Thursday, December 31, 2015

Study finds that in 2008 the John McCain campaign purposefully darkened Barack Obama's skin in advertisements, and that tactic is still in use today.

Courtesy of NOLA: 

A study published online this month in Public Opinion Quarterly provides new evidence that one GOP campaign -- intentionally or not -- has aired advertisements that exacerbate viewers' racial biases. 

Analyzing 126 advertisements from the presidential campaign in 2008, the authors first digitally measured the darkness of the two nominees' skin in each spot, then sorted the ads into categories based on themes. President Barack Obama and his opponent, Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., looked very different in various advertisements depending on how the footage was edited and produced. 

That was particularly the case in negative advertisements, in which each campaign manipulated the images of its opponent to shadow or wash out his face for dramatic effect. 

Interestingly, though, when McCain's campaign aired spots that connected Obama with alleged criminal activity by liberal groups, the producers almost always used images that made Obama's skin appear very dark. 

Eighty-six percent of these ads contained an image of the president in which the his skin tone was in the darkest quartile of all ads studied. 

Likewise, as the election approached, images of Obama in spots aired by McCain's campaign became gradually darker.

Of course for contrast they also lightened John McCain's already pasty white complexion so that there would be no doubt as to who was on the side of white and right and who was on the side of....the dark and dangerous other.

The image at the top was taken from a 2012 anti-Obama ad put out by the group Vets for a Strong America, so clearly the practice did not end with McCain's 2008 campaign.

In light of this is it really surprising that Donald Trump launched his presidential campaign by accusing Mexico of sending us their criminals, and then started drawing the racists out of the woodwork with racially charged rhetoric?

After all he is not a dumb man. He KNEW that lying just beneath the surface of many Republicans was a KKK member struggling to get out.

And as it turns out John McCain, and of course Sarah Palin, were the ones to show him the way.


  1. Anonymous6:23 AM

    Well, they did that, but no matter what they did they could not make $carah appear INTELLIGENT. Or even LIKEABLE!! Most of us saw how empty she was from the very begnning. Lumpy little Johnny would have been a disaster as President. He is not much sarter than $carah. 895th out of a class of 899? Lucky for him his father and grandfather had authority. He was not qualified for anything he tried to do, and he knows it. This is why he hates President Obama so much, he is EVERYTHING little Johnny is not, all without any strings being pulled by his family.

    1. Anonymous6:56 AM

      His referring to then candidate Obama as "that one" showed just how petty and vindictive he is. I remember think at the time what an ugly little man he is. He thought the presidency was owed to him.

    2. Anonymous8:31 AM

      Just like Mittens and Queen Ann. And now Cruz and his manipulative father.

    3. Anonymous9:48 AM

      And let's not forget Trump, who if elected, should have "Hail to the Chief" changed to "Sig Heil to the Chief.' And I shudder at the thought of his tacky, gold-digging porn-faced wife as first lady.

      Jennifer K

  2. Anonymous6:32 AM

    No surprise there... The GOP has resorted to campaign mud wrestling in pig slop. Of course that would be slop from pigs wearing lipstick.

  3. Anonymous7:06 AM

    Yeah, those racist GOP, bastards! Not like us noble IMers! Gryphen you have over 500 posts on the Sailor thread any most of them are underhanded racism. Disgusting.

    1. Anonymous7:30 AM

      Let me guess.. You're over 60 and believe in the bible.

    2. Anonymous7:58 AM

      You upset, 7:06 AM, because Bristol's kid look bi-racial? Can't admit the truth, huh, when it comes to any of the Palin shananigans?

    3. Anonymous8:04 AM

      7:06 is right. For someone who says he hates racism, Gryphen sure allows and often encourages racist remarks about an innocent baby here. And if it matters, I am 48 yes old and agnostic.

