Saturday, January 09, 2016

Children in India beaten, forced to convert to Christianity. I guess some things never do change.

Courtesy of the Hindustan Times:

Forcibly converted to Christianity, hung by the wrists from a ceiling fan, starved for days and beaten mercilessly for failing to recite Bible passages — this is what a nine-year-old boy said he had to endure at an illegal shelter. 

He was among 30 children, all from poor families, rescued on December 29 after police raided two homes run by the Emmanuel Seva Group in Greater Noida and Meerut. The child, who along with his younger sister and brother had been confined to the home for three years, said their stay was like a “jail term” during which his name was also changed. 

“I was allowed to meet my parents once a month for only 15 minutes. The only thing I was taught was the Bible. They forced me to memorise its passages,” the boy told HT on Thursday and added that the children were forced to consume buffalo meat and “paraded” before potential donors. “They gave us good clothes whenever visitors came. 

They made us stand in line and recite Bible passages. Faltering meant a beating with sticks and belts later,” he said. “Once the guests left, the shelter in-charge snatched away our clothes, sweets and gifts and we were back in rags again.”

I am always amused by Christians who seem to believe that their religion spread because of its inherent truth, or that people were compelled to convert by the word of their god and not the pressure they were put under to do so.

If you believe this to be an isolated incident, or that even harsher tactics were not used in times past, then you are either purposefully ignorant or simply ignorant.

Even as recently as sixty or seventy years ago the native children of Alaska were stripped of their cultural identity, beaten for speaking their native tongue, and forced to change their names to those found within the Bible, all in the name of saving their eternal soul.

Like I said, things never change.


  1. A Happy Agnostic2:24 AM

    Gryphen is the most insecure in his atheism person I've ever come across. If atheism were a firearm, Gryphen would be carrying an AR-15 or other assault rifle.

    1. Leland4:13 AM

      Regardless of the stupidity of your statement concerning Gryphen's atheism, this article merely points out what has been happening for centuries. Your unnecessary attack on Gryphen's personality does not, in the least, alter that fact.

      I would add that it is a much bigger problem than people would like to acknowledge. A bit like the child sex industry.

    2. Just how stupid are you??

      Oh - that's right you wouldn't know you're too fucking dumb.

    3. Anonymous5:25 AM

      You're always good for an obnoxious post on this blog. Drop dead, would ya?

    4. Leland6:14 AM


      First, the time I drop dead is coming, just as it is for all of us. (And yes, I know this is the only part of my response you will latch onto.)

      Second, you seem to get even more disgusting when the stupid comments you make are destroyed by a reasonable argument. Why is that? Wouldn't happen to be your mental stability, would it?

      And finally, how can a statement of fact be obnoxious? Maybe because it slaughters your ignorant comments?

      Don't like it? Tough. Make a decision. Grow up or leave. You're wasting our time.

    5. Anonymous7:06 AM

      Thankyou Leland. :)

  2. Anonymous2:42 AM

    Is that $carah dragging that cross? Practicing for her new grift, no doubt. Franklin Graham likely has places such as this, since he does not seem to draw crowds in this country.

  3. Anonymous6:01 AM

    How is this not just a christian "madrasa?" We know how the warmongers love to talk about islamic madrasas. But But... christianity is is... "something something something dark side."
    "Join me and your journey to the dark side will be complete."

  4. Anonymous7:14 AM

    When I was a child of 10 the Mormons showed up asking my folks to ground me from my horses until I would get baptised. They baptist at 8yrs. Altho my dad was agnostic,he was a control freak and known as the meanist man in town. He liked the Mo's for their rigid control although he wasn't interested in religion.

  5. Forced conversion is violence!
    In India an anti-forced-conversion movement is spreading.
    "Religious conversion by missionary activity remains an act of violence. It is an act of violence because it hurts deeply, not only the other members of the family of the converted, but the entire community that comes to know of it."
    "Aggressive religions and non-aggressive religions are not on the same plank. Conversion is, therefore, a rank, one-sided aggression."
    "Religion and culture are not often separable. ...Therefore, conversion implies destruction of this entire culture. ...The living religious traditions, intimately woven into the fabric of their respective cultures, have to be allowed to live and thrive. Religious conversion should stop--the aggressive religions should realize that they are perpetrating violence when they convert."

  6. Maple8:12 AM

    Mother Theresa is on her way to sainthood, and yet she told the poor ailing folks she and her fellow nuns were caring for that "suffering is good, suffering gets you into heaven faster" (paraphrasing here) and withheld the very medications those people desperately needed.

  7. Anonymous8:49 AM

    Xtianity has been a violent religion from the beginning. Examples: crusades, inquisition.

    Force converting children/people from the peaceful Eastern religions to violent Xtainity is not only deplorable, but counterproductive to world peace.

    That said, all religions are about controlling people. I have found those without strict religious connections to be more loving, peaceful, and charitable.

  8. Anonymous10:58 AM


  9. Anita Winecooler5:17 PM

    Nothing corrupts more completely than money, yet they're the one's painting all Muslims as radicals for the actions of a few.


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