Monday, February 01, 2016

If this isn't the perfect metaphor for how people feel about Ted Cruz I don't know what its.

As others have pointed out this might just be due to a tired and cranky child who has had a long day.

Or it could be that Ted Cruz's children despise him.

You decide.


  1. CorningNY9:03 AM

    That child clearly did NOT want a hug from her father. He was really tone-deaf to insist on a hug. I bet he's a crappy dad.

  2. Babygirl Cruz appears to have as charming a personality as her father. The nut doesn't fall far from the tree, as they say.

    1. Anonymous9:25 AM

      Have you ever met a 7-year old?

    2. Anonymous12:41 PM

      I agree Imagin ista 9:03. She has a personality like her father.

    3. Anonymous12:43 PM

      @Anonymous 9:25 AM

      I have known hundreds of 7 year olds and they adore a daddy hug. When President Obama was running for president his 7 year old Sasha adored his hugs, and she still does.

    4. Anonymous4:30 PM

      I mean that 7 year olds get cranky and aren't always sweetness and light, even 7 year old girls. And yes, even 7 year old girls who have wonderful parents who love them and treat them well. I'm not saying this little girl is a treat most of the time or that she doesn't hate her father, just that we shouldn't pretend that all little girls just love hugs from their daddies all the time.

      I've got two girls who adore their father (and he's a great one). But, even though they normally love getting hugs from him, I've witnessed them push away from one of his hugs or kisses when they are cranky.

      Ted Cruz is an asshole and his girls are likely little brats considering their parents, but that doesn't mean we should have unrealistic expectations about the behavior of children.

      (for example, down below when someone suggested 7 years is too old to use the "I'm tired and cranky" excuse).

  3. No contest: she disrespects him and no amount of spanking (as some people as suggested be done to the kid
    on a link in another post below) will make her.

    Respect is earned, not beaten into a person.
    This video shows how creepy her father is, to try to kiss her (for the camera) despite her disgust. No means No.

    1. Anonymous9:35 AM


    2. Anonymous12:25 PM

      That gave ME the creeps!!

    3. Anonymous12:38 PM

      I disagree that was disrespectful. Even a 7 y/o child should be in control of her body and who hugs it, even if it's your very loved father.

      That is something subtle that teaches children their body is not theirs and sets them up for later abuse. Making a child kiss or hug that wacky Aunt, creepy Uncle or grandparent.

      That child most likely was very very tired and wanted no part of what was going on. The very telling part is how her needs and emotions were completely ignored by her father, as if they don't matter.

      You do not see that callousness in other past candidates, Obama's, Bush's, Clintons, Bidens (grandchildren), etc. They all were human and loving parents (whether you like their politics or not) and recognized human emotions.

  4. Anonymous9:08 AM

    Why not both, Gryph? He is horrible, AND his child is cranky.

    1. Anonymous9:15 AM

      Agreed. No place worse for a tired and possibly hungry child than a chaotic campaign event with so many people, noises, strangers.
      For him to push himself on her shows that he doesn't know much about kids.

    2. eclecticsandra11:48 AM

      It must be difficult for a child to hear the bad feelings that come up in a campaign. They were too young to realize what the negativity expressed.

  5. Anonymous9:12 AM

    She sure didn't want a kiss on the cheek!
    Can't say I blame her.

  6. Anonymous9:14 AM

    That child is too old to use the "tired and cranky after a long day" excuse. She looks like she genuinely does not like this man - I hesitate to say dad, because she is acting like he's some annoying stranger. I have a feeling Mr Cruze is a hands off father and is rarely around his kids.

    1. Anonymous9:26 AM

      I agree that she probably doesn't like hi much.

      But 7-year olds are very much susceptible to "tired and cranky after a long day."

    2. Anonymous11:28 AM

      I have a feeling that he is a very hands ON father, as in hands where they don't belong. (Ow Ow Ow) Why else would she connect kissing with pain?

    3. Anonymous4:54 AM

      That was simply odd. I've never seen a child flip away a parent like that. Somethings up in that family that's not right. Ow ow? Where's creepy putting his hands??

