Friday, December 18, 2015

DNC blocks Sanders campaign from accessing voter database after campaign staffers take a peek at Hillary Clinton campaign info. Sanders campaign responds, "We don't need dirty tricks."

Courtesy of CNN:

The Democratic National Committee is cutting Bernie Sanders off from a crucial voter database after the party organization said the Vermont senator's presidential campaign took advantage of a software error to access confidential voter information collected by Hillary Clinton's team. 

The revelation is emerging ahead of the third Democratic presidential debate of the campaign season on Saturday night and poses a major setback for Sanders, who is mounting a liberal challenge to Clinton. The database is a goldmine of information about voters and being blocked from it could complicate Sanders' outreach efforts. The timing is also challenging, just weeks before Clinton and Sanders are slated to compete in the Iowa caucuses.

I saw DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz on TV today acknowledging that the Sanders campaign had fired one staffer over this breach, but that more than one accessed the data, and that the data had been downloaded.

However the Sanders campaign is outraged at what they see as an unnecessarily punitive response by the DNC.

Courtesy of Salon:  

Vowing to not allow the Democratic National Committee to “sabatoge” their campaign, senior Bernie Sanders campaign operatives announced Friday afternoon that they planned to sue the Party if it continued to lock out the campaign from its own voter files. 

The DNC is “actively attempting to undermine our campaign,” Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver charged during a press conference in Washington, D.C. this afternoon. “If the DNC continues to hold our data hostage, and continues to try to attack the heart and soul of our campaign, we will be in federal court this afternoon seeking an immediate injunction,” Weaver threatened. 

“We are running a clean campaign. We are going to beat Secretary Clinton,” Weaver assured reporters at Friday’s press conference, explaining that “in the heat of these campaigns sometimes young people make misjudgments.” 

“We don’t need dirty tricks,” he asserted. “To do that we are going to need our data, which has been stolen by the DNC.” Weaver slammed the DNC for what he called an “inappropriate overreaction,” threatening to head to “federal court this afternoon seeking an immediate injunction,” if the DNC does not reinstate the campaign’s access to the database.

I think most of us are willing to give Bernie Sanders and his campaign the benefit of the doubt here.

This does not sound in the least like something Bernie would have engaged in, and I doubt that he would excuse this kind of behavior from his staffers.

After all Bernie's main selling point is his unshakable integrity, so I have to agree with his campaign on this one and think the DNC needs to back off and stop being so transparently in Hillary's corner.

Actually if you agree with me on that there is a petition you can sign


  1. The fix is in for Hillary. But she better watch out for blow back.

    1. Anonymous5:03 PM

      I think the last thing that Bernie would want would be for people to not vote or vote for the GOP.

      Been involved with many campaigns in my life, been involved with the party at the state level. Sometimes your candidate doesn't succeed. But I learned a lesson from a great man named Paul Wellstone that you don't throw your values away over a loss in an election.
      Damn, I still miss my friends Paul and Sheila.

    2. I hate the extreme left wing of our party, Paul Wellstone was the worse. Although I grew in a one bedroom house without running water and electricity these fools think I had it better than most black people. I want moderate candidates who understand where we all came from but unfortunately this does not include and Republican politicians either.

    3. Anonymous6:42 PM

      @Darla, then I assume you have never ever used FMLA poor ever will since that came directly from Paul Wellstone's efforts, amirite?

    4. It was a sad day in Minnesota when Paul died in that plane crash near Eveleth. Some conspiracy theorists think it was intentional by the Dumbya regime as Paul was considering a run for POTUS in 2004.

    5. Anonymous7:13 PM

      @ Darla
      "those people" "hate"? You do sound just like an extreme republican.

    6. Anonymous4:08 AM

      Anonymous5:03 PM

      Paul was the best. He was a great man. It is so devastating to lose good people like him.

    7. Anonymous12:58 PM


      It's ore than a conspiracy theory, since the first people who responded to the scene ( before the first responders were stopped on Bodas Rd by the FBI ( the FBI's closest office was over 200 miles from the scene)were stopped from putting out the fire in the plane and stopped from trying to get anyone out. As for the FAA report it said the plane iced over, which will immediately cause a plane to drop like a rock, but local witnesses that were experienced small plane pilots( these were also the first people on the scene) said the plane glided after losing altitude and turned assuming the plane was going to try and land on Bodas rd( a 2 lane rural rd approx 2-3 miles from the airport where they were scheduled to land).
      Planes that have iced over do not have the capability of turning at all, nor do they glide, nor do FBI agents hang out on rural roads outside of Eveleth Mn.
      We conspiracy theorists are so because common sense tells us there is a huge problem with known facts and government reports.

