Saturday, January 30, 2016

The e-mail "scandal" that the conservatives are desperately hoping will derail the Hillary Clinton campaign seems unlikely to do so.

So some of you may have heard this recent news about Hillary's e-mails: 

The State Department announced Friday that it will not release 22 emails from former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton because they contain "top secret" information, the highest level of government classification.

Now that is the kind of news that is guaranteed to cause the Right Wing to start jizzing in their pants.

But hold on.

State Department spokesman John Kirby said the documents, totaling 37 pages, were not marked classified at the time they were sent, but are being upgraded at the request of the Intelligence Community because they contain sensitive information.

This means that Hillary's assertion that she did not have classified e-mails on her server is technically still true.

And just today Hillary seemed to double down on that point: 

Hillary Clinton told NBC she did not generate any of the 22 newly upgraded “top secret” emails recently withheld by the State Department and is not concerned about the contents of the messages. 

“No, I did not,” she told NBC News’ Monica Alba when asked whether she personally wrote any of the emails. She waived them off as old news, according to excerpts of the conversation distributed by NBC News. “I’m really not concerned because it’s the same story that has been going on for months now, and I just don’t think most people are as concerned about that as they are about what we’re going to do to get economy going and how we’re going to protect the Affordable Care Act and everything I talk about in this campaign because that’s what Iowans, Americans talk to me about.”

Of course much is still being made of the fact that the FBI is investigating this case, but it appears that White House Spokesman Josh Earnest just stuck a pin in that as well.

I think now is a good time to remind everybody that there is NO evidence that Hillary's e-mail server was in any way compromised.

However the same cannot be said about the State Department's e-mail server which was indeed attacked in what has been called the "worst hack ever."

So from the evidence presented so far it would seem that any sensitive material that might have been exchanged between then Secretary of State Clinton and the State Department, was far safer while in Hillary's possession than it was on the government e-mail servers.

Just saying.


  1. Anonymous4:37 PM

    Timing is all, and this "scandal" reeks of political trickery. This should've been cleared up long ago.

    In an O/T: ever since I read about Ben Sasse teasing Trump about Trump's tiny hands, I've been looking at everyone's hands, and even Hillary has longer fingers than the Donald. hahahaha

    1. Anonymous5:15 PM

      Just the fact that they have retroactively classified these emails means that she was sending classified info on a non-secure server.

      I don't know why someone didn't counsel Hillary to play by the rules and use a State Department server.

      I'm pretty sure at her age Hillary just doesn't understand the implications regarding digital date transfer but dammit she should have had better advisors, younger people that understand how it all works.

    2. Anonymous5:18 PM

      I'll bet Trump has a little penis! Probably part of the reason he has such an ego problem. The guy makes me gag!

    3. Anonymous5:32 PM

      Ugh, I'm pretty sure that Trump has a tiny little weiner, and it probably has terrible looking skin on it and his balls are probably really droopy and have his ugly ginger hair on them, what pubes he actually has left.

      He's really fat and out of shape so you'd have to lift up his FUPA to even find his ugly, tiny, misshapen ginger-haired weiner, and even then it would likely be soft because he's really old and can't get it up any longer.

      That's a really ugly picture I just painted, right, and here it is almost dinner time...

    4. Anonymous5:45 PM

      @5:15PM Where to start with this comment.

      This may come as a surprise to you, but us old folks are quite capable of understanding how computers, networks, servers, and databases all work as well as encryption, SSL and firewalls.

      In fact it was us old folks that invented all of it. You young folks use it, doesn’t mean you understand how it works.

      Just because her server was at home does not mean it was unsecured and she was playing by the rules, she did not have to use a state department server. What she sent was unclassified at the time; changing classification in the future does not mean she was sending classified material.

    5. Anonymous5:47 PM

      You wanted Clinton to look in her crystal ball and predict that information that wasn't classified at the time would be years in the future?

    6. Anonymous5:48 PM

      People as ancient as Hillary Clinton just can't understand all these newfangled digital thingies.

