Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Polls have Donald Trump surging to the top again. Right in time for the GOP debate tonight.

Courtesy ABC News:  

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is climbing to his highest support yet in a new national poll. 

The real estate mogul earned a broad 41 percent support from Republicans and Republican-leaning registered voters in a new national Monmouth University poll released today. This is Trump’s highest support and widest lead of any national poll yet this election cycle. 

In the poll conducted Dec. 10-13, after unveiling his proposed Muslim ban, Trump holds a staggering 27-point lead over Sen. Ted Cruz, who holds 14 percent support. Sen. Marco Rubio has 10 percent support and Ben Carson has 9 percent. Trump climbed 13 percentage points since the last Monmouth University poll in late October.

According to this poll Trump is now 27 points ahead of his closest rival Ted Cruz.

That is an almost unbelievable number.

As I said in the headline tonight is yet another GOP debate.

As usual I will feature an open thread that I will periodically update with drunken tweets and posts as the clown car careens along.

Maybe I should start drinking now. After all like my father used to say, it must be happy hour somewhere.


  1. Anonymous6:05 AM

    Immoral Minority has some sharp commentators who can predict Sarah Palin's next move. As sure as shit, Sarah Palin lost her confidence in Donald Trump and is now asking two presidential candidates to take her to Washington DC and to the Office of the VPOTUS or Secretary of Energy.

    Email to Donald Trump: Donnie, I have confidence you will be my 2016 POTUS. My hoohah is tingling right now tehehe

    Email to Ted Cruz: Teddy, I admit I've been misbehaving badly, at first I had thoughts of you being my 2016 POTUS and then I got into bed with that bad boy Donnie. But now I realize the errors of my way and hope you will accept me as your VP or SOE and take me to Washington DC with you tehehe.
    Mark Y if Yes,
    Mark N if No

    1. Anonymous6:22 AM

      "N" bitch! I don't want Trump's sloppy seconds.

  2. Anonymous6:12 AM

    Watch "Sarah Palin @ CNN #GOPDebate Las Vegas Pre-party" on YouTube


    I didn't understand the first 60 seconds, is Sarah Palin giving away signed copies of Sweet Freedom at the GOP Las Vegas Pre-Party Debate for free? Is her garage packed to the ceiling with her new Number One Best Seller book that she now has to give them away?

  3. Anonymous6:20 AM

    It's none of my business but what is narcissistic mama grizzly Sarah Palin doing in Las Vegas when her unmarried cub Bristol is about to have her second bastard cub of her own any second now? Did Bristol already dropped her load and is waiting until Christmas to announce she had her baby on Christmas day? Is that why Bristol is in hiding?

    1. Anonymous7:29 AM

      Can she write them off by giving them away ,there,...also and too? ;)

  4. Anonymous6:20 AM

    Obama May Have Saved The Planet By Making Republicans Impotent


    1. Anonymous6:41 AM

      The Paris Climate Deal Is President Obama’s Biggest Accomplishment

      ...Victories are hardly ever immediate or complete. The fight continues and history marches on. The climate agreement in Paris should take its place as one of the great triumphs in history.


  5. Anonymous6:26 AM

    Kick His Ass'... 'Shoot Him!'... 'Sieg Heil'...



    1. Anonymous7:57 AM

      TRUMP ""I staged that," Trump said at one point, as security guards escorted a protester out of the event. "It was the only way I could get the cameras to pan the crowd."

    2. Anonymous8:04 AM


  6. Anonymous6:31 AM

    Here are five other candidates to keep your eye on during Tuesday's Republican debate.


  7. Off topic but worth reading:


  8. Anonymous7:19 AM

    What going on Sarah Palin? Immoral Minority posted your Sweet Freedom imitation leather book Amazon sales

    1.) Amazon.com Sales Rank: 124748
    Dec 15, 2015
    4:25 AM Wasilla, Alaska time

    Now 2 1/2 hours later

    2.) Amazon.com Sales Rank: 122100
    Dec 15, 2015
    7:08 AM Wasilla, Alaska time

    Sarah are you fucking with the rankings by buying your own book because we're laughing at you?

