Thursday, January 21, 2016

Hillary Clinton promises to support and continue the policies of President Obama.

This is a portion of a longer HuffPo article that Hillary posted yesterday:

Republicans aren't just harshly criticizing the president. They're threatening to undo just about everything he has achieved. They want to repeal the Affordable Care Act; in fact they've voted to repeal or dismantle it more than 50 times. They're hard at work dismantling workers' rights and voting rights. They want to take away women's rights to make our own health decisions. Some even want to reverse marriage equality -- one of the greatest civil rights accomplishments in American history. 

In short, they want to drag us backward and undo all the progress we've worked so hard to achieve. We can't let that happen. 

As president, I will carry forward the Democratic record of achievement. I'll defend President Obama's accomplishments and build upon them. I'll work to get incomes rising for middle-class families, make college affordable, alleviate the crushing burden of student debt, protect LGBT Americans from discrimination, preserve women's access to health care and reproductive choice, and keep America safe from threats at home and abroad. And I'll never allow the Affordable Care Act to be repealed. 

We've made tremendous progress over the past eight years. That shouldn't be dismissed or taken lightly. Let's keep that progress going. Let's make sure no one turns the clock back. We've come too far. We've accomplished too much. We can do even more for our families, our communities, and the country we love. And together, we can build an economy and a country that works for everyone. That would be truly revolutionary.

Now see that speaks to me.

We do not need a revolution, because President Obama WAS the revolution.

What we need now is for a reliable person to take over the job and further the progress that Obama has already made.

I am not saying there is not room for improvement, I'm just saying there is no reason to go back to zero and reinvent the wheel all over again.

BTW apparently the Hillary campaign was quick to use that Sarah Palin endorsement for fundraising: 

Hillary Clinton's campaign has begun fundraising off of Sarah Palin's endorsement of Donald Trump. 

In an email blasted out to supporters, the campaign embedded a clip from CNN's coverage of the endorsement announcement on Tuesday with the chyron, "Palin endorses Trump: "I'm in it to win it." 

"Friend, this could be our next president listening to his Secretary of Energy," Clinton's campaign wrote in the email. "Donate to make sure this is nothing more than a bad SNL skit come to life." 

The campaign provided a link to donate to the campaign.

Well what do you know, Sarah Palin IS helping. 


  1. 66gardeners6:13 AM

    Bernie Sanders was disappointed with Obama and wanted someone to primary him in 2012. No one would. Now he's going to do it.

    1. Anonymous8:22 AM

      After his PP comment, #ImWithHer

    2. Anonymous8:45 AM

      Schilary schmoozes Obama to keep her butt out of jail!

    3. Anonymous9:03 AM

      That planned parenthood comment was outrageous.

    4. Anonymous9:19 AM

      In a country where everyone knows we need campaign finance reform. Where Goldmann Sachs donates to both parties. Why would you vote for someine justifying the taking of Goldmann Sachs money?

      I think the grass roots campaign of Sanders would mean something to those that think of the big picture.

    5. Anonymous9:26 AM

      Even more troubling is their insistence that Sanders will lose the black vote. That in the year 2016, in the time of #BlackLives activism, the black vote is a monolith of entrenched Clinton support. But maybe, just maybe, blacks will look at Sanders' call for social and economic justice and prefer it to the woman whose husband gutted welfare. Who gave us a permanent eligibility ban on food stamps for anyone convicted of a felony drug offense, even marijuana possession. Who tripled federal prisons while more than halving public housing. Who expanded the death penalty. And who used Sister Souljah's comments on the acquittal of the police officers who beat Rodney King as a chance to prove his fairness by equating her with the Klan.

      One other thing. To care more about Glass-Steagall than the glass ceiling means you oppose Hillary's vision not her vagina. The only foreign policy difference between Hillary and Margaret Thatcher is that the more bellicose and reckless one is still living.

    6. Anonymous9:51 AM


      That was a very disingenuous statement, are you afraid of Sanders?

      Clinton's = Glass Steagal

      Glass Steagal = Bank Bailouts

      Bank Bailouts = big welfare check for wall street

      And the equals big bonuses for wall street bankers

      Next bailout will make the last seem a drop in the bucket!

      Go Bernie

    7. Anonymous9:54 AM

      Just say no to Hillary!

      Say no to the us being an oligarchy ran by corporate interests.

      Say no to DC's revoling door policies.

      Go Sanders!

