosing Alaska and her amazing family and leaving someone who is likely a little controlling. It would be hard to lose her but life does go on. Bristols not needy and he is probably learning not to be too.

    1. Anonymous12:17 PM

      Alicia, Bristol is just not that into you.

    2. Anonymous12:23 PM

      When you write this drivel, do you find your non-writing hand slipping between your thighs? Because, I always assume you are working that free hand pretty vigorously, while lusting over Bristol.

    3. Anonymous12:24 PM

      Thanks for today's belly laugh,12:08! u 2 fun-E!!!

    4. Anonymous12:26 PM

      Oh - I can hear Michael Bolton belt that one out...

      When a WO-man dumps a maaaaaaaaa-annnnnn....

      ----specially when she changed him....

    5. Anonymous1:03 PM

      Alicia - Barstool was dumped. She was already pregnant.

    6. Anonymous1:05 PM

      Alicia has a Thang for Brizzles.

    7. Anonymous2:57 PM

      Even Mommie buying the ring couldn't trap a guy that finally came to his senses over how he was being taken.

      "My family doesn't dicuss Bristol."
      Try again...maybe someday someone will marry her.

      I am reminded of Young Frankenstein...
      "roll, roll, roll in the hay..."

    8. Anonymous3:34 PM

      Alicia Mangelsdorf are you now taking donations for SarahPac? Should donations be sent to you at 1050 Bella Vista #208 Saint Augustine, FL? That is your Palinbot Trolling office, right?

    9. Anonymous7:50 PM

      Some people say Alicia lives in her parent's basement and others always drop the apartment address. Frankly, I don't think any of you know where she lives or if she comments here.

  16. Anonymous5:42 PM

    I'm kind of shocked Tina Fey brought back the role, not that she'll get typecasted, but it'll make Sarah think she's still relevant in some way, she's the brunt of a sick joke, she never looked that good and never will again.

    1. Once she and Amy read the script, I don't see how they could refuse to reprise the characters.

      They were both brilliant. It was the highlight of the show for me.

  17. Anonymous1:05 PM

    I am sure Sarah will love the bit when Tina mentioned about how she (Sarah) was running for president. I am sure Sarah will feel vindicated and say see I was running for president and McCain was second on the ticket.


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