    7. Anonymous5:51 PM

      The server WAS secure. My God, is there any evidence that even one of those emails got into the wrong hands? Meanwhile, where are Condi's? Powell's? Romney's? I am so sick of the IOKIYAR crap. And by the way. Condi and Colin both used home servers. AND both have been asked to turn over their emails, and have not. Give it up. Hillary is not going to jail.

    8. Anonymous6:08 PM

    9. Boscoe6:40 PM

      Apparently 5:15 doesn't know what "retroactively" means. It means "after the fact". As in "if they just classified the information NOW, that means it WASN'T classified THEN. So unless you are Bill & Ted, changing the status of the information in the present doesn't automatically make Hillz a criminal in the past.

      I understand the desperation of conservatives to twist time and space into a shape that will kill Hillary's campaign, but it's not going to work and just makes them look sad and desperate.

      Maybe next time they should try not to field such a laughably pathetic line up of candidates. Every one of them makes Romney look like a seasoned world leader and sadly even makes Dubya seem *almost* presidential in comparison.

    10. Anonymous 5:15 PM, I've been doing computer stuff for money since 1964; as a student, since somewhat before that. From your reference to "younger people" I suspect you weren't even born then, let alone simulating surface-to-air missiles as part of a procurement study.

      … means that she was sending classified info

      You must have skimmed the article really quickly. The messages in question were sent to her address by other people. It has already been stated that they were more secure there than any copies on state department servers.

      I don't know why someone didn't counsel Hillary to …

      Only because you haven't been following the discussion.

      I'm pretty sure at her age Hillary just doesn't understand the implications regarding digital date[sic] transfer …

      Now you're just being silly.

    11. Anonymous7:09 PM

      Thanks, Ted, but you're wasting your time- all trolls are experts on emailghazi.

  2. Anonymous4:50 PM

    Gryphen needs to find the controversy when Palin was using Blackberry and Yahoo for Alaska government business...then come talk to America about this...

    I mean the security Palin was using was dangerous!

    The security Clinton had was much much more secure!

    Think about it!

    1. Anonymous5:33 PM

      Yes, I'm thinking about it, and what I discovered was that the Alaska Governor was dealing with a lot less sensitive information, on a National level, than was the actual Secretary of State, of our United States of America.

    2. Anonymous5:49 PM

      And gee, have you got any evidence that all that information from her emails caused one tiny world problem? No. Because they did not.
      But vote for Bernie if you choose to. Or vote GOP if you plan to live in a theocracy ruled by a fanatic.

    3. Anonymous5:50 PM

      OMG, she didn't even have a password that was secure. I am surprised the computer didn't reject it.

    4. Anonymous7:06 PM

      Her password was secure, her password was *changed* - because she was stupid enough to have "which high school did I attend" as her secret question.... when at least all of Alaska knew where she was from.

    5. Anonymous7:31 PM

      yes the firewalls Hillary have are more secure than Sarah had with Yahoo for sure!
      and seems like everyone will cry about it!

    6. Anonymous9:37 PM

      Did Platte River Networks, the Denver-based company that hosted Clinton’s email server have top security clearance?

      [Platte River Networks] deleted several pages from its website, including a section about how it outsources its data-disposal work to a local firm called Techno Rescue. That page appears to have been removed earlier this month, but can still be viewed in a cached version on major search engines.

      Did Techno Rescue have the proper security clearances to access the data they wiped?

      Looks bad for the Hilldog!

    7. Anonymous10:35 PM

      9.37 of course the email server host had top level security clearance. It's no big deal, stop trying to imply that it's anything unusual.

      You amateurs give me the shits. You need to go get a job.

    8. Anonymous5:01 AM

      @9:37; as people have tried to school you, the emails on her server *were not classified at the time she had them*. Therefore, whether or not PRN was cleared or not *does not matter*, because the data *was not classified*. Got it yet, Sparky?

  3. Anonymous5:17 PM

    Yea, Hillary Clinton! Fuck the Republicans! Down with their constant trying to dismantle Hillary Clinton! It didn't work!


    1. Anonymous7:00 PM

      I second that.


    2. Anonymous7:57 PM

      Throughout the day, Sanders chafed at a Clinton ad airing in Iowa, The ad, which does not reference Sanders by name, says Clinton will "defend Planned Parenthood, not attack it" and "build on Obamacare, not start over." Sanders said he is pushing for universal healthcare and he pointed out that that he has called for increasing funding to Planned Parenthood, not cutting it.