    8. Bernie's latest 1 minute video -- no talk, just life-affirming images & thousands of supporters at rallies (20,000-30,000 and in red states, too, followed by a 4-minute video: African-Americans for Bernie. He has been for racial justice since 1963.

    9. Anonymous1:13 PM

      We all were....Obama is a moderate republican....only in the last year and half has he really shown his progressive tendencies. Obama will be a corporatist attorney. I loved him but was realistic enough to see his flaws. This last year and a half, he has done better in moving along progressive menu. Don't get m e wrong. He is a great man and will be among the top presidents in our country. I am a progressive. I want more.

    10. Anonymous1:31 PM

      We are for a political revolution. Obama's was not a revolution, Gryphen. I am disappointed that you conclude it had started with Obama. Hillary is a bitch, just like many that worked around her described her. She refused to stop at a place due to the number of middle class americans and said "no, there is no money here" and they left , a no show. Hillary said to the young men assigned to the WH during bills' terms and when they started to speak to her, replied, "don't fucking talk to your fucking jobs" and once told one of the 'go wake the asshole and tell him to get his fucking ass up, I am not going to wait for him." Hillary is a liar, user, and a plutocrat. A young woman the other day said Hillary lost her vote....she drove to the school and was hoping to see Hillary , get an autograph, a pic.....but "we waited for a couple of hours and I was standing back behind the lines at the school's side with all the press, and here comes all the black suvs They pull up to the back door of the school, they get her out and you hardly have a glance at. We waited till it was over thinking that wee still might have a chance....we watched the kids in the windows, locked in classes because it was only a few that were allowed to meet. They came out surrounding Hillary and got in their suvs and drove off. nothing. She doesn't have time or make effort for the no ones like me....I will vote Bernie or omalley." Hillary is a plutocrat...she is too good for you unless she gets something from you. This is a revolution and you can buy into Hillary's "wisdom" "fear" that things won't get done...but go ahead and vote for her anyway...just don't expect much. That is why wall st has given her and her husband over 138 million dollars in speech fees since they left the WH. see ya.

    11. Anonymous4:05 PM

      "Hillary is a bitch."

      And there you have it. Lovely to see so-called progressives use this kind of sexist language without irony.

  2. A Superfan In Atlanta6:18 AM

    She should have been saying this from the get go! Every Democratic candidate should.

    1. Anonymous8:20 AM

      HELLO? Former Senator Mark Begich/AK ..That would have been you sir..
      PLUS=All the rest of the YELLOWBELLIES running in 2010.
      This is on us ALL.

  3. Anonymous6:21 AM

    @Gryph You DO realize that your title is the best reason to vote for Bernie, right?

    1. SallyinMI6:55 AM

      You troll. President Obama's policies have helped you and America. Go vote for the Canadian and the billionaire, neither of whom give a flying fig about ordinary Americans.

    2. Anonymous7:19 AM

      Not a troll. Voting for Bernie.

    3. Anonymous8:15 AM

      For you, sure. For others, the opposite.

    4. Anonymous8:49 AM

      A vote for Hillary is a vote for continued corporate rule!

      Bernie will reinstate Glass Steagal, Hillary says leave it as Bill made it.

      You do know this caused the 2008 crash right???

    5. Anonymous9:57 AM

      Vote for honesty in politics,

      Vote for the people,

      Vote for the best candidate,

      Vote for Sanders!

  4. Anonymous6:24 AM

    Bernie Sanders has been in congress for 25 years. If he was going to effect change, it would have happened already.

    1. SallyinMI6:56 AM

      Exactly. Most people never heard of him until the least six months, unless they were MSNBC watchers while the network still pretended to express some liberal viewpoints.

    2. Anonymous7:28 AM

      I find this to be a glib statement. Perhaps you have reasons for liking Hillary Clinton, but this isn't one of them. What precisely, in your mind, would constitute effective change? Please provide examples of former Democratic presidents that have done so as congressman?

    3. Anonymous8:17 AM

      It's that we like and approve of Hillary Clinton more than we do Bernie Sanders.

      I like the idea that she will follow in the steps of President Obama and continue on the issues he has been working.

      But, I do dread the constant negative the Republicans and media will provide her through her two terms as has been done to President Obama!

