Saturday, January 16, 2016

SarahPAC fundraising e-mail features Ted Cruz. Can you say "Palin curse?"

Here is an actual  SarahPAC fundraising e-mail that somebody forwarded to me.

One thing is for sure, our next president took the stage at last night’s GOP debate and, let me tell you, fireworks flew! 

SarahPAC has stood with many of the candidates on the stage, and we will support the eventual nominee, but that is not enough. We need to ensure that our next president has allies in the House and Senate! Chip in $25 today to help us stack Congress with true Conservatives. (Or pay to fight Dakota Meyer in court, whichever Palin deems more important.)

SarahPAC is here to fight for our conservative leaders, and send more men and women with strong values to Congress! Click here to join the fight! SarahPAC is proven, tried, and tested. We find Conservative leaders who refuse to back down, leaders who will proudly carry the torch of freedom. When you donate to SarahPAC, you are joining an alliance fighting to bring real leadership to our government! (Ha!)

It’s going to be a challenge, but that hasn’t stopped you before. Just like you, we are strong. We could have called it quits in 2010, but we didn’t. (No Sarah Palin called it quits in 2009.) We made the hard choice, we stood up and ushered in a wave of conservative values that will never be matched…Until we do it again in 2016! 

 Donate $25 today to make 2016 the year of the Mama Grizzly! 



Well Rafael's screwed now. Not that I thought he had a shot in hell in the first place of course. 

Of course I have never understood why anybody donates to this slush fund for Palin, but after all that has happened I am starting to believe that doing so is a viable diagnosis for insanity.


  1. Anonymous9:09 AM

    Limos and 5 star hotels are pricey.

    1. Anonymous11:13 AM

      I wonder if Ted spanked Katherine for $arah's entertainment.

    2. Anonymous3:27 PM

      Sarah just endorsed the "human irritant" who is about to go down 4,3,2,1 in fine palin curse, Ooopsie birther style...b/c he is not a natural born.
      Oh the other hand, I'm loving the "Trust by verify" BS by palin trolls, worried about MyAuntlivesonEnsure
      "In all due respect" that is bot talk for "concern troll" the yapping ankle biting troll,
      and talking about other blogs that won't allow people to talk (freely) b/c they think they KNOW everything and are every-bit as narcissistic is sarah. They are controlling and want to control the narrative their way. Which is fine b/c it their blog. I don't go there and many of THEM that are there come here to voice their thoughts anon of course b/c if really would be frowned upon, even tho the head blogger anon post her herself.
      Anyway I for one enjoy little cuz and hope she doesn't let the trolls run her off like some others have been scared off.
      And what about that new pic of "Sailor"? Who the fuck did Bristol borrow that baby from? All the dark curly hair from Sailor and then this red headed stepchild looks like one of trumps spawn.
      Now who is the gullible one? You believe that is the stools kid I have a bridge in AK to sell ya!

  2. Anonymous9:13 AM

    A more honest fundraising email:

    Bristol has postpartum depression, and if you send $25 or more, we can cheer her up with a new Louis Vuitton purse and some Louboutin shoes.

    1. Balzafiar9:54 AM

      "When you donate to SarahPAC, you are joining an alliance fighting to bring real leadership to our government!"

      Umm, no; need to reword this a bit:

      When you donate to SarahPAC, you are donating to an organization that pays all of Sarah's personal bills and supports her daughter's four illegitimate kids -- with more to come. Not to mention all the hush-money that has to be paid to other relatives!

      Living Vibrantly® is damned expensive! Get your checkbooks out now and send me your damn grocery money, you ignorant slobs. Baby needs new shoes.

    2. Anonymous10:32 AM

      Spot-on revisions/edits, Balzafiar!

      Truth be Told.


    3. ... "baby needs new shoes" and we're on our last can of milk.
      Balzafiar! Good job!

    4. I Love the Brave Baby Cousin1:31 PM

      I love it! Yes, I share the feeling that 2016 WILL be the year of the Grizzled Fizzled Mama.

  3. Anonymous9:16 AM

    That's pretty funny, to talk about Cruz getting allies in the Senate. LOL

    1. Anonymous11:15 AM

      Cruz will prove not to be a natural-born US citizen, Constitution be damned uh Sarah?

  4. Anonymous9:18 AM

    Absolutely unbelievable that scams like PAC's are legal. Just fleecing poor souls who think their money is going to a good cause.

    1. Anonymous9:39 AM

      I'd love to say that the loonies that donate to them deserve it, but really we need to fight this, or we all pay the price. The election system, voting system and lobby industry need an overhaul asap!


    2. Anonymous11:44 AM

      Sure, let's get Congress to send it back to SCOTUS who told us in 2010 that where campaign finance is concerned "Corporations are people too" and are now allowed to donate unprecedented amounts of money to campaigns. Do you really think that Congress, most of whose members have their own PACs, are gonna touch this again after a SCOTUS ruling that basically changed the rules in their favor? Ain't gonna happen. This is the new age of campaign finance and it's here to stay.

    3. Anonymous2:00 PM

      SCOTUS gave us Dubya 2000.
      Trust 'em? Nope.

    4. Anonymous4:04 PM

      Citizens United also too.

  5. Anonymous9:39 AM

    It’s going to be a challenge, but that hasn’t stopped you before... believe me, I am going to run for president or the senate, sometime or other when God opens the door and lowers the bench, so send me money.

    We could have called it quits in 2010, but we didn’t... We kept on lying to you because I have bills to pay, by the way send cash, easier to hide from the IRS.

    1. Anonymous11:41 AM

      Ironically she can't spend SarahPAC money on her own campaign if she ever decides to run for office.

      I know, right, she can spend it on anything else under the sun, personal expenses, other candidates, babysitters, mortgages, private jets, yet she is not allowed by law to use it for her own campaign.

