Monday, February 22, 2016

Right Wing group attempting to raise money by frightening people into believing that Hillary Clinton will steal the presidency. You know, like Barack Obama already did.

Courtesy of the Daily Mail: 

Remember True the Vote? 

It’s the right-wing voter-monitoring group based out of Houston dedicated to cracking down on (largely imaginary!) voter fraud. The organization, led by Catherine Engelbrecht, recruits eager, aggressive election monitors and (naturally) advocates for controversial voter ID laws. True the Vote has also itself been accused of intimidating minority (read: Democratic) voters and having a slippery grip on facts, so it has that going for it, as well. 

One of the group’s latest fundraising emails floats the idea that the Republican National Committee is absolutely powerless to stop the Democrats and Hillary Clinton from rigging and stealing the 2016 election. 

"It's really a simple question," the email reads. "Do you believe Hillary is capable of stealing the election? If your answer is yes, then please give generously to True the Vote. The Republican Party can't and won't stop this election from being stolen...I kid you not...If you want honest elections, True the Vote is your best defense. We will keep fighting when others cannot — or will not."

Of course the Daily Beast goes on to remind its readers that in person voter fraud is as rare as UFO sightings.

However that is not enough to dissuade people who are absolutely convinced that we live in a country based on conservative values, and that anyone elected who does not embrace that ideology must have cheated.

Remember projection is a real thing. Accusing others of the unethical things that you, or your party, engage in is more common than you might think. 

Which is funny because the only REAL evidence of vote tampering comes from conservatives, using things like voter caging and rigged voting machines.  


  1. Anonymous4:46 AM

    They're setting things up for an endless round of conspiracy theory and FOX talking points once Billary wins the election.

  2. Anonymous5:12 AM

    Dear True The Vote:
    George W. Bush 2000
    Look In The Mirror

  3. 66gardeners7:11 AM

    Republican politics is a cottage industry for sociopathic criminals

  4. Anonymous7:22 AM

    Projecting DOUBT is the real key to keeping everyone on edge and IT WORKS...

  5. Anonymous7:49 AM

    Projecting period. Don't elect kerry he will appoint activists judges and we get Scalito and Roberts. Democrats wont keep us safe says the party whose standard bearer ignored Intel reports leading up to 9/11. Obama got into good schools because he wad black instead of the old fashioned way, being rich and a legacy enrollee. The Republicans are experts at taking their weaknesses, pinning them on Dems, and the press blindly goes along.

    1. Anonymous9:19 AM

      Your comment is spot on.

  6. Anonymous8:00 AM

    From Salon on tRump>
    His puerile insults and schoolyard bullying are seen as signs of strength. His profane language is appreciated for its gritty machismo. He treats the press with total contempt, and the voters love it.

    Over and over again, when asked to explain what they like about him, Trump supporters exclaim, “He knows what I’m thinking!” And what these people are thinking is that he’s making it safe for them to be “politically incorrect” again, giving sanction to publicly express their resentment toward people who don’t look and act like them. There are certainly reasons why these voters feel that way, but they are not due to populist anger toward the 1 percent. After all, the man they are cheering on with such enthusiasm is a man who spends half his time on the stump bragging about his vast wealth and explaining that it’s perfectly normal for businessmen like himself to bribe and cajole politicians to do his bidding. He’s never promised to change that system, not once. And his fans have never once asked him to.

    1. Anonymous8:31 AM

      This Too>

  7. Anonymous8:20 AM

    Unfortunately the average device connected American seems to believe they are too busy to research the candidates and the parties. Whatever hits the evening news is what they believe.

    True the Vote, you Repubes? Yes, do so. And stop the gerrymandering and voting machine rigging. I'm an independent, and am damned sick of the GOP propaganda and cheating!

  8. Anonymous9:16 AM

    OK, Democrats it's time to get serious, and get busy, and KEEP THE WHITE HOUSE. We have to make sure Democrats are registered and ready to VOTE. Get behind HILLARY and win this election in November.


  9. Anonymous9:31 AM

    ya mean like bush2 stole it from Al Gore?
    I'm ALL for it in THAT case!
    If you don't win it fairly,
    then steal that shit, Hillary!

  10. Anonymous11:10 AM

    I just received an "official document" in the mail naming me as a representative of my Congressional district - for the purposes of a survey. This "official document" is a product of the Republican Party. One of the questions is whether I would vote for Hillary Clinton (as opposed to listing the "Democratic Party nominee"), the Republican nominee or a third party candidate. In the past I have filled out such surveys or questionnaires with lots of added remarks and mailed them back in the postage-paid envelope. That must have happened so often that now you have to put your own stamp on the envelope. So it went straight into the trash.

  11. Anonymous12:58 PM

    I looked up that decree, & read the pdf file of the complaint brought before the court. The Democrats were accusing the Republicans of the same shit they still do today all over the country. Intimidate, harass, & coerce black & Latino voters at the ballot box challenging their right to vote. Before voting day, they intimidated voters with phone calls, mailings with inaccurate information, etc. Same shit they do today. For years they've been purging voters off the voting lists. They harass & intimidate black voters by posting police cars near, or in voting poll parking lots. I've seen this with my own eyes when I lived in Miami. It's projecting onto Hillary what they do. If Hillary or the Democrats complain the crooked Republicans will point the finger back at the Democrats for projecting. You know, how the media pundits will play it. BOTHSIDERISM. Both sides do it. Even though we know it's not true. Republicans can do something bad a thousand times while a Democrat might do it once or twice -- but the meme will be they are equal because of BOTHSIDERISM. Damn, I hate that. And, don't forget the ringers the Republicans place inside the Democratic party just for fun. OK, I'm rambling, but the Republicans are evil, they only control the house due to gerrymandering. We must elect a Democrat in 2016, & 2020 for many reasons, two of which are the Supreme Court & the 2020 Census. A third is to keep the Neoconservatives from canceling out Obama's diplomacy which would start another war, (making the MIC even richer.
    Dee, Traverse City, Michigan


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