Tuesday, February 09, 2016

New Hampshire Primary Open Thread. Update!

Okay so here we go again.

Right now the polls have Bernie Sanders leading in the Democratic race, and Trump trumping his opponents in the GOP race.

I actually think that is pretty accurate, so I do not expect to be surprised by much this evening.

But having said that this is the 2016 race, so just about anything is possible.

The polls closed at 7:00 PM Eastern Standard time so the results are being tallied as we speak.

You can keep track by clicking here, or for more drama follow along on Twitter.

Update: So sorry folks I was at some appointments and not able to  update the blog before now.

So yes as predicted Bernie Sanders won (By a whopping 19 points) and Hillary of course is second.

And also as predicted Donald Trump easily won as well, but more surprising is that John Kasich (Who?) came in second.

And yes since the Donald won, guess who is taking her victory lap:

NH Living Up to State Motto: "Live Free or Die" 

NH competitive primary reveals this independent state's choice for a leader who will free our country from our out-of-touch government. Congratulations Donald J. Trump! 

No doubt voters there asked themselves the question we should all ask before pulling the lever: Will this candidate allow me to be freer? Or not? Are his issues intended to make us freer? Or more dependent on politics-as-usual in Washington? It takes an outsider, beholden to no one but We the People, to shake it up and shake off the bureaucratic shackles that have stymied American exceptionalism. 

Thank you to Granite Staters for standing solid behind our next President who'll let you make America great again! 

Now, on to South Carolina - can't wait to see the energized electorate ‪#‎stump4trump‬ in the Palmetto State!

Of course Palin had nothing, and I mean NOTHING, to do with Trump's victory.

But that will certainly not stop her from lapping up any reflected glory, even though most of her supporters now spend their days lobbing insults at her on Facebook. 


  1. Caroll Thompson3:21 PM

    Some of the polls do not close until 8 pm. And from the looks of those lines, the voting might be going on until 9 pm. As we speak, there are people stuck in traffic in Merrimack that will be allowed to vote.

    And this is why New Hampshire deserves its spot as First in the Nation. They show up to vote. In Iowa, they had "record" turnout with only 20% of the electorate coming out to vote.

    In New Hampshire, they might get as high as 70% tonight. Now, that is Democracy with a capital D.

    1. Anonymous5:18 PM

      I liked the guy in the yellow jacket (I was watching MSNBC because I like Maddow, the others not so much LO'D is a Hillary hater) who had been watching the MSNBC reporting and he drove to the location of the guy reporting about the picture IDs that were being done on site by those registering tonight to vote and didn't have a photo ID. The guy was a NH state representative and disagreed with the new law that stated the need for photo ID. There had only been 5 people tonight who had to have the photo taken on site, one of the 5 was this representative's wife who was doing it as a protest vote.

  2. Anonymous4:03 PM

    MSNBC is calling the race by naming 'their' projected winners when there are people still in line to vote.

    I call FOUL!

    Total bullshit!

    1. Anonymous4:08 PM

      MSNBC turned into shit long ago.

    2. Anonymous4:24 PM

      That really bugs me too! There are only 10% of the votes counted and they called the race.

    3. Anonymous6:36 PM

      Relax haters, Clinton called Bernie to concede as soon as the polls closed at 8. MSNBC was just reporting the news because, well, it's the news.

  3. Anonymous4:06 PM

    NBC already declares Sanders and Trump. WTF?

    1. Anonymous4:33 PM

      They go by percentages already counted. If far enough ahead, they feel comfortable enough to make that projection.

  4. Anonymous4:11 PM

    Nice election result site


  5. Anonymous4:15 PM

    HEY!! The Screechy Wretch(tm) got 33 write-in votes in New Hampshire!!!! SHE'S ON HER WAY!!! USA!!! USA!! USA!!!


    Oops. I misread the chart. The 33 write-in votes are for someone named Vermin Supreme and until we get confirmation we don't know for sure if that's going to count for Screechy. It's on the Dem side, so possibly not....

    Stay tuned, it's going to be a long night in Alaska. And New Hampshire, also too.

    1. Anonymous4:53 PM

      Uh no. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vermin_Supreme

      My 17 year old fortunately not able to vote yet, for a really good reason, like judgment and reason, and undeveloped pre-frontal cortex, supports Vermin.