      "She is talking to the people of Iowa and saying Bernie Sanders wants to dismantle healthcare," Sanders said." Dismantle healthcare? I’ve been fighting for universal healthcare my entire life."

    3. Anonymous7:59 PM

      Fuck the corporate owned politicians that control out two party system.

      Fuck Hillary (Goldmann Sachs) Rodham Clinton and her sugar daddies from wall street.

    4. Anonymous8:53 PM

      Alert! Sweet-talkin' Bernie Bro @7:59.

    5. Anonymous9:41 PM

      Just writing FU like "Anonymous5:17 PM" did.

      Attack by Hillary's Honey ouch!

    6. Anonymous10:34 PM

      Nah nah nah, mature Bernie Bro! @9:41

  4. Anonymous5:17 PM

    OT, but Trump just gave 100K to that puppy Jake foundation that gave the Palins the dog they used to have for Trig. Wonder who put him up to that? Also too, wonder what happened to that dog?

    1. Anonymous10:30 PM

      If I'm any judge the whole fake phony 'fundraiser' was Sarah's influence. She is still hanging out to grift those Vets, to slurp that Vet-grifting gravy train. So it's no surprise that all the big 'donations' were fake too and I'm willing to lay good money on there being not one single reputable charity among the lucky recipients.

      Also too, isn't 100 grand kind of chicken feed when there are so many millions in 'donations' to be had? Or maybe the big fat 'donations' will just melt quietly away now, back into the consolidated revenue of Trump's very own little foundation, from whence they no doubt came.... ?

  5. Anonymous5:22 PM

    OT-Murder riigghhtt..Michelle Fiore, the Republican legislator from Nevada> Thanks C&L.

  6. Anonymous5:55 PM

    Okay, I'm dense but why were the emails NOT classified at the time Hillary was dealing with them as SOS but NOW they are classified? Sounds to me like they are just trying to stir things up. Either the emails were always classified or they weren't. Which is it? Somebody please explain this to me. They weren't classified. Oops! Now we think they should have been classified? Sounds to me like the people doing the classifying are the incompetent ones and they don't know their asses from a hole in the ground.

    1. Anonymous2:11 AM

      The State Dept is so worried they'll get caught out doing the wrong thing that they're now attempting to shut that whole thing down (as it were) by reclassifying everything top top top Maxwell Smart CONTROL secret. Because that's how it has always done. You don't want anyone to know what you're doing? Classify it way above those prying eyes. Easy.

    2. Anonymous7:54 AM

      I was reading an article the other day about how 50 - 90% of information labeled as "classified" by the state department/federal government would present no threat to security if it was made public. Apparently this kind of "overclassification" of information is par for the course.

      I need to find that article...

  7. Anita Winecooler5:57 PM

    Back to the emails..... nothing happens....... on to ben ghazi........ nada there..... ooops this wasn't marked top secret at the time, but these e mails are fungible commodities, and the nature and level of secrecy changes from time to time. It's a non issue, and it's helping Hillary more than hurting her.
    OT Ivanka, from her bodoir high in tramp towers, did a commercial for those slow iowans with accents on how to vote for her daddy. "Just write TRUMP in the square space, and that's it, you're done!!!"
    Not only is she sexy and beautiful, daddy might find her intellectually stimulating. Sleep with both eyes open Melania, oh wait, you already do that. Don't know what to tell ya.

    1. Anonymous6:59 PM

      LOL Anita. I'll have what you're having ;)

  8. Anonymous6:13 PM

    If I have to, I will hold my nose and vote for Hillary Clinton in November. Assuming she gets the nomination, she will be less worse than whoever the Republican candidate is. But I won't vote for her with an ounce of enthusiasm, and I will vote for her with much reluctance. She is a member of the rightwing fundie Christian group known as the Family. So I don't trust Hillary Clinton on a single issue. I can only hope, but definitely not trust, that she won't be as bad as an actual Republican. If her lying cheating horndog of a middle-class destroying husband is any example, she won't be much better.