      What a riot!

  6. Anonymous9:40 AM

    Wow. What do you think would happen if the rubes knew that it didn't go to the Cuban from Canada but went to sarah's "beauty" treatments.. oh and also lawyers and "postage?" Hush money payments are expensive. I'm waiting to hear about sarah receiving the "call from gawd." You know, fleecing those other rubes.

  7. Anonymous9:41 AM

    Brissie must be preggars again.

  8. Anonymous9:41 AM

    And the Statue Of Liberty gave you the finger, Ted, New York Daily News, deservedly so.

  9. Anonymous9:44 AM

    She is limited to donating $5000 to candidates. Also her past history of donations is rather small compared to how much she spends on "postage."
    So my advice is people are better off donating to the candidates and not to
    SarahPac...who has too many postage expenditures.

    1. Anonymous10:00 AM

      Yes! Cut out the middleman, donate directly to candidates.

    2. Anonymous10:13 AM

      Send your money directly to Sarah or Todd, just say it is a loan you are repaying.
      Please skip SarahPac.

    3. Anonymous10:33 AM

      When has $arah EVER donated $5000 cumulative since her PAC started?

      Look at her FEC filings. Heck, even the esteemed VG figured it out.

    4. Anonymous11:17 AM

      I'd be willing to bet Sarah's gig is to get candidates to support her PAC instead of the other way around. She wouldn't support Robert Ehrlich because he declined to donate to her PAC.

  10. First, the birther issue, then the NY comment, now $arah's endorsement. When it rains it pours, is it so wrong I'm smiling?

  11. Anonymous9:55 AM

    Soooo, does this mean Sen. Cruz (R-Poutine) is being officially endorsed by the Grizzly One? What will her good friend, Donald Trump (R-Berchtesgaden) have to say about that?

    1. Anonymous10:37 AM

      R-Poutine is the funniest thing I've seen all day.

    2. Anonymous11:57 AM

      Please don't insult poutine :(

    3. Anonymous12:48 PM

      How about R- donair?

  12. Anonymous9:56 AM

    Welcome to desperation. Gotta hand it to her, though, the woman definitely loves herself some slime. So blatantly evident.

  13. Anonymous9:57 AM

    Insanity is waking up every single day for some 8 years thinking of what you will write about Sarah Palin. Every single day.

    1. Anonymous10:02 AM

      Until she goes away, you betcha!
      Free speech only for you?

    2. Anonymous10:07 AM

      @9:57 AM Insanity is trolling all anti-Palin sites for damage control. Sarah Palin is not running for any public office, and you fools are still donating your money to support her bastard breeding daughter, Todd's step-son's drug habit, and Sarah's grifting. Wake up and smell the coffee, fool.

    3. Anonymous10:11 AM

      "I would not have been born in Canada to 2 Canadian citizens if it was not for SarahPac".

    4. Anonymous10:12 AM

      I think insanity is running for office, winning, running for a bigger office, getting trounced, quitting your elected office because you dream of $$$$, then spending every waking hour of every day glued to your devices and dreaming up hateful things to say about anyone who dares disagree with your word salads. Oh, and the people who think she's got anything helpful to say. She doesn't.

    5. Anonymous10:14 AM

      9:57 What do you call commenting everyday on a blog that you don't like? Is that you Marilyn or Carol? Being paid trolls is insanity.

    6. Anonymous10:19 AM

      9:57--and you know this, how? Because you yourself would have to have been here every single day then to check, right?

    7. Anonymous10:39 AM

      9:57 AM hates Gryph riding her ass every day because he can. Oh He Of The License Plate. Attempts at destroying his reputation so he can never find employment again.

      Well now. Guess who's thriving and who is going down the tube?

    8. Anonymous11:03 AM

      Actually, insanity is that Sarah the fucking lunatic sicko was a VP candidate at all.

    9. Anonymous11:14 AM

      Sarah is going to show Trig's birth certificate when Ted shows her his.

    10. Anonymous11:25 AM

      Think of the nationwide celebration when she is silenced.
      Going internationally viral.

    11. Anonymous11:30 AM

      I thought they did over moose chili in her kitchen.

    12. Irishgirl12:55 PM

      Ah shut up. Sarah Palin wakes up every single day and thinks of what she will write about President Obama. Every single day.

      Check out her Facebook.

    13. I Love the Brave Baby Cousin1:43 PM

      Inanity is what you wake up and do every day, 9:57. Do you ever feel dirty for taking money for making posts knowing that this money was swindled from old folks and other people of limited means and intelligence?

    14. Our Lad2:09 PM

      Insanity? Insanity you squawk? What in the holy mother of fuck are you jabbering about? This cretin singlehandedly lowered the IQ of the FUCKING WORLD, you dunce, you dunderhead, you fucking ratbag. Stick a sock in your yap, have a Coke and a smile and a cuppa go fuck yourself.

    15. Anonymous2:16 PM

      Sarah is so darn happy with the release from Iran. Her prayers were answered as she had Nancy write so many times about the Pastor, his wife and family. Mean, mean President ignored them. Now Sarah she was in prayer until all her preyers were answered.

    16. Anonymous2:32 PM

      If I didn't know better, I'd swear I was on the pee pond page.

    17. Anonymous2:59 PM

      I Love the Brave Baby Cousin1:43 PM

      Cousin is complicit with those "taking money for making posts knowing that this money was swindled from old folks and other people of limited means and intelligence". If you know about a hoax or a crime and you do nothing after the fact, you are guilty.

      Cousin may not like Bristol and Sarah, but cousin is as creepy, also, too. I would be glad if they all went to prison for the rest of their lives. Cousin is not exhonerated for anything since they are a do nothing but anon write to a blog. What a useless waste of time.