    4. Anonymous8:13 AM

      I'm a long time IM poster and am disgusted by the veiled and not so veiled racial insults directed at Sailor. I understand how what a delicious comeuppance it would be for a racist family like the Palin's to have a biracial grandchild. BUT, it also sounds like having a biracial child is something to be ashamed of. It's not. I also am sickened by the innuendos that people are closeted gay ( Todd and Bristol). Being gay isn't something to be ashamed of, and I hate it being used as a put down. Once again, I understand why posters are hoping Sailor is biracial. But it is racist to think that's a bad thing. Ok off my soap box. Chew me out if you want.

    5. Anonymous8:30 AM

      There are no racist remarks. Saying that the broad-nosed, darker skinned than her mother child looks like a mixed race child is not racist. You still have problems with truth.

    6. Actually he asked that people be nice about the baby since she was an innocent

    7. Anonymous8:52 AM

      Sailor will need to have plastic surgery to look like her mom because Bristol doesn't look like Bristol since she had all the work done to look Kardashian. Bristol looked like her mom before but that just wasn't good enough.

      What does Dakota's mom look like? Has anyone ever seen a picture of her? Dakota is a dead ringer for his "adopted" dad, Mike Meyer.

    8. Anonymous9:06 AM

      No one's disparaging mixed-race children, at all! Most of Sarah's children are mixed-race, in one form or another.
      The only question is why Bristol perpetuates the fib that Dakota Meyer is the father, when it's clear that he's not, and the odds are that the child -- innocent child who didn't ask for all this drama and mystery about her birth -- is more likely born from some partying that Bristol enjoyed back in February in Las Vegas or Wasilla. Way before Kentucky came along as a last-minute cover story.

      Bristol owes her sweet young daughter the information about her birth father -- his heritage, his health history, as well as including him in Sailor's life from day one.
      This wasn't an immaculate conception: there's a man who hasn't yet been told of his parentage yet.

      Perhaps Bristol is shy about asking a half-dozen men for their DNA -- if she can even remember their names from the wild nights in Vegas Either way, it cheats Sailor of her father from the day of her birth. A family is supposed to have both father and mother.

    9. Anonymous9:09 AM

      Sailor Palin's daddy.


    10. Anonymous9:26 AM

      Dakota's maternal grandfather died recently and there is a picture with the obit. Sailor looks very much like him. So like father, like daughter like son put that in the washing machine and give it a spin.

    11. Anonymous9:29 AM

      Re, the Sailor thread:
      So when commenting keep in mind that this is at least one example of a truly innocent member of the Palin family

      THAT IS WHAT MADE THE COMMENTS INAPPROPRIATE. Those of you who spew bile cannot contain it for one f'ing thread. I assume the baby was born in Nov. and suspect Dakota may not be the father. But, I respected the thread and, more importantly, an innocent life. Unlike the ravenous pack you belong to, I KNOW there will be one or two (or dozens) of Bristol or Sarah threads in 2016 that I can let loose on. Why can't you see why it just wasn't the place?

    12. Anonymous10:34 AM

      Whole heartedly agree, 9:29 AM!

    13. Anonymous12:15 PM

      9:26 AM

      I hope they are proud of their heritage. No need to hide the facts about what happened long ago. I think most of us have many races in us that we have no idea about. It goes back to European royals. Not all are white.

      So silly. Some people make Christ white when he would be Jewish, possibly black.

      Be sure to leave a link to Sailor's doppelganger obit. Thank you!

    14. Anonymous12:27 PM

      Re, the Sailor thread:

      Both Sarah and Bristol have a history of lies and tricks. So someone posted a photo on BSMP2. It may have been to deceive. Not everyone believes anything Palin. Not everyone believes the newborn is what the Palin's would have people believe.

      People are free to express how it is when they are lied to time and time again. You may recall when Trig was born? There was more than one Trig and the public was lied to. Not everyone is going to go for the BS about Bristol's "newborn". Bristol makes the choice to have an undocumented baby. Dakota's choice is to be unclear. That is what people are feeling and seeing.

