Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The true story of the origin of the universe. So much more beautiful and awe inspiring than those imagined by the religions of man.

It's just a touch over eight minutes long, but do yourself a favor and sit through it sipping your coffee and just marvel at the magnificence of our beginnings.

And then afterward you can go through your day empowered with the knowledge that you are the universe searching to understand itself.


  1. Anonymous6:55 AM

    Eight minutes? No, thanks anyway.

  2. Magnificent video. Thank you for sharing.

    To believe that a supernatural deity blinked the cosmos into existence strips wonder from the wonderous and reduces possibilities to "it-just-is-ies".

    Sad. So very sad.

  3. Balzafiar7:55 AM

    It would have been better to have James Earl Jones narrate it instead of that wispy quasi-electronic voice I could barely hear much less understand what it (she?) was saying. The music overrode the voice.

    1. Anonymous9:01 AM

      The voice was kind of stupid for lack of a better term. It was like a long music video but without good music.

  4. Anonymous8:09 AM

    Of course it's magnificent. It still doesn't prove what created it. A recipe of chemistry and physics just suddenly explode together out of black nothingness? Where did the 'nothingness' begin? With life there is always a beginning and an end; that is a proven cycle. Who started this whole process? There had to be an intelligent something to move this universe along.

    Another thing, G. no matter what we all believe, we cannot rule out other dimensions besides the physical.

    There have been dimensions that people have seen from the supernatural, that they can't explain. Reason and science would admit they don't know how to explain supernatural things, they delve into only what they can prove with physical evidence.

    Out of blackness and nothingness, a universe just burst into being, without a motive or plan? That is a scary thought. It's comforting, for me personally, to sense that there is something personal and intelligent behind this; something that chose carbon beings to have emotions and show love, and the animals to have instincts. Cells need intelligent thought to make the whole thing work.

    1. Just because we don't understand something doesn't mean we ought to take the word of seers and profets and soothsayers, who don't know any more about it than the rest of us do.

    2. Anonymous8:43 AM

      Good point 8:09. I am not Christian but I will forever wonder from whom or how this "nothingness" sprang to become what we call life.

    3. The same question must be applied to a deity. From whence did it spring? In what shape and form does it exist? How big must it be to create a seemingly endless universe and everything in it? Why just one planet that we know of that supports life?

      No, I can't explain how nothing produced something. But I am a lot more at ease with a vast indifferent universe than an indifferent intelligence .

    4. Okay well I was going to let this slide, but 8:09 mentioned the word "supernatural" and that pisses me off.

      That word has absolutely NO validity in this day and age.

      That is a word used by primitive people to explain where the wind comes from or why cousin Aleksy was struck by lightning.

      It has NO meaning other than to be a verbal shoulder shrug to signify that you are too ignorant to understand that there are some things not yet understood which in due time WILL be understood.

      Remember at one time "supernatural" was used to explain death, disease, crop failure, birth defects, the stars, the moon, animal migration, cloud formation, and every other damn thing that people were too stupid to understand once upon a time.

      If you use the word, you lose the debate. Period.

  5. Anonymous8:22 AM

    I am basically agnostic, but when I think of the beauty of the universe or even when my new puppy looks at me, then I start to believe in a higher power. But as far as the bible, Christ, etc I just don't buy all that baloney.

  6. Oh, crap. I misspelled "prophet". Sorry.

  7. Anonymous9:46 AM

    Gryphen has a Ph.D. in arrogance & stupidity.

    1. Anonymous10:57 AM

      Nobody is forcing you to stay around and yet here you are.

  8. Frosty10:43 AM

    Beautiful video. Did anyone else notice how short a time ago religion reared it's head?

    If a god created the universe, who/what created the god? The old chicken and egg conundrum. And if gods want to be worshiped, how could they wait billions of year till something was capable of that worship?

    The entire universe is made up of energy/atoms. As energy can neither be created nor destroyed, explain where it all began. The big bang could have been nothing more than energy coalescing to the point of explosion. Where did the energy come from. If mankind does not kill himself off, there may some day be an answer.