    4. Anonymous8:21 AM

      Agree. I have I have known of Bernie sanders for years. I was a Cspan viewer. and Bernie has always spoke up more than any Democrat. Do your homework. You sound like the tea party . We Bernie supporters are for him and when and if Hillary becomes the true choice,( not run down our throats as is being done now here). We will decide if we will vote for her, not until all is lost. This is the only chance, we have to change things. She is all for the rich since they have made millions from Corporation donations. She is not even for reinstating Glass Stegall that her husband did away with, And we are living with his NAFTA trade deal. They because will not go after her daughter and son-in law the hedge fund managers. Every one needs to make up their own minds what they are going to do, not bullied into it.

    5. Anonymous8:23 AM

      Bottom line Bernie has been in congress for decades, and his record is concerning. Who exactly was in congress for 25 years and got elected president?

    6. Anonymous8:51 AM

      Hillary will be loved by wall street, that says everything!

    7. Anonymous8:53 AM

      Hillary pushed Monsanto on the world as SS, and promoted the TPP.

      Great lady???

    8. Anonymous9:30 AM

      Oh a concern troll with no facts and a lot of biased opinion.

      just lie's to save Hillary?

      Post some facts to support yours lies about Sanders Senate record and compare it to Hillary's "do little" time in congress!

    9. Anonymous12:18 PM

      Hillary in senate:

      So Senator Clinton is right when she claims to be the experienced candidate, although it's not the experience she would like us to believe. It's a track record of legislative failure and futility.

      89. S.4065 : A bill to direct the Attorney General to conduct a study on the feasibility of collecting crime data relating to the occurrence of school-related crime in elementary schools and secondary schools.
Sponsor: Sen Clinton, Hillary Rodham [NY] (introduced 11/16/2006) Cosponsors (None)

      88. S.4029 : A bill to increase the number of well-educated nurses, and for other purposes.
Sponsor: Sen Clinton, Hillary Rodham [NY] (introduced 9/29/2006) Cosponsors (None)

      90. S.4103 : A bill to prevent nuclear terrorism, and for other purposes.
Sponsor: Sen Clinton, Hillary Rodham [NY] (introduced 12/7/2006) Cosponsors (None)

      77. S.3909 : A bill to amend the foreign Assistance Act of 1961 to provide assistance for developing countries to promote quality basic education and to establish the achievement of universal basic education in all developing countries as an objective of United States foreign assistance policy, and for other purposes.
Sponsor: Sen Clinton, Hillary Rodham [NY] (introduced 9/18/2006) Cosponsors (None)

      59. S.2993 : A bill to amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to impose a temporary oil profit fee and to use the proceeds of the fee collected to provide a Strategic Energy Fund and expand certain energy tax incentives, and for other purposes.
Sponsor: Sen Clinton, Hillary Rodham [NY] (introduced 5/23/2006) Cosponsors (None)

      26. S.1144 : A bill to provide military retirement credit for certain service by National Guard members performed while in a State duty status immediately after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.
Sponsor: Sen Clinton, Hillary Rodham [NY] (introduced 5/26/2005) Cosponsors (None)

      50. S.2260 : A bill to amend titles XVIII and XIX of the Social Security Act to make improvements to payments to Medicare Advantage plans and to reinstate protections in the Medicaid program for working families, their children, and the disabled against excessive out-of-pocket costs, inadequate benefits, and health care coverage loss.
Sponsor: Sen Clinton, Hillary Rodham [NY] (introduced 2/8/2006) Cosponsors (None)

  5. Anonymous6:27 AM

    Should Ted Cruz feel jilted by Sarah Palin snub? Headline on (an Alabama news website) with an accompanying funny political cartoon. Refreshing to see Alabama comments seeing Palin in a negative light. This website leans very right and red but Palin is not liked.

    1. Anonymous7:29 AM

      As a courtesy, it is preferable to post a link when you read a news article, rather than making people go and dig it up. This time I did it for you. You're welcome.

    2. Anonymous7:45 AM

      Sorry, I know. I tried but I'm struggling a bit getting comfortable with Windows 10. Thank you.

    3. Anonymous8:13 AM

      7:45 AM What do you think of Windows 10? They have been bugging me to install it, but I hesitate in doing so. Can you tell me the differences that have been difficult to learn/handle?

    4. Anonymous9:43 AM

      I read and watched info on YouTube after I installed it. It appears it's a combination of two previous Windows.I can't locate files or all of my photos. I've asked other users and they don't like it either. Never had all these problems before with earlier Windows

  6. Anonymous6:34 AM

    Largest LGBT Organization In America Endorses Hillary Rodham Clinton For President

    1. Anonymous8:54 AM

      Strange seeing Hillary used to be against gay marriage, but flip flops are her style!!!

