Thursday, February 04, 2016

MSNBC shows more growth among viewers who don't have one foot in the grave than does Fox News or CNN.

Courtesy of NBC Universal:  

MSNBC saw the most growth in cable news for January 2016 during “Morning Joe” and Monday-Friday dayside programming (M-F 9a-5p). MSNBC’s dayside programming (M-F 9a-5p) was up 60% in A25-54 and 46% in total viewers while Fox News was up only 27% and CNN was down by 9%. MSNBC’s M-F 8-11p was up 44% in A254-54 and 45% in total viewers over last year, topping CNN which was only up 16% and tying Fox News which was only up 44% in A25-54 over last year in M-F 8-11p. January 2016 was the best M-F 8-11p demo performance for MSNBC since February 2014 and in total viewers since October 2013. M-F 9a-5p saw the highest A25-54 since March 2014. 

“Morning Joe” was up 41% in A25-54 (127,000 vs. CNN’s 115,000) and 54% in total viewers (505,000 vs. CNN’s 396,000) over last year, beating CNN in both for the month. January 2016 was the best month for “Morning Joe” since January 2014. In M-F 6-9a, Fox News was only up 13% and CNN was down 17% in A25-54. 

“The Rachel Maddow Show” beat CNN in A25-54 (244,000 vs. CNN’s 232,000) and total viewers (1,062,000 vs. CNN’s 727,000) for the month with double digit growth over last year, 59% in A25-54 and 42% in total viewers. At 9pm, CNN and Fox News were both down in A25-54 over last month. “The Rachel Maddow Show” had the best A25-54 delivery since February 2014 and best total viewers since October 2013. 

I really can't stand Morning Joe, but I'm glad that MSNBC is attracting younger eyes.  Especially with so many devices competing with cable television.

As for Rachel Maddow I think that EVERYBODY should be watching her show regardless of their political leanings, simply because her show is the best when it comes to presenting the facts, and having those facts withstand scrutiny from fact checkers.

Oh and before anybody gets themselves in a snit over my "one foot in the grave" remark, allow me to remind you that I am on the wrong side of that 25 to 54 demographic as well.

The fact is that these new viewers are likely to stick around far longer than the 55-75 crowd that seems to prefer Fox News.


  1. 66gardeners2:08 PM

    I'd be really curious to see how many people or households actually have access to MSNBC.

    Last summer my husband and I spent a month in an RV, traveling across the country and back. Not one time was MSNBC offered at any of the campgrounds we stayed in. FOX always was. CNN usually was. MSNBC never was.

    1. Anonymous2:26 PM

      Likewise, 66, many hospital and doctor's office waiting rooms have TVs set to Fox. Sound is down low and not that many people watching.

      Fox "Noise." :)

    2. Anonymous2:34 PM

      MSNBC has the distinction of not being included in many cable provider basic bundles and requires special subscription/extra $$$.

    3. Anonymous2:41 PM

      I stopped watching MSNBC when they gave KO the boot.
      I think the few libs on there are "token" libs, hasn't our "Sarah" even been on there? I won't watch it.
      OT: if this wasn't written for and about Bristol and her 4 FAS babies (one disguised as DS)

    4. 66gardeners3:00 PM

      The talent on MSNBC has greatly improved with the exception of Scarborough who is an abomination. Chuck Todd is just plain useless. My favorites include Maddow, Alex Wagner, Steve Kornacki and yes Chris Matthews.

    5. Anonymous3:36 PM

      I'll never forgive Steve Kornacki for his part in Salon's multi-part and deeply flawed attempt to shut down 'Trig Trutherism' in response to Brad Scharlott's piece in Business Insider.

      The rest of the 'take-down' trilogy:

      Don't think it was the GOP protecting Palin.

    6. Anonymous3:42 PM

      May bad. Salon ran a 4-part series.

    7. Anonymous4:12 PM

      I'm 49, my partner is 47 and we've never watched any of the news channels.

      We do find links online to pertinent information regarding politics and culture, but as far as watching any news, including local, none of the news or local channels are in our "favorites".

      Unless TiVo picks up something of interest from one of those channels we don't even know they exist.