  2. Anonymous4:50 PM

    Oh my, Saint Bernie's cronies hacked and stole information from a competitor's records the night before a debate? His spokesman says "nothing to see here.... it's a vast DNC conspiracy to get Hillary to win" Honest, cross my heart, hope to die, stick a needle in my eye, we saw nothing! Three involved, one fired..... let's do the math,,,, three take away one, add all the copies passed around.....ohh something just doesn't smell right. Oh Bernie, I feel so disappointed. I wouldn't be surprised if Hillary did it, but a socialist running as a democrat?????
    What's this world coming to?

    1. I don't think any hacking was involved. I think the DNC messed up and exposed all of the files. Which makes me wonder if any of Hillary's people saw Bernie's stuff. And if so, why aren't they being punished too?

      Yeah, I think the fix is in. Bernie is too much of a threat and this is the first of several tactics they've devised to try to knock him out of the race.

    2. Anonymous9:47 AM

      There's no doubt that Hillary and Debra Wasserman-Schultz planted these people in Bernie's campaign to take him down.

  3. Anonymous5:00 PM

    Just because Bernie has integrity that does not mean everyone employed by his campaign does.

    1. Anonymous2:40 AM

      The buck stops at the top.

  4. Anonymous5:40 PM

    I am hearing that the Clinton campaign is plenty mad -- apparently the Bernie staffers were nosing around for 40 minutes where they shouldn't have been, made more than 25 searches, and very possibly got enough information to discern her strategy. Bernie's campaign manager's shouting and arm-waving is pretty ballsy considering what his campaign admittedly did; his outrage is offensive, and as far as I'm concerned they can go to hell. Bernie should be contrite on behalf of his staffers, and he is not, so fuck him, too. I thought he was better than this.

    1. Anonymous6:50 PM

      I'm kinda sorta with you. I don't want to be. I don't even understand how this data benefits him. I thought we were above this in-fighting. Looks like we're fucked whoever wins.

    2. Anonymous8:20 PM

      Exactly -- we're fucked. The Repblicans are thrilled because now we've got bad blood!

    3. Anonymous6:02 AM

      Anonymous8:20 PM
      '''Exactly -- we're fucked. The Repblicans are thrilled because now we've got bad blood!'''
      NO! We are not ****ed.

      BUT, lets just hope Hillary don't fight her Democratic opponents dirty like she fought then-Senator Obama in 2008.. Her campaign was so dirty in 2008, I thought she was going to damage the Democratic party for many years to come.

    4. A Superfan In Atlanta2:45 PM

      Re: our "we're all f'ed status . . . I respectfully disagree. I was appalled at the low-down dirties the Clinton campaign pulled in 2008 revealing no rock too low to crawl under to win what they feel "entitled" to.

      Sanders track record has been consistent so this does not pass the smell test AT ALL! It sounds like access was granted and then "discovered". If you are any ways remotely familiar with data access, then somebody had to "flip a switch". This seems more like a strategically desperate move to slow down the Sanders campaign.

      Feeling like Hillary 2008 all over again.

  5. It happened once before that their firewall failed and it was handled without fanfare. I'm wondering why Debbie thought she had to run to the press with this instance. She is looking increasingly partisan. She should have fired the vendor who maintains the database and handled this internally.

    1. Anonymous2:42 AM

      Because Bernie's staff stole the data, they rooted around for 40 minutes, did 25 searches and downloaded the info onto personal computers. They ripped the other campaign off and if one of the GOPpers had done it, we on the left would be screaming and laughing at how STUPID the CANDIDATE was for letting such shit go on.

  6. Anonymous5:56 PM

    Nobody "hacked in and stole" anything. They logged into a system they had every right to be in that lacked the security to keep data separate. Look at it this way, if I logged into my bank's website and found I could see YOUR account information that's not MY fault, nor is that dishonesty on my part. That's all on the bank. This is the DNC and their vendors fault, not Bernie's.
    We all know DWS is all hot for Hillery and is doing all she can to derail Bernie. I smell a rat and it ain't coming from Bernie's direction...

