Sunday, December 27, 2015

Man literally pulls a gun because his penis is not working properly.

Courtesy of Twin  

After pulling out a pistol and demanding a working penis pump, a man fled from a St. Paul adult video store and sex shop Wednesday evening and remains "at large," police said. 

The man walked into Viva Video, at 918 University Ave., seeking to exchange a penis pump he had purchased, claiming it didn't work as advertised. The clerk argued that any problems were due to "operator error," a police report said. 

At that point, the man pulled out a handgun and pointed it at the clerk's head, again demanding a replacement for his used pump. He fled without a new pump, saying he'd be back.

You know some things simply do not require my commentary.

Of course don't let that stop all of you.


  1. Anonymous4:33 AM

    Nice picture. He should have shot his penis off, FREAK!

    1. Anonymous9:10 AM

      Where are the balls?

  2. Anonymous5:19 AM

    Wow, just wow! He used his second amendment penis, to try to get his anatomical penis pumped...You just can't make this stuff up...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  3. Anonymous5:45 AM

    At least we know it wasn't Bristol's latest baby daddy.

    1. Anonymous7:09 AM

      3rd comment in. Didn't take you long to bring any subject back to a Palin

    2. Anonymous7:59 AM

      Have you read any other social platform that doesn't always say something about Hillarty Clitless? Fuck off.

    3. Anonymous8:39 AM

      Anonymous7:59 AM

      I can't stand the Palins, I am sick of all of them. I fail to see why some posters are so obsessed with them that they are injected into every thread, which ruins good threads about other people.

    4. Anonymous9:14 AM

      All was justified criticism of 5:45's comment, 7:59 until you got to the tasteless dig on Hillary. You don't like to hear about the Palins, I would suggest that you go elsewhere and get your news. We really won't miss you. Promise.

    5. Anonymous4:37 PM

      I will ridicule Bristol Palin whenever and wherever I please, and as the mood strikes me, and if you don't like it, well, that's just too goddamn bad. Find somebody else to try to shame, because I will not wait for an engraved invitation to make fun of that raging hypocrite. Especially when Gryphen posts a graphic that's a mashup of two of Bristol's well-known favorite things, dicks and guns. How was I supposed to help it that the sight of it just naturally reminded me of her?


  4. Anonymous5:59 AM

    Would be funny as hell if the clerk was a Korean woman.

    Customer: This pump didn't work.
    Clerk: You got too small dick, Charlie.
    Customer: No I don't, and my name isn't Charlie
    Clerk: what ever you say, man with tiny dick.

    1. Anonymous6:29 AM


    2. Anonymous7:42 AM

      How is that funny?

    3. Anonymous7:51 AM

      I know Korean people with more class than you!

    4. Anonymous7:59 AM

      Old cranky mid west white people never get it. Go eat in a Mom and Pop Asian restaurant and you'll get it. Asian woman notably Filipino women speak their minds.

    5. Anonymous8:22 AM

      7:59 - I'm a Native American woman & I say it's racism. You're welcome.

    6. Paul in Minnesota10:03 AM

      New comment ...
      Nah, Asian people in Minnesota have more class than to speak so distastefully. I know, I live in Minneapolis and dine in Asian restaurants (including the small Mom and Pop places) in St. Paul, Minnesota.

  5. Anonymous8:07 AM


  6. Anonymous3:31 PM

    Ewww. You can't exchange used underwear or bathing suits, yet this mensa member want to return something he wrapped his ding a ling in, desperately trying to get and maintain an erection?
    Buy a Shark, I'm sure you'll get better results.


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