Thursday, February 04, 2016

Now Jeb Bush is begging for applause.

Oh that's just....sad.

Of course I don't like Jeb! even a little bit, but if he doesn't drop out of this contest pretty soon he's going to break my heart.

He's becoming like one of those sad kitties you see on the internet.

Yeah like that one.

Of course I imagine that the kitty did not have a brother who started two unnecessary wars and almost bankrupted the entire country. And who only became President because the kitty cheated the system to help him win.

Just saying.


  1. Anonymous6:27 AM

    jeb!'s channeling his inner Fred Thompson.

    Thompson, Applaud ME!!

    1. Anonymous10:46 AM

      Jeb meant to say "applesause please"

  2. Anonymous6:37 AM

    "Trusted Leadership" on his banner. Heh.

    1. How many Floridians would trust his leadership of the entire country?

      They should know.

  3. Anonymous6:37 AM

    So, this is what the Bush Legacy come down to, SMH

  4. Anonymous6:44 AM

    For a Bush family member, "trusted leadership" is the WORST possible slogan to have. It should be something like "I'M NOT AT ALL LIKE MY BROTHER. YOU CAN TRUST ME." Or maybe not. I wouldn't trust a Bush family member any more than I would trust any Republican.

    1. Anonymous7:03 AM

      How about:

    2. Anonymous11:13 AM


  5. Anonymous6:47 AM

    It's a shame, really. Of all the Bushes, Jeb is perhaps the least offensive. He's also undoubtedly spent his life cleaning up after his idiot brother.

    While I think he's a tool who shouldn't be President, I do think he shouldn't have to bear the entire cost of his family's bullshit.

    1. Anonymous7:02 AM

      Don't cry for Jeb, United States.

    2. 66gardeners7:29 AM

      Jeb is a pathetic candidate and would be a pathetic president. It has no business thinking he is qualified to be president.

    3. 66gardeners7:30 AM

      If the Bush family had come-out about their dyslexia, Jeb would not be looking like he bears the entire cost of his family's bullshit.

    4. Anonymous7:39 AM

      Anonymous 6:47 AM

      Jeb is WORSE hat W. Trust me. He is so far to the right, and nasty to boot. He is the one who signed ''stand your ground law in Florida. '' He helped W STEAL the Florida electorate, the presidency, from Al Gore. He blatantly lies on President Obama, and he is just an around bad guy

    5. Anonymous7:40 AM

      Is that all it would have taken, 66?

      The Bush family have shit all over the country for decades (Neil, W, Jeb, and their parents).

      They didn't do it because of dyslexia.

    6. Anonymous7:40 AM

      He was complacent in that bullshit. I'm not shedding one tear let alone feeling sorry for him.

    7. Anonymous8:03 AM

      Jeb Bush gave us George on a silver platter in 2008. He made the Schaivo (am I spelling that correctly?) suffer enormously. He messed with education in Florida. He watched the housing crisis begin and continue in Florida without lifting a finger.

    8. 66gardeners8:04 AM

      I NEVER said dyslexia has anything to do with the Bush's evil or dishonest.

      Their dyslexia is the reason Jeb and W come off looking like political morons, however.

      Dyslexics do not read or write unless absolutely necessary. They are severely lacking in these skills which any President of the Unites States would need to be effective.

    9. Anonymous8:09 AM

      You have said that dyslexia should exclude someone from being president. You have also said that the reason the Bushes are terrible politicians/presidents is because of their dyslexia.

      Neither of these things are true.

    10. 66gardeners8:18 AM

      7:40 Bush never read the memo. He had Condi read it to him.

      August 6, 2001
      Memo To George W. Bush
      President of the United States
      “Bin Laden Determined to Strike in U.S.”

      “clandestine, foreign government and media reports indicate [Osama] bin Laden since 1997 has wanted to conduct terrorist attacks in the U.S. Bin Laden implied in U.S. television interviews in 1997 and 1998 that his followers would follow the example of World Trade Center bomber Ramzi Yousef and ‘bring the fighting to America.’”

      “after U.S. strikes on his base in Afghanistan in 1998, bin Laden told followers he wanted to retaliate in Washington, according to a [deleted text] service. An Egyptian Islamic Jihad operative told [deleted text] service at the same time that bin Laden was planning to exploit the operative’s access to the U.S. to mount a terrorist strike.”

