Thursday, February 25, 2016

John Oliver's take on abortion laws in this country is your must watch video of the day.

Damn not only was that full of great laughs, but it was incredibly powerful as well.

John Oliver and Samantha Bee, are the antidote to our depression over the loss of Jon Stewart. 


  1. Yeah, but that's only two days a week,
    one if you don't get HBO. Colbert isn't like he was, and Seth Meyers is on too late.
    Oh well, gotta have something to bitch about, right!!

  2. Anonymous12:38 PM

    That was good to watch. I complain a lot about these terribly unfair laws, and people think I'm exaggerating. I've been told that there is just no way states would waste time on this. Do you remember that invasive ultrasound probably out of Virginia? Argh .... Doesn't matter if I provide links to some people. Which is another point, there really isn't much reporting on this issue. Now, thanks to John Oliver I can send this clip & let him explain in his humorous style. Perhaps it'll keep their attention. When I was 17 my best friend called asking if I'd come over because she was sick & her parents were out of town. I rode my bike to her house, went in when she didn't respond. I found her dead surrounded by a pool of blood. I thought she'd been murdered. Earlier that day, she took a cab to Detroit & had an abortion. It was a botched abortion. I had no idea. It is a nightmare I cannot escape. To this day, I agonize over it. Back then, good girls didn't get pregnant. To keep everyone believing she was still a "good girl" she tried to fix it. Alone. Let me repeat: alone. My heart breaks still today. I don't know who impregnated her. She didn't have a boyfriend. I think I would have known. It could have been something innocent, or sinister as in rape or incest. I don't know. But she died alone. By herself. A cry out to me, but I was too late. But she bled to death. Now today, assholes, who have no clue & plain just don't care are creating laws to force women & girls to the back alley abortionist. My heart cries. Thank you John Oliver.

    1. Anonymous6:43 PM

      That is a heartbreaking story. I'm so sorry for you as well as your friend. What a horrible way to die.

  3. Anonymous1:01 PM

    Loved it! Love Sam Bee too! Thanks John and Sam.

  4. Anonymous1:28 PM

    That was great. Informative and hilarious at the same time.

  5. Anonymous3:09 PM

    That was excellent. Very informative.

    Thank you for posting, Gryphen.

  6. I hope John brings out the sloths more often. Loved the sloth.

    I watch John every week on HBO Now and have been eagerly awaiting his return from hiatus.

    I watch Bill Maher too so that's two shows.

    I have a few marked for viewing later, like Deadwood. And I do watch the occasional movie.

    I miss The Colbert Report but do catch Stephen every night.

    I miss Jon. Miss him a lot.

  7. Anita Winecooler4:11 PM

    There's no male equivalent, but it would be wonderful to watch a man chained to the plumbing and forced to be a mother because of these idiotic laws. I've spoken with women in my family who lived when abortions weren't available, and the suffering and death, all un needed were about one thing and one thing only. Women will be submissive to men and every fetus will be taken full term, regardless of the woman's health, ability to raise a child, ability to take time off from school, work, etc...
    Thanks for the clip, I hope something's done to uphold the law of the land and keep abortion safe, legal, and accessible.

  8. Anonymous11:10 PM

    Here's another attack on women. In Illinois they are proposing legislation to NOT issue birth certificates to children born to single mothers. Unless she names a father, or someone in her family signs off on the birth. WTF? I hate these fucking teabagging Republicans. If there is a heaven, they'll never get close to the pearly gates, let alone inside. Shame, shame, shame.

  9. Anonymous2:01 AM

    Thank you for posting this clip. The TRAP laws are not medically necessary and place undue burdens.

    So glad to see John Oliver and Samantha Bee cover this topic.

  10. Anonymous6:20 AM

    I hope there can also be commentaries about the "rape, incest, and life of mother" exceptions so many Repub candidates rattle off their tongue, and the lazy MSM doesn't delve into.

    For instance, how would rape be defined? Would a girl have to wait until the rapist is convicted? (Oops, a little too late for an abortion....). Or does the girl have to report a rape within a time period? Does she have to be able to identify the guy? Wouldn't such a requirement have teenage girls, sad after a night of wine coolers and sex in a tent, unfairly asserting "rape" against their boyfriends?

    Does she have to be all bruised and cut up to prove a "legitimate" rape? What the heck is a "legitimate" rape?" (But then with a "legitimate" rape, her "whole body has a way of shutting those things down" so she wouldn't need an abortion anyway. So that's just proof she wasn't legitimately raped and abortion denied.)

    And how is "the life of the mother" defined? Does it exclude mental health where the woman screams she's going to jump from a bridge unless she gets an abortion? But that's not good enough proof she's emotionally ill. She'll have to jump off the bridge to prove it.. (Oops too late for an abortion.)

    I really don't get how these males can so cavalierly toss out those exemptions and not get follow-up inquires. Obviously, these exemptions would come with their own TRAP barriers!


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