    Clinton's maintaining of a private server, knowing it was a shady thing to do, is a perfect example of how secretive and dishonest she is. A person with that much to hide is not a person to trust. Trusting anything she says to get elected would be a big mistake.

    And no - you do NOT have to be a Republican to think Hillary Clinton sucks, so don't even try it. You DO have to be an honest Democrat who is not willing to look the other way and make excuses for them when candidates like Hillary Clinton are as crooked, Wall Street-enabling, and full of triangulating SHIT as she is.

    1. Anonymous6:58 PM

      Tell someone who cares, RAM.

    2. Anonymous7:52 PM

      The crowd happily sang along and cheered for headlining band Vampire Weekend.

      But it was the 74-year-old senator from Vermont who proved to be the night's main event.

      As he ascended to a raised platform in the middle of the shoulder-to-shoulder crowd, Sanders was greeted by deafening cheers and chants of "Bernie! Bernie! Bernie!" Many of the concertgoers had waited outside for hours to snag a spot on the field house floor.

      "Whoa," Sanders said. "There's a lot of people here."

      The concert, which ended with a rendition of "This Land Is Your Land," capped off a day of campaign efforts aimed at translating Sanders' large crowd counts and enthusiasm into votes on Monday night.

    3. Anonymous8:04 PM

      anon 6:58 What a ridiculous thing to say. Ram has nothing to do with what was said. There are many of us who feel that way about the Clintons. We are democrats but we don't like or trust the Clintons. I will write Bernie's name in if Hillary wins the nomination. I don't like her, don't trust the old warhawk and will not support her period. This is a political revolution....we don't vote the enemy of our democracy in because she is a woman or the democrat running....we write the name in of the one who should have won. Go Bernie Sanders.

    4. Anonymous8:06 PM

      "less worse than whoever"

      Did you mean to say 'better than whomever?'

      ~Grammar Police for Clinton

    5. Anonymous8:56 PM

      8:04?- why would you "trust" any politician? Do you live in a fairy tale? I read the 4 part series on Bernie at the Shakesville website & I wouldn't "trust" him, either.

    6. Anonymous9:17 PM

      "Looking for Bernie, Part 1" -

    7. Anonymous10:24 PM

      8.04 it's easy to see you are lying. No Democrat is that stupid. Go back to c4pee.

    8. Anonymous12:36 AM

      6:58 Life long Democratic voter here also, but you know what? I have zero enthusiasm for Hillary as well. I won't vote for her but my independent right leaning husband is intrigued by Sanders and is willing to give him an honest look which is more than I will do for Clinton so stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

    9. Anonymous1:00 AM

      Thank you, 9:17, for posting that link! I read it as well as parts 2,3, and 4. Very eye-opening. I'm still largely undecided for the primary election, but it's nice to read a piece about Sanders' history as a progressive and a politician different from what we get from Sanders' die hard supporters.

      Bernie is obviously a progressive, but not a perfect one (as so many people want to believe). Guess what? He's a politician. He has flip flopped on some issues and compromised on others in the pursuit of getting elected. He also has a history of minimizing the plight of women and people of color, subsuming them completely under the umbrella of economics while not addressing the problems of sexism and racism to the degree I would expect from a progressive.

      I'm not saying I wouldn't vote for him based on this piece or his history, but information is always a good thing to have.

      Here are links to parts 2, 3, and 4 in case anyone is interested in reading them:

    10. Anonymous5:34 AM

  9. Anonymous7:02 PM

    Speaking of the ACA, we are losing one of our only two options up here, Moda Health, which leaves us only with Blue Cross/Blue Shield. Personally, I was paying only $300/month with Moda with my subsidy and with Blue Cross my premium will go up to nearly $670/month. The tax penalty just became more affordable than having insurance.

    Moda customers will still have insurance until the next enrollment period in the fall but unless someone else joins the insurance pool up here there are many of us that will go back to being uninsured.

    1. Anonymous8:06 PM

      vote Bernie and let's move to universal health coverage for all citizens. It may take some time to get but at least we will all be working on it. Not just living with , "no we can't ".

    2. Anonymous8:58 PM

      8:06 - still waiting for Bernie to explain EXACTLY how he will pay for all these momentous changes, and get them through a GOP House.