    2. Anonymous5:06 PM

      thanks for the info, 453, but I would still very much like to believe that the handful of Mr. and/or Mrs. Vermin Supreme voters were, in fact, subconsciously expressing their support for Screechy.

  6. Anonymous4:40 PM

    I was watching but turned it off. I do not want Sanders or Trump to win. Some may disagree with me but Sanders is too old and Trump is ignorant.

    1. Anonymous6:40 PM

      You realize Sanders is younger than Nelson Mandela was when he ran for President of South Africa. Was he too old? And why isn't Hilary too old? Because the 5 years that separate her and Sanders makes all the difference in the world?

  7. Anonymous4:41 PM

    Trump is the NH winner? You know what that means? Sarah Trump will be doing her victory laps on her Facebook.

    1. Anonymous5:09 PM

      Oh, let her. She hitched her bony ass to the biggest ass there is on the planet. Is anyone surprised? $arah sniffs money, period, and follows it.

      In the works for a long time IMers. They aren't out for us, they're out for them, and why oh why people can't see this is beyond me.

  8. Anonymous4:43 PM

    Oh great. Bush comes in third... This will kick some life into his campaign. Crap. I want him out!

    1. Anonymous4:54 AM

      The only way Bush can improve his popularity is if he were to get out of the race and donate all the $$ left in his campaign to wounded warriors from the Iraq war fiasco.

    2. Anonymous7:24 AM

      Oh lord help us! Jebya is getting Dubya to campaign for him. Radio ads! The people of SC cannot be that dumb can they????

  9. Anonymous4:50 PM

    New Dampshire is 94% white - nice bubble you've got there.

    1. Anonymous4:53 AM

      New Hampshire is also influenced by all the dazzle of the individual campaigns. That's not what is going on in the rest of the country.

  10. Anonymous4:57 PM

    Let the gloating from Paylin begin. Gloat $arah, Gloat!

  11. Anita Winecooler4:58 PM

    They opened calling it Sanders and trump with less than one percent of the vote. Where's the thrill, the drama? I cut it off and called it a day.

    1. Anonymous5:11 PM

      I went to wrap something up at my desk before getting my cocoa and getting cozy in my big chair...and it was over!

    2. Anonymous6:42 PM

      News isn't about "thrill" or "drama" it's about reporting facts. Sorry your girl didn't win, but don't shoot the messenger.

    3. Anonymous7:33 PM

      I don't think they should be allowed to report anything until the polls are closed.

    4. 66gardeners4:52 AM

      I think Anita Winecooler has a good point. There was no horse race AT ALL. In fact, the republican establishment were left without a horse entirely.

      I turned off the news early as well. Who wants to watch the same news repeated all night long with a bunch of talking heads rambling. A good election horse race is like a close football game with a lot of action. Look at the Superbowl. BORING!

  12. Anonymous5:00 PM

    I'm sick. Trump can go to hell.

  13. Anonymous5:03 PM

    Anonymous4:41 PM

    Trump is the NH winner?
    Well maybe Sarah can have Trump buy off Dakota?
    Seriously this is why America is becoming the land of stupid if he is #1 after all he says and does believe me the RW Cons are totally against Stupid Sarah and tRump, so much so that the peepond had a tweet that RedState has "Palin derangement syndrome" Bwhahahahaa!
    I thought that was only for Dems?
    tRump may have got a bump but it won't be long. The Bernie thing is maybe some R's voted for him? Rove has been pushing for Bernie b/c they feel its going to be easier to win against the Berm.
    I will vote for which ever one gets in. People don't understand that Bernie promises all this stuff, but unless we change congress and get the Senate he will be in the same SOS as potus! These so called "progressives" rale about how Obama didn't do this or that, he has done alot considering how the deck is stacked against doing anything right now. Hell the Supreme court just shot down carbon tax or something, they fucked up as usual. These progressives better vote in all the elections not just the presidential one.

    1. Anonymous5:18 PM

      I have been saying this forever.
      Thank you.

    2. Crystal Sage9:58 PM

      Exactly. A Democratic president will face the same obstructionism that Obama has faced for most of his presidency. We must work to get Dems elected down ticket. It's the only way that change can come about.

    3. Anonymous2:28 AM

      OMG do you hear yourselves?
      We have to start SOMEWHERE so let's start with Berie for fucks sake!

    4. Anonymous4:48 AM

      "start somewhere" like voting for the first time yesterday?

      Good that they voted. Shame on them for not voting in off-year elections. THEY are part of the problem, otherwise.