    1. Anonymous6:42 PM

      Zackly! Piling it on top, this is the second time the firewall was dropped...

      The first time it was reported and was supposedly fixed...

      The Pro Hillary Bias of the Debbie Wasserman Schultz headed DNC is all too apparent...

    2. Anonymous7:52 PM

      5:56 PM, I thought of that immediately after I read about the situation.

    3. Anonymous7:55 PM

      Hopefully DWS's tenure will end very soon.

    4. Anonymous2:43 AM

      They downloaded data onto their computers... how is that not stealing?????

    5. Anonymous4:11 AM

      @Anonymous5:56 PM

      '''I smell a rat and it ain't coming from Bernie's direction...'''

      Thank you!

    6. Maple7:33 AM

      Playing Devil's Advocate here: Bernie has always run as an Independent, and now, conveniently for him, the DNC has allowed him to run as a Democrat. Also, is it really wrong (or unusual) for Schultz to support a long-time Democrat for the Party's nomination?

  7. Anonymous6:17 PM

    PR to get people to watch the debate on a Saturday night when some will be attending holiday cocktail parties?

    1. Anonymous6:50 PM

      I hope so

  8. Anonymous6:18 PM

    DWS has been trying everything to fix the election for Hillary-for years. Howard Dean reminded us tonight that he had "problems" with her back in 2008. When the company that the DNC hired had a security breach in October, nobody said a word. Now that Bernie is nipping at Hillary's heels, it's different. Nobody hacked into anything. They took advantage of a firewall failure, and they have been dealt with. To hijack Bernie's info is bullshit, and the night before one of the "secret" debates Deb scheduled, it might just backfire on her and her pal. Anybody who thinks that the Clinton bunch wouldn't have done the same thing is delusional. With Hillary's buddy in charge at the DNC, I knew something was going to happen, and here we go. I think anybody who believes in Bernie should send him ten bucks tonight. And Wasserman Schultz should pretend to be impartial, and let this go away. The GOP is playing into the hands of ISIS, and now the DNC is handing the GOP a gift. Oh, and if it hasn't been done already, the "security" firm needs to be fired. They should have been fired the first time this happened.

  9. A J Billings6:31 PM

    O/T, but pretty amusing to run across this cartoon from Bloom County 1981!

    There is mention made of the Immoral Minority!

    1. Anonymous4:27 PM

      It's a keeper! Love it!

  10. Anonymous6:52 PM

    The founder of NGP VAN was Chief Technology Officer for Hillary Clinton's 2008 campaign. The connections inside NGP VAN and it's two predecessor companies ngp software and voter activation network, have ties that go back to the Clinton / Gore war room.

    Back in 2008, Wasserman Schultz was a co-chair of Clinton’s presidential run.

    Back in 2008 there was another data breach at the DNC in which Hilary's campaign ended up with the data, no one was locked out of the database then.

    Go Bernie!

    1. Anonymous8:08 PM

      Did the founder force Bernie's staff to access her private data? This is truly beyond pathetic.

    2. Anonymous8:51 PM

      Thank you for this information. I am beginning to distrust Hillary more and more.

    3. Anonymous9:22 PM

      "beginning to" where have you been the last 20 yrs?

  11. Anonymous6:52 PM

    40 minutes spent downloading info Clinton paid millions to collect. And now they want to pretend Bernie is the victim? I'm not sure this is the image that Sanders was going for. I know he didn't do it, but his campaign's handling of this whole thing is bizarre.
    Blame DWS and Clinton for their antics? Puh-lease.

    1. Anonymous11:27 PM

      I'm still waiting for someone to tell me exactly what this guy has done that makes his cult-like supporters so sure he deserves to be President. Like Liz Warren, what has he done for this country that we should elect him? I like them, but they really haven't done a whole lot but make fiery speeches and attack other liberals, because they're buying into their own hype and sowing division within the party. If we mess this up because of the infighting and throw the election to the GOP, say goodbye to everything we've worked so hard for for the past 8 years. All because Bernie can do no wrong in the eyes of his followers who constantly claim Hillary is some kind of fascist Wall Street lapdog without any example as to what she's done to piss them off so bad. Total bullshit.