      So you know who a serial killer is, they keep on doing what they do. You don't tell what you know to the right people to be certain they are stopped?

      Oh, yeah. You write anon to a blog and feel good about yourself and enabling the serial killer to go on killing.

    18. Anonymous3:14 PM

      259 there must be something to that reason she resigned for them to send a 'mole' to post a bunch of gossip...we got soap operas for that!

    19. A Superfan In Atlanta3:29 PM

      I think the term Uncle Gryph used to describe these folks was damage conTrolls. The double entendre is genius!
      Damage control and
      Conservative Trolls (conTrolls), get it?!?!

      It cracks me up everytime I see it. #nerdporn

    20. I REALLY Love the Brace Baby Cousin3:49 PM

      Well, 2:59, since you brought up the topic of serial killings, let us always remember those who were tragically and ruthlessly eliminated because they threatened Queen Ester's fragile delusions of grandiosity:

      Rest in Peace....

      Curtis Menard, Jr


      Dar Miller

      The Palins are just sick fucks. Better hope YOU don't know too much, 2:59.

  14. Anonymous9:58 AM


    1. Anonymous10:10 AM

      Of course she has. When in her adult life has Fiorina been anything but a crook?

    2. Anonymous10:42 AM

      Fiorina comes across to me as being one nasty bitch! Plus, she's very unattractive, cold in personality and never smiles. There is no warmth to her at all.

      She'll go nowhere further in the Republican party is my bet!

  15. Anonymous9:58 AM

    SarahPAC is proven, tried, and tested?
    Well, there's a new one. lmao

  16. Anonymous10:00 AM

    Congress needs to seriously reform the laws governing PACs. It's insane how she can use hers as a slush fund.

    People need to wake up and realize they are better off sending a contribution directly to a candidate than funneling it through anything involving her.

    1. Anonymous11:34 AM

      Now why in the world would Congress do that when the majority of them have their own PAC slush funds?

  17. Anonymous10:01 AM

    Shit attracts shit.

  18. Anonymous10:10 AM

    I don't know why anyone donates to these slush funds. If you support a cause or a person, donate to THEM. You avoid the middle creeps like Palin, and more of your money goes to the cause.

  19. Anonymous10:11 AM

    ot If Track Palin was not so modest, he could tell about how he went to Iran and saved everyone.

    Nancy gives Bristol all the credit.

    Wife of pastor Saeed Abedini, jailed in Iran for his faith, explains the ‘shock’ of his release

  20. Didn't "cousin" say Sarah hates Trump with a white hot passion? Guess he won't be getting any SarahPac funding!

    1. Anonymous11:03 AM

      Comment on your site almost daily, SPHASH, don't fall for the bullshit.

    2. Anonymous11:11 AM

      I have no doubt that Trump is paying attention to "cousin". After all he is so smart and all. Plus he is never fooled or tricked.

    3. Anonymous11:26 AM

      I have a feeling Sarah hates everyone but herself and that includes her family.

    4. Anonymous11:26 AM

      You can ask "cousin" MALOE anything. Ask her about Track Palin.

      MALOE would be privy to all those photos of Track in Iraq and Afghanistan. All his black-ops work. They would know all about his employment over the years. Why is it Sarah and Bristol never mention that he works? Posing him with the boys makes him look like a half wit Sarah can control.

      What was the purpose in doing that? I doubt it was Bristol's idea. What is Sarah up to?

      When Sarah could no longer use Track (the Dakota propaganda) she went on the replace Track with Bristol (Dakota).

      Is she starting another replacement campaign?

      Going back to Track since Bristol has screwed up with Sailor? She must be uncertain about how it will turn out.........

    5. Anonymous11:26 AM

      She's just pissed that she was outclassed in that pizza joint.
      Like he would take you to a respectable place....Sarah.

    6. Anonymous11:50 AM

      Sometimes you really disappoint me, SPHASH. Go watch your football.

    7. Anonymous12:02 PM

      Can you imagine taking a Sarah Palin to any classy place - restaurant, etc. in a place like New York City?

      She's nothing but white trash from Wasilla, Alaska and would be so out of place in a location like that!

    8. Anonymous1:05 PM

      Is Sarah starting another replacement campaign?

      I have no doubt that her talent is to repeat the sos over and over. Bristol replaces Track, Track replaces Bristol, Bristol replaces Track, Track replaces Bristol ad nauseam.

      It went fairly smooth after the brawl.

      How long has Track been under that bus this time. When did she start the rumors that Track was in Iraq when he was actually seen in Hawaii? That was too funny. Can she do better this time?

    9. 11:03 & 11:50

      What is the big fucking deal with Baby Cousin comments?? It's not like she has access to Baldy's illicit bank accounts and knows where the bodies are buried (allegedly).

      She's sharing some good behind the scenes gossip! Yes I said it...gossip and Gryphen is sweet enough to post her comments to keep us entertained until the results of the paternity test is in!

      Let's not forget what's really going on y'all...Beefy the doesn't know who is Sailors daddy! Also and too...Baldy loves that we're not talking about Dakota either!

      Baby cousin is cool in my book cause the shit she shares is funny! We all know the basics about Beefy and Baldy...she's just giving us the gruesome details!

      The trolls...and yes y'all are fucking trolls...fuck off if you don't like us "gullible" IM'rs reading what Baby cousin is sharing...nobody is forcing y'all to read her stuff.

      Be glad Gryphen post all your whining and carrying's hella entertaining to me! LOL!!

    10. Anonymous3:11 PM

      Agreed Gina! Find it so "amusing" about all the "Concern" about what she writes and how IM fools believe it. LMAO. Where as some blogs would censor what doesn't jive with their "party line" G lets it go through. I also love how the "concerned" ones really, really want to make sure we don't believe little cuz.
      Funny to see all the trolls working overtime to discredit her braveness!
      GO Cuz Go!! The ones around here who have been paying attention know you are for real.

