Friday, December 18, 2015

Rising gun sales have less to do with self defense and fear of terrorism, and more to do with male insecurities.

Courtesy of Quartz: 

As Harry Brod, a sociologist and a founding figure in the field of men’s studies, explains to Quartz, “We’re talking about masculinity in a period of rising feminism and changing gender roles.” Women are leaning in. Hillary Clinton might be our next president. The patriarchy is far from finished, but men on the lower end of the socioeconomic spectrum especially are feeling threatened. 

Idealizing a physical masculinity can help negate this feeling. Gun marketers know this and so they appeal to male self-image to sell their weapons. In ads that ran in 2012, for instance, Bushmaster Firearms promised that if you buy their semi-automatic weapons, you can “consider your man card reissued.” 

This might also explain why gun sales spike less after a shooting than after calls for stricter control: For men who look to guns to validate their sense of masculinity, the prospect of restrictions imposed by an external authority is disempowering and emasculating.

Aha! We've been saying this for years now!

No wonder Hillary Clinton scares these conservative white men so much. She makes them feel insecure and as if being a man is no longer the shortcut to power and control that it once signified.

And the evidence is certainly mounting that the more emasculated a man feels the more desperate he is to find a metallic penis extender to replace his own rapidly deflating member.

So from now one when you see assholes like this...

...just nod knowingly and go on with your day.


  1. Anonymous9:02 AM

    OT-Maybe we still have hope:

  2. Anonymous9:09 AM

    Men who define themselves by their animal kills, even demeaning people who do't dedicate 100% of their lives to hunting, have severe problems. Feeding a family is one thing.

    NEEDING to kill animals and defining a family on hunting is sick IMO. Who's that international hunter whose family has made hunting their living? I feel sorry for people like that.

    Chuck Heath, great man, master outdoorsman, instilled that adventure in his kids, but actually has other hobbies.

    He comes to mind since he is the experienced outdoorsman I could think of in the moment.

    1. Anonymous11:05 AM

      Chuck Heath, Master Pedophile, and arsonist.

    2. Chuck Heath is a monster who, among other things, tried to get a child molester reinstated as a teacher.

      His pathological collections of bones from dead animals show how he glorifies killing.

      I have no personal doubt that he abused his daughter, Sarah Palin.

  3. Anonymous9:14 AM

    NO!!!! Call 911, get the heck out of the store, and tell the owner/manager/greeter/clerks why you are leaving. Meet the police outside and tell them your family was frightened. And will shop elsewhere from now on if they let terrorists come in.

    1. Anonymous11:43 AM

      The first gun massacre in a crowded store will do the trick. Makes sense it'll happen in a store that permits these freaks to wave their gun implants around.

    2. Anonymous12:08 PM

      "Swatting", misuse of emergency response 911, criminal charges for you. Now that's funny. You will also pay the damages.

    3. Leland3:08 PM


      Sorry, but I believe it would be a really STUPID prosecutor who would try to charge a panicky person who called in and was reporting someone "brandishing a machine gun" in a public place like a large store or in front of a movie theater.

    4. Anonymous9:21 PM

      'Brandishing a machine gun"? lol.

      Leland, can always count on you for a truly truly stupid remark. You are such a goddamn idiot, can you even put your pants on by yourself in the morning.

      The laws are what the laws are. And the police are to enforce the laws, and the prosecuters to prosecute. Illegal use of emergency response is dangerous, stupid, and very criminal.

    5. Leland1:36 AM


      Ah. I see the angry, hateful mouse has returned.

      Most people wouldn't recognize the difference between a semi-automatic weapon and a machine gun. People panic.

      It is the JOB of the police "to protect and defend".

      It is NOT legal in most states to brandish weapons like the fools posted above (which automatically eliminates your claim of "illegal use of emergency services").

      There HAVE been shootings in public places.

      There WILL be shootings in public places again.

      The 911 number is there for people who are afraid and/or reporting a crime.

