Monday, December 28, 2015

Insiders say that in private President Obama responds to Donald Trump with amusement and disgust.

Courtesy of Politico:  

Past and present aides to President Barack Obama are gloating that a Republican leadership they say defined itself by blustery opposition — and used it to win the House, then the Senate, and stand in the White House’s way at every turn — is getting devoured by a candidate personifying the anger agenda.  

Obama insiders would rather have immigration reform signed than lament knowingly on Sunday talk shows that the Republicans will keep losing elections until they deal with the issue. They’d rather have a longer-term approach to government spending, or more of the entitlement and tax reform deals Obama said he was eager to cut. 

But on everything from guns to reproductive health to opening up Cuba, Obama’s team says it has been battling for years the very politics that paved the way for Trump’s ascendance this election cycle. 

“It’s not so much a reaction to Obama,” said one person familiar with the president’s thinking about the Trump phenomenon. “It’s more of a reaction to their strategy that, ‘We’re just going to be antithetical to everything [Obama] stands for.’” 

According to people in the White House, Obama doesn’t talk about Trump much. When he does, it’s with a combination of amusement and disgust at the rhetoric, occasionally mentioning his amazement at GOP leaders’ inability to understand Trump’s supporters and the long-term damage the president thinks Trump is doing to the party with the groups of voters who will decide future elections. 

Hard to blame Obama for feeling a little smug and wanting to launch a couple of "I told you so's" in the general direction of the GOP.

After all this did not happen overnight, and way back in 2010 when the Tea Party reared its ugly head many of us saw this possibility as the future of the Republican party.

And it's actually getting so bad that even the folks over at Fox News are having a hard time swallowing Trump's bullshit.

Here listen to Greg Gutfeld, ad guy I NEVER agree with, speak a little truth to the Trump apologists.

Yeah, look when you lose one of the most simple minded among the mental midgets at Fox News that should be a signal that your message is several shades of too extreme.


  1. Well, wouldn't that be the commonplace reaction among most civilized people...?

  2. Irishgirl12:42 PM

    My, oh my. The GOP has quite the problem on their dirty hands.

  3. 66gardeners12:42 PM

    Stephen Colbert

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    Stephen Colbert’s near-perfect explanation of Donald Trump [Video]

    1. 66gardeners1:44 PM

      I apologize for that. I must need a nap.

    2. Anonymous2:42 PM

      Yah,that gets a bit tiring.....

  4. Anonymous12:45 PM

    OMG! Reagan is SOOOO busted! He is FINALLY being exposed for what he did and who he was by the very people that worked with him...this is a BOMBSHELL, Gryphen!

    Behind the Ronald Reagan myth: “No one had ever entered the White House so grossly ill informed”

    Reagan embarrassed himself in news conferences, Cabinet meetings. Recalling how GOP cringed at his lack of interest

    1. Anonymous2:41 PM

      O/T - Thanks a lot for the link 12:45. It was far worse than I realized.

  5. Anonymous12:45 PM

    Sarah Palin is gonna be so jealous that the POTUS doesn't completely ignore Trump!

    1. Anonymous1:42 PM

      Palin, Palin, Palin, Palin, Palin,Pain, Palin, Palin, Plain, Palin … There. Will that hold your obsession for a while, or do you still need more Palin brainless tripe?

    2. Anonymous1:58 PM

      Moar, please...

    3. Anonymous2:00 PM

      Love the awards that President Obama and Hillary Clinton just received - most respected man and woman. How come the press isn't covering it? And, they say the press/media is liberal. My ass!

    4. Anonymous4:15 PM

      ...Take for example this question posed by Barbara Walters about Sarah Palin. Obama is actually trying to be nice until he’s pushed a little:

      Walters: “You may have heard that Sarah Palin told me just last week that she could beat you if she ran. Could she?”

      Obama: “You know I don’t speculate on what’s gonna happen two years from now.”

      Walters: “Mr. President, you will not tell me that you think you could beat Sarah Palin?”

      Obama: “What I’m saying is I don’t think about Sarah Palin.”

  6. Anonymous1:32 PM

    Obama's "entitlement reform" -- AKA the chained CPI -- would have screwed over the poorest Social Security recipients. That is exactly the kind of thing you expect from a Republican administration - not a Democratic one. But Obama has always been eager to show Republicans he's willing to help them screw over the neediest Americans.

    1. Anonymous1:39 PM

      Left-wing governments all over the world have chained CPI. So there's that.

      Go back to c4p.

    2. Anonymous2:01 PM

      Such as, 1:39? If you approve of Obama screwing over poor people with the chained CPI, I suggest YOU go back to C4P. I didn't come from there - I only read liberal/progressive oriented sites. They ALL oppose chained CPI. If you're OK with Obama doing it - you're not liberal.


    3. Anonymous8:27 PM

      As far as I'm concerned, making more than a decent wage and certainly not rich by any means while covering a MM-dependent disabled husband, we all ALL screwed by every last one of these candidates no matter whose side your on.

      Do you think they care one lick about any of us? Hell NO. Ten years into the battle, five got worse, last two holy shit.

      It wouldn't matter if Bernie was elected; it started with Reagan, the SCOTUS "corporations are people too" decision, and our do absolutely Congress are the ones that fucked us over.

      If anyone thinks a new president is going to change that, perhas you should do some research on just how this country operates, and that is why the bitch from hell $arah still has a voice in it.

  7. Anon 12:45, thanks for the link. So the Great Communicator was definitely mislabeled! And this is the person/doG who is revered by the Tea Party right wing leading faction of the GOP. Very sad.

  8. The "grassroots" anti-Obama strategy sprung up in 2009. It started on January 20, 2009. Then these "grassroots" people got busses and signs and had rallies all around the country. Yup, it was all a "grassroots" operation financed by the Koch brothers. So now they get to reap the rewards of their movement. Karma. 😀

    1. Yep. Anyone who saw the money that was obviously being spent on signs, publicity, and arenas, and the old farts with toy flags and teabags that couldn't have afforded any of it, and then didn't realize that the Fix was in, just wasn't paying attention.

  9. Anonymous2:04 PM

    FOX news is the GOP establishment media--there's no way they'd support Trump. However, FOX is still responsible for nurturing this reactionary crowd so they're in this position of saying, "Here's a guy who says all the things we wanted you to think (but wouldn't actually say ourselves) and he's saying it, but c'mon, that stuff is nutty, don't actually do it!"

  10. Anonymous2:47 PM

    Donald Trump looks like the guinea pig in my daughter's fourth grade classroom.

  11. Anonymous4:13 PM

    President Obama, Hillary Clinton Named 2015’s Most Admired By WIDE Margins (IMAGE)

  12. Anonymous4:42 PM

    5 Times Debbie Wasserman Schultz Violated DNC Rules and Stacked the Deck in Favor of Clinton

  13. Anonymous9:58 PM

    I agree with the man on Fox that Trump says "crass" things. I can also describe him as crude and vulgar. Trump defends that he does not have time to be politically correct. Even if I shared his beliefs about Mexicans he is impulsive and "crass" unfit as a leader and his public behavior unfit for office.


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