Tuesday, January 19, 2016

For the first time in recorded history there have been no commercial fishing fatalities in Alaska. And yes that IS a big deal.

Courtesy of Alaska Dispatch:

For the first year-long period on record, from Oct. 1, 2014, through the end of September 2015, the Coast Guard recorded zero operations-related commercial fishing fatalities in Alaska, a milestone in an industry known for its “Deadliest Catch” persona. 

In an article in Alaska Fish & Wildlife News, published by the state Department of Fish & Game, the change is credited partly to management practices that have been making the industry safer for years. But also, the article notes, fewer people are fishing. 

Through much of the 1980s, an average of 31 fishermen died in Alaska each year, according to the report.

All of my life I have been told that you could make some REAL money commercial fishing, if you survived that is. 

And yes the deaths were numerous, and I knew at least one person who never made it back from one particular fishing season.

Over the years the number of deaths has slowly decreased though even back in 2008 commercial fishing was referred to as the deadliest job in America.

Really hard to tell if the reason for this milestone has more to do with safety precautions or the fact that there are far fewer boats on the water.

Either way, it is indeed a milestone.


  1. Anonymous4:26 AM

    Or maybe the waters were safer because there was no Palin boat out there last year?

  2. Does Todd even commercial fish anymore?

    1. Anonymous5:01 AM

      Why should he? SARAH PAC keeps him in the style to which he's become accustomed. And he has his side businesses. I think he sold his share of Rainbow Ranch, so he probably has plenty of pin money. He sure doesn't seem to be very involved with the kids, and is never shown with the babies, is he? Such a loving Christian family. So sad that America was deprived of their God-loving presence in DC. Who knows? Levi could have been married to Bristol in the WH Rose Garden in 2009. And Willow And Piper would have gone to Sidwell Friends instead of attending Wasilla High. And Trig, under a bigger spotlight MIGHT have actually gotten the therapy he needs to function as a real person.
      Or, Sarah could have stressed McCain to an early death, bombed the world, and we'd all be dead (much more likely!)
      Thanks, OBAMA!!!!


    2. Anonymous5:08 AM

      You're such a genius and expert on the Palins, SPHASH. Answer your own question.

    3. Anonymous5:08 AM

      Always spot on, Sally!

    4. Anonymous7:18 AM

      Don't curse Bristol by having her marry Levi. That is a bad fate for any woman.

    5. Anonymous7:19 AM

      The Palins were fishing last summer.

    6. Anonymous8:52 AM

      Tawd just works as a purse carrier and a pimp.

    7. Anita Winecooler4:42 PM

      Didn't they hand down the fishing bidness to the next generation at the end of their "reality show", when Track used everything he learned over the years to drive the ship on land?

  3. Anonymous5:12 AM

    My husband worked up there in his early twenties and has related stories of the dangers involved; co-workers lost. It is certainly not a job for the faint of heart.

  4. Anonymous5:16 AM

    Speaking of Palin... Perhaps someone might want to tell Trump about the "Palin Curse" -

    Then again, maybe not!


  5. Anonymous5:47 AM

    Hey, can't someone from Alaska tell us if Sarah is still there or in Iowa?

  6. Anonymous6:02 AM

    The odds of anyone becoming a MENSA member are so low it is hardly worth bringing it up in a discussion yet there you were snarking about it for clickbait.

    And then your loyalists launched into an analysis of the Marines Hymn.

    The Marines Hymn, are you fucking serious?

    It's a song, just a song that's older than dirt.

    Can you see the humor there?

    Oh well, anyway, prior to yesterday you were all but guaranteeing that Dakota isn't the father and now you're backpedaling and saying "if" he is the father, yada,yada.yada.

    Sounds like you're prepping your loyalists for the truth after telling them for months that Dakota isn't the father.

    Bristol is of average intelligence and doesn't need to be a genius to survive in this world. She has been doing just fine so far despite all of your predictions of gloom and doom for her and her family.

    Bristol is dancing circles around your ass by posting pics of Sailor Grace. You can't compete with that and have to rely on snark to curry favor with your loyalists.

    You're a sad little man.

    1. Anonymous6:49 AM

      I agree that any fuss over the Marine hymn is "much ado about nothing." I do not agree that Bristol is "doing just fine"; she's just become a single mother again, this time with no named father in the picture. Bristol would be doing just fine if she had gotten an education and gotten out of Wasilla years ago to live an independent life. She needed to sever her ties to her mother's proverbial apron strings which, while they're imaginary, are still too strong.

    2. Anonymous8:53 AM

      Actually it's quite easy to become a MENSA member, all you do is take a test and pass. It wasn't even hard, I took it at age 17.

    3. Anonymous8:56 AM

      Too bad Barstool never seems to know who her children's baby daddies are.
      Most women, at least those outside the Palin family know and don't have potential baby daddies ask for paternity tests. So oh yeah, Barstool is doing wonderful....well until that SarahPac money runs out

    4. Anonymous8:56 AM

      Since when did posting baby pics on facebook become a skill?

  7. Anonymous6:50 AM

    True 6:02.

  8. Anonymous7:17 AM

    It might be because fewer people fish. But I would imagine newer equipment and safety measures are the reasons.

  9. Anonymous7:17 AM

    Now if AK could get plane crash rates down. Those tiny planes are so dangerous. I know it's needed in a state with few roads, but rates are high.

  10. Anonymous8:59 AM

    Was it because there were no incidences, or was it because all survived the incidences that could have been deadly? Either way, thank goodness.
    But I do somewhat question a red state getting so much coast guard money to cover the asses of a private enterprsie, all those republicans in Alaska must hate that big bad govmint money going to the Coast Guard.


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