Thursday, December 17, 2015

Michael Moore seems unimpressed with Donald Trump's tough guy act.

Today I went & stood in front of Trump Tower & held a sign until the police came. Then I went home & wrote Donald a...

Posted by Michael Moore on Wednesday, December 16, 2015
Well now, that's an interesting story.

Not that I ever bought that chest pounding from Donald Trump, or any of the GOP candidates for that matter, in the first place.


  1. Anonymous12:07 PM

    I've just signed the statement. Good for Michael Moore. Sarah Palin is going to have to find herself another MOH to help hold her nasty sign about Michael Moore up. The last MOH didn't work out so well.

    1. Boscoe1:17 PM

      Kinda makes you wonder what Trump thought Moore might be planning to expose him for...

    2. Anonymous1:44 PM

      My thoughts exactly Beaglemom. The roar and gnashing of teeth the GOP comes up with as its national security policy is usually proposed by people like Palin, Trump and Cruz who have never seen the violence and ugliness of war.

  2. Anonymous12:36 PM

    I have ALWAYS loved Michael Moore! And, thank you, Mr. Moore, for giving us the info as to your encounter with The Donald!

    Trump truly is a sorry excuse for a male human being and has shown himself to be the complete opposite of a strong man. He is a pussy and will never be elected POTUS!

    I see him as obese, a lard ass, having no chin (watch him try to keep his face up when being interviewed), obviously doesn't work out, a bully and not as smart as he thinks he is.

    It's going to be watching him fall as it was with Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin!
    The Republican party is a disaster!

    1. Anonymous4:40 PM

      The Dumpster spews,then asks for an apology. When questioned,he says he's being picked on,then wants an apology for that,all the while running his butthole looking mouth and trying to keep anyone else from getting in a word edgewise.

    2. Anonymous4:41 PM

      Thanku M.M.!

    3. Anonymous5:00 PM

      Dump has dirty hands and Michael M. knows it. What with Anonymous,then Moore...Trump is afraid of his past coming back to bite him.

  3. Anonymous12:52 PM

    Well said Michael! Signed!!

  4. Anonymous1:58 PM

    Please Photoshop "Fuc_ You Sarah and Dakota" on sign Michael is holding.

  5. Anonymous2:43 PM

    Signed! Gladly!

  6. Anonymous3:30 PM

    Michael Moore seems unimpressed with Donald Trump's tough guy act.

    Michael Moore what do you think about the future Secretary of Energy Sarah Palin's stance against the ISIS DS's Children Death Squad?

    Sarah Palin dared the ISIS DS Death Squad to come to the Palin Compound located at 1140 W Parks Hwy, Wasilla, AK 99654.

    Sarah Palin dared ISIS to come to her house but she did once said she'd like to meet everybody who voted for her so stop in and say Hi!

    Whether you are friend or foe, Sarah Palin's compound is approachable by air, land or sea.

    You can visit Sarah Palin by sea and air. During the winter you can walk out onto Lake Wasilla's ice and walk up to the house or after the ice on the lake melts you can fly in by float plane.

    Sarah Palin lives on Lake Lucille on the western end of town - the lake is still waters ringed by evergreens and saw-toothed peaks, staged beneath a wolf-colored sky.

    You can also visit Palin's house which is a stone's throw from the public launch at the Best Western Hotel.

    So ISIS DS Death Squad, Sarah has warned you to stay away but Sarah said she wants to meet her voters. The nice thing to do is to contact Sarah Palin first before you stop by.

    The above information regarding how to visit Sarah Palin all came from the internet and the information regarding Sarah wants to meet her voters also came from the Internet.

    1. Anonymous4:10 PM

      I would be much more concerned about Trig's school being attacked. There is also the possibility of someone planning a shoot out as if they are a Mid Eastern terrorist but the are actually more homegrown.

      Don't forget the terrorist attack of the church in Wasilla. It was sophisticated and they have not been caught.

      There are people like that in Wasilla, Sarah has handed them an invitation.

      It is not rocket science to know Sarah is not with Trig and neither she or Todd are tough enough to protect him.

      Right after Sarah was using SarahPac to solicit money off this campaign with her protecting Trig with her dead body. She let everyone, including the terrorists who struck the church in Wasilla, she let them all know that Trig was with the old grandparents.

      He looks like he is alone.

      Do any of them hear that well? It would be easy to attack Trig and she knows there are terrorists that are on the lose in Wasilla.

      Todd is gone, Track is too drunk and her brother?

    2. Anonymous3:31 AM

      I'm not sure there is proof of the ISIS threat against DS children. If it's true it's appalling but nobody really knows much about it except Sarah Palin. if it were true, it would be in headlines all across the country. So we have to wait and see. If it were a true threat I can assure you that someone like Michael Moore would be concerned and say something about it if asked. Michael Moore is a caring, if scruffy-looking and sometimes rowdy person, who can accomplish more with an email or an appeal than most people.

  7. Anonymous3:44 PM

    The Donald's afraid of Michael! The Donald's afraid of Michael! The Donald's afraid of Michael!

    1. Anonymous4:35 PM

      Thanks, I needed that lol moment.

    2. Anonymous6:40 PM

      What's up with the continuous lol comments? Is that all that you can bring?

  8. Caroll Thompson4:20 PM

    I took more than one class on Islam while getting my accounting degree at the University of Montana. And there is some truth in the Koran just as there is in the Bible.

    Feed the hungry, house the homeless, clothe the naked, visit the sick and those in prison.

    If you do these things, you will nothing to worry about as you take your last breath.

    Living in the United States, I find that the Democratic party lives the words of Jesus and Allah. Those dirty rotten commie democrats; those non believers, are the most believing of all. And the most giving of all.

    The End.

  9. Anonymous4:56 PM

    I KNEW IT!! The Donald is over compensating for a micro-sized penis! He has a fear of being exposed for the fraud and con artist that he is! This country can NOT let him get near the White House!

  10. Anonymous4:57 PM

    I'm on Moore's side and so glad he posted this short encounter with the REAL Trump. As I was reading it, I recalled something that happened with my former boss involving Donald. He used to book our company's conventions at the Taj, and we needed seventy some rooms and a conference room. We got there, and they booked 17 rooms. We're all lined up in the lobby like cattle, and suddenly this panel opens up, a bunch of security guards sweeps the area, and Donald and Ivana came to the rescue. My boss had to explain it to Donald like he was a third grader. We had our approved invoice along with a list of percs if we rented an entire floor.
    Ivana was the brain, she did the math in her head, moved people from one floor to another, made sure everything ran smoothly, and Donald was as useful as a flush valve in an outhouse.

  11. Anonymous7:26 PM

    Just one sign, standing innocently....\and the police come.

    What's your problem, DONALD?
    It's a public sidewalk.

  12. Anonymous10:20 AM

    O/t, tommis brady leaves media when DtRump questions start coming. What a weakling. Why can't these stupids take it when they are with the repubs.


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