      That being said, there aren't even enough hours in the day to watch all the Netflix options and the things that have been saved to TiVo and in any regard there is nothing that can be said on any "news channel" or local "news" program that would sway my political or voting stance in any way so I'd rather spend my down hours being entertained than by having more political pablum thrust in my face.

      It's infuriating enough to spend 3 hours a day on the internet reading about the madness that has overcome our country's political process. I vote, and I don't vote for idiots. I don't need to live it 24/7.

  2. Anonymous2:21 PM

    Who's Koch is being schlonged @ msnbc to allow scarbourah
    To pontificate from his drunken ivory tower every fookin day??

    1. 66gardeners3:04 PM

      Excellent question. I have read a lot of comments at various sites about this very subject. My theory is that the advertisers (the Koch's) keep this thing going and pay bigtime to make sure it does not shut down.

      Last week I watched for a rare moment and heard Scarborough describe how the evening before when Screech endorsed Donald, Mika was in the other room yelling for him to come watch. Joe went on about how his children are younger and need him to help with homework.

      They're banging is no secret anymore. Why is Mika spending evening at Joe's place while he helps his children with homework? Only one answer in my opinion.

    2. Anonymous4:12 PM

      He's dyslexic.

    3. Anonymous4:21 PM

      You win the internet today 4:12!! LOL!

    4. Anonymous4:34 PM

      LMAO 4:12!

    5. Anonymous9:04 AM

      Anonymous bullies = cowards

      LOL I win the internet today

  3. Anonymous2:32 PM

    Maddow has some great strengths, including the in-depth background she gives to her reports. She cares so deeply about issues like the military/vet treatment, oil train and pipeline spills and the toxic water in Flint. My criticism is she sometimes tilts stories by using propaganda-heavy language and my omitting certain facts that can change overall a storyline. She seems overly eager to support questionable colleague Chuck Todd.

    (Did you hear Chuck Todd tell Rachel on Tues. that Palin helped Trump get votes in Iowa...would have done worse if he hadn't brought her in. Rachel smiles and didn't offer any alternatives.)

    Chris Hayes is my favorite interviewer of the MSNBC bunch. He asks the best questions and the best follow-up questions. I hope his show ratings are also improving.

    1. Anonymous3:16 PM

      I'm a big fan of Rachael and LOD. Pretty much I'll watch Chris, Rachael,and Lawrence. I stopped watching Morning Joe...can't stand him!

    2. Anonymous4:10 PM

      I stopped watching Joe Blow, too. I fail to see what purpose Mika serves on that show. She's just his lap dog.

    3. Anonymous6:51 AM

      I agree. I love PBS also, but it took me years to understand that "truth" is sometimes malleable, especially when information is presented in a Story format, so that the audience understands the topic. Rachel does this as well, so I know what you mean.

  4. Anonymous2:47 PM

    MSNBC has become Trump central. I don't understand their strategy. They have made him more popular.

    1. Anonymous3:07 PM

      Could be that watching video of trump campaigning makes him appear insane

    2. Anonymous6:33 AM

      It's not working. It has made Trump more popular.

  5. Anonymous2:52 PM

    I don't have cable and refuse to pay to watch TV therefore I have only seen Maddow on talk shows.

    I wasn't that impressed, I don't get what the big deal is about her, maybe she is better on her own show.

    In fact the times I have seen her, all she did was fidget with her jacket, pulling it down to the point of distraction. I wanted to yell at the tv, get something that fits right.

    1. Anonymous3:08 PM

      Really? Maybe you just aren't into deep thinking.

    2. Anonymous3:39 PM

      Outside of the US you can watch MSNBC here

  6. Crystal Sage2:59 PM

    Even here in the hinterlands (Canada) I can get MSNBC on my cable provider (extra-cost "information package" also includes FOX.) However, I also subscribe, at a very low cost, to an internet MSNBC provider.(

    1. 66gardeners3:10 PM

      I also get MSNBC on a basic cable package in the Balto/Wash area. That is why I was so surprised that I never watched it once for a whole month when we were traveling.

      To keep up with what was really important, I logged into IM.