    3. Anonymous9:49 PM

      Why not ask Hillary about her wall street sweethearts, what did she say that was worth $225,000 to Goldmann Sachs???

      I knoe it wasn't sex she was selling!

    4. Anonymous10:14 PM

      "waaaah, the tax penalty just became more affordable than having insurance"

      So drop your insurance, crybaby. See where that gets you.

    5. Anonymous12:48 AM

      8:58, a little regulation in the healthcare department goes a long way. I know from personal experience that orthopedic procedures in the US versus Canada will run you nearly1/2 to 2/3 the cost in the states. Recent orthopedic surgery for my son in the US included $17K for hardware (a plate and 7 pins) $2K extra for an additional hour in recovery because he threw up a couple times. $58K for a 3 hour surgery not including the surgeon's fee of $12K. Give me a break. no pun intended! Regulating doctors, medical suppliers and pharma goes a long, long way towards affordable health care.It can be done you only need to demand it.

    6. Anonymous5:28 AM

      12:48 - how will that get through a GOP house? It won't.

  10. Anonymous7:11 PM

    I still think it's a brilliant move to not trust the State Dept computers with their 24/7 Chinese hacking attempts and whatnot.

    Not to mention Republican hackers.

    1. Anonymous9:52 PM

      Brilliant, breaking the law and putting classified government documents on a private email server.

      WTF was she thinking, I can wipe everything if I want???

    2. Anonymous10:13 PM

      The Bush administration wrote the manual for deleting emails. 20 million illegally deleted emails, that's an awesome lot of Bush-Cheney conspiracy America will never know about, isn't it?

    3. Anonymous4:25 AM

      9:52, the government documents weren't classified at the time, they now became classified retroactively. Hillary says release all the emails now the classifyers say they can't because they are classified.

    4. Anonymous5:10 AM

      Hey, Sparky at 9:52; how is it that you're too stupid to understand "the emails were not classified when they were sent to her", but you're not too stupid to operate a computer? Looks like you're being stupid on purpose.

    5. Anonymous9:21 AM

      Hey 5:10, how is it that you are too stupid to understand she never had the proper authority and approvals to maintain the private server? She broke the law right from the gate, and the news just keeps getting worse.

    6. Anonymous10:49 AM

      At the time, what law did she break in having a private server? What "proper authority and approvals" did she need?

      You should evaluate what happened based on the facts.

    7. Anonymous1:05 PM

      10:49. Those are the facts dipshit.

      There is already precedent in criminal cases involving government employees for the very same thing. Not that precedent is even necessary, illegal is illegal.

  11. Anonymous7:34 PM

    check ol Sarah's LLC and 'endorsement' and I recall she was all abuzz about that movie mocking Islam?
    didn't she invest in that whole 'ordeal' anyways?
    I thought ol Sarah was at some film festival with that actress in that 'mock a Muslim' movie? E!

    1. Anonymous8:11 PM

      It has a full write up about a business LLC in California that is a 'concerned citizens for the first amendment'..smells like Sarah

  12. Anonymous7:49 PM

    Do you mean did I wipe with a cloth or something???

    And the lies begin!

    I did not have sex with Monica Lewenski!!!

    1. Anonymous2:04 AM

      Oh FGS go back to your slimy pond and learn to spell. Idiot.

  13. Anonymous8:22 PM

    Dr. Jill Stein, is a smart and very classy lady who is running for president, she is the one we need for the first women president of the US!

    Jill Stein's platform more viable than Bernie's

    Senator Bernie Sanders' domestic proposals have got millions excited, but the (unfair and misleading) criticism that he'll raise taxes may be a tragic flaw, and it's one he opens himself up to by refusing to say that he'll cut the military. Stein would cut at least half of the single biggest item in the discretionary budget, an item that takes up at least half of that budget: military spending. She'd cut fossil fuel subsidies, as well, and expect savings to come from healthcare, including as a result of cutting pollution and improving food quality. But the big immediate item is the military. Cutting it is popular with voters, but not with Democratic or Republican presidential candidates. Sanders will be labeled the Tax Man by the corporate media, while Jill Stein will have to be attacked in a different way if she gets mentioned.