    11. Anonymous3:32 PM

      I am glad this Cuz, cousin, knows Track Palin and can answer some important questions.

      Bristol baby messes does get old. I am fine to have a break from that until something moves with Dakota deal.

      So far the pictures the Palins have posted of the baby looks like they don't care about this kid at all. It looks like they are playing with the kids life and are posting any kid they can find to mess with her memory album. Most family takes a new born's life serious and with love. This one has to sell books on a charlatan blog. She is an object on some social media and she has cheap ass publicity. Sarah kept putting Bristol in costumes and acts that were humiliating, she makes Track look like a brainless dummy and look what she is doing with Sailor from day one. Both Sarah and Bristol, the team. Hell bent on giving Sailor a humiliating life start.

  21. Anonymous10:18 AM

    Bristol's newest bastard needs baby formula and Sarah needs funds for court costs. It must be difficult for a family of non-workers to keep the bills paid. Child support does not cover all of the bills, and the frequent Vegas trips..

    1. Anonymous4:07 PM

      . . . and airfare for Bristol and her three bastards to go to Hawaii a couple times a year. I wish I could afford a trip for one to Hawaii let alone for four.

    2. Anonymous4:46 PM

      ... AND paying for the weekly allowance of $5,000 for Bar$Tool!

  22. Anonymous10:23 AM

    Grandma Griz needs to hire some new lawyers, because the old law team is surely growing tired of defending the foolishness and deceptions . . . so go on botz, dig that $25 dollars outta them piggy banks. $Palin wants to leave ya high 'n dry!

    1. Anonymous10:40 AM

      Do you mean to tell me that she thinks numerous folks are going to be willing to donate to her PAC? Makes me laugh! She's forgotten she doesn't have the followers she once did.

      Donations should go to the candidates, NOT directly to the likes of the 'do nothing' Sarah Palin!

  23. Anonymous10:26 AM

    If they love Ted Cruz, they should donate directly to Ted Cruz. Otherwise, much of the money will be spent on a private airplane, five star hotels, a couple of family members travel just to go to some Ted Cruz event to say that Sarah endorses him. In fact, she doesn't even need to spend all that money on travel. She'll just endorse him on her facebook. Give directly to the candidate of your choice. Sorry, Sarah, but maybe you should think about a real job.

    1. Anonymous4:09 PM

      I think I saw signs at Taco Bell that they're hiring.

  24. Anonymous10:26 AM

    Witches and the Warlocks>

  25. Anonymous10:37 AM

    Ted Cruz is horribly disliked by those that currently serve with him in the U.S. Congress and now he has screwed himself with New Yorkers and The Donald!

    I thought the guy was suppose to be smart?! Don't think he has much common sense.

    And, now the idiot from Wasilla is endorsing him? Go figure! The 'kiss of death' is now upon him even MORE!

    He'll never get the Republican spot to run for POTUS. It's a pipe dream of his and sista Sarah!

    1. Anonymous12:01 PM

      The Dominionistas need to stick together.

    2. Anonymous4:47 PM

      I thought Tundra Turd supported tRump???

  26. Anonymous10:44 AM

    Help the PayMe famiy live in the style they have become accustomed to, no work all cash. Or, use your common sense, but out the middle (grifter) woman, and donate directly to the candidate you want to support. That way they will get the entire donation instead of a small portion, if any.

  27. Anonymous10:48 AM

    Oh geez Gryphen.
    The know it all blog is saying MALOE is a joke and to pay no attention.

    1. Anonymous11:09 AM

      MALOE will shit or get off the pot. Very soon now.

    2. Anonymous11:12 AM

      Piper, you really have to pay attention in English class. You do go to school, right?

    3. Anonymous11:32 AM

      In all fairness NO ONE at ANY blog, including this one, REALLY knows who Maloe is.

      Until identity is confirmed then many of us at this blog and others that follow Palin will assume we're being catfished. There has to be a reason that the posts are only happening at this blog and not at any of the others that feature Palin-critical posts.

    4. Anonymous11:47 AM

      Oh you BETCHA, 11:32 AM, Gryph knows, and they're fu**ing with him.
      The rest here fall for it.

    5. Anonymous11:55 AM

      I'd like to think it's because Gryph is Alaskan and she feels more comfortable here but really who knows for sure. It's entertaining
      to say the least.

    6. Anonymous12:08 PM

      There has to be a reason that the posts are only happening at this blog and not at any of the others that feature Palin-critical posts

      Could she not know about other blogs?

    7. Anonymous12:20 PM

      Go to the head of the class, 12:08 PM. You're finally getting it.

    8. Anonymous12:31 PM

      i think this cousin, aunt ensure, is one of team palin working out a script. this way they get a little feed back and have some fun.

    9. Anonymous12:51 PM

      Again, 12:08 PM, THINK.

    10. Anonymous12:56 PM

      She got a Blogger account at about the same time the " Palin Brigade" did. Coincidence?? Sarah says there are no coincidences.

    11. Anonymous1:01 PM

      The problem, 12:20, is that you don't know any more about MALOE's identity and motives than the people who are inclined to believe her.

    12. Anonymous1:05 PM

      Because Gryph knows. I'm good with that and they can't touch him anymore.

      For all the ?s here thinking you had a live Palin relative, lmao.

    13. Anonymous1:21 PM

      Okay, this gets to the part that cracks me up. If Cousin is a fraud, then what exactly is the point of the exercise? "Having some fun"? Are the Palins that bored? (And the trolls accuse us of having no lives!) "Getting a little feedback"? For what purpose, exactly?
      These pee brains have told so many outrageous lies for so long and gotten away with it, it doesn't occur to them that a false narrative actually needs to hang together.