  7. Anonymous9:20 AM

    Rafael Edward and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Campaign

    Ted Cruz’s Campaign Is Literally Stuck in the Mud in Iowa

  8. Anonymous9:23 AM

    Kissing someone who does not want to be kissed is NEVER okay.

    1. Anonymous10:11 AM

      Agree! Also, If that child at 7 years old is so tired and cranky from campaigning that she needs to be carried by a staffer she's abused!

  9. Anonymous9:24 AM

    Oh oh, that poor girl is gonna get it when they get home! Did you notice his quick backward glance to see if anyone caught the rebuff?


    1. Anonymous10:24 AM

      Mildred, I did notice the backward glance. And I'm wondering why a 7 y/o needs to be carried.

    2. Anonymous10:27 AM

      Yes I caught his creepy look after he demanded his kiss for the camera. Didn't Cruz say "leave the kids out of politics"? He should listen to his own advice.

    3. Anonymous4:56 AM

      I caught it mildred. That poor child.

  10. Anonymous9:26 AM

    Remember when Jimmy Carter tried to kiss Jackie in a reception line? She wasn't having any. Good for her. I like Jimmy Carter otherwise, but this was wrong and Jackie did not go along with it. Double good for her, for us.

    1. Anonymous9:33 AM

      You sayin it does not make it so fool

    2. Anonymous9:57 AM

      "Double good for her, for us."
      What exactly does this mean?

    3. Anonymous10:03 AM

      Her doing it made it so.

    4. Anonymous10:23 AM

      "Double good for us" means it helps a lot to see a role model (as Jackie was for much of her life) say NO when a man tries to touch her in a way that is inappropriate. To give the rest of us courage to do likewise.

      As others have pointed out on this thread, the little girl is likely to get punished at home so she does not repeat her behavior of refusing a kiss when she does not want one. Submit, girls! The man decides! He has needs. Forget about yours, you are put on earth to be submissive, starting as a little girl.

      Some of us (MANY of us, of the female persuasion -- and even some enlightened men, like Mike Nichols) are opposed to unwanted touching and kissing. Some of us have, in the past, glossed over bad behavior in the perp so as to avoid making a scene. So we submit. Why can't the perp try to figure out if his attentions are wanted or not? Starting with a little girl's feelings, which she made v clear. Which Andrea Merkel made clear. Which Jackie made clear. Which often are not made clear to others but are clear to a woman or a girl, in the face of unwanted touching. Which the perp surely realizes, if he has any interest whatsoever in the feelings of his victim -- but often he just thinks it's his "right," which is a common view. But never okay.

      This is a larger issue.

    5. Anonymous11:07 AM

      How did Jackie and Andrea Merkel get in this post about Ted and his child's reaction to him? Ted definitely is not the father President Obama is. Children and animals know the real intentions of people.

    6. Anonymous11:34 AM

      Jackie and Andrea were doing exactly what this little girl was doing: saying "YUCK!" to unwanted touching. That's why I brought it up. There's a lot of it going around, and not much push-back. But little girl, Andrea, and Jackie pushed back. Rare. Good.

      The victim's acquiescence is the result of a lifetime of training (incl physical punishment) that you are supposed to submit to an unwanted kiss.

      Perps who do unwanted touching (and it's hard to imagine they are so cloddish as to be unaware that it is unwanted) count on the victim's acquiesence (acquiesence based on "doing the right thing" or avoiding making a scene).

      Jackie and Andrea exhibited their right to have THEIR feelings prevail in the face of unwanted touching. This is so rare that it made all the papers. Just like this little girl's reaction.

      But I guess we all suspect there will be an attempt to train/coerce her out of it. I hope it does not work, but I fear it will.

      Jackie said NO even though it was in public and being filmed. Ditto Andrea, in a roomful of peer leaders of state. And so did this brave little girl say NO to the Dad's wish which was clearly not her wish.

      This is of course not a big deal for those who are perps. It is a very big deal, even if unexpressed, to many who are victims of it, including the 7-yr-old Mike Nichols (see above quote).