      Terrorists hijacked four commercial passenger jet airliners on Sept. 11, 2001, crashing two of them into the twin towers of the World Trade Center, in New York City, killing all on board and thousands more in the buildings. Both buildings collapsed, destroying nearby structures and damaging others. The hijackers crashed a third airliner into the Pentagon, in Arlington, Va. The fourth jet, redirected to Washington, crashed into a field near Shanksville, Pa., after some passengers and crew members attempted to retake control of the plane.

    11. Anonymous8:21 AM

      Yeh right..With this history?

    12. Anonymous8:33 AM

      8:04 Please stop with the dyslexia BS.

    13. 66gardeners8:42 AM

      This is not your blog, so you have no right to say what someone can write about.

      Second, I never asserted that dyslexia has anything to do with someone's moral character.

      Dyslexia does make one unqualified because they do not read and write unless absolutely necessary.

      I mention dyslexia because this article is about Bush saying "please applause". This is not a thread about Jeb's lack of ethics. If it were, I would not mention dyslexia.

      If you want to make a point about debunking dyslexia, that make it.

      If you have dyslexia, say it. If you want to discuss dyslexia than do it. Attacking me is getting old

    14. Anonymous8:50 AM

      Did you know that Paul Wellstone was dyslexic? Was he unqualified?

    15. Anonymous8:50 AM

      editing my Anonymous 6:47 AM post

      Jeb is Worse than W.

    16. Anonymous8:58 AM

      So, Jeb! is the only decent member of the Bush Crime Family? The bailouts for these cretins has cost taxpayers dearly. Enough of these crooks.The only decent thing Babs has ever done for this couuntry is to tell Jeb! we do not need any more of them in the WH. Too bad he did not listen. What a dud he is.

    17. 66gardeners9:17 AM

      I have no personal knowledge of Paul Wellston. His legacy is not well known so that would be hard to say.

      This thread is about Jeb and his unscripted idiotic comments. What would your opinion be about why Jeb has come across as so clueless?

      Chances are he has dyslexia. Dyslexics DO NOT read or write for pleasure, in general. There are degrees of dyslexia, therefore, someone with a mild form may be qualified to be president. I think a president needs superb reading and writing skills. I do not think any dyslexic can become superb at these skills.

      Jeb's speaking skills are such that I would say he is not qualified on that basis alone which is probably due to dyslexia. I have no knowledge of his reading or writing skills, but he appears to not read current events.

      My 24-year-old son who graduated high school with a 5th grade reading level is now 1/2 way through school on his way to becoming an electrical engineer.

      My son was diagnosed with dyslexia in 3rd grade. As part of the testing the school determines your IQ. My son's IQ is 118. He scored in the lowest one percentile in reading on his SAT's.

      He is extremely gifted in math and science. He got an A in PhysicsIII. He works as an electrician at a local power plant, making over $100 per year. They pay for him to attend school at night. He could never had gone to college full-time right out of high school.

      Dyslexics can and do improve in reading over time. They read with the right side of their brains as opposed to the left which makes it very difficult.

      Many people with dyslexia are savant-like in various skills. I believe this is because the right side of their brains are being stimulated in ways that does nothappen in people who do not have dyslexia.

    18. Congrats to your son. But not every dyslexic has his story, and the line you're repeating about "Dyslexics do not read or write...(in general, if tehy can avoid it, etc)" is not true for all.

      I taught special ed for 25 year and have experience with many dyslexics. Many have bachelor's degrees, some even in reading/writing fields like British Literature.

    19. Anonymous10:26 AM

      My father-in-law is dyslexic and he was a physician's assistant (PA) for 25 years. He is an avid reader but does have to work harder at it than normal thinkers, but he is still able to enjoy reading and writing, and he was a great doctor.

    20. Anonymous10:34 AM

      Jeb didn't say "please applause" he said "please clap".

    21. Anonymous10:39 AM

      Maybe you should read up on Paul Wellstone.

      He was very well-known as a progressive Senator on his way up. He had also been a tenured college professor before he went into politics. He was known for being smart and progressive and his uplifting speeches. Yep, he was a dyslexic who managed to speak very well.

      Here's a description:
      "But Wellstone was an unusual combination -- a community organizer, an intellectual and policy expert, and an elected official."

      You say he should have been disqualified to be president because of his dyslexia.

      I disagree strongly and still wonder what might have been if Paul Wellstone hadn't been killed in that plane crash.