      Not many will see the "newborn" when one or both parents are doing the things they do in regard to Bristol, abstinence person and hypocrite, claims a baby is new and it is her baby. This could be a trick photo or any baby.

      You should be concerned about the child if she lives and has been lied to and lied about. Worry how that child will feel if she is able to read and if she wants to know who she is.

      She is going to have massive amounts of lies just from her family. She may want to know her actual birthday and not the one the media is told.

      No one is actually responding to a "newborn", they are responding to the grifters and how they treat children and the public.

    15. Anonymous12:43 PM

      The ones being racist are the Palins, hiding who the baby daddy is and trying to keep everyone thinking it's that poor white Kentucky kid.

      Most of is would not even blink if Bristol or our own kids has interracial or same sex relationships and procreated naturally or via donor and baster Loving, stable ones that is.

      That last is the important part. So ONE MORE TIME, jur pointing out the Palin hypocrisy.

    16. Anonymous3:53 PM

      Pointing out that someone is of biracial decsent is not racist. You can look at me all day long and point that out.
      But what you don't like is people pointing out the obvious, and that is that Dakota Meyer is not the bioDad of Barstool's latest bastard.
      LOL, you better get another talking point because that baby is never going to turn white overnight.

  4. Anonymous7:40 AM

    A bit OT-FUCK THE PIGS>:

    1. Anonymous9:30 AM

  5. Anonymous7:40 AM

    They dressed Sarah Palin up to look like an educated, professional politician also,too.

    1. Anonymous9:52 AM

      Palin usually dresses so trashy. But conservative women seem to have only two fashion styles-frumpy or floozy. Frumpy includes Michelle Duggar, Candy Carson and Mike Huckabee's wife. Floozy includes Sarah Palin, Ann Coulter and the fembots from Fox. I'm very liberal and a feminist, and I've never found a conservative woman stylish as me.

      Jennifer K

  6. Anonymous7:45 AM


  7. Anonymous8:09 AM

    Keep in mind that despite being the only honest decent dem candidate this election, Bernie hasnt surpassed Hillary. Socialism bad.

    1. Anonymous11:34 AM

      Valid point. How dare this "Christian" nation act like Christ!

  8. Anonymous8:10 AM

    Not sure we want to go here. Democrats treated innocent conservatives like shit then and still do. The left is shady AF to use the current lingo.

    1. Anonymous8:28 AM

      What are you talking about? The Palins? Her adult children that she paraded around as her perfect little Christian family, when none of them has been married more than a few weeks, and all the grandkids were conceived out of wedlock? Those 'innocents?'

    2. Anonymous8:58 AM


    3. Anonymous9:04 AM

      Tripp will tell you what he thinks of all this about his half sister. You know, the half siblings that his mother had feared when Levi and Sunny married and had a family. Now Tripp has one living at his mother's house. Fear! Life's a Tripp.

      If you don't listen to Tripp, Trig will speak up with his opinion!

    4. Anonymous9:48 AM

      Shady AF?

      sHADY AS fUCK?

      Here's shady as fuck!

      The guy that picked Sarah to be on the ticket in 2008, and all the people behind him. P.S. He trashed himself by laying down with dogs in search of the big prize.

      "The Trashing of John McCain

      Simultaneously stumping for Bush and defending Kerry against attacks by Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, John McCain must be haunted by the vicious South Carolina smear campaign (he was crazy, a traitor, he fathered a black child) that helped Bush win the 2000 Republican nomination. Has McCain joined the team that engineered his destruction?"

      "On February 2, 2000, John McCain arrived in South Carolina red-hot, a 19-point-upset victor in New Hampshire over George Bush. In the final days there, some of Bush’s aides had pressed him to turn aggressively negative. Bush had resisted. His political guru, Karl Rove, overconfident for too long, had agreed.

      Now, in South Carolina, Bush had lost close to a 50-point lead. With just 17 days before the vote, his back was firmly against the wall.