    2. Anonymous12:38 PM

      Ron Wiseman
      8.6k Views • Ron is a Most Viewed Writer in Vermont (state).
      We have a very recent example from last year.

      Sen. Sanders drafted a monstrous piece of legislation to support and start repairing the Veterans Administration following the scandal that broke in Arizona. The price tag on the bill was $2 billion!

      It failed in the first attempt, but Sen. Sanders went to the Republicans and negotiated a compromise and together they brought the bill to the House where it passed the House 420-5 and passed the Senate 91-3. It was signed into law immediately by President Obama.

      I can assure all of Bernie Sanders' doubters that Hillary Clinton would not have been able to get a nearly unanimous passage on a $2 billion spending bill in 2014. Not a chance in hell.

    3. Anonymous1:00 PM

      @anon 11:27 pm

      Because his rabid followers only care about getting weed legalized everywhere and nothing else.

  12. Anonymous6:58 PM

    Bernie would not have sanctioned spying. Political staffers are forever getting their candidates into trouble. The 3 should be fired from his campaign, no matter how good they have been for it.

    HOWEVER the DNC is at fault on this one. Their people who oversee security on this level hold responsibility. They should be canned. AND a new security firm must be put in place immediately.

    Unless, of course, they want a GOPer to win the election.

    1. Anonymous7:30 PM


  13. Anonymous7:03 PM

    Bernie supporters are an increasingly ugly lot.

    If Hillary's campaign had behaved this way would her supporter be attacking Bernie Sanders for it and claiming the fix is in?

    Hillary has nothing to fear from Bernie Sanders, never did, and never will. Bernie's campaign is increasingly just a home for the homeless Ron Paulites.

    1. Anonymous7:32 PM

      Well, if you think that Hillary is going to waltz right into the Oval, you've got a long eleven months ahead of you!

    2. Anonymous10:24 PM

      Nobody said anything about Hillary "waltzing" "right into the Oval".

    3. Anonymous11:32 PM

      Anonymous 7:32 PM - just keep telling yourself that lol

  14. Anonymous7:35 PM

    I'm with #FeelTheBurn

  15. Anonymous7:42 PM


    Even more amusing are the Wasserman -in the bag for Hillary- scheduled debates for saturday nights, so that no-one will watch and remember how totally uninspiring, dull, and unlikeable Hillary is.

    1. Anonymous11:40 PM

      Believe it or not, there are people who like her. A lot of them. But carry on with your worn out crap about her being so unlikable just like Repubs have told you since the '90s. Like any one on the right is charming or charismatic? Whatever.

    2. Maple7:46 AM

      As a Canuck, I'm at a loss to understand the venom spewed by some in the Democratic Party at Hillary. She has done so much to support the rights of women and children, she supports just about everything that Sanders does, she has experience beyond anyone else running for the Presidency. Why the intense hatred? You all know that she would nominate progressive Supreme Court justices. She's leading in the Democratic polls by a wide margin nationally and you Dems should all very much want to see a Democratic President for at least the next 4 years -- the alternative is unthinkable, not just for the U.S. but also for the rest of the world. I'm truly disgusted by the far-leftists who say if their beloved Bernie doesn't win the nomination, then they'll just stay home. Stupid beyond belief, IMHO.

  16. Anonymous8:31 PM

    Thanks for the link to the petition. I signed. Schultz is for into Hillarry's campaign, she has lost all integrity for DNC Chair. She should resign.

    I'm a life-long progressive Democrat, but the Dems have pulled plenty of their own dirty tricks. IMO, this is one of the worst and I think it puts Hillary in a very bad light. What won't she do to win?

    1. Anonymous11:44 PM

      Bernie's staff got into Hillary's confidential info, and Hillary looks bad? Oh right, of course. You and your "I'm a lifelong Democrat" bullshit is fucking weak.

    2. Anonymous7:30 AM

      No shit. The last I saw, BS was behind HC by 30 points.
      Just keep adding to the bs by running yourselves in a circle and the Re-thugs will have a field day with this.