    22. 66gardeners11:06 AM

      I will read up on Paul Wellstone just because you say he had dyslexia, and that interests me. I am well-read enough to know that Paul Wellstone was held in high regard as a politician.

      This is not about someone's physician ASSISTANT father-in-law or Paul Wellstone, however.

      By the way a physician's assistant is NOT a doctor. A nurse practitioner is closer to being a physician than a physician's assistant. They can not write prescriptions. A nurse practitioner can. Some physician's assistants like to think of themselves as doctors. They are not qualified to make medical diagnoses.

      I worked as a transcriptionist at a university school of medicine for decades (now retired). I met a lot of doctors, doctors in training, physician assistants, physician assistants in training, nurse practitioners, and nurse practitioners in training. My typing, proof reading, and spelling skills is what got me that job after working as a secretary.

      I know people with dyslexia have become doctors. I can not speak to who I do not know. No physician with dyslexia would say they did not have a much harder time of it than those who did not have dyslexia.

      The job of President of the United States is much more complex I so many ways than a physician's assistant or a senator even. Not every senator is presidential material. Speaking skills would be at the top of the list of qualifications for me. Jeb gets an F.

      This article is about Jeb Bush and his idiotic comments. The Bush family has a very thick streak of dyslexia in their genes (a dominant trait). Shame on them for not putting dyslexia on the front lines so more people are helped as a result.

      Let me also say that it is telling that people with dyslexia do not generally want to reveal it to others. Why, if dyslexia is not a factor, would the Bush family not put it out there? Instead, people laugh at them, assuming they are idiots.

      Pick your poison dyslexics.

      My son is successful at electrical and mechanical technologies.

    23. Anonymous11:07 AM

      I happen to be a writer myself and so I just looked up writers who are dyslexic.

      John Irving and Fanny Flagg and Avi are among them.

      I saw Avi give a talk about writing a few years ago. He is a prolific reader as well as a prolific writer (one of the most prolific children's author). And he has dyslexia.

      I'm sorry if you feel attacked in any way, 66, but your own children and husband's experiences aren't the experiences of everyone with dyslexia, even if most dyslexics don't enjoy reading and writing.

    24. Anonymous11:26 AM

      8:04 Please stop with the dyslexia BS.
      I agree, usually I pass over certain comments, but these numerous dyslexia comments is verging on perseveration, maybe a form of ADHD?

    25. Anonymous11:55 AM

      When you make a comment that people with dyslexia are absolutely not qualified to be president of the US or that no people with dyslexia are avid readers or writers or do so for pleasure, you should be prepared for some disagreement. And you should be prepared for examples of people who have been successful in areas where reading and writing verbal expression may be a big part of the job.

    26. 66gardeners11:56 AM

      Really 11:26

      nobody is forcing you to read this. You responding to my comments is much more bizarre than anything I wrote fool. Dyslexia is a debilitating disability. You are not identified as having dyslexia unless you are actually disabled. Get it? You are disabled?

    27. JUST STOP with the "Dyslexics do not read or write unless absolutely necessary" bullshit!

      And stop the armchair diagnosis of "dyslexia" slapped onto every idiotic politician.

      You are spamming this forum with the same damned misinformation, and the same damned insults, on thread after thread after thread.

      As I said here:

      I don't want to correct you every single time, for then I'd be a troll. Meanwhile, you are an irritating spammer, and apparently a few other folks are getting just as tired of your obsession as I am.

      We dyslexics are not idiots. We are not lazy. And we are not slow nor reluctant readers.

      Dyslexia is NOT a reading disorder. PERIOD.

      It is an information-processing disorder. It can affect any type of information: direction, sound frequency, which way a letter faces, numerical sequence, anything, but especially either/or (binary) situations.

      Yes, I'm dyslexic, and I learned to cope with all of the above long before anybody had a label for the condition.

      Your equating of stupidity (and other bad traits) with dyslexia, and therefore all bad politicians are dyslexic is exactly the same as saying all redheads are hysterical or all women are horrible drivers or all [insert skin color] are [insert churlish insult].

      Not only are you insulting us, but you are wrong, wrong, wrong.

    28. 66gardeners12:07 PM

      This article is about Jeb Bush's idiotic comments. My opinion is that dyslexia is the reason for that. If you have an idea of why Bush is so clueless (seems to a family trait), maybe address that and not attack me for putting this out there.