      “Desperate people do desperate things,” Warren Rudman, the 74-year-old former New Hampshire senator and one of McCain’s national chairmen, told me. “When you look at a lot of campaigns, not just that one, when front-runners suddenly fall behind, their campaign consultants just go off the deep end.… People going down for the third time, they grab on for anything they can get ahold of, and if it happens to be something nasty, rotten, and false, that doesn’t make much difference.”

      At a meeting of Bush’s top staff that first day, the signal went out “to take the gloves off,” Time magazine reported at the time.

      “I always knew that if Bush got in trouble he’d push the doomsday button,” a respected Washington figure with solid ties to the religious right told me, asking that his name not be used. He said he’d been told the strategy called for an “underground campaign” by all the heavyweight groups of the Republican and Christian right, a campaign that would be modeled on Ralph Reed’s infamous, Atwater-like boast about his Christian Coalition work: “I paint my face and travel at night. You don’t know it’s over until you’re in a body bag. You don’t know until Election Night.”"

  9. Anonymous8:14 AM


  10. Anonymous8:31 AM


  11. Anonymous8:44 AM

    And check out the piece of work the Trump campaign has hired to do its bidding.

    1. Anonymous12:01 PM

      She's a piece of work. If he hires someone like that "Next time I'm wear a fetus around my neck" as a spokeswoman, it shows just how ignorant and base the man really is. Can you imagine him setting up a Cabinet and all the other staff that a President has to choose in a few short weeks? What would she be: the next Dana Perino?

  12. Anonymous8:46 AM

    Hey, Gryph! If you haven't seen "Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee" with President Obama, it's pretty good. The man is sooooo damn suave!

    1. Anonymous10:01 AM

      This is, simply, THE best. Barack Obama and Jerry Seinfeld. Just consider...

    2. Anonymous11:17 AM

      President Obama has wonderful deadpan comedic timing and delivery. I got a kick out of his "Between Two Ferns" with Zach; this is even better! There will never be another like him!

    3. Anonymous3:35 PM

      Anonymous11:17 AM

      President Obama has wonderful deadpan comedic timing and delivery. I got a kick out of his "Between Two Ferns" with Zach; this is even better! There will never be another like him!
      I judst love him to pieces. I am already sad that this is his last year as our president.

  13. Anonymous8:48 AM

    And as it turns out John McCain, and of course Sarah Palin, were the ones to show him the way.

    The worst propagandists post cold war for a political campaign. I detested the crap the Pentagon did for John and Sarah when they lied so much to make Track Palin what he never was.

    Now for 2016 what shades for the newborn?

    the mirror has two faces

    December 31, 2015 - 12:00pm
    2015: The Year Bristol Palin Stole Kim Kardashian’s Face, And Did A Lot Of Other Cool Stuff Too

    How many chins is this?

    Bristol Palin’s hateful hypocrisy: She’s now a mother of two, but still the biggest child in the family
    Former abstinence spokeswoman has second child from second father, gets right back to her hateful hypocrisy

    The girls must be working overtime.

  14. Anonymous8:59 AM

    Jebby Joke, NOT funny>

  15. Anonymous9:09 AM

    Bi-racial is something to celebrate, not hide.
    I hope that no one here is denigrating with Sailor or Bristol for the baby's background.
    The only, big, big, question is when will Bristol announce the father of her lovely baby. That father has a big role to play in Sailor's life, as well.

    1. Anonymous11:59 AM

      Of course we don't care if the baby is white, brown or purple. But the 'father' will never play a big role in this child's life, unless Bristol is ordered by a court to include him. She will eventually name someone, because she 'deserves' the money. But she really is too childish, too greedy and too selfish to include a man in her life, let alone her child's. She had a chance to marry a good guy with a future, and she ditched it for fame and fortune. I feel bad for her children, but little Sailor will be adrift as far as bonding with her biological father.

    2. Anonymous12:41 PM

      The baby is innocent. It is what is going on with the adults. The baby's family and people like Dakota Meyer.

      What are they hiding and why?