  7. Anita Winecooler3:03 PM

    I wouldn't mind giving Dr Maddow three hours at night instead of Morning Joe. Scarborough's style of reporting grates on my nerves as does Mika playing the role of ditzy bleached blonde bobble head 85 percent of the time, letting Joe and his cohorts off with their lies. I miss Martin Bashir, and I miss Keith even more. But I agree totally with Gryphen's assessment of Dr Maddow's show. She's top notch and not afraid to correct any mistakes she's found and reported erroneously. A quality I admire in a journalist. Rachel has it in her blood. She exposed the poisoning in Flynt Michigan first with a series of factual shows and evidence, same with the zika virus.

    1. Anonymous3:26 PM

      Joe Scarborough outright lies.

      The day after the debate in which Sanders said to Clinton that he was "tired of hearing about your damn e-mails" I tuned into Morning Joe.

      Former governor of Vermont, Howard Dean, was speaking about how great that line was. Joe Scarborough outright lied and said that people in Sanders campaign say the remark had been misinterpreted entirely.

      Joe has a dead intern in his history. Research the medical examiner on that one.

  8. Angie3:25 PM

    Gryphen, I am disappointed, to say the least, that you have neglected to mention the cancellation of the Return of Kings meetups in over 40 countries. It is the pro legal rape movement spearheaded by Roosh Valizadeh.

    Is it really so inconsequential that posts covering the latest Bundy stupidity, the latest Bush (and other GOP candidates) screwups, MSNBC ratings, etc are so much more newsworthy. I realize this group is not near as important to cover as a Palin interview or FB/Instagram post. And certainly not as compelling a story as one speculating about who is or who is not an atheist. Nonetheless, since you fancy yourself to ne a champion of women's rights, I had hoped this topic might be worthy of mention.

    1. Anonymous3:33 PM

      This even made our regional news today. These creeps have gone global. People are astounded that this sort of thing is permitted to go on.

    2. Anonymous3:35 PM

      I am here in Boulder and got a notice from the City of Boulder in my community message board about the safety issues surrounding the planned meet up this weekend at a neighborhood park. The police department said they would be monitoring the meetup.

      I'm so glad it's been canceled and I am very proud of my city, that it understands freedom of assembly but recognizes the distasteful (and potentially dangerous) aspect of this particular group.

    3. Anonymous3:49 PM

      Chill, Angie, Gryph has a life outside of this blog. Why take him to task? He has long been a supporter of women's rights. This was uncalled for.

    4. Anonymous3:56 PM


    5. Anonymous5:55 PM

      Bingo Angie!

    6. Cracklin Charlie8:41 PM

      You really did a terrible job of calling attention to the cancellation of the whatever.

      Seems more like you were just here to chastise Gryphen for not covering it. If you had not insulted Gryphen, the rest of us might have been interested in the story behind the cancellation. But now we just think you're here to nag on Gryphen.

      Better luck next time.

    7. How so, Crackling Charlie? The "cancellation of the whatever" is a very important issue unless you're not opposed to legal rape. I was unaware until posting this that Gryphen is so perfect and so busy (according to 3:49) that a commenter is nagging by bringing this up. How exactly did I insult him? He makes money off of my clicks - do you have a problem with that? Your dismissal of such an important topic is really offensive so. in short, go fuck yourself.

  9. Anonymous3:37 PM

    LOL, Morning Joe's numbers are up because of Trump. Trump is on or calls in constantly. It is the Morning Trump show...and it stinks. but if you look at the comments; lots of Trump followers. Mika is useless. (She sooo hates Hillary). My two cents.

    1. Anonymous4:29 PM

      Don't watch the Morning Joe show either. Mika adds nothing and Joe is a pain in the butt! Speaks out of both sides of his mouth - seems to me he goes with whatever he thinks will bring up his ratings!

      No comparison to that show and that of the wonderful Dr. Rachel Maddow!

  10. Anonymous3:37 PM

    Rachel is just wonderful and I watch, always. Just one problem: I wish she would not repeat each and every point three times.

    But considering how dumb all us viewers are, it's prob a good thing.

  11. Anonymous3:49 PM

    Wonder where Dakota was trying to fly to out of Louisville when his plane had to make an emergency landing due to landing gear not retracting?