    2. Anonymous9:39 AM

      8:54 PLEASE. Grow up! HRC is a INTERNATIONAL LEVEL Stateswoman with diligence and respect for others, learns, grows and admits when she is wrong. It is ALL a process few are able and willing to commit one's entire life to. She and Senator Sanders do want CHANGE, she is on the right path.....

    3. Anonymous9:39 AM

      Know your candidate, 8:54.

      "And as recently as 2006, Sanders opposed marriage equality for his adopted home state of Vermont. "

    4. Anonymous10:00 AM

      8:54 AM Driving you nuts much about Hillary's huge endorsement?

      Don't forget that The Donald also use to maintain different views regarding some key issues - a fact, Ted Cruz has brought to the forefront recently.

      How can you be a politician and not change your mind about some key issues as time moves along and you learn and experience more?

      I doubt there is one politician (that has served a long time!) that hasn't changed his or her mind - from what they thought originally. It wouldn't make sense.

      Living life and learning along the way does change your viewpoint - especially as you get older (and wiser!).

    5. Anonymous10:25 AM

      Chaning ones mind is fine, but pandering for vote is quite another reason to flip flop!

      What about Monasanto and the TPP?

      Hillary pushed both of these agendas upon the world as SS.

    6. Anonymous10:27 AM

      HRC is a INTERNATIONAL LEVEL Stateswoman with diligence and respect for others, learns, grows and admits when she is wrong. It is ALL a process few are able and willing to commit one's entire life to. She and Senator Sanders do want CHANGE, she is on the right path.....

      The corporate path to more Goldmann Sachs and their revolving door into the US govrnment.

    7. Anonymous1:38 PM

      Yeah, there is a record number of LGBT that are angry because the head of the organization either worked with or was a friend of bill Clinton, early on and bill just courted his organization and nowhe gives the backing....there are some pissed off LGBT members out there....they said wait and watch who they vote for. it won't be hillary

    8. Anonymous3:58 PM

      I'm curious, what is this "record number" you speak of?

      Yes, of course there are some pissed off people in all groups that will vote for or against Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders.

    9. Anonymous4:00 PM

      Bernie Sanders voted against marriage equality because he didn't want to lose the support of the anti-gay crowd.

      If that's not pandering, I don't know what is.

      Maybe you should read the article I posted instead of digging yourself in deeper insisting that Bernie didn't do the exact same thing Hillary did.

  7. Anonymous6:39 AM

    Democrats Expose Republican Cowards As Senate GOP Refuses To Vote On Trump Muslim Ban

    Senate Democrats challenged Republicans to vote on Donald Trump’s plan to ban all Muslims from the United States. Republicans refused, so Democrats blocked a GOP bill that would have killed the Syrian refugee program.

    Video of the Sens. Reid and Durban calling out the Republicans:

  8. Anonymous6:51 AM

    ...Trump also touted the benefit of Palin’s endorsement, claiming every Republican candidate running for president sought her support and that it goes a long way with voters in key voting states.

    “It was an amzing thing because she wanted to endorse me and she let it be known,” Trump said.

    “And the fact that she picked me over all the others. Her endorsement is a powerful thing in certain areas like Iowa,” he added.

    The billionaire businessman also said that although Palin will likely work with his campaign in some capacity, the two former reality television stars did not discuss any potential jobs after the election.

    “She wanted nothing,” Trump said. “She loves the country and she really wants what’s good for the country, which is really nice.”

    Lemon also suggested that Trump might have been uncomfortable while Palin was delivering her endorsement, but the poll leader was quick to correct him.

    “I was there. I didn’t know it was going to be quite that long,” he joked. “But she made a very good speech.”

    1. “She wanted nothing,” Trump said. “She loves the country and she really wants what’s good for the country, which is really nice.”

      “I was there. ... “But she made a very good speech.”
      Now see, it's that overt contempt for Americans that makes Trump so disgusting. If you are going to sling bullshit at us, at least go to the effort of trying to make it sound least a little tiny bit plausible or have at least a minimal connection to reality.

    2. Anonymous7:46 AM

      Very good speech, huh? Then why the facial expressions, Donny?

    3. Anonymous8:11 AM

      I suspect Trump wants nothing to do with her, should he be the Republican primary nominee and actually be elected POTUS.

      He's currently in the midst of finding out what a fucking mess the woman (and her family members!) truly are!

      He has to save face in some manner. It's going to be fun to watch!