  9. Anonymous7:25 AM

    Everyone today is freaking out about a poll from Monmouth University that purports to show Donald Trump getting 41% of the Republican vote. There’s a lot to note about exactly how garbage this poll is. It is so bad that Monmouth’s own polling director is basically disavowing it. If you are interested in a relatively robust writeup of the methodological problems with the poll itself, which are primarily driven by the insane method Monmouth used to select their sample, you can check this Politico writeup here.


    That poll that is being touted is based on 385 'Republicans'???


  10. Anonymous7:31 AM

    Anonymous6:20 AM said

    It's none of my business but what is narcissistic mama grizzly Sarah Palin doing in Las Vegas when her unmarried cub Bristol is about to have her second bastard cub of her own any second now? Did Bristol already dropped her load and is waiting until Christmas to announce she had her baby on Christmas day? Is that why Bristol is in hiding?


    A. Sarah knew the media is in Las Vegas and not in Wasilla

    B. Looking for a Medal of Honor recipient to adopt Sailor

    C. To get away from Trig, Piper, Bristol, Track, Willow, Todd and Tripp

    D. Sarah Palin knows Alaskans hate her and she's afraid to leave her Wasilla compound so she scampered off to Las Vegas in the dark of night like the time she scampered into the dark of night alone with Track to marry Todd?

    E. All of the above

  11. Anonymous7:42 AM

    T-rump, aka:President SKROOB isn't worth you getting alcohol poisoning over, Gryphen. He really isn't. Let the Spaceball Leader dig his own grave. He's not going to win. He's NOT!

  12. Anonymous7:48 AM

    Heads up, Gryphen, and any sane readers:

    ...The latest Republican assault on American women is in the form of what is being called “a poison pill” by Democrats because it is a rider snuck in to the fiscal 2016 omnibus spending bill and not as what it really is; a blatant piece of evangelical legislation. Apparently when the Vatican-5 on the Supreme Court ruled that a Christian or Catholic employer has the Constitutional right to force their religious edicts down their employees throats, it still failed to satisfy the power-hungry religious tyrants; the Republican rider will be a step towards sating the USCCB and religious right lust to control women, and the federal government.

    Republican appropriators slipped the aptly-named “Hobby Lobby Rider,” H.R. 3020, in the fiscal 2016 Labor-HHS-Education bill giving any religious employer or healthcare provider the legal right to sue “any government entity” that enforces the law requiring them to provide reproductive health coverage in health plans. This is not the first time the Catholic Bishops and evangelicals have tasked Republicans to pass legislation that prohibits government from enforcing federal laws. Past theocratic appropriation bills such as PL 113-235 forbid the government from “discriminating” against any entity that refuses to provide reproductive healthcare to their employees, but that was not enough religious power and control. The new bill gives organizations the legal power to punish the government for executing federal laws when the reality is it is to punish the federal government for not adhering to Catholic and evangelicals’ religious edicts.


  13. Anonymous7:54 AM

    Sarah Palin you are supposed to be a Christian woman, why are you praising Adele with kind words?

    I watched Adele Live In New York and she must have a filthy mouth. Several times the network bleeped her words and her laugh sounds like a witch's laugh.

    Sarah Palin are you a Christian In Name Only?

    1. Anonymous8:31 AM

      Must be some kind of #sweet freedom to quote Bible passages, yet encourage the violence, hatred and divisiveness she does.

      Effing bitch. She may be a lot of things but a christian she isn't. In fact, she is the exact type that the Bible warns to steer clear of.