    1. Anonymous9:11 AM

      Since this is on your radar, you tell us

  12. Anonymous4:08 PM

    I also like Rachel. Deep thinker! I know she is gay plus probably does not want to
    waste her time bothering with wardrobe,
    but she has such good looking features,
    great coloring and smile. I would
    love to see her wearing colorful, open
    collar shirts under her blazers instead
    of the plain color undershirt type tops.
    Imagine having her as a professor. Her classes would be standing room only!

    1. Anonymous4:43 PM

      Whoa! The stereotype lives on. Want to criticize Ellen Degeneres as well while you're at it?

    2. Anonymous5:12 PM

      It's a stereotype for a reason 4:43 pm. Deal with it.

    3. Anonymous6:02 PM

      Or maybe she dresses the way she likes to dress for whatever reason she has.

    4. Anonymous7:06 PM

      She's pretty but she doesn't give a toot about polishing the outside; it's more important to be intelligent and communicate effectively. Unlike the blonde bobblehead female stereotype on other shows whose role is to be decorative and subservient.

    5. Anonymous11:13 AM

      I like how Rachel Maddow dresses. The short hair and the menswear suits her. I actually think she's quite stylish.

      Jennifer K

  13. Anonymous4:14 PM

    I stopped watching Msnbc a long time ago. Their idea of being liberal is being in the tank for Goldman Sachs poster girl Hillary Clinton.

    1. Anonymous4:39 PM

      You right-wing twit LOL

    2. Anonymous6:36 AM

      Rachel clearly favors Hillary. I think everyone is in the tank for Clinton, and the primary is just a formality. She hasn't run as if she had any competition from OMally or Bernie, because she knows she doesn't.

      I would have voted for Clinton some time ago but not now.

    3. Anonymous1:33 PM

      "I haven't met anyone in my lifetime who "experiences shame in riding their agenda for all it's worth at the expense of others. For most, the end justifies the means."

      Anyone who "rides their agenda for all it's worth at the expense of others" would not experience shame. Any and all republicans would come to mind.

  14. Anonymous4:26 PM

    I never miss Rachel's show! She's sharp, detailed, has great humor and is a teacher!

    Don't particularly like Chris Hayes - think he is outwardly trying to compete against Rachel!

    Don't watch CNN or FOX!

  15. Anonymous4:28 PM

    Hey 4:08 try to be a little bit more superficial why don'tcha'.
    What the hell are you a Halloween costume pigeon holer. . ?
    Can't judge a book by look in' at its cover.

  16. OT/ to GRYPHEN!


    66gardeners is a ranting spammer, and a one-topic insult machine. It is beyond irritating.

    She claims that 10% of the population are dyslexic and constantly insults us as lazy, stupid, morally culpable, and unable to function in a literate society. Degenerate failures.

    "I am well aware of the debilitating insufficiencies in people who have dyslexia."

    How would YOU feel if she made the same sort of wild-assed statements about atheists?

    If she said over and over and over again that atheists didn't go to church because they were "shamed and humiliated" about their inability to tithe? That they couldn't stand being in a room full of people? That the hand-shaking and kiss of peace repelled them? That they couldn't function in public and were afraid to let others know how much they hated and feared other humans? That all the worst monsters of history were atheists and therefore atheists were all anti-social monsters, whether they knew it or not?

    66gardeners has a religious fervor about spreading the word, even when rebuffed with the truth!

    How do you feel about the blanket insults and accusations of cowardice, or lying, or worse, as we readers tried to correct her or ask her to take it elsewhere? None of us should have to bear being called liars because we disagree with her!

    "No ashamed and humiliated would be you, 8:50, for being a coward."
    "Coward at 8:45"
    "Lies from people who claim to have dyslexia, saying it is not hereditary and it is not a reading disorder."

    [That is a sampling from one thread!]

    How would you feel if she couldn't read a thread on *any* topic (electoral politics, Palins, guns, etc.) without turning it into a lecture about atheists being responsible for all that wrongness?

    After several weeks of biting your tongue, and realizing that 10% (her number) of the folks coming here to be entertained and enlightened, were also becoming increasingly angry about the insults, wouldn't you feel compelled to talk to her at least?


    I was a SysOp on Compuserve and a Moderator at Renderosity. I built communities. What she is doing is tearing the fabric of this community. On behalf of the anonymous folks that she is attacking and bullying, I ask you to step up and deal with the matter.