  14. Anonymous5:04 PM

    Sarah is already on her Facebook victory lap dance.

    1. Anonymous5:31 PM

      Those kind of postings will be fun to refer to when Trump makes his concession speech.

  15. Anonymous5:06 PM

    So the man who uses the word pussy at his rally, makes fun of disabled people, talks about women's periods and their faces won?

    Sarah Palin is smiling from ear to ear.

    What about Track? How come Sarah is not taking care of Track? Is her attitude "Fuck him, he's a drunk, a woman beater and a fuck up. Next time take a loaded weapon if you want to commit suicide."

    1. Anonymous5:17 PM

      Why her stupid devotional tanked.
      #arah is no God lover. Fame and money, baby.

  16. Anonymous5:55 PM

    Not even half the votes have been counted in New Hampshire! Media headlines are misleading...the fine print says "predicted winner"...

  17. Anonymous5:57 PM

    I’m With Stupid: Trump Wins 45% of the High School or Less Vote In New Hampshire




    Meet The One Hundred Billionaires Who Are Trying To Buy The White House


  18. Anonymous5:58 PM

    Bernie is the real deal.

    Republicans in the south are going to squash the Trump bug, so Sarah better get that smug smile off her face.

    Sarah, NH'ers are FREE and love their freedoms and live vibrantly. In fact, they can enjoy the warm ocean breezes in the summer and be anywhere within a few hours. They don't need PACS or OPM to visit the rest of the country, either.

  19. Anonymous5:58 PM

    Palin goes to Iowa, Trump loses Iowa.
    Palin does not go to NH. Trump wins NH.
    Not that I believe for a second that Trump is going the distance, but the lesson seems clear here #PalinCurseLives

  20. Anonymous6:02 PM

    Bernie's victory speech was filled with his plans and dreams and vision to help people.

    Donald's is 'thank you for loving me so much' 'believe me, you guys are the best, for voting for MEEEE'.

  21. Anonymous6:03 PM


  22. Anonymous6:07 PM

    If it weren't for my grandchildren, I would say go right ahead and elect Batman and sidekick Robin. If people are this STUPID, as a democracy we suffer the consequences.

    1. Boscoe9:39 PM

      ??? You do realize Batman is AWESOME, right?

  23. Anonymous6:10 PM

    Wow, Trump has successful businessmen calling him to help and together they are going to change trade agreements!
    Holy shit, his supporters must be fucking morons under a spell of his self professed greatness.

  24. Anonymous6:20 PM

    I am one of the people and I know for damn sure that the Donald is not beholden to me. And if you want to be freer maybe you should move to one of thoae foresaken placea on the earth qith no government at all. Somalia comes to mind.

  25. Anonymous6:32 PM

    Anonymous5:17 PM

    Why her stupid devotional tanked.
    #arah is no God lover. Fame and money, baby.
    $carch has rilly shown her colors! And its all over her shoutypage,con blogs about how she sold out.
    $he has totally screwed the grizzly!
    $he has burned all her bridges even thos 2 no where.
    With the bastards of Bristol running lose, Bristols whoring, her woman beating son, $he's no christian either...
    $he is fucked if tRump doesn't win and he won't.
    $He put all her coins in the basket on this, so you know they either have something on tRump or he promised her a "Position" in his "cabinet". She has lost all support except for the hardcore brainless ones are left.
    Even the smart Cons know she is a fraud.
    $he is done.
    trump will not win. Period.

    1. Anonymous7:19 PM

      She truly is a political whore to the letter.

      Truly, a calculating bitch. As the VP nod, I'll just bet she was more interested in getting the goods on people more than learning her little index cards that she was just too stupid to.

      Watch her shake her tassels.
      It's all she has.
      Also too, corrupt as the day is long.

  26. Anonymous6:36 PM

    Oh I am sure she's doing victory laps, because $arah is about $arah! Who cares about her effed uo family? As a mother, it should be her first priority. Hell no.

    Had to laugh at the Des Moines airport, when Willow said, "okay, enough questions."

    Her children should be out living their lives, but NO. Someone's got to watch over Mommy dispensing meds, while Bristol can't stop birthing bastard babies and Track beats the shit out of a girlfriend. Tawd shows up when she needs a "husband." Next up, Piper.

    THIS is leadership????
    You have GOT to be kidding me.

  27. Anonymous7:01 PM

    "Bernin' down the house" in New Hampshire.