    14. Anonymous2:07 PM

      And there you have it, 1:21 PM.

    15. Anonymous2:13 PM


      Gryphen has never said boo about Cousin, either in the affirmative or negative, he's been mum about it, so you can't say that he knows anything either. Cousin also says that she has not reached out to him personally, so he's as in the dark as we are. She's (or he's) just someone with a brand new Blogger account that claims to know the Palins.

    16. Anonymous2:15 PM

      sounds like it's time to send Mary Ellan another email...I think I will send a pic!
      And say 'gosh who does this look like' lol!
      MEOW! Sarah's rantings will get worse...

    17. Anonymous2:24 PM

      12:56 PM

      Isn't "Palin Brigade" and old Palin promotion fun by the Ted Cruz lover? I forgot her name. She is not from Florida.

    18. Anonymous3:23 PM

      Anon 2:13 pm,

      Your comment about Gryphen's silence is not true. A week or so ago, when Cousin began commenting with increasing frequency, a commenter asked Gryph if he believed the Anon commenter was real or something along those lines.

      Gryph responded with a very neutral and short statement indicating that he was interested and what we were learning could well be true. I am paraphrasing from memory. It would be very difficult to go back and find the comment now.

    19. Anonymous3:23 PM

      I must be too new. What is Palin Brigade and where is the link? Who is Mary Ellan?

      Thank you for answering, who ever will be so kind. Thank you.

    20. Anonymous3:47 PM

      I am very detail minded by nature and Mary Ellan stumps me too. Curious. Down the rabbit hole we go.

    21. Anonymous3:50 PM

      1:21 exactly what I was thinking. What would be the point of Palin insiders working from some sort of script? Especially one that makes the family look so bad? I don't know who cousin is, but I doubt it's any one of the paid Palin trolls. There's just no motive there.

    22. Anonymous3:52 PM

      The alleged cousin could feel comfortable about posting at IM because it is one of the first Alaska based blog to reveal the truth about the PayMe clan. It is not the home of Outsiders and has been on a single mission since $arah was first cast onto the national scene -- to reveal the years of lies and hypocrisy of this vile clan.

    23. Anonymous4:16 PM

      12:56, "Palin Brigade" is Carol and Marilyn.

    24. Anonymous4:30 PM

      4:16 - right, but someone wrote "The Palin Brigade, all two of them" in a comment last week on one of the Bristol-Dakota threads. Then someone else co-opted that meme and made it his/her official Blogger account. A day later, MALOE's account appeared. Coincidence?

    25. Anonymous4:39 PM

      @1:05 PM Prior to your 'lmao', take your thumb out first.

    26. Anonymous4:41 PM

      10:48 AM Is that Middle School talk?

    27. Anonymous4:55 PM

      @3:23 PM,
      The Palin Brigade is someone that was new and commenting on here in the last month or so.

      Here is a sample post:
      "Palin Brigade(Just the two of us)6:11 AM
      Well that's odd. Bristol isn't hiding under her bed in shame.

      Where is Dakota?

      Has he been to Alaska to see his daughter?

      He's soooo proud of her you know.

      Is he hiding behind his lawyer's skirt or under it?

      Carry on little bottom feeders."

      Mary Ellan? I don't know anything about her.

    28. Anonymous5:31 PM

      4:30, MALOE created 'her' account in order to create an official id/presence here as there were a rash o' trolls on here claiming to be that same relative spoofing us.
      M from MD

  28. Anonymous10:49 AM

    I think this is very smart of the Trump campaign - to have the Looney from Lake Lucille endorse Cruz.

  29. Anonymous11:02 AM

    I think MALOE is one of TriG's postage nannies trying to act like a young adult.
    Postage nannies are in need of job security now.....think about it....

    1. Anonymous11:54 AM


    2. Anonymous12:28 PM

      Maloe is the go to person for questions.

      Don't forget, after Bristol Palin prayed Pastor Saeed was freed. Sgt Track Palin and what he did next:

      All the more amazing since he does it all from an armchair.

    3. Anonymous12:44 PM

      Que sara . . . as long as the real facts have an outlet, I'm okay with whoever she/he is. There might even be safety in that.

    4. Anonymous2:35 PM

      It is just like any other comment you read that has no back up or verification. Some people do funny poems or lyrics. It is not to be taken seriously. Entertainment, baby.

      If you want someone to believe you tell them what they want to hear, entertainment is a plus.

      Fact is, you can believe anything you want. The "cousin" has not verified they are a cousin. It could be anyone and for any reason they are doing what they do on this blog.

      It is now becoming a joke so i laugh. Only fools will indefinitely accept no verification.

      I really don't care if people say they believe the moon is made of green cheese or why. I know it will be verified if true.

    5. Anonymous4:32 PM

      Just like your unverified comments, 2:25 PM? Do you really believe that your comments sway any opinions at IM?

    6. Anonymous4:34 PM

      11:02 am Are you capable of thinking?

  30. Anonymous11:12 AM

    I wonder if Ted knows he will never see a dime. Did she get his permission to take his money? I tried to post on his sites, but couldn't.

  31. Anonymous11:12 AM

    She's quit everything but the grifting, soon this will dry up as well.

  32. Anonymous11:23 AM

    So hypothetically a person donates $100 to SarahPac. Sarah syphons off $95 and $5 finds its way to Ted Cruz. You stupid people! Give the whole $100 to Ted Cruz campaign (or Bernie LOL). You are supporting Sarah's lavish life style.

    1. Anonymous11:28 AM

      And yes, there really are people that stupid to believe her.

      She's got that Christian thang down pat. I wanna be one. :)

    2. Anonymous11:50 AM

      Even VG from C4P knows that. Come on how stupid can they be? Oh I forgot the bots are that stupid.