      He's already saying that he doesn't think she'd be interested, but also said he's not talked to her about it. Makes wonderful lying sense, Donald!

    4. Anonymous8:33 AM

      “I was there. I didn’t know it was going to be quite that long,” he joked.

      From my experiences with wonderful, exciting things, it usually seems over too fast. You want it to never end.

      Donny was praying, in his own way of course, that it would be over FAST. It was written all over his face.


    5. Anonymous8:36 AM

      Yeah,Donnie....What about the $40,000 you paid her,and the Private Jet you sent to pick her and her Loser Family up from Alaska???.....All you know is how to "LIE"

  9. Anonymous6:57 AM

    Bill Clinton questions Hillary's Super Tuesday plan

    Bill Clinton is getting nervous.

    With polls showing Bernie Sanders ahead in New Hampshire and barely behind, if at all, in Iowa, the former president is urging his wife to start looking toward the delegate-rich March primaries — a shift for an organizing strategy that’s been laser-focused on the early states.

    Bill Clinton, according to a source with firsthand knowledge of the situation, has been phoning campaign manager Robby Mook almost daily to express concerns about the campaign’s organization in the March voting states, which includes delegate bonanzas in Florida, Illinois, Ohio and Texas.

    The former president is starting to get more deeply involved in his wife's campaign. And he's getting worried.

    1. Anonymous8:25 AM

      is that you joe scarborough?

  10. Anonymous7:48 AM

    Republicans aren't just harshly criticizing the president. They're threatening to undo just about everything he has achieved.
    Exactly, not only do they want to undo everything he as achieved, but they also want to start a couple wars, make sure the rich get richer at the expense of the poor and middle class, turn American into a theocracy and take us right back to the middle ages.

    If Bernie wants to dismantle Wall Street and the big banks, he would be in a better position to do this from the senate. So far he hasn’t been able to do that as senator, he hasn’t explained to me how he expects to do it as president.

    His healthcare plan not only would be starting from scratch again, (one step forward, two steps back) but depends on taxing the rich and employers. Congress so far has not closed the loopholes that allow corporations and the wealth to dodge paying their fair share of taxes, so how does Bernie plan to tax them more from the White House?

    Free college for everyone, again depends on taxing the rich, the republicans are doing every thing in their power to dismantle public education for K-12 and replace it with charter schools. How does he expect to get free college, when we are fighting to keep public education alive?

    I prefer a candidate that is going to build on the hard fought achievements of the last 8 years rather than starting from square one again.

    1. Anonymous9:01 AM

      How terrible Bernie would take the big profits for Wall steet out of the ACA and lower the cost to middle class americans!

      Oh that terrible socialist!

      Healthcare needs the ACA does America? polls say just 50% want single payer, 38% do not!

    2. Anonymous9:04 AM

      Boy somebody is sure writing biased opinion for Schillary.

      If you think that the banks are to big to fail (ie need bailouts) is a good thing, that would make you a dolt.

    3. Anonymous9:35 AM

      You completely undermine your argument when you use terms like "Schillary."

      State your case like an adult. Try writing like one, too.

    4. Anonymous9:44 AM

      Hillary and Obama were rivals, she was rude and condescending during their run off.

      Now she claims to be the second Obama and no one questions this, I mean really just think about it!

    5. Anonymous9:59 AM

      9:44 PLEASE. That is what the political process makes of us/THEM all and that was then- this is now. The second Obama? FUCK YOU!

    6. Anonymous10:26 AM

      Bernie Sanders has also been rude and condescending toward Hillary Clinton. It's not meant to be a peace circle. Politics is serious business.

    7. Anonymous1:34 PM

      Sanders has kept his comments to policy,

      no insults,

      nor condescension.

    8. Anonymous1:48 PM

      You Hillary people resort to lies and lots of them. First, Bernie has defended Hillary from the email crap that continues to plague her and he has been respectable, far more than she has. If he wanted to attack her, he could. That is not who Bernie is...but it is who Hillary is....she was horrible to Obama and even let leaks out from her campaign about cocaine use and weed use during his youth. She mocked his youth and inexperience to run this country. Haven't heard her apologize yet. Hillary is no better than wall st. You people hitting Bernie don't know a damn thing about him excep what you heard from hilllary's campaign. Go to his site, read....He will win...this is the true political revolution. We will write Bernie's name in ...will not ever vote for the enemy.