  28. Anonymous7:08 PM

    Hmm..... Web all knew Bernie was going to take NH but I am actually surprised it wasn't by a larger margin.

    1. Anonymous9:30 PM


    2. Boscoe9:41 PM

      LOL 20 points isn't impressive enough for you?

    3. Anonymous4:27 AM

      @Anonymous 7:08 PM

      '''Hmm..... Web all knew Bernie was going to take NH but I am actually surprised it wasn't by a larger margin.'''
      What! Are you serious? Didn't the man win by 20 plus %. How much more of slaughter does he have to throw-down to impress you?

    4. Anonymous4:45 AM

      berniebros keep this win in perspective. Otherwise, if Hillary starts winning states, the kibosh on Bernie will surpass the shock and awe stage.

      IM word for the day
      def: to put a stop, an end to, halt, block, quash

      We begs me to ask what is the difference between quash and squash?

  29. Anonymous7:10 PM

    I don't think Trump should be bragging. 66% of NH GOP primary voters didn't vote for him and he's got fewer supporters than either Bernie or Hillary.

    Donald Trump: 55,728 votes
    Hillary: 56,925 votes
    Bernie: 87,536 votes

  30. Anonymous7:30 PM

    Are his issues intended to make us freer?
    What in the hell does that mean?

    1. Anonymous8:02 PM

      Maybe she did a drug fueled lap around the coffee table before the latest babysitter told her to sit down and breathe.

  31. Anonymous7:52 PM

    Cruz took only one county in NH...


  32. Anonymous8:31 PM

    Baby in the corner no doubt heading to South Carlina now! Please pack a change of clothes.

  33. Anonymous8:34 PM

    I don't recall hearing anything about the paylynn setting foot in the state of NH. Did I miss something? So, she has fallen all the way to being a dead star who relies on reflected light to have any shine at all. She can't create her own anymore. Thump is a pretty weak sun but if all she can do is play moon to his sun then I guess she will have to take it.

  34. Anonymous9:16 PM

    Saw this link on Twitter.


    1. Anonymous9:49 PM

      Is that you again, Sarah?

      OK, I'll bite: it sounds like a fun place, full of young people far too intelligent and well-bred to be out doing drugs and getting pregnant and bashing people.

      Is that good enough for you?

  35. Anonymous9:29 PM

    Hey Sarah. Hillary Clinton got more votes than Donald Trump did.

    Stick that up your ass and sit on it.

  36. Anonymous9:50 PM




  37. Anonymous9:57 PM

    With 88-89% of votes counted 1:47am EST:

    Bernie 138,414
    The Donald 92,103
    HRC 88,623
    Kasich 41,645

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. The last I saw was Bernie 22% over Trump and Hillary. Hard to get raw figures. That's a lot.
      Early days, I know. Still. Bernie's campaign has legs. If he got $3 million in donations in 24 hours after his Iowa LOSS, what will his big win in NH do for his coffers?

  38. Anonymous2:05 AM

    It is hard to believe that people actually vote for that hateful man. Sour puss face with huge big mouth. Wow. And to be clear. The keystone pipeline does not benefit usa at all. It is a Canadian corps taking American land and polluting it. Right down the heart of America. It is not public, and does not benefit America at all. It is hateful evil ugly opportunist from rump land..

  39. London Bridges2:24 AM

    Bernie won by 22 percentage points. Yuge!

    1. Anonymous4:40 AM

      This is a delegates' game. There will be 50 state contests.

  40. 66gardeners4:23 AM

    If you focus on the GOP side of this election, we absolutely must dispel the notion that Marco Rubio does not know what he is doing. He knows exactly what he is doing.

    Even worse, his talking points are boring, predictable, politically calculated attacks on Obama, which have little appeal beyond the GOP base. Rubio insults the intelligence of any one with half a brain.

    Hillary 2016

    1. Anonymous4:36 AM

      You say Rubio knows exactly what he is doing. Perhaps.

      The question should be, does Marco Rubio know what he is saying?

  41. Anonymous4:39 AM

    When moderate republicans realistically consider their GOP choices, they well flock to become Hillary Clinton supporters.

  42. Anonymous11:01 AM

    NH voted for tRump??? That's not the NH I use to know. No class there anymore. Just vulgar people who believe in what, a crazy ignoramous? Voted for melanoma ickyness as possible lady? Just ewe NH.


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