  9. Anonymous11:17 AM

    This video is a breath of fresh air amid the chaos and staleness of the republican convention. Thank you for sharing this.

  10. Anonymous11:24 AM

    Look at drugs: certain molecules when combined together in a certain way treat while the same combined in a slightly different way kill. This is similar to something out of nothing. Nothing = combination of molecules.

  11. Anonymous1:31 PM


  12. Anonymous4:13 PM

    Thanks for sharing this. When we were kids, things like museums and art exhibits were free, and my parents always made our day trips, learning experiences. I remember seeing a similar simulation at a museum in center city Philadelphia, it was over an hour and a half long and we sat through the entire thing. My dad was far wiser than his education, but he made sure us kids learned and stoked our curiosity for knowledge one year by purchasing a "Family Present" - a book with overlays, and a telescope where you could dial a location from the map and see planets, stars, meteorites etc. We'd drive for miles to get out in the dark wilderness, away from the lights to get a better view. If we had questions, he'd write them down and we'd look them up in the encyclopedia or library. Thanks for the video and the trip down memory lane!

  13. Anonymous10:44 AM

    The magnificent universe and all its secrets have intrigued me throughout my life. Nothing like man's imagination to minimize it.

  14. Anonymous10:37 PM

    Growing up out in the sticks,I loved sleeping outside,looking at the stars and letting my imagination wander.

  15. Aha, believe it or not, I'm the owner of this channel. Thanks for sharing my video, appreciate it greatly.

  16. Anonymous9:51 PM

    “Which came first – the chicken or the egg?” How do you “know?”

    There are two types of scientist in the world, one is deep-rooted in its study and one is innovative in its approach to the understanding of creation. The first is referred to as the materialist. Materialism is a method of philosophical monism which supports the idea that matter is the fundamental constituent in nature, and that all phenomena, as well as mental phenomena and consciousness, are the end result of material interactions. The second is the post-materialist and is fairly new to the science scene. Post-materialism expands the human ability to better recognize the amazing and marvelous nature of nature itself and the Universe, and in the process rediscover the significance of mind (including thinking, emotion, and intention) as being part of the core fabric of the Universe.
    The materialist claims that something like the “Big Bang” happened in the beginning of time and created matter (material). From this matter consciousness arose and therefore matter creates consciousness. The post-materialist claims that this notion is incorrect and that in fact, consciousness came first and it creates matter.
    We can see confirmation of the post-materialist view in the work of Thomas Young and his experiment concerning the “Copenhagen Interpretation”. His experiment is referred to as the “Double Slit Experiment” and the premise is this; light and matter can exhibit features of both characteristically defined waves and particles; likewise, it establishes the fundamentally probabilistic nature of quantum mechanics phenomena. Essentially sub-atomic particles will create wave patterns unless they are observed with some form of measurement tool. In other words, Sub-atomic particles will change their behavior based on whether or not they are being observed. The observation is key to what we perceive as reality. This process leads one to conclude that something in the realm of the metaphysical is taking place and that these particles are aware.
    Young’s experiment confirms the view of the post-materialist and this leads me to one conclusion to the question; “Which came first – the chicken or the egg?” Since it can be said that the chicken has some level of consciousness, and the egg does not, I infer that it is the chicken that came before the egg. The chicken had to be there to observe the egg. How do we support this synopsis? In order to achieve awareness, a being must have an active pineal gland. It is the receiver of mind. Since the pineal gland does not become active until a certain point in gestation, we can surmise that the chicken has an active pineal gland and the egg does not.
    The chicken represents consciousness which Young’s experiment confirms came first and the egg represents the material which is created by consciousness.
    It should also be noted that it is found that the pineal gland becomes active in humans at forty-nine days of gestation. In Buddhism it is believed that the soul enters the human body at forty-nine days of gestation. Is this an interesting coincidence or a metaphysical connection?


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