      Go away, Troll.

  4. Anonymous9:35 AM

    Clean up on aisle two! Calling all good guys with guns to get the bad guys with guns. Now if I could only tell which one is which.

    Seriously these open carry idiot showoffs need to put their trenchcoats back on and quit exposing themselves.

  5. Anonymous9:49 AM


  6. A nony mouse9:55 AM

    Or we women can just snicker demurely and wink at them.

  7. Anonymous9:59 AM

    The same goes for females. I can think of one down thread in particular that simply looks like a douche.

  8. Anonymous10:32 AM

    So there you go, next time you see some dude packing heat in the street he is telling you, "I'm inadequate in every way."

    If you're single give him a wide berth.

  9. Anonymous10:41 AM

    Alright, if you have your gun hanging out?
    That means you'll swing on a limb?
    And you are ammosexual? Did I get it?

  10. Anonymous10:57 AM

    Guess what! If I see ammosexuals like the two master examples above ANYWHERE else but at an outdoors gun range, I will call 9-11!!!

    1. Anonymous12:07 PM

      And I will laugh my ass off when you get criminally charged with swatting for intentionally misusing 911 emergency response systems, as well as stuck with the cost of the response.

    2. Leland3:17 PM


      And I will repeat what I said above. ANY prosecutor who attempted to charge a person for reporting a person with a gun in a store is an idiot!

      People panic. And I happen to be one of those who believe rightly in situations like that. To repeat the biggest concern most people seem to have: How the HELL are we to know who is the BAD guy with a gun?

      With the history of major shootings in this country, a person would have to be stupid to ignore a situation like that.

      Reporting someone with a gun is NOT the same as falsely reporting a bomb or other calls deliberately intending to create a police response.

    3. "Anonymous12:07 PM And I will laugh my ass off when you get criminally charged with swatting for intentionally misusing 911 emergency response systems..."
      Nonsense, you stupid little dick. No matter how many puerile snotty comments you write, you are not and never will be a real man (or woman), nor a legal expert on anything. No matter how many guns you stroke.

  11. Anonymous11:18 AM

    I see that the boys have been sent to pick up some cleaning supplies for for their weekend chores. It's a super manly thing to do when you're packing.

  12. Dicks Pro Tip of The Day11:33 AM

    Do not REPEAT DO NOT ask the ammosexuals if they have been having nightmares about their penii.

    Also too, do not REPEAT DO NOT perform ANY internet search for phrases like "penis nightmares" while at work.

  13. Anonymous11:53 AM


    It's all fun and games until the scarry mooslim crazies from Agrabah are assaulting your hometown Home Depot!

    That's why so many Republicans think this!

    So like Toad says: Bust a nut!

  14. Anonymous12:03 PM

    Talk about fraidy cats.
    Republicans are so bullish on war that 30% would bomb a fictional country


    1. Anonymous1:12 PM

      If we bomb the first then they'll leave us alone!

  15. Anonymous1:33 PM

    How manly those 2 are. Who else is going to protect that store's cleaning supplies from libruls?

  16. Rigggggght. And that's why women are the fastest growing segment in gun ownership.

    But keep telling yourselves those tired old memes if that's what lets you sleep at night.

  17. Anonymous4:29 PM

    I love how they wear fisherman camo and carry guns into a store with orange shelves. I've called 911 in the past and would do it again in a heartbeat. What does one need in a home improvement store that's so dangerous they have to arm themselves? Oh, I forgot, it's about the teeny weenie weenie overcompensation.

  18. Anonymous4:59 PM

    "Toddlers kill more Americans than foreign terrorists"

  19. Anonymous5:23 PM

    Count they teeth!

    Iffn they has moar guns then teeth they'se hillbillies four shore!!

  20. Anonymous10:20 AM

    If you don't want to own a gun, then don't. That's your choice. In fact, maybe all liberals should be banned from owning or possessing firearms.


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