      I have not disparaged dyslexics. Keeping them in the closet is what does the damage.

    29. Anonymous12:12 PM

      You say you have dyslexia and you say that dyslexia
      "dyslexia is NOT a reading disorder PERIOD". should do more reading for pleasure.....

      "Dyslexia, also known as reading disorder, is characterized by trouble with reading despite normal intelligence.[1] Different people are affected to varying degrees.

      If you don't want to talk about dyslexia, don't. It is that simple. Stop making yourself look like a moron.

    30. Anonymous3:40 PM

      This article is about Jeb Bush's idiotic comments. My opinion is that dyslexia is the reason for that
      Don't forget you also diagnosed Sarah Palin with dyslexia.

      You may have a child with this problem, that does not make you an expert.

    31. Anonymous3:46 PM

      A hundred bucks a year? There ought to be a law! That's slave labor.

    32. @66gardeners,

      I have a name; you have a pseudonym, aka a handle, an alias. For the sake of community, stop accusing folks who post anonymously of cowardice.

      You are wrong about dyslexia.

      You are not a fool, not an ignorant fool, but an obstinately ignorant fool.

      I suffered far too many spankings at the hands of parents who were ignorant fools to sit by idly while you spread lies and bullshit to another generation.

      Since this is your raison d'etre, why don't you get your *own* blog where you can preach about the perils of dyslexia all you want all the time and won't feel even the slightest bit criticized by those of us who are dyslexic and are irritated by your constant blather on a subject that eludes your understanding?

    33. @Anonymous12:12 PM

      " should do more reading for pleasure....."


      I read for both scholarship and pleasure.

      Thank you for looking at the contents of my 13 bookcases (and the stacks of books needing another), and judging me illiterate and uncomfortable with the written word.

    34. 66gardeners7:58 AM

      hauksdottir wrote:
      "Dyslexia is NOT a reading disorder. PERIOD"

      What a piece of work you are haudsdottir. You have books, but what do you READ?

      It is my opinion (not my diagnosis) that Sarah Palin probably has dyslexia. I am not qualified to diagnosis her. I am qualified and eager to express my opinion about dyslexia as it relates to politics.

      Pick your poison: Sarah speaks wordsalad because she has dyslexia or Sarah speaks wordsalad because she is a stupid idiot.

      I choose tobring dyslexia out of the closet. The shaming needs to stop.

    35. 66gardeners8:05 AM

      My son makes over $100K a year (typo) @3:46.

      My son is a success because his mother (me) helped to instill the confidence to make something of himself despite having dyslexia. Until that time he was called lazy, stupid, not trying hard enough, etc., etc., etc. It is kind of hard to overcome that type of bullying from teachers especially unless they can understand there is a neurological reason for why their brain works the way it does.

  6. Anonymous6:49 AM

    Bacon has more sizzle.

    1. Anonymous11:18 AM

      And heart, intelligence, integrity, wit, and taste.

  7. Anonymous7:08 AM

    Kramer Howell was the only voter in his precinct to caucus for Jeb Bush Monday night.

    "I'm the lone Jeb supporter," said Howell, a senior at Drake University who voted in Republican precinct caucus 45, located on his campus in Des Moines, Iowa. "I was the only one."

    That means the woman who spoke on Jeb's behalf did not even vote for him. "Her pitch was basically, 'He's a good guy,'" Howell said. "It was like the least rousing speech I've ever heard." No one even spoke on behalf of Trump or Kasich.

    In all, 47 voters showed up at this caucus, with Marco Rubio dominating and Ted Cruz coming in second.

    Oddly, the person who spoke on behalf of Ben Carson kept referring to him as Bernie Sanders. "He went on this really incoherent tangent about gay marriage," said Howell. "He didn't seem like the brightest guy."

    1. Anonymous7:42 AM

      Oddly, the person who spoke on behalf of Ben Carson kept referring to him as Bernie Sanders.
      LOL..I needed a laugh this morning.

    2. Anonymous1:28 PM

      That's funny about the Ben Carson guy!
      Thanks for posting it.

  8. Anonymous7:24 AM

    Pretty pathetic. Even if it was his twisted way of trying to be funny.

    Barbara, your boys just don't have what it takes without cheating.

    1. 66gardeners8:33 AM

      Barbara knows her bys have dyslexia.