    9. Anonymous1:51 PM

      Maybe so many democratic congressmen and women are rooting for Hillary because they might fear losing the perks they have been getting selling their votes to the lobbyists and all the vacation time and good salaries, great healthcare under the status quo. Change might mean they lose more than they want.
      Well, Bernie has said that if they are not doing their jobs for the middle class people and looking out for them and they continue to partake of corruption, then the people will go to the polls and replace them with honest americans, with his help and support.
      Do not be afraid people of these plutocrat demos , people, the corrupt all go down with gnashing teeth and crying. Let them. Show for Bernie. This is our political revolution...our time.

    10. Anonymous1:51 PM

      The truth is he can't deliver by himself....that is the purpose of the political revolution: The millions of people who will make sure their vote counts will be flooding the polls and getting rid of any remaining oligarchists/plutocrats and congressmen that support the big money instead of the people of America.

    11. Anonymous1:52 PM

      Bernie Sanders is the candidate of change. Hillary is the candidate of the status quo. If Hillary is president she will have it even worse than Obama with the GOP, because the Republicans absolutely hate her far more than they did Obama. She will be able to get little or nothing done. Sanders will have the power of millions of American voters behind him...the majority of people in this country want real progressive change, and they are seeing more and more that the person who speaks for them is Bernie Sanders. These people will come out in droves on Election Day to vote not only for Sanders, but also for politicians who support the change that Sanders espouses.

    12. Anonymous3:56 PM

      Which is it? Is Hillary the status quo, or do the republicans hate her more than Obama?

      Do you not think that Obama had the power of millions of American voters behind him? People said the same thing in 2008 and yet, the republicans blocked him left and right.

      You sound very mixed up.

  11. Anonymous7:50 AM

    Well Hillary just sealed the deal for me. She's got my vote.

  12. Anonymous7:52 AM

    OK Democrats, lets get busy, IT'S SHOW TIME, lets KEEP THE WHITE HOUSE!
    We have to make sure we have Democratic voters registered and ready to KEEP THE WHITE HOUSE!

    1. Anonymous9:06 AM

      By promoting Hillary you are saying no to the youth vote, something the Dems will need in the future!

      Millenials hate Hillary!

    2. Anonymous9:32 AM

      If Sanders has enough supporters, he will win the nomination. I'm still open to voting for him.

      But I'm not willing to vote for him just because not doing so might alienate "the youth vote."

      The future is now and I will do whatever is necessary (voting-wise) to make sure we don't have a republican president next year.

    3. Anonymous9:49 AM

      Sorry 9:06 AM Hillary is promoted by the young vote, minorities and many seniors. I have all of the above around my circles and we are all voting for Hillary Clinton!

    4. Anonymous10:06 AM

      9:06 Because they think they know everything, the M's. Go Uncle Senator Sanders who is "cool" and diss HRC because she is to much like "mom".
      Hey MOTHER KNOW's Best and Senator Sanders is better staying a SENATOR.

    5. Anonymous1:36 PM

      Hillary, the mom wall street wants you to have!


  13. Anonymous7:56 AM

    I agree wholeheartedly. Bernie Sanders is a good man, a great senator and a respectful and respectable Democratic opponent in this campaign. But THIS ^^^ is what has me feeling the Burn. More and more since the last debate I am confident in Hillary as the best choice for this time.
    I'm with Hillary.

    1. Anonymous8:26 AM


    2. Anonymous9:09 AM

      So your down for more corporate rule, GoldmannSachs running our country. Bank fines the barely touch the profits from their crimes!

      Look what Iceland did to their crooked Banksters, and what it did for their people!

    3. Anonymous9:47 AM

      Don't kid yourself, 9:09 AM! Bernie Sanders has taken from the Wall Street guys too! He's been in Congress for eons & ALL of them have been supported by the big bucks on Wall Street in some manner.

    4. Anonymous11:42 AM

      Prove it Anonymous9:47 AM

    5. Anonymous1:19 PM

      I think they all take money from Wall Street but have a joint way in covering it up.

      Politicians are much smarter than the rest of us in keeping certain things hidden that they know will or would be objectionable!

    6. Anonymous4:00 PM

      There is a lot of information available on Sanders net worth.

      We all know Hillary was taking big bucks from Goldmann Sachs, so you're inferring Hillary is not smart, I agree!

  14. hey !! Sorry O/T but ya gotta love Joy Behar, on the View. This morning they spent at least 5 min discussing whether President Obama is responsible for poor Track's domestic violence assault. Joy was very explicit about Scarah, "she just pisses me off !"

