Saturday, February 13, 2016

Uh, John?

Poor John McCain.

Remember when he had the gravitas to call out his fellow Republicans for their ignorance?

But then SHE came along.



  1. Oof. That's gotta hurt. Deservedly.

  2. Not that I was ever was a fan of McCain----but I can barely look or even listen to him now as he gave initial succor to the parasite that is Palin.

    1. Anonymous8:28 AM

      I'll bet McCain nor Romney campaign for the GOP nominee. They'd only hurts their chances.

  3. Anonymous2:35 AM

    I have never liked McCain, foul mouthed little man. Treats wives in disgusting ways, and thinks he is a big HERO. That facade was exposed long ago. Now he will always be remembered as the FOOL who took her as his VP. Seems he is having problems hanging on to his seat in Arizona. Maybe $carah could "help"? His opponent would probably be happy to see her show up.

  4. Randall3:21 AM

    Yes, and every time John McCain says he is "very proud of Sarah" Palin and refuses to admit that she was THE HUGE mistake that ruined his chances of ever being taken seriously again...

    it further ruins his chances of ever being taken seriously again.

    John, seriously? Again?

  5. Well thanks, John.

    "Next up, after these messages, O.J. Simpson has some harsh words for battering husbands. We'll be right back..."

    1. Anonymous5:46 AM

      After Simpson, Kim K will explain the exact positions to use i your sex tapes, and how to deal with being pissed on by the man in the tape. Then, how to make the entire family RICH from it.

    2. Anonymous8:14 AM

      5:46 PM At least Kim got married, and both she and Kanye are successful. What happened to the Palins?

    3. Anonymous8:30 AM

      Kim and Kanye don't try others how to live their lives as if they are morally superior the way Palins do.

    4. Anonymous8:48 AM

      Yes. Bristol, you're not trying hard enough, lazy @ss. LOL

  6. Anonymous4:03 AM

    Wasn't it John's running mate who said waterboarding was our way of baptizing terrorists?

    If McCain really wants any kind of redemption, he needs to finally admit that Sarah Palin was a mistake and he put the country in danger by choosing he as his running mate and keeping her when it became clear she was a disaster who fed off the bloodlust of her audience.

  7. Anonymous4:11 AM

    I recognize America's Grumpy Grandpa, but who is that fairly nice-looking, neatly dressed and pulled together woman standing behind him?

    1. Anonymous5:29 AM

      You mean the one who looks like there is a very nasty smell right under her nose? Smirking witch.

    2. Anonymous5:32 AM

      An AIP in Republican clothing.

    3. Anonymous5:39 AM

      It's the best she's ever looked in her entire life, yet she didn't realize it and resorted to a hideous mishmash of granny/teenybopper/stunted barbie doll as soon as she wasn't being dressed by anyone.

    4. Anonymous6:38 AM

      Not to mention plastic surgery up the ying to the point that she now looks like a zyborg, 5:39 AM.

      Nothing pretty about her at all anymore. The inside ugliness has manifested itself outward.

    5. Anonymous6:40 AM

      An AIP in Republican clothing. It deserves to be said again. Best comment ever.

    6. Anonymous6:57 AM

      Todd and she were both AIP until she changed to get in the game.

      I'm surprised she didn't show up in Burns OR, but that would have been on her dime so of course not. Better to cowardly sit behind a Facebook page and encourage it.

      What a "godly" woman so hopelessly stuck in the Old Testament. Sheesh.

  8. Anonymous4:18 AM

    I don't care how much he blathers on, McCain is responsible for unleashing the hound from hell and for the hateful rhetoric we are witnessing in politics today, and HE KNOWS IT.

    She's your lasting legacy, Johnny. Own it.

    1. Anonymous7:53 AM

      Agree 4:18. When old John is gone, IMO Cindy and Meghan will try to do damage control and revise his legacy. They will claim that John was "forced" by others to have Palin as his VP and it's not HIS fault that their 2008 campaign failed and all future GOP political discourse went to hell.

    2. Anonymous8:36 AM

      One would think that a "strong" man, whose reputation is on the line, would say no to his advisers. He does own this.

      In 2013, didn't he tell the press that the statute of limitations had run out on $arah Palin questions? He's proud of her, all right.

  9. Anonymous5:01 AM

    Not only is Sarah Payme a fuck up, look at her family. A bunch of ignorant uneducated fighting drunks who can't keep their panties up.

  10. Balzafiar5:21 AM

    "In my day..."

    I would hope to hear those words from McCain's own mouth. That would indicate he finally was admitting he is a dinosaur that should have been sent to the useless politicians retirement home long ago.

    1. Anonymous5:32 AM

      He should try to set the record straight, by releasing the holds he has kept in place on all the family records of this vile grifting family. He even had Levi's family computers scrubbed of all their photos which would have opened a lot of eyes as to just what this family is truly like. Vile bitch and her spawn should be exposed for all their lies, this has gone on for far too long.