  11. Anonymous9:27 AM

    Ted loves to spank his girls and boast about it. He is their terrorist

  12. Anonymous9:27 AM

    Little Piper also pushed media. I can't be the only one that thinks children don't belong on the trail.

  13. Anonymous9:28 AM

    Remember when Bush II approached Andrea Merkel from behind (she was seated) and started to do a backrub? And she recoiled? Triple good for her.

    Unauthorized, unwanted touching: it says so much. Ugly.

  14. Anonymous9:32 AM

    Hahaha -- teaching women to submit. Spank them if they don't. Family values on parade. Hideous.

    When Mike Nichols arrived in America at age 7, speaking no English, he did know two sentences in English:

    -- "I do not speak English."

    -- "Please do not kiss me."

  15. Anonymous9:41 AM

    I know I would have never done that to my father. I would instead have been worried to leave him alone on an ugly campaign trail. (Yes, I've been a worry wart my entire life.) This video does not show a normal father/daughter relationship, imho. And above all, he should respect her not wanting a kiss or a hug. In fact, he looks a bit creepy and way too pushy. Worries me a little, actually.

  16. Anonymous9:42 AM

    AND the perfect metaphor for the very thing his ole college roomie said about him: He'd vote for anyone else, even someone you pick out of the phone book. Just not Cruz.

  17. Anonymous10:08 AM

    His child's behavior is consistent with a child that is not comfortable with whatever he was trying to do?
    Not a natural reaction to a loving and caring parent.
    Just an experienced observation.

    1. Anonymous10:24 AM


    2. Anonymous11:46 AM

      Doesn't it remind you of how Trig responds to Sarah? He's always trying to get away from her, and when he is held down by her arms, he struggles to get his head out of her reach.
      Why isn't this child back in Texas in school? It isn't spring break...or is Heidi now 'home schooling' since she took her Goldman-Sachs leave of absence? Come on Iowa, vote against this creep and let's get him off the trail and back in DC until his term runs out.

  18. PalinsHoax10:11 AM

    Looks like the wife too, is not too fond of kissing hubby, and instead gives him an "air-kiss". Is everyone in that family repulsed by Cryptillian Cruz?

    1. Anonymous10:54 AM

      Remember how they had to rehearse their entry & show of affection when he announced his run at Liberty University? Sorry, but two people who are truly affectionate towards each other don't need to practice. AND it shows in their eyes. The Cruz's--not so much.

  19. At about the 00:04 mark she starts to flick him away like a bug.

  20. Anonymous10:14 AM

    Cruz is a jerk & she is her father's daughter.

  21. Anonymous10:17 AM

    He's even creepy with his own kids! Every interaction I've seen with his daughters gives me the willys. Very, very odd family! Worse than the Santorums!

  22. Anonymous10:31 AM

    The idea that the child was tired, cranky, or behaving badly is also NEVER a justification for forced kissing. What a lesson to teach your child -- oh, but she's going to be a woman, so she better learn it early.

    1. Anonymous10:46 AM


    2. Anonymous11:53 AM

      YES!!! 10:31 to 10:46 Last line> Then Daddy(s) can OGLE over the daughters and treat females like this and be CHEERed do so>

  23. Anonymous10:35 AM

    It appears that the Cruz family isn't comfortable around Ted. They don't appear to be a happy family.

  24. Anonymous10:39 AM

    After being forced to perform in this ad, who can blame her.

  25. Anonymous10:44 AM

    The kid looks like she's trying to flick a bugger at daddy dearest. A trick he probably taught her.

  26. Anonymous10:45 AM

    I'll bet she got another spanking from that slimy rat.

    1. Anonymous11:41 AM

      That's my fear. If they get hit for 'lying,' do they also get hit for making Daddy look bad on camera? I couldn't figure out how he was hurting her..did he grab her arm really hard to make her turn toward him? Everyone is saying that was the seven year old, but she looks far older than old is his eldest daughter?