    1. Anonymous8:26 AM

      Love Joy Behar

    2. Anonymous8:32 AM

      I saw that, too, and laughed my you-know-what off!

      Joy absolutely hates the Palins. Anyone who tweets Palin stuff should add Joy to your list. She knows what the Palins are, and she bashes them at every opportunity. Oh, and the audience always LOVES when Joy goes off on them.

    3. Anonymous9:44 AM

      I love "The View" and watch it every day. Joy did go after Sarah Palin this morning and I thoroughly enjoyed her comments.

      Sarah Palin is getting her ass kicked throughout the media! It's way, way past time.

      Fuck Palin and the moose she road in on!

    4. Anonymous11:33 AM

      I've long suspected that Behar reads these blogs. She's made many references to Sarah's scandals over the years.

  15. Anonymous8:03 AM

    I'm so sad his time is nearly over. He's done so much good for this country, and for the world.

    Today marks seven years since his first inauguration. Make sure your friends see these photos from 2009, and check out how far we've come since at

  16. Anonymous8:03 AM

    She has my vote too. Want to see the work of President Obama continued ... he's done such an outstanding job in spite of all the obstruction in the United States Congress (majority Republicans).

    Hillary is constantly being degraded as has President Obama. She's smart, more experienced in government work than any of the others (on both sides) that want to be POTUS.

    The media is trying to make it appear as though she will not win! Just remember, their outlets are owned and controlled by majority Republicans.

    They forget that the 'people vote and elect'! Need they be reminded that President Obama won both terms in spite of their constant racism and negative that was/is put out there about him every minute and hour of the day?

    It will occur again with Hillary! She will WIN! Betcha!

    1. Anonymous8:27 AM

      Look at it this way, the longer they talk about Bernie's potential, the less they beat up on Hillary for the win.

  17. Anonymous8:07 AM


    1. Anonymous9:14 AM

      I want a women president, but why put in a lousy politician just because she is a women?

      I will wait for Warren and put a great politician in for our first women president.

    2. Anonymous10:19 AM

      9:14 HRC might, i say might be a lousy politician but SHE IS A OUTSTANDING STATESWOMAN. You try running for anything and then reap only constant criticism, and very little thanks. That is why Senator Warren will not run in the near future, if ever. Nothing will impede HRC.

    3. Anonymous1:16 PM

      I wish Hillary and Elizabeth would run as a team. They'd be dynamic together for two terms!

  18. Anonymous8:17 AM

    First point: Clinton statement is a very good political move; provides reassurance to supporters of governance by civilized adults.

    Second point: Given that our first black president elicited so much overt racism from many Americans, I fear the reaction to our first female being elected (especially a Democrat).

    1. Anonymous10:29 AM

      X10! HRC is Prepared for it, "KNOW DOUBT" she will stand strong against the Sexist, Bullying, Money$$$, boys...and girls...

      civilized adults is what it takes..

  19. Anonymous8:24 AM

    Don't miss this Gryphen:

    No, We Won't Be Safer If We All Go Buy Guns. Here's The Data.

    The pernicious myth of the good guy with a gun.

  20. Anonymous9:25 AM

    By the end of the day yesterday, watching
    MSMBC's news programs I had to hit the mute button every time the screech showed
    up on screen after her first crazed speech.
    She is a Vegas Lounge act. The whole show
    biz act, even stealing that extra bow.
    For her, where is my next gig. got my wigs,
    costumes, Fuc, me shoes lip gloss butt pads, boob pads, botox needles and my
    Adderall. If Trump had not been running,
    she would have gone after the next one
    who was ahead and would give her something.
    Does not care about the man Trump, just the
    label and "WHATS IN IT FOR ME."She does not
    care about Vets either or the Tea Party
    People. Grabbing on to them got her on the
    road again for some more show biz, look at me gigs and away from her kids she cannot stand. Puts on her wedding ring when need be and takes it off for the night life
    after the gig. She is already scheming
    for the next deal if Trump loses. I don't
    know how perceptive Trump's wife is, but
    Palin has a long time reputation as a
    P teaser to get what she wants.
    Palin's son is filled with intense anger
    at her . He told her from the beginning, leave me out of it all. While in the
    Middle East, his military buddies said that
    he said he wanted nothing to do with her
    so called career and wanted to be left alone. Because of her, every negative
    happening about him is world wide and he
    is a mentally, crippled mess. Oh that's
    right. Obama's fault!

    I will put the collar on her tonight and send her out again tomorrow.