      Shame on the Bush's for not helping others with this disorder by speaking out about it although it is not surprising as people with dyslexia are almost always ashamed and humiliated.

      The Bush's are educated enough to know there is no reason to be ashamed. Educating the public about this disorder is the only way to keep others from being humiliated by it.

      It DOES NOT effect your intelligence. You can be low, average or high intelligence. While around 10% of the population has dyslexia, only about 2% are diagnosed. It usually is only diagnosed in those with high intelligence as it is extremely obvious that something is wrong.

    2. Anonymous8:50 AM

      833 Me thinkest that you are the one who is ashamed and humiliated. RIGHT?

    3. 66gardeners10:23 AM


      No ashamed and humiliated would be you, 8:50, for being a coward.

      I, on the other hand, am not afraid to identify myself and speak my piece, knowing the facts are on my side...because I read A LOT.

      I'm guessing YOU have dyslexia. Do you notice, I write detailed comments, calmly rebutting most of your sarcastic points whereas your rebuttals are one sentence irascible snidey snark, with no point in sight.

      I read and write for pleasure. You don't sound pleased.

    4. 66gardeners10:23 AM
      (a pseudonym)

      You claim to read and write for pleasure.

      Since all we see is your constant maligning of dyslexics, it seems obvious that you take pleasure in insulting us.

    5. 66gardeners8:06 AM

      You are one sick puppy hauksdottir. I can only assume your have an incredibly small penis because my balls are bigger than your.

    6. Anonymous10:01 AM

      Why so angry with 66gardeners?

      Nobody insulted you. This is not about YOU.

      Why don't you add something constructive to the conversation? That is if you can.

  9. 66gardeners7:27 AM

    Jeb has dyslexia which commonly includes an expressive language dysfunction. Makes for a pathetic politician.

    1. Anonymous7:41 AM

      Having no ethics and an overwhelming sense of wealth-born entitlement is Jeb's problem.

    2. Anonymous7:58 AM

      66, Do you have proof of dyslexia, or are you just assuming? You have claimed several others have it, as well.

    3. 66gardeners8:05 AM

      Of course Jeb has those problems.

      He also has a disability in his communication skills because of his dyslexia.

      Saying 'Please applause" has nothing to do with his being as ass. It has everything todo with him having dyslexia.

    4. 66gardeners8:12 AM

      I have proof George H W Bush, George W Bush, and Neal Bush all have dyslexia. Jeb definitely has an expressive language dysfunction which is commonly seen in dyslexics.

      As it is hereditary, in fact, it is a dominant trait, I am speculating that Jeb has dyslexia because nothing else would explain hos completely idiotic he sounds on the campaign trail.

      Jeb hay be evil, dishonest, scum, and a pariah. None of that has anything to do with how idiotic he sounds as a candidate.

      I have a husband and two sons with dyslexia. I am well aware of the debilitating insufficiencies in people who have dyslexia.

    5. 66gardeners8:21 AM

      Self-entitlement and lack of ethics does not make one unable to read and write effectively.

    6. Anonymous8:36 AM

      7:27 Are you a expert on dyslexia?

    7. Anonymous8:45 AM

      You know a lot about dyslexia, but you fail to recognize all the smart, talented, accomplished people with dyslexia.

      Do I need to provide you with a list of people whose "debilitating insufficiencies" from dyslexia didn't stop them from being world leaders in science, business, medicine, education, or the arts (including writing and film-making)? Some of them are jackasses and horrible people. Some of them are wonderful, caring, ethical, responsible people.

      I'm guessing you don't burden your children with talk of these "debilitating insufficiencies." I hope you don't put limits on their dreams on what they might accomplish in the present or future.

    8. Anonymous8:47 AM

      Dyslexia didn't keep Papa Bush from being a pretty well-spoken politician, much better than his idiot sons. I'm not a fan of the elder Bush, but he was much better at not making an ass of himself.

    9. 66gardeners8:57 AM


      7:27 = 66gardeners, I have a name

      Unless you don't read, you know that I have a husband and two sons with dyslexia.

      I have researched every speck of info about overcoming dyslexia out there. Have YOU done that? What are your qualifications about dyslexia?

      I have read every word at your link and any other link on the internet that addresses this subject. Have YOU done that?

      What specifically are you trying to say by supplying that link? Be specific.

      Again, this thread is about Bush being an idiotic speaker. It is not about his moral and ethical character which has nothing to do with dyslexia. Who the hell are you to say I should not bring dyslexia into the discussion about Jeb seeming to be a moron?