  33. Anonymous11:25 AM

    I find it hard to keep all the Repubs straight, but Ted Cruz is the one whose Princeton roommate said he was so vile he would rather vote for anyone you picked out of the phone book. And he supplied a lot of disgusting and abnormal personal detail about Cruz. Shudder.

    1. Anonymous11:45 AM

      He is grotesque in every way.

  34. Anonymous11:28 AM

    I love how vague her statement is:

    "One thing is for sure, our next president took the stage at last night’s GOP debate and, let me tell you, fireworks flew!"
    So whom exactly is she endorsing? Which one of them who "took the stage"? She's just playing all the cards right now, and including the caveat about supporting great leaders in Congress just in case Cruz is not the nominee and ends up running for Senate again.

    Such a transparent grab for cash with ZERO actual endorsements or actual support of any of the candidates. She only reminds us that she "helped" Cruz win in 2010, but other than that one fact, there are no other solid statements in this plea for cash.

    Suckas! (although we'll soon see exactly how many suckers are still sending money to this charlatan...should be interesting)

  35. Anonymous11:38 AM

    "Donate $25 today to make 2016 the year of the Mama Grizzly!"
    A true Mama Grizzly would leave politics and take care of her effed up family.

    1. Anonymous3:47 PM

      The year of the Mama Grizzly? Wait ... I thought these donations were for the benefit of candidates running for office. $he pretty much admits the SarahPAC money is to be used on her personal whims. Like, POSTAGE! lol

  36. Anonymous11:44 AM

    Next week is the Shots Show in Vegas. Remember where it all began with the poster to FU Michael Moore?
    Dakota will be there this coming week...
    what about Sarah? Todd? Bristol? Anyone?

    1. Anonymous12:34 PM

      Is Bristol going to take Sailor this year? That would be a good show. Better ad then Sarah's Michael Moore and fuc-ers.

    2. Anonymous12:49 PM

      Sarah is going to launch the new Track Palin. The Shot Show in Vegas would be perfect.

    3. Anonymous12:52 PM

      Sarah was there last year with Sportsman Channel's "Amazing America".

      Maybe no invite this year because her show was not renewed.

    4. Anonymous3:48 PM

      Dakota will be at the Shot Show. It is where gun enthusiasts go to make business connections and hook up with Christian whores.

      Track Palin would do anything to go and hang up with that crowd. If he still has that gf, she swings anyway Sarah wants, she be cool.

    5. Anonymous4:16 PM

      That would be so cute. I would love to see Dakota meet his daughter for the first time at the huge gun convention.

      It would be a perfect arrangement. Sarah would not need to say anything. It would be a made for perfect movie kind of scene. Vast improvement over last year M. Moore poster.

  37. Anonymous11:44 AM

    That whole "Mama Grizzly" schtick is really old and boring. Sarah is revolting.

    1. Anonymous12:16 PM

      It truly is.
      Give me one example, $arah.

  38. Anonymous12:00 PM


  39. Anonymous12:04 PM

    I've asked *cousin* at least twice if Tristan knows Bristol is her mother and she hasn't answered my question. So I'm a little skeptical about her.
    I'll give her the benefit of doubt that she didn't see my question though. What she writes is interesting and plausible about the
    meaness and dysfunction in that family but I'm not totally convinced she's for real.

    1. Anonymous12:17 PM

      Well, now maybe you know by now you've been had.

    2. Anonymous12:41 PM

      And why would that factoid be "proof" for you . . . moreover, why is it important to know?

      Just asking.

    3. Anonymous12:47 PM

      I don't buy the cuz due to what she said Sarah said about RAM behind her back. After 6 years, Sarah would know that RAM was not looking for a man.

    4. Anonymous12:52 PM

      She did answer your question and she has also explained that she is trying to find all questions and that she has a hard time keeping up with the hundreds of comments. Because of your snotty complaining.....go find it yourself.

      See, it is the same thing with you. Her answer has been posted and you missed it. What should we suspect about you because you can't stay on top of every comment posted across multiple daily blogs as well as across prior day's blogs.

    5. Anonymous12:54 PM

      MALOE said Tristan calls Bristol mommy. Why doesn't that answer your question?

    6. Anonymous12:58 PM

      Gee twice! You poor impatient baby. Believe what you will. And so will we. Go away.

    7. Anonymous1:20 PM

      I've asked *cousin* at least twice if Tristan knows Bristol is her mother and she hasn't answered my question. So I'm a little skeptical about her.
      Who are you that she is obligated to answer your questions?

    8. Anonymous1:24 PM

      Cousin did answer your question: she said (yesterday?) that Tristan does call Bristol "mommy."

      PS. to @1247p, hahahaha. Good one.

    9. Anonymous1:26 PM

      But she did say Tristan calls Bristol "mommy". Wasn't that good enough for you?

    10. Anonymous1:37 PM

      She said that Tristan calls Bristol "mama".

    11. Anonymous1:54 PM

      Actually, 12:04, I saw the answer on the last Palin thread yesterday. She said the child calls Brissy "mommy".

    12. Anonymous2:07 PM

      A thing I've noticed with cousin is that she told a commenter yesterday in response to "are you an early riser" that she is not and does not get up early in the morning but here she is posting comments at 6 and 7 am Alaska time. If she is in AK then that is very early.

    13. *GinaM pointing at 12:04 and in my Nelson voice*

      HA HA!

      Guess you got told! LOL!!!

    14. Anonymous2:46 PM

      I missed bad. I know I don't see all her comments. @1:20 I'm just an interested reader who hates the Palin family, is that a problem for you?

    15. Anonymous3:02 PM

      Anonymous12:17 PM

      Sounds like you very much want to create that impression.

