Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Ted Cruz gets his chicken hawk on in muy macho new campaign ad, and takes the top spot in the Iowa polls.

Courtesy of HuffPo: 

"If I’m elected to serve as commander in chief, we won’t cower in the face of evil. America will lead," Cruz says in the first 30-second spot, which aired during the Big 10 Conference’s college football championship game Saturday. "We’ll rebuild our military. We’ll kill the terrorists. And every Islamic extremist will know, if you wage jihad against us, you’re signing your death warrant."

You know it's been awhile since I had to put the fear of God into anybody, but I am fairly confident that if given a few minutes alone with Rafael, I could get hims to piss his pants AND give me his lunch money.

He is just another tough talking panty waist who would pass out in terror if ever confronted by real danger.

After all, EVERYBODY feels tough while hiding behind the American military.

However this is political porn to certain Republicans who have now put Cruz in the lead position in the newest Iowa polls:Cruz gets 24 percent support among likely Republican caucus goers, a significant lead over Trump's 19 percent. His fellow senator Marco Rubio of Florida comes in third with 17 percent support, and former neurosurgeon Ben Carson nets 13 percent support.

Once again I am left completely confused as to how ANYBODY could see Ted "Rafael" Cruz as the Commander-in-Chief.

I would not elect this guy as a crossing guard outside of an elementary school, much less give him the most powerful job in the world.


  1. Balzafiar6:18 AM

    Cruz as President? Be afraid, be very afraid. He's a sociopath of the worst kind.

  2. Anonymous6:37 AM

    You must give me the name of that mascara, Ted - it's totally adorbs! But just between us, that shade of lipstick is not working for you.

    1. Anonymous6:49 AM

      I think it's a lovely shape of lipstick for that little pansy. Ha ha!

    2. Anonymous6:50 AM

      I know, right? My DH wanted to know why this guy wears eye liner. If you look at his close ups, he totally DOES. Maybe to deflect from his chin (or lack thereof). He's like the Munster Boy only worse... think his wife is doing his makeup??

    3. Anonymous7:00 AM

      I noticed the same thing about his face a couple of days ago, 6:37 AM. Eye makeup and a light shade of lipstick. The guy is already utterly repulsive and that just made him worse! He's a greasy looking girly-girly!

      I think Trump has worn it too!

    4. Anonymous7:15 AM

      Whoever does Rafael's makeup is not a supporter! The joke's on him.

    5. Anonymous9:05 AM

      He looks like Judy Garland in the Wizard of Oz.

  3. Maple6:38 AM

    There's a suggestion going around that Trump's outrageous statement yesterday about Muslims was to deflect from Cruz's jump in the Iowa poll, and thus suck up all the media attention.
    BTW, there's enough dirt sticking to Cruz that you shouldn't worry about him EVER getting within a couple of blocks of the White House.

    1. Unless they can steal the election via those machines. There remains that shadow over the recent election in Kentucky...
      M from Md

  4. Anonymous6:58 AM

    I seriously doubt Trump or Cruz will be the Republican nominee'. (Look at the math!) Their percentages are too low within their own party to garner the spot! Think about it!!!

    The Republican Convention is going to be very interesting to watch this year. Can hardly wait. Would not surprise me at all to see Jeb Bush named even though his numbers are horribly down presently. He has the money backing him and the old-time Republicans will go for him over Trump or Cruz.

    1. Anonymous7:39 AM

      Agree! And then Reince's magic trick will be to somehow "turn out the base" after ignoring it.

  5. Anonymous7:19 AM

    Ted Cruz is hated by his own party.

    It sounds like to know him is to severely dislike him.

    1. Anonymous11:27 AM

      They don't like him as a 'brother' in the U. S. Congress! The guy is just slimy!

  6. Anonymous7:20 AM

    we won’t cower in the face of evil

    Who is cowering, Ted? All those Chicken Littles buying up more guns? Our President isn't cowering, he's using diplomacy so that we don't spawn an eternity of anti-American terrorism.

    Then hopefully, we can turn our attention to the bigger threat, good ole boy American terrorists.


  7. Anonymous7:33 AM

    What a wonderful Christian this man is.
    The rest of the world must be horrified at the venom and stupidity spewed by the Republican nominees.
    And who will stop them?
    The rest of the world my decide that the US is a bigger threat with a POTUS like T-rump or cruz.

  8. Anonymous7:47 AM

    Welcome to Theodore "Beaver" Cruz's America.

    And in the "No Words" category there is this:

  9. London Bridges8:05 AM

    Ted Crudz is not a natural born citizen - he is a derived citizen - there is nothing whatsoever "natural" about him. born in canada. even gave up his canadian citizenship to try and fool us.

  10. Anonymous8:06 AM

    He is so tough, he voted against Vets benefits and service.

  11. Chenagrrl8:20 AM

    Didn't sister sarry say something similar?

  12. Anonymous8:36 AM


  13. ibwilliamsi8:37 AM

    Rebuild the military? Do you think that they could take as much of an income cut as it would take to get it back to reality?

  14. Because the things he says he'll do, we're not doing now, right?

    "We’ll rebuild our military."
    Biggest military in the world, but let's make it bigger.

    "We’ll kill the terrorists." Unlike what happened to the California couple. Apparently they're not as dead as they could be.

    "And every Islamic extremist will know, if you wage jihad against us, you’re signing your death warrant." Bin Laden, Jihad John, etc. Those guys don't count.

    When Ted swings his sack, stand back.

  15. Anonymous9:29 AM

    Let's be fair to Ted. Maybe he was in the Canadian Army (Black Watch? The thought of Cruz in a kilt makes me gag!)

  16. Leland9:39 AM

    That fuck wants to go to war with the world!

  17. The FBI is being asked to investigate a well known violent terrorist group that is surreptitiously leaving repugnant propaganda at homes and businesses in small town America making the locals squirm. The terrorist group is the KKK, the town is called Arab, Alabama

    The world who is watching awaits with bated breath for Cruz to keep his promise: "We’ll kill the terrorists."

    "When you get these terrorists, you have to take out their families.” -- Donald Trump


  18. Anonymous1:37 PM

    Another lowlife nobody who doesn't "pack the gear to serve in my corps." What is his service record? Oh yeah, none. Damn right he would piss his pants.

  19. Anonymous3:40 PM

    America will always apologize for Ted Cruz. Wonder how much his parents paid an escort for his prom date????? I picture oily skin, the aroma of Brut and ear wax with a touch of body odor. Did he get her a candelabra or a corsage? Ewwww imagine having to kiss those lips.... where are the airsickness bags again????

  20. Anonymous4:32 PM

    Rafael Eduardo 'Ted' Cruz is an Evangelical Pussy. He is ashamed of his given name.

  21. Anonymous7:37 PM

    This doosh appeared on stage with a preacher who advised parents of gay kids to wrap a chain around their neck and drown them. The victims at the Paris concert "deserved" it, because they were listening to devil music. And he has the nerve to talk about terrorists. The nerve to condemn somebody else's religion. Poke around the back woods and small towns right here and you'll find enough wacko, dangerous and abusive religions to keep you busy for a long time, if wacko, dangerous, and abusive religions are the problem. Smarmy comes to mind every time I see him. His make up goes well with his theatrical way of speaking. I guess he thinks if he speaks slowly, with dramatic pauses, he'll sound serious and smart. NOPE. Not working.


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