  17. Anonymous8:33 PM

    It seems the DNC's tech company NGP VAN's CEO is campaigning for Hilary and has a bus with her name on it!

  18. That didn't last long. It's resolved and Bernie has access to his files again.

    Probably after Bernie's Campaign took steps to sue.

    It was a DNC software glitch, not a hack by the Sanders campaign. Washington-based NGP VAN is responsible for dropping the firewall.

    In other news, Trump's ex-staffer has formed a SuperPac. Anyone else think Trump is getting ready to mount a third party campaign?

  19. Anonymous10:59 PM

    "downloading info Clinton paid millions to collect. "
    Really? Hillery spent millions collecting voter registration records? Gathering donor information? Gadzooks, what other top secrete information is she storing on the DNC website??? I'm not saying it was right but exactly what are we accusing Bernie of doing? Sneaking a peek at Hillery's compilations of public information? That someone else left out in the open? On their own party's website?
    I'm not calling Bernie the victim here, but DWS is going to bring the whole party down in a ball of flame trying to prop up Hillery. You better hope Hillery wins 'cause if DWS smears Bernie enough to loose in the general we're all doomed....

  20. Anonymous12:13 AM

    Yes that is the shit Hillary would be all up in with her slimy fingers.

  21. Anonymous12:13 AM

    "The best women are hardest to deal with because they know their worth."

  22. Anonymous1:08 AM

    If Bernie Sanders can't take responsibility for his campaign how is he going to take responsibility for the United States?

  23. Anonymous1:08 AM

    "We don't need dirty tricks."

    But we do 'em anyway.

  24. Anonymous1:09 AM

    My, you Berniebots sure are finding a lot of people to blame, aren't you?

    Such a Palin thing to do.

  25. Anonymous2:45 AM

    Moot point, Sanders' campaign will have access today.

  26. Anonymous3:03 AM

    Do I recall that Debbie Wasserman-Schultz was Hillary's co-ampaign manager in 2008?

    Regardless -- as of late Friday night/early Saturday morning, 18-19 December, Bernie's campaign's access to the DNC database has been restored.§ion=politics

  27. The DNC restored Sanders' data access just before they were scheduled to appear before a judge:

    "The Sanders campaign reached a deal with the DNC regarding the lawsuit shortly before they were scheduled to appear before a judge at 11:00 p.m. ET Friday, Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver confirmed to NBC News. The DNC "capitulated," Weaver said, and will restore access to voter file as soon as tomorrow."

    As one comment noted, "threatening civil discovery was all it took..."

    I was on the fence between Sanders and Clinton until this happened. Donated a spot of money to the Sanders campaign and will as much as possible until the primary. To my mind this was an obvious attempt by Wasserman-Schultz and the DNC to smear Bernie's well deserved and long held reputation for honesty and integrity. In my case, at least, their republican-like attempt at rat fucking Sanders has backfired spectacularly.

    1. Anonymous5:33 PM

      "To my mind this was an obvious attempt by Wasserman-Schultz and the DNC to smear Bernie's well deserved and long held reputation for honesty and integrity."

      You must have a very feeble mind then because several members of the Saunders campaign staff were guilty of stealing the Clinton data and one staff member was even fired for this transgression. They wouldn't have fired the staffer unless the campaign was, in fact, guilty. This wasn't an attempt by the DNC to smear Saunders long reputation for honesty and integrity, his campaign staffers were guilty of stealing the Clinton data, data which did not belong to them!!

      If Saunders and his campaign staff really cared about honesty and integrity then they wouldn't have engaged in such unethical behavior!!

      I hate to tell you, but this didn't backfire spectacularly on the DNC, they may have over reacted to the situation but the Saunders campaign was in fact guilty of stealing information that didn't belong to them so whether you want to admit it or not their integrity has been tarnished! The poor sap they fired was nothing more than a scapegoat. They Saunders campaign knew exactly what they were doing and they knew what they were doing was wrong, but that didn't stop them from doing it because they wanted the information!!

      They only have themselves to blame for their actions however only a fool would donate to the Saunders campaign since they were the ones at fault. There's an old saying, "A fool and his money are soon parted!" and that definitely applies to here!