    16. Anonymous3:45 PM

      OMG Anon 2:07, how petty is your comment, in fact it is so damn petty you must be one of those paid trolls. Hope you have been reporting that as income and paying the appropriate taxes. Wowwwwwww, you are not knowingly participating in any money laundering schemes are you?

      I recall that Cousin shared that she often has trouble sleeping and she finds herself reading and responding to blogs during the wee hours.

    17. Anonymous3:54 PM

      I thought the time stamps corresponded to when the blog owner releases them for publication. So something written at midnight might not show up until the following morning. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

    18. Anonymous4:14 PM

      Anon, you can figure this out yourself. Look up the time in Anchorage, note the time you 'publish' your comment and pay attention when it is posted. See how simple that would be.

  40. Anonymous12:29 PM

    As long as Sarah Palin can use that quote on pictures of herself to spread her stink all over Ted Cruz, then I'm happy.

    Hey Moonface, where's your invitation to campaign for the creep?

    1. Anonymous4:22 PM

      Myself, waiting to see if Her Heinous gets an invitation to the RNC. My $$ is on "not on your life" like 2012.

  41. Anonymous12:30 PM

    Has Cruz promised Sarah a cabinet position??

    He is a bit wacky and is likely to do just about anything to get elected.

    1. Anonymous1:48 PM

      His connection (if there really is one!) with Sarah Palin will not help him into the White House.

      The Republican party detests her as much as they do him! They are both losers!

  42. Anonymous12:42 PM

    Hi there, Cousin RAM.

    Is your ass sore from the fall? Did you bounce? Do you regret the decision to write hateful shit for a living given that you'll never have the opportunity to do anything else now that everyone knows you have no principles?

    1. Anonymous2:08 PM

      I vote for RAM.

    2. Uhhh...RAM had no principles when she started "Crazies4Baldy" slobber fest blog and certainly no principles when she was hired by Big Boss to be her mouthpiece! When did RAM EVER have principles??

      Did you read the shit RAM use to write on "Crazies4Palin" before she started working for that crazy bitch?

      It's archived...RAM was a Baldy ass kisser and turd polisher for Baldy...that's why Baldy hired her! Amirite RAM or amirite!


    3. Anonymous3:14 PM

      Your posts are almost enough to keep from ever looking at the comments on this blog.

    4. Anonymous4:22 PM

      3:14 PM Jealous? You don't have to read her comments, assclown.

    5. Anita Winecooler4:25 PM

      Good Job, Gina M!... we need more troll repellent. We'll miss you when you're not on this blog holding your nose and spitting phlegm, 3:14!

  43. Anonymous1:13 PM

    @12:17 I don't believe I've been had.
    Just wondering why she didn't answer my question when she answered others.
    Of course, we may have our doubts, only natural, but she has provided us with info to let us know she knows what's she's talking about.

  44. Anonymous1:23 PM

    Pentagon releases video of U.S. airstrike of ISIS bank that torched 'millions of dollars used to pay the terror group's fighters'

    ISIS cash depot was bombed January 11 in Mosul, Iraq, officials saidDepartment of Defense released video of explosion on FridayAmount of money destroyed and what currency not known  U.S. now plans to bomb more 'financial targets' to destabilize terror group

    The Department of Defense on Friday released declassified video of the major bombing of an ISIS cash depot in Iraq earlier this week.

    A U.S. airstrike destroyed the building in Mosul that the terror group had been using as a bank to pay its fighters, defense officials said.

    The bombing occurred on January 11, and the new video, first obtained by CNN, shows the major explosion that lit up the ground.

    Officials said they did not know how much money was being kept in the depot or what currency it was in, but estimated the amount to be 'millions'.  


  45. Anonymous1:23 PM

    Top photo: the guy looking down laughing is probable saying to himself: I can't believe the crap I just heard and those suckers are buying it.

  46. Anonymous1:50 PM

    Granny Grifta will spread her legs for all of them as long as it makes her a buck. She's nothing more than a political prostitute.

    1. Anonymous2:04 PM

      Mother like daughter

    2. Anonymous2:25 PM

      Thanks buddy. You said Sarah Palin will spread her legs for all to see. That's nasty. Now I'm picturing Sarah's old labia lips hanging down to her knees.

    3. Anonymous2:25 PM

      Agreed. It has, also too, been my opinion that she had no interest whatsoever in learning anything when she was tapped for possible veep except the goods she could get on people to use against them later and why she has not been laid to rest once and for all.

      That tribe is all about threats and vengeance. What lovely x-tians. Go God.

  47. Anonymous1:58 PM

    What is Sarah Palin going to do when the donations to her PAC dry up? Cut back on first class travel? Stay in a cheap motel? Sarah, I have news for you. You can make millions if you write the book before aunt and cousin do.

    1. Anonymous3:18 PM

      How I Made America into Hell and the Peoples I Killed and Screwed along the way...humpback version available...

    2. Anonymous3:56 PM

      318 hahahahaha

  48. Anonymous2:00 PM

    YEAR 2010 was a banner year, an excellent year, an exceptional year for Sarah Palin and SarahPac

    ● SarahPac started off the year with zero dollars in her pocket

    ● In 2010 alone, SarahPac took in $5.7 million dollars in donations/ while only giving a laughable $51.5 thousand given to Republican candidates. How did Sarah pull that one off?

    Yes retards, only 1.5% of your donations given to Sarah was passed on to Republican candidates. What a bunch of dumb asses that fell for that scam

    ● SarahPac had $1,328,855 left over at the end of the year in 2010 (after part of it was spent paying off Sarah Palin's salary, Tim Crawford's salary and the other regular's salary)

    ● Tim Crawford's whopping cut of the pie (his salary in 2010) was $233,000

    If poor people gave $10 donations to SarahPac, it would take 23,300 people just to pay Tim Crawford's 2010 salary

  49. Anonymous2:03 PM

    What is "the New Track Palin"?