  27. Anonymous10:46 AM

    I think the kids sense he is an evil bastard. I like the way she turned away from him when he tried to kiss her...Yuck!

  28. Anonymous11:04 AM

    Someone picked up a 7-year old (too old to be picked up like that) and was preparing to cart her off so I'd guess she was in an uncooperative mood. Ted Cruz sickens me. He disrespected his daughter. I feel so sad for her.

  29. Jilia O Malley11:25 AM

    Make. It. Stop.


    "Frank Smith
    This kid was a dirtbag long before he ever went to Iraq, and the only duty he had there was to drive a general around to get his nails done, etc. With the exception of Todd's stepmom and Trig, most of her family are in fact dirtbags.

    "Woundedness?" I hereby refudiate that.

    The military consumes over half our annual budget. We have 11 aircraft carriers, more than the rest of the world combined. If she's worried about deficits, why isn't she concerned about that?"

    "Rick Bray · Cordova High School
    Track never saw combat. She wasnt talking about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, what Track suffers from is Palin Traumatic Stress Disorder. A lot of Alaskans suffer from this disorder.

    But if she thinks soldiers should receive better post war treatment, she needs to take on the Republican leadership who could care less about funding it."

    "Lee Mayhan · Boston City Hospital School Of Nursing 1972
    Mama Bear Plain ripped the national media a new one when they took on her kids and she screamed not fair, leave my kids out of this. So she goes to a Trump rally and talks about her son's latest troubles with the law and uses him to make political hay. How does Track feel that where ever he goes Mama Bear has greased the path that he travels so no one will ever forget that he never saw actual combat, he is living at mommy's and daddy's house, he drinks and hits his girl friend at his parents house and threatens with one of the multilple guns laying around to kill himself. There should be a "go fund me" for Track of which I would donate that would fund his travel expenses to another country where he can live in peace and get away from Mama Bear.
    Like · Reply · 4 · 1 hr
    Frank Smith
    To get sufficient distance from Snowflake Snookie, he'd have to become an astronaut.
    Like · Reply · 1 · 30 mins"

    "Kay Bush · Palmer, Alaska
    Actually that look of sheer terror on her face when they cut to her before the interview was telling of what was to come. I can't agree with her politics but I do feel sorry for her. She is in way over her head and that look said she knows it.
    Like · Reply · 5 · 1 hr
    Bob Atkinson · Alpena Community College
    You have far more compassion than me Ms. Bush. She's definitely in over her head and has been for decades but the hatred she incites with her meaningless word salad is unforgiveable. Watching Trumps expressions as she gave that ridiculous, nonsensical endorsement spiel you could see that he didn't understand what she was saying either but it didn't matter. What they are both appealing to are the basest of emotions in the audience and most certainly not their intellects. The truth doesn't matter to people who are intellectually incapable of thinking beneath the surface. They both are manipulating liars who won't be missed once they're done with this act and leave the stage for good.
    Like · Reply · 15 · 1 hr"

  30. Anonymous11:57 AM


  31. Anonymous12:13 PM

    If he talks to his daughter the same way he talks to us, i cant blame her. Did you notice the quick glance to the camera Cruz made, hoping no one saw that....he is such the fake.

  32. Anita Winecooler12:14 PM

    Yeah, kids get cranky when they're off their routine and eating junk food, losing sleep, and sinking in the polls. I don't blame Ted Cruze one bit for being cranky, too bad his daughter didn't deck him in the nutz. but it seems he kind of knew she'd do it, and had someone restrain her. Don't worry Ted, once she gets back to school and a normal life, she'll settle down while you speak to a professional while lying on a couch with and ice bag on that slimey head of yours.

  33. She wants to be Trump's kid.

  34. Anonymous2:59 PM

    That was funny!

  35. Anonymous4:07 PM

    Gut instinct...something is wrong in that house.

  36. Anonymous10:25 PM

    Palin is another kiss of death to republican candidate

  37. Anonymous6:37 AM

    Ted Cruz's daughter is a spoiled brat, maybe she'll be a pregnant teen like Bristol.


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