  28. Anonymous5:32 AM

    We do have to keep in mind that Bernie Sanders became a Democrat about a year ago - after decades in politics. I'm wary of him; I'm not surprised that the DNC is also. I still think he might make a third party try if he does not become the Democratic nominee. I hope I'm wrong on this but look at the damage that Ralph Nader did just a few years ago. The result was irrational and unpaid for war and near economic collapse.

    1. Anonymous5:54 AM

      Bernie has just as much to run for president as Hillary does. Why aren't you thinking of Hillary has the ''Ralph Nader''?

    2. Well, unfortunately in order to run you have to be either a Republican or a Democrat. I mean, you can run as a third party but in the case of president, if you want to win, you have to be in one party or another. Bernie would never have a chance as an Independent. Democrat was the lesser of the two evils.

      5:54: She's equating Bernie to Nader, saying if he ran a third party he'd take votes from Hillary and the Republicans would win, just like what Nader did. This year we're hoping Trump will do the same, running a third party campaign and taking votes from the Republican nominee.

  29. Anonymous5:35 AM

    Hillary Clinton has my vote and I've always felt that way! Like Bernie too, but feel Hillary just much more qualified for the job.

    1. How would you feel with BOTH of them on the ticket?

  30. Again, the fix is in and the Hillary side is using dirty tricks. Hillary is no better than the Republicans.

    No more Clintons and no more Bushes!

  31. No damned dynasties!

    No more Clintons! No more Bushes!

    We are not some third world country where surname guarantees power and position. Money is replacing merit, however, this is still a nation where voters must be convinced by the merits of the candidates.

    1. Well, Hillary is a Clinton by marriage, not birth.

      And she is more than qualified. I don't think she should be dismissed simply because Bill got to the White House first.

      I think we need both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton on the Dem Ticket to ensure a win.

  32. Anonymous4:09 PM

    Sorry, Gryphen but I'm not going to sign that petition for you because I'm not in agreement with you about Saunders. If Bernie didn't need to rely on dirty tricks then multiple members of his campaign staff wouldn't have accessed the data. The fact that it was also downloaded means that the Saunders campaign has their own personal copy of that private data which they can use to their advantage at any time.

    Gryphen writes, "This does not sound in the least like something Bernie would have engaged in, and I doubt that he would excuse this kind of behavior from his staffers."

    And yet members of his staff did indeed engage in this behavior, one staffer was fired for it and their was an omission of guilt by the head of the Saunders campaign!! According to the article several staffers were also guilty of accessing the data and they continue working for the Saunders campaign. So Bernie did in fact excuse this kind of behavior from his staff members because only one person was fired. And let's not ignore the fact that this stolen information will most definitely be put to use by his campaign because they downloaded the info and now they have their very own copy which they can use at any time.

    I don't know how the DNC should punish the Saunders campaign but what his staff did was extremely unethical and they should be penalized for stealing private information that belonged to their opponent.

    Saunders campaign staff obviously needs to use dirty tricks in order to win or they never would have resorted to using dirty tricks in the first place! They are falling behind and they are getting desperate. Regardless of how you try to sugar coat it Gryphen, this reflects poorly on the integrity of Saunders and his campaign. Maybe you could see the truth if you removed your blinders and stopped blaming the DNC for favoring Hillary. They were actually the victims here, the guilty party was Saunders campaign staff!!

    I have to be honest with you Gryphen, you look really foolish when you jump to the defense of the Saunders campaign and completely ignore the facts, like you did with this story. I agree with you most of the time but not on this, your blatant favoritism for Saunders has clouded your judgement!! Shame on you!!

  33. Anonymous4:18 PM

    Politics and watching sausage being made, both are equally stomach wrenching to watch. I'm sure Bernie didn't know nor have anything whatsoever to do with it, he's so honest and has such integrity, he didn't even peek at any copy they may have made. He's he's just too good to be a politician.
    And if the shoe were on the other foot, I'd say the same for Hillary. Cough Cough Cough.

    There seems to be some misinformation out there, Hillary Clinton is running for President on her own, and her husband's issues shouldn't reflect on her. She rarely mentions him.
    Jeb, on the other hand, tried to separate himself from former President and war monger George W Bush and his track record. He yammers on and on about how he likes his brother, kept us safe, yadda yadda yadda....
    Where, in the constitution, does it state family of former Presidents can't run for office if they're qualified?


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