    "Cutting the military budget is something that we can do right now," Stein told me, "but we want to be clear that we are putting an end to wars for oil – period. And that is part of our core policy of a Green New Deal which creates an emergency program, establishing twenty million living wage jobs, full-time jobs, to green the economy, our energy, food, and transportation systems, building critical infrastructure, restoring ecosystems, etc. This is an emergency program that will get to 100 percent renewable energy by 2030. So this is a war-time-level mobilization in order to completely detoxify our energy system, and that means both nuclear and fossil fuel. In doing that, we deprive the empire of this major justification for wars and bases all around the world. So we want to be clear that that emphasis is gone, and goading the American public into war so as to feed our fossil fuel energy system – that ends and makes all the more essential and possible the major cutting of the military budget."

  14. Anonymous8:49 PM

    Sarah is buying "likes" again for her facebook...

  15. Anonymous8:53 PM

    I personally love that pic of Hillary.
    They're all crooks, every last one, but
    "Have at me. I am sufficient bored." :)

  16. Anonymous9:11 PM

    Just saw (DM) that Trump credits Falwell's endorsement for his poll jump in the last few days. That's got to sting... Poor Sarah

  17. Anonymous2:54 AM

    I read that there was on email on the server that was so secret, it was password encrypted. Pretty hard to say there were zero top secret items on the server. Since SOS was a top position and some data/info would be too complex to merely deal with by phone, if over four years Hillary never received a top secret email, then what did she actually do? Was she a token employee who was left in the dark while the office was run wholly by others? The other issue is whether she used same email address to run state business and clinton foundation. That is a conflict of interest crime.

    1. Anonymous5:26 AM


    2. Maple7:56 AM

      I read that Obama is the anti-Christ. Do I believe what I read? Of course not. Why should you? As 5:26 suggests, please provide a link so that we may judge its veracity. By the way, do you have ANY idea of how the State Dept. functions? I thought not.

    3. Anonymous8:37 AM

    4. Anonymous9:18 AM

      Don't bother with giving Hillary fan club sycophants links. They won't believe them anyways. They would prefer to keep the blinders on. Even if Hillary is indicted they won't believe it.

    5. Anonymous10:35 AM

      What's your problem, 9:18? Most of us are trying to be objective, looking at both Hillary and Bernie's pros and cons.

    6. Anonymous10:40 AM

      That national review article is unabashedly-biased trash.

    7. Anonymous12:34 PM

      Yeah and Fox News is never my "go to" for unbiased reporting.

  18. Anonymous8:05 AM

    Hillary Clinton Demands That All Of Her Emails Be Released

    n a fiery statement, the Hillary Clinton campaign blasted the bureaucratic turf war that is causing the delay in her emails being made public. The presidential campaign of the former secretary of state demanded the release of all of her emails.

    Hillary for America National Press Secretary Brian Fallon said in a statement:

    We firmly oppose the complete blocking of the release of these emails. Since first providing her emails to the State Department more than one year ago, Hillary Clinton has urged that they be made available to the public. We feel no differently today.

    After a process that has been dominated by bureaucratic infighting that has too often played out in public view, the loudest and leakiest participants in this interagency dispute have now prevailed in blocking any release of these emails. This flies in the face of the fact that these emails were unmarked at the time they were sent, and have been called ‘innocuous’ by certain intelligence officials. We understand that these emails were likely originated on the State Department’s unclassified system before they were ever shared with Secretary Clinton, and they have remained on the department’s unclassified system for years. And, in at least one case, the emails appear to involve information from a published news article.

    This appears to be over-classification run amok. We will pursue all appropriate avenues to see that her emails are released in a manner consistent with her call last year.

    Each time that the intelligence community bureaucracy delays or holds back the release of her emails, the email story lives for another day. The easiest way for Clinton to get the empty email scandal out of the presidential campaign is for the intelligence community to stop fighting with each other and reclassifying her emails.

    The sooner all of the emails are released, the better it will be for her presidential campaign. Republicans have spent years trying to come up with a smoking gun email that will stop the Clinton campaign, and they’ve got nothing.

    The Clinton email “scandal” has always been about the 2016 election.


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