Saturday, February 06, 2016

0% of Icelanders 25 and under believe that the God created the world.

Courtesy of Iceland Magazine:  

Iceland seems to be on its way to becoming an even more secular nation, according to a new poll. Less than half of Icelanders claim they are religious and more than 40% of young Icelanders identify as atheist. Remarkably the poll failed to find young Icelanders who accept the creation story of the Bible. 93.9% of Icelanders younger than 25 believed the world was created in the big bang, 6.1% either had no opinion or thought it had come into existence through some other means and 0.0% believed it had been created by God.

Gee, yet another country that is far more enlightened than America. 

Oh well, I think we're getting there.


  1. Our Lad4:14 AM

    Aren't they worried that they'll go, you know, to hell? Or North Dakota? Just wonderin.

  2. Anonymous4:48 AM

    Sounds like my place to escape to. Mid way between the US and Western Europe to warm up

    1. warm up?? I lived there for a few years as a kid, and we had about 1 day a year that reached 60 degrees (Farenheit)... it is beautiful, though.
      ..sorry if I misunderstood your comment :)

  3. Lotta Pagans there too, I understand. I've got to admire people who will route roads around hills that elves occupy. I know you're atheist, Gryphen, but I know a lot of Christians who think angels are real- and if the Icelanders feel the hill is occupied by an elf, I'm going to support them. I wouldn't mess with an elf, either. Mostly they ignore humans but they can get testy.

  4. Anonymous9:48 AM

    This is a good read>

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  6. Anita Winecooler5:18 PM

    The closest I got was Finland and was genuinely impressed, and I thought it was like dying and going to, well, a better place, I don't believe in Heaven/Hell.
    Their outlook on life, work, and family are fantastic and church and state are clearly separate.

  7. I've always wanted to visit this place, now I KNOW I wanna go!


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