      It must be serious because hiring a legit and good public relation person to help them write facts and a true story is what serious public figures would do.

      For them all to continue to look like liars and crooks is bad for all of them in the long run. For now they think they are saving face, but it is not going to hold up.

      The appearance of matters can be as vital as the facts. What parent wants to look like they are a fake Christian and con artist that uses children to make money and support the crimes and fraud of original family?

      Look how much Trig was harmed when the family did these cons the first time?

      Trig will never ear food. He will always fill his pants and need to be changed. Why? Sarah needed to maintain her fraud. Nothing has changed.

      They just have another child to harm and try to cover it up in public.

      None of the children are at fault. They are innocent. That is why people are reacting to the criminals and the con job.

      Hope the children can be saved from this wicked organization. The whole Palin thing is a corrupt and cruel business entity.

  16. Anonymous9:13 AM

    Bring black or native is just as legitimate as being white!

    Get with it. There's no shame, no need to hide the parentage of Sailor, unless Bristol, really, really, doesn't know which Las Vegas toy boy could be responsible.

    THAT is Bristol's unforgivable failing. She's had almost nine months to track down her paramours in Las Vegas, and to name him as Sailor's father.

  17. Anonymous9:57 AM

    None of McCain's campaign decisions turned out well for him. Not a single one...

    1. Anonymous11:27 AM

      "In his 2002 book "Worth the Fighting For," McCain wrote that thinking about the "Keating Five experience" still made him "wince" even years later and that the memory provoked "a vague but real feeling that I had lost something very important" in pursuit of "gratifying ambitions, my own and others'."

  18. Anonymous11:31 AM

    Hee hee.

    Palin's house for sale? I missed this little detail...

    "Kristan Cole, who operates a top-selling real-estate team based in Wasilla, Alaska, is the co-lister on the Scottsdale property and the connection to Sarah Palin and her husband, Todd, Barker said. Cole, vice president of the Keller Williams expansion division, has real estate teams in multiple states. "

    1. Anonymous12:30 PM

      Did you see the Rehab place that Kristan Cole has? I think it is in Az. She may be part of it and it has to do with a church. I can't quiet recall. She had pictures of her son being treated for his addiction.

    2. Anonymous12:39 PM

      As far as I know it was a physical therapy rehab connection and not addiction rehab.

  19. Anonymous1:48 PM

    It may be time we send out thank you to Sarah.

    These Year-End Numbers Show A Republican Party That Can’t Possibly Survive

  20. Anonymous2:31 PM

    The Palin genes mixed in with this one and that one creating this new
    generation of kids, and the next after that,
    when these kids become adults, they will
    look back and say "that guy who said Sarah
    Palin is an idiot , he was right, they all were a bunch of self- gratifying , look at
    me, look at me idiots. Glad we changed our names."

  21. Anonymous3:56 PM

    My, oh my Gryphen, it seems like the Palin's are still in an uproar because the latest baby Barstool dropped out of her crotch isn't white!

  22. ibwilliamsi4:23 PM

    A few weeks into Spring and I'm darker skinned than President Obama, and I'm an Irish/Czech mutt.

  23. Anonymous4:47 PM

    I haven't read the comments, but McCain's planted "I can't vote for him...I hear he's an arab" at a town hall wasn't enough to cover up the racist tactics he stood behind and approved. You could paint McCain and his running mate the color of toilet paper, and it wouldn't improve their chance of winning. This is a throwback to blackface and depicting people of color as charachatures. One of the magazines did it to a photo of OJ Simpson,and caught hell for it.

    1. I remember it vividly. It was Time Magazine, and it was easily compared with the same week's Newsweek that hadn't pulled the same dirty stunt. Yet I remember more uproar at the time from black America over the disparaging of that murdering pig than I do for a blameless Obama.

  24. Oh, and somebody should have told that old lady that we love Arabs! Before and after, we're in bed on all fours with Saudi Arabia, which gave us 15 of the 19 hijackers, doncha know.


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