    Are you saying Track is back from rehab?

    What is the new Track?

  50. Anonymous2:17 PM

    He would not be in senate today if he had not borrowed $1M dollars to run some really huge ads the week before the election. Sarah fired up the crowds, but the loans financed the message.

  51. Anonymous3:15 PM

    Bigoted GOPer Calls Obama ‘The Most Racially-Divisive President’ Since The Civil War (AUDIO)

    Unite America, bomb everyone else.

  52. Anonymous3:56 PM

    Gun Deaths Now Outpace Motor Vehicle Deaths in 21 States

  53. Anonymous3:57 PM

    I hope the MALOE is still able to function and among the living.

    The part I don't like is you get to know a character in a scenario and you know their existence is in jeopardy. So you don't hear from them and your worry warts come out sending stress through you being.

    1. Anonymous4:12 PM

      If it's true, 3:57 PM. I don't trust a thing associated with the Palin name, nor should anyone.

  54. Anita Winecooler4:27 PM

    Poor Cruz, Trump's chomping his butt, and he's looking to Sarah for a little love er a spanking. Not too bright, Rafael jr.

  55. Anonymous4:32 PM

    So, we are curious about Mary Ellan. Google is your friend.

    Leads to a passage on page 15 of Sarah Palin: Faith, Family, Country:

    Mary Ellan is a Sally Heath friend of 37 years.

  56. Anonymous4:34 PM

    Wasn't there a "Blue Texas" once? Long ago. Does anyone have a clear memory about such comments? I don't know why cousin made me think of that.

  57. Anonymous4:34 PM

    Based on Sarah's 2010 numbers, if you gave Sarah $25.00, only 1.5% would go to all Republican candidates to share amongst each other.

    So all the Republican candidates would have to SHARE .38 cents from every $25 those Sarah's retards give to Sarah

    Donate $25 to Sarah
    $24.62 Goes to Sarah
    .38 cents goes to all the Republican candidates TO SHARE amongst each other

    Nice scam if you ask me.

  58. Anonymous4:37 PM

    then it gets a bit dicey, and this comment on an IM post from Jan 26, 2011, that was posted initially on the defunct WTF blog and may have caused it to shut down as soon as it appeared:

    Anonymous9:36 PM

    now where is the part where Todd Palin was involved in a murder of a prostitute on KJB that was native? Or the getting a IBEW electrician to tape a girl that they just can't KILL or get to MOVE?

    ABI Case number 06-76332 about a child rapist that Palin convinced the Palmer DA to not prosecute because the children were not worth it? or could it be the finanical genocide she inflicts on a mother and her children because she wants them to MOVE?
    Her mother and Palin's best friend came over to the mothers house in 1998 and tried to convince her to move...when she didn't? American Domestic Terrorism...then there is severe domestic violence. or how about the Trooper Wooten who didn't arrest the SOB when he pointed a 9mm at the mother? or left a rifle and released him? how about a coniviction of violation of DVPO being erased so the rapist could drive a school bus?
    or how about going after her employment with the MSBSD and when they didn't fire her?
    They went after her oldest by sending in a kid to start a fight..or how about no child support for 7 years now? or the Commissioner of Revenue being killed by a seatbelt error?
    Same hanger as Todd's plane? or how about the mother sending an email to Palin's best friend Mary Ellan Moe dated July 3rd and then Palin shakily resigned less than 24 hours later? HUGE reasons like a trust fund that belongs to the mother with children that Palin and Moe's didn't want her to find moreless take back
    January 26, 2011 4:45 PM

  59. Anonymous4:51 PM

    Is this how Sarah bought her properties through her LLC'S?

    Are these Sarah's LLC:
    -SM LLC
    and whatever the other LLC's she has or is associated with.

    Donate $25 to Sarah
    $24.62 Goes to Sarah
    .38 cents goes to all the Republican candidates TO SHARE amongst each other

  60. Anonymous4:59 PM

    Still "P" TEASING Palin ?

  61. Anonymous5:04 PM

    So, this is what I am piecing together. Mary Ellan Moe is an old friend of the Heaths. Sarah wrote about her in at least 2 books and Chuck Jr also wrote about the same anecdote in his book. Mary Ellan and her husband were friends of Sally and Chuck Sr. She introduced Sally to her church and was the means by which Sally Heath became a committed Christian.

    The 2 families were linked at the hip in various activities. On July 2, according to blogs, Mary Ellan Moe got a mysterious email that is referred to in that WTF blog comment. Within 2 hours the WTF blog shut down and the next day Sarah resigned her position as governor.

    Now, within the last day or so an anon commenter is leaving mysterious notes in IM blogs about Mary Ellan.

    Is it supposed to scare Cousin or is it nonsense or is it something? Makes my head hurt.

    1. Anonymous5:37 PM

      Within 2 hours the WTF blog shut down and the next day Sarah resigned her position as governor.

      I would hope this can get clear before too much longer.

      'Within 2 hours the WTF blog shut down '

      What is the WTF blog that shut down? That was at the time of the 2009 breathless screech?

  62. Anonymous5:13 PM

    ...or are the Mary Ellan notes just from that person that posts periodically on various blogs about the trust fund and the world court and watch out Palins, your days are numbered until this is all revealed??? I think maybe it is the illogical trust fund poster as the Moes were supposedly all wrapped up in that too.

  63. Anonymous5:27 PM

    Carol Ryan and Marilyn Lane, paid by the PAC and trolls here, are also friends with Sally Heath. So the Mary Ellan circle probably includes the paid trolls as well. Ok, now it is starting to make sense.


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