    1. Anonymous1:14 PM

      Palin might have once been a prick teaser, but doubt those moves do anything for her now. She's aged considerably and looks matronly.

      If you notice on TV - Trump media is running photos of her with him a few years back when she actually was attractive (if you didn't know anything about her!).

      She tain't any longer. The evilness in her has moved to her exterior.

  21. Anonymous9:39 AM

    I think Track absolutely HATES his mother and I wouldn't blame him one bit. She has used him horribly as she has the DS child, Piper (during the McCain/Palin loss!) and Bristol!

    The woman is deplorable and I hope she rots in Hell soon!

  22. Anonymous9:48 AM

    I'm so glad to hear that. In the midterm 2010 and 2014 elections Democrats were foolish to hide from President Obama's achievements. And the GOP gained and solidified their stranglehold on Congress.

  23. Anonymous10:33 AM

    Packed with biography, campaign promises and attacks on her Republican rivals, a new 60-second ad from Hillary Clinton, titled “This House,” offers what sounds like her closing argument to Iowa Democrats, asking them to vote for her on Feb. 1. A similar ad with a different ending will be shown in New Hampshire.

  24. Anonymous10:43 AM

    3 Reasons Why Bernie Sanders’ Brand of Socialism is Winning Voters

    ...As Politifact mentioned, a Gallup poll conducted last June showed that a whopping 47 percent of Americans would vote for a socialist president. Breaking that poll down by political affiliation, 59 percent of Democrats, 49 percent of independents, and even 26 percent of Republicans would vote for a socialist presidential candidate.

  25. Anonymous12:13 PM

    Having hung out here at IM off and on since Palin tried for VP, I have learned to respect Gryphon for having a bright mind. I know he has respect for both Glenn Greenwald and Matt Taibbi, so here are couple of their articles for you as food for thought, enjoy!

    Matt Taibbi:

    This article by Greewald explains a lot about what is going on with Hillary and Sanders right now!

  26. Anonymous12:37 PM

    "Yet 0 percent of Republicans knew the definition of socialism -- but they insisted it was probably 'bad' and 'un-American', although all of them were unable to specify how."

  27. Anonymous2:26 PM

    Sanders is the amendment king

    of the current House of Representative.

    Since the Republicans took over Congress in 1995, no other lawmaker – not Tom DeLay, not Nancy Pelosi – has passed more roll-call amendments (amendments that actually went to a vote on the floor) than Bernie Sanders. He accomplishes this on the one hand by being relentlessly active, and on the other by using his status as an Independent to form left-right coalitions.

    Read more:

  28. Anita Winecooler3:17 PM

    If anyone will, it's her, she's been behind the scenes and learned how his mind works. She already has a network of foreign leaders she's interacted with and knows how to network and get things done.

  29. Anonymous4:09 PM

    Did Hillary's unsecure server have anything to do with the Chinese hack that got a lot federal employees personal information stolen???

    The timing is right, inquiring minds want to know.

    1. Anonymous5:02 PM

      Read this gryphen and tell me who in the hell wants Clinton as president, she is a fucking warhawk. ( unfortunately, Obama supported it.)
      Clinton declared that Gaddafi had a “campaign of violence against his own people” and that he “Defied the world” was a call for a US-NATO intervention. However, the actual planning stages to topple Gaddafi began shortly after the September 11th terror attacks in 2001 when former U.S. General Wesley Clark told Amy Goodman on Democracy Now that Washington planned to “take out 7 countries in 5 Years”, Libya was on that list.

      Western propaganda (Gaddafi was supposedly giving Viagra to his soldiers to rape the women as punishment) was another element that instigated the removal of Gaddafi. The MSM was the cheerleader for the US-NATO intervention in Libya from the start. NGO’s, various elements of the Libyan rebels with Al-Qaeda in the mix and Western propaganda all had a hand in the death of Gaddafi. Washington and Paris were behind the civil war between the Gaddafi forces and the Libyan rebels from the start.

    2. Anonymous7:27 PM

      Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates says he believes foreign countries like Russia, China and Iran may have hacked the private email server Hillary Clinton used while secretary of State.

      “Given the fact that the Pentagon acknowledges that they get attacked about 100,000 times a day, I think the odds are pretty high,” he said Thursday during an interview on “The Hugh Hewitt Show

  30. Anonymous7:10 PM

    A CNN-ORC poll released on Thursday found Sanders receiving 51 percent support in Iowa to Clinton's 43 percent. Clinton led by 18 points in the December version of the poll.


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