    10. Anonymous8:57 AM


      Are you a expert
      should read
      are you an expert

      What do YOU read?

    11. Anonymous10:29 AM

      At least he doesn't have conjoined twin myslexia.

    12. 66gardeners10:29 AM

      Not all dyslexics are the same. As such, not all have an expressive language dysfunction.

      If you want to know what an expressive language dysfunction is at it relates to dyslexia , look it up.

      If you want to know what a person who has an expressive language dysfunction as it relates to dyslexia sounds like, listen to SarahSaysPayme and all of the Bush's (although I do concede Papa Bush sounds somewhat logical as compared to W and jeb).

    13. 66gardeners10:35 AM

      Coward at 8:45

      My's son's success in life has a lot to do with the fact that I brought his dyslexia out into the open. Without that he would never have had the confidence to understand his disability and try to overcome obstacles. As his mother and knowing his limitations, it would irresponsible of me to tell him that he could one day be POTUS. Having an IQ of 118 makes him capable of realizing that will never happen.

      Any president of the United States needs to be a prolific reader and writer. Nobody with dyslexia finds those activities pleasurable.

      I notice all of your comments are so abrupt and unpleasant. Remember, reading and writing is supposed to be fun. Not for you, apparently.

    14. Anonymous10:57 AM

      I am 8:45. I am not 8:47. Are you grouping us together?

      I don't know why you think my comment was cowardly.

      Frankly, I find it offensive that you would make a blanket statement about dyslexics not being qualified to be POTUS or anything else.

      I'm also the one who made comments about Paul Wellstone who was dyslexic and became a tenured college professor, a Senator, and was more than qualified to be POTUS even though he had dyslexia.

    15. Anonymous11:18 AM

      Sorry, 66. I don't buy into that 'dyslexia is inherited' meme. My brother has dyslexia, and he struggled in school, but is an outstanding expert in his field now and also is going to evening and weekend classes to further his knowledge in his field of work.
      That said, though: he is the ONLY ONE in our extended family who has dyslexia. Neither my dad, nor my mom, nor I have it, and neither did any of our ancestors. Neither do his kids. They were normal kids in school and are now on their ways to become valued members of society.
      I guess, my brother must be a black sheep in the dyslexic community.

    16. 66gardeners11:50 AM

      That dyslexia IS hereditary is not because I say so. Read!

      Dyslexics, in general, do not read for pleasure. They can read words and they can improve their reading skills. They miss a lot because they do not read a lot.

    17. Anonymous12:00 PM

      When you write, "in general," (as in, " Dyslexics, in general, do not read for pleasure), that's great.

      When you write, "absolutely" or "all" or "every," not so great and not true.

    18. 66gardeners12:35 PM


      To clarify, I believe that an effective president absolutely needs to be a prolific reader.

      As I stated, there are degrees of dyslexia. However, one must keep in mind that if one has been diagnosed as having dyslexia, one has a disability that is covered under the ADA (American's with Disabilities Act). A reading disability is not a walk in the park.

      Again, this is about Jeb Bush and his seemingly imbecilic speaking abilities. Do you care to address why you think that is? Or do you wish to pick apart my attempt to be helpful in getting the word out that dyslexia can be debilitating in many circumstances and that the first step to overcoming it is identifying it?

      That someone's particular circumstances were not devastating, I can not address. A president with dyslexia (George Bush) was a huge disaster. It is my opinion that dyslexia was responsible for a lot of that. I am not saying all people with dyslexia will be deceitful, however, as in the bush family case. They relied on people to tell them what they need to know instead of reading and finding out themselves.

      A very small percentage of people with dyslexia have ever even been identified. Instead of picking apart what I have to say here, how about doing something helpful to get this issue the attention it deserves because too many people are suffering from not knowing.

    19. Anonymous1:08 PM

      I'm glad you are backing off your claims that dyslexia is an automatic disqualification for becoming president.

    20. 66gardeners1:37 PM


      Give me a specific quote from a specific time, and I will address it. Saying I said absolutely, all and every is misleading and untrue. If you read more you would know and comprehend more.

      How about addressing the outrageous comments from others that dyslexia is not hereditary or is not a reading disorder PERIOD? How about identifying yourself each time you comment? Coward.

      I care deeply about this subject and find you to be clueless about it.