  14. Anonymous7:57 AM

    It gets worse: Trump supporter yells ‘Sieg heil!’ as protester violently dragged out of Vegas rally


  15. Anonymous8:02 AM

    This New Poll Proves It: Conservative Republicans Are The Most Bigoted (CHART)

    A new Washington Post/ABC News poll shows that no group of Americans is as bigoted and suspicious of Muslims as Republicans are.

    Following in the footsteps of Donald Trump, still way ahead of the entire Republican presidential field, the new poll shows strong support among Republicans for a ban on Muslim travel to the United States. By comparison, both Democrats and Independents oppose the religion-based ban, as does a majority of all Americans.


  16. Anonymous8:04 AM

    Saudi Arabia Just Gave ISIS…And Conservatives…Some Really Bad News


    1. Anonymous10:33 AM

      ... just commented on that article that American conservatives are playing checkers and Obama and some other world leaders are playing chess.

  17. Anonymous8:09 AM


    Light the mother—-er on fire!”

    “I heard ‘Hail Trump!’ several times as though it were a Nazi youth or Hitler Youth group meeting or something of that nature,”

    Shades of Sarah Palin's 2008 racist vice-presidential rallies.

    LAS VEGAS — Multiple protesters affiliated with a local group that supports the #BlackLivesMatter movement were forcibly removed from Donald Trump’s presidential campaign rally at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino on Monday evening. 

    Afterward, protesters told Yahoo News they are also planning more demonstrations for the Republican debate that will be held at the Venetian casino on Tuesday. One protester ejected from the rally, Ender Austin III, said Trump supporters shouted “Hail Trump!” as he was carried out. In video of the incident, a man can be heard yelling for Austin to be set “on fire.” ...

    Though he briefly sat on the ground, Austin was eventually carried out of the event. Buzzfeed reporter McKay Coppins filmed some of Austin’s removal. In his footage, a man Coppins identified as a Trump supporter can be heard shouting “Light the mother—-er on fire!” at Austin.

    Austin said he felt the remark about setting him on fire had “serious historical context” because he is a “person of African descent.” He also claimed other Trump supporters made inappropriate comments as he was being removed.

    “I heard ‘Hail Trump!’ several times as though it were a Nazi youth or Hitler Youth group meeting or something of that nature,” Austin said. “I heard a lot of rhetoric that definitely put me in the mind of Nazi Germany, not 2015 America.”


  18. Anonymous8:16 AM

    Call To Light Protester 'On Fire' Heard At Donald Trump's Las Vegas Rally


    I had planned on going to one of Donald Trump's rallies. Not now!

    Donald you lost my vote, I'm voting for Hillary Clinton for 2016 POTUS

    We don't need Sarah Palin's hate rallies in 2016, America is better than that.

  19. Anonymous8:25 AM

    When chants of “Dump Trump” interrupted a Las Vegas Donald Trump rally on Monday night, the inflamed crowd was clearly ready to pounce on the interlopers...

    “Take them out!” an elderly man repeatedly yelled at the protestors. 

    “Kick his ass,” yelled another...

    “Shoot him!” someone yelled as the protestors were escorted out of the Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino. 

    A large middle aged man shouted, “Sieg heil!” as the protesters were taken away.

    “He’s a Muslim!” another man screamed as a protester was removed... 

    “Light the motherf—-r on fire!” another man can be heard shouting at a black demonstrator who sat in protest on the ground ...

    “I heard ‘Hail Trump!’ several times as though it were a Nazi youth or Hitler Youth group meeting or something of that nature,”...

    Trump, of course, managed to keep it “classy” as his rally devolved, cheering the protestors’ ousting with a “bye bye”


    Palin/TRUMP 2016

  20. Anonymous8:31 AM

    After reading about Donald Trump's Las Vegas racist rally, I am reminded of Sarah Palin's smug face in 2008 as she stood in front of her many redneck gun toting fans at her hate rallies who were calling for violence against Presidential Candidate Barack Obama.

  21. Anonymous9:41 AM

    Isn't he boycotting tonight, because he isn't being paid extortion?


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