    1. Anonymous4:46 PM

      Thank you Carolly. Ditto.

    2. Anonymous4:54 PM

      No worse than the anonymous poster that keeps insisting everywhere that Trig is not DS but FAS over and over again.

      Gryph tolerates all points of view, which is why I love it here. Just skip over it instead of inciting more that you don't like. It really IS that simple.

      First Amendment, and why it IS the First.

    3. Anonymous7:17 PM

      Any more when I see 66gardeners, I just scroll past. Her spunky expertise might have been appropriate to one thread, but she's carried it to an obsessive, condescending, pathological extreme. At the end of each post is the warning, "Don't feed the trolls!" No read, no feed; I'm spared from pitying her too.

    4. Anonymous9:28 AM


      People are born with dyslexia. Athiest is a choice.

      If someone upsets your this much maybe you should step away from the keyboard, slowly.

    5. Anonymous9:48 AM

      4:46 = haudsdottir

    6. Anonymous10:16 AM

      How condescending and pathological of you.

    7. Anonymous10:57 AM

      You were an actual former moderator. Go figure. You could not look more stupid.

    8. Anonymous12:27 PM

      You lie. PERIOD!

    9. Anonymous2:47 PM

      You need to grow up 4:30. Put on your manpants. This ain't t-ball

    10. Anonymous4:14 PM

      It's pretty obvious here who needs "the talk" and it ain't 66

  17. Anonymous4:34 PM

    Barstool, new instagram, photo of "It's Sailor" at lunch at school with the Trippy kid. I guess she doesn't have to go to JackMeOff's office on Thursday?

  18. Anonymous7:38 PM

    4:43 pm Stereotype, not! My sister in law
    is straight, married with five children.
    She was tested at genius level and would
    go to work with mismatched shoes and clothing. It was not important to her,
    and like Rachel, respected with awe.
    What was special, her daughters then took
    her shopping , helped her choose what
    would look good on her and coordinate
    all in her closet. She loved it!
    Genius types are beyond worrying about
    such things. Their brains are working constantly to make the world a better place, and she is. So is Rachel.
    Maybe some day, Rachel will be the
    first gay President. I will vote for her! I am Anonymous 4:08 PM.
    Hillary, the first Woman President!!!!!

    1. Anonymous6:18 AM

      The plural of "anecdote" is not "data."

  19. Those numbers mean less and less as that is also the demographic of the cord cutters.

    They don't watch cable TV.

    So unless the media starts providing programming on Roku, Apple TV, HULU or internet streaming services, they will be reaching fewer and fewer in every demographic but especially the young.

    I no longer have cable so I don't watch the debates or any of the cable news programs. If it isn't on HULU or over the air, I don't watch it.

    1. Anonymous8:54 AM

      Wow. Once again I am aligned with mlaiuppa (hulu or over the air or nothing). That is twice this year.


    2. Well, I also have HBO Now (for Bill Maher and John Oliver) and Acorn (for my BBC fix) but they don't carry that cable news political crap either.

      And I don't miss it one bit.

  20. Anonymous5:12 AM

    I have watched msnbc many years. I watched as they removed many great shows. The moanin jo show has kinda changed to the meme show. Everyone screaming and interrupting each other.

  21. Anonymous5:48 AM

    I have enjoyed many msnbc shows over the years such as, Dylan, martin, the cycle, and a few other shows on msnbc. The cycle was important because of views of the younger voters. Mj became giddy and rude. Womens rights? Only real men fight for the safety and peace of women and the children. Only moronies join the likes of bundy's and their dirty undies driving the empty mcbuses in circles to nowhere.

  22. Anonymous6:47 AM

    Well, I'm not in the 55 plus crowd yet, but I think it's a bit of ageism to rah-rah for a network because they have younger viewers.

    The 30 somethings don't like the boomers. But the 20 somethings and slightly younger, don't seem to have anything in common with those in their 30's, either. The future always belong to the young, and everyone's time in the sun is fleeting. Whatever world Rachael is trying to create, will be undone by the next generation. You don't really realize this until you reach a certain age.

    Right now it feels like 1968, and I haven't met anyone in my lifetime who is without flaws or experiences shame in riding their agenda for all it's worth at the expense of others. For most, the end justifies the means.


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