    21. Anonymous1:39 PM

      Whatever causes Jeb to have insufficient reading and writing skills as well as being a lousy speaker makes him unqualified to be president.

    22. Anonymous2:10 PM

      This is 1:08.

      "In my opinion, anybody with dyslexia is NOT qualified to be POTUS. "

      From this thread:

      You see, I'm a very good reader and researcher...and a very good procrastinator because I'm supposed to be grading papers now instead of fucking around on IM.

      I don't know why you keep using the word "coward." My staying anonymous is no different from you using a username that doesn't identify your true identity.

      I will tell you that there is more than one person who has commented in your threads. I am only one of them. You seem to think we are all the same person.

      Again, I'm sorry if you feel attacked in any way. That wasn't my personal intention. I can't speak for other commenters in that regard.

    23. 66gardeners2:46 PM


      Where did I back off claims exactly? Am I not entitled to my opinion? In the quote you specified, I distinctly stated "in my opinion". You don't agree. Say so and why. I have gone into great detail about what I believe and why. You, on the other hand, think belittling my opinions is responsible.

      You have attacked me and misrepresented what I have said numerous times, as have others.

      When you have a child with dyslexia who you have advocated for their entire lives because of dyslexia, then maybe you can speak about where I come from. My son has a severe disability that has become easier to deal with as he becomes older and knows his strengths and weaknesses. The key here is knowing your strengths and weaknesses.

      You overlook others' lies and misinformation. Lies from people who claim to have dyslexia, saying it is not hereditary and it is not a reading disorder. The person who claimed their physician's assistant father-in-law was a doctor: no comment from you. Why is that exactly?

      Never once do you address what I repeatedly have asked of you and others and that is, why do you think Jeb seems to be such an imbecile?

      Bush 41 and 43 both have dyslexia as does Neil. 43 was an absolute disaster as president. I believe dyslexia had a lot to do with that. Never again if I have anything to say about it.

      Shame on the Bush's for not putting this out there to help others, and shame on you and others for not focusing on what is most important and sticking with facts, instead of baseless attacks for stating my opinions.

    24. 66gardeners3:19 PM


      Your attacks upon me include saying that I, "fail to recognize all the smart, talented, accomplished people with dyslexia." To that I say Hogwash.

      You also said rather sarcastically, "I'm guessing you don't burden your children with talk of these "debilitating insufficiencies." I hope you don't put limits on their dreams on what they might accomplish in the present or future."

      You don't know me. Stick with the topic which is Jeb Bush's insufficient speaking skills.

    25. Anonymous3:42 PM

      Where are the links to all these articles that the Bushes have dyslexia?

    26. Anonymous6:47 PM

      Thank you, 66gardeners, for using a name on your posts. It will be easier to skip them.

    27. Anonymous8:53 AM


      Anonymous bully. I bet your peck is microsized

    28. Anonymous10:00 AM

      6:47 If you weren't so afraid, I'd be able to skip yours for adding absolutely nothing to the conversation. At least 66 tries to give us accurate info. Maybe you just don't have it in you.

  10. Anonymous7:31 AM

    His banner slogan is *nothing* less than shocking to me. I mean, honestly, why??? Still riding his idiotic, horrid, dangerous brother's coat tails.

    1. Words, for politicians, are bankrupt of meaning.

      And, Ted Cruz used TRUSTED on his banners in Iowa, with the the TRUST in black, and the TED in red. Wake up, Jeb!@#$%^&'s time to quit.

  11. Anonymous7:48 AM

    Not only did he beg for the applause which was sadly pathetic, the power went off twice during his talk. Painful. Jeb just needs to cut the losses now.


    1. Anonymous8:23 AM

      maybe the power outage caused the canned applause to malfunction so ol jub was just improvising

  12. Anonymous7:49 AM

    I want Trump to get the nod, because I want to see a Clinton and Trump showdown. I want to see a female hand Trump his ass.

    1. Anonymous10:18 AM

      Trump is nothing more than an asshole and bully. Why anyone (especially women!) would vote for the jerk (IF he is actually nominated by the Republican Party at their convention!) does not make sense at all.

      The minorities should be running for the hills too and not supporting him. The guy is a racist as are the majority of Republicans (Palin amongst them!).

  13. Anonymous8:06 AM

    I used to get picked last for every team in grade school and I think I had more game then than Jeb! has now. Sad and pathetic.

    Barbara Bush had it more Bushes in the White House.

    1. Anonymous8:25 AM

      Barbara Bush's literacy foundation says so also and too

  14. Anonymous8:13 AM

    The Republicans are in such a mess as to their candidates! Not one of them has come across well! They are eating each other alive!

    I'm especially happy to see that the polls are finally showing Trump as having dropped considerably and we know how he lives by the polls!

    I have no clue who will be nominated to actually run for POTUS at their Republican Convention, but they are going to lose to the Democrats!

  15. Anonymous8:27 AM

    It's extremely pathetic, however, Jeb has so much money left, he can 'afford' to keep trotting along, and wait it out. I really think (although I don't have any insider info) that is the Jebya's handlers' strategy. He figures to be the last one standing with money by August. I can't stand the thought of another Bush in the White House and it really sickens me that war criminals like W and Cheney would of course be invited to stop by anytime. It wouldn't surprise me to find out that Jeb uses W's advisors right now. Sickening.

    1. Anonymous9:00 AM

      Don't look now but Jeb IS using W's advisors right now.

    2. 66gardeners10:40 AM

      Not only does Jeb use W's advisors, he does so primarily as it relates to foreign affairs. This is another example of how Jeb thinks nobody is watching (or reading).

      "Jeb Bush’s foreign policy team is eerily familiar, in one Venn diagram"
      (can't replicate the diagram here, but the link shows it)

    3. Anonymous3:44 PM

      No only does he have the money,but isn't he unemployed,so what does he have to lose.

  16. Anonymous9:22 AM

    Dyslexics of the world, untie!

    1. Anonymous10:32 AM

      Donald Trump's short little fingers tells me he has "lessdyxsia"

    2. 66gardeners10:36 AM

      LOL. I agree

      But first, they need to be identified and coached about how they can be successful.

      Having dyslexia and not know it is torture.

    3. Anonymous3:50 PM

      @ 10:36
      I don't know what country or school district you live in, but having a mother that was a teacher/teacher consultant for the learning disabled for 38 years, I know that school systems have procedures to identify children with learning disabilities in the US.

      They are not coached.

    4. Anonymous4:20 PM

      You are a one fucking trick pony, 66, that's for sure. So sorry that you had some major genetic defects in your family but it doesn't mean that you can just transfer that to any person you think mixes up words or speaks strangely. By the way, Bush said "please clap" not "please applause" which the second phrase was your basis in diagnosing his "dyslexia".

      Palin? She's one of the most illiterate mixed up bitches I've ever encountered in my life, both in person and in print and in speaking. Is she "dyslexic" or just retarded? I know that there is a fine line, but tell us Dr. 66 Gardener, which is it?

    5. Anonymous6:49 PM

      And then there was the dyslexic devil-worshipper who sold his soul to Santa...

    6. 66gardeners8:50 AM


      Another story about somebody's mother, father-in-law, brother. Read and learn

    7. 66gardeners8:51 AM


      Words don't describe your ignorance

    8. Anonymous9:30 AM

      hey 4:20
      are you this angry just because your manliness is threatened?

  17. Anonymous11:36 AM

    Love the kitty, Gryphen. More please. hahaha

  18. Anonymous1:31 PM

    This pretty much sums up Jeb's campaign...

  19. Anita Winecooler4:03 PM

    I came across a clip on one of the msnbc shows, and Jeb kisses his mommy on the lips every chance he gets, especially when there's a camera. I don't care if he has any learning disability, and if he does, shame on babs for not finding him help, they have more money than they know what to do with, grandpa jumps out of planes, bungee jumps etc. Babs keeps the gate unlocked, and he always finds his way back.
    Evil Jeb gave us pregnant chads, hanging chads, Siamese Twin Chads, years before Gays got the right to marry and Cher's son had a sex change, he stole Gore's election and handed it to his brother on a silver platter, who, in turn, took the hoooooooooge surplus Bill Clinton left, and started war after war, plunging our economy into the labrea tar pits of hell, and it took one man two terms to straighten up that mess. "Clap please?????" Fuck You, Jeb. Why not re tell the story of Babs with a stillborn baby in a jar, chasing the brothers around the compound to show them. Psychological problems are much much harder to fix than begging people to clap.
    Go slip mom some tongue, I promise I'll clap, jackass. Pinky Swears. Can you tell I loathe most of this family? Excluding George the first.


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