  11. Anonymous5:40 AM

    Track Palin: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

    Just hours before his mother officially endorsed Donald Trump for president, Sarah Palin’s oldest son was arrested and accused of a drunken assault in Alaska....

    1. His Mother Blamed Track’s Arrest on President Obama

    In a speech in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Sarah Palin told a crowd that she would address the “elephant in the room,” reports Politico.Governor Palin blamed her son’s action on PTSD and said that President Obama had neglected veterans....

    2. He Was the Most Injured Palin During Their 2014 Drunken Brawl

    In October 2014, the Palin family were involved in an infamous drunken brawl at one of their friend’s homes. The brawl included,according to CNN, Track Palin trying to start a fight with his father, Todd....

    3. When He Divorced His Wife, Track Got the Guns, She Got Their Baby

    TMZ reported in December 2012 that Track and his ex-wife, Britta, were filing for divorce, having been married the year previous. The couple have a daughter, Kyla, who was 1 year old at the time of the split. The gossip site notes that the divorce appeared amicable as the two filed together for the separation. They were, however, subjected to watching a documentary on how a failed marriage can affect the life of a child. A later report from TMZ showed that Track had kept a majority of the couple’s possessions and wealth, including guns, while Britta got physical custody of Kyla.

    4. He Was Widely Rumored to Have Cut the Brake Lines of a School Bus When He Was 16

    In 2005, Track was accused along with three other teenagers of cutting the brake line of a school bus in Wasilla. The incident was reported on a local news broadcast in Anchorage (video is above). The Frontiersman newspaper reported at the time that four teenagers had stolen a bottle of vodka from a liquor store and gone on a vandalism spree. Political conspiracy theorists reckoned that Track avoided jail time by enlisting in the U.S. Army. Col. Thompson downplayed that rumor in the U.S. News report from October 2008, calling it “balderdash.”

    During Palin’s run for vice president in 2008,the National Enquirer reported that Track had been suffering from an addiction to Oxycontin.

    5. Despite Her Son’s Arrest, Sarah Palin Appeared With Donald Trump at an Iowa Rally on January 19

    .... Despite his mother’s traditional conservative views, Sarah Palin was pregnant with Track when she married Todd Palin in August 1988, according to a report from Fox News liberalpundit Alan Colmes....

    Read entire post at

    1. Anonymous8:54 AM

      When I read about the bus thing, I read that school was canceled for all schools in Wasilla the next day because of the possiblle danger to all students riding buses. I also raed that it's basically certain that he did do that cutting of the brakes--people in the know said so. What he did was no simple prank. He was not being your typical rebellious teen.

    2. Anonymous10:09 AM


      No fan of Track Palin here but the "cut brake lines" incident happened years earlier in Eagle River.

      What Track and his buddies did was unplug the engine block heaters from their outlets, which prevented the buses from starting on a cold morning. Also they deflated some tires.

      None of it is defensible, but just for the record, the "cut brake lines" was another group of kids, in another town, at an earlier time.

      You said you had "read" about the incident but you must have had the wrong article, there is misinformation all over the web about this incident.

      Here is the detail from the local paper:

      Track is not mentioned by name and in fact never was implicated by any of the other boys but local gossip pegs him as the one who stole the booze.

    3. Anonymous10:56 AM

      Willow was not mentioned except by ALL the other kids, in the house distruction and partying. $carah pulled all the stings at that time. The boys were charged, the girls (including Willow who was reported to be the leader) were let go.

  12. Anonymous5:46 AM

    Just out of curiosity I scrolled thru Trumps FB from Jan 22 to current and surprisingly couldn't find one picture or posting about Sarah. She probably was told
    "Don't call us we'll call you!"

    1. Anonymous8:36 AM


      Trump gave her PAC a one-time donation. He will not pay for her travel expenses during his campaign for POTUS.

      It will not be long before $arah puts Trump's name on her enemies' list.

  13. Anonymous7:00 AM

    Sarah the Dominatrix.its all she wants? Don't you get it?
    She wants to dominate!
    She has a great start with the leather get up.
    Go Sarah! You imbecile.

    1. Anonymous7:30 AM

      It's called a psychotic break; bring on South Carolina.

      More unhinged by the day, and I should probably feel guilty that I'm watching in amusement, but this was my major in college 37 years ago. Wowsers.

    2. Anonymous11:43 AM

      Thanks for the lesson.She appears to possess all the symptoms.

  14. Anonymous7:44 AM

    I remember John McCain making sure we stopped looking for our MIAs in Nam. I remember during a Senate hearing where he swore at and yelled at families of those missing.

    1. Anonymous10:58 AM

      Yes, it was truly disgusting. He really should have been sanctioned for that behavior.

  15. Anonymous8:20 AM

    "If I were in charge [applause] they would know that water boarding is how we baptize terrorists."
    ~Sarah Palin, Apr. 26, 2014 NRA convention, Indianapolis

    1. Anonymous8:56 AM

      This always makes me sick and now Trump's son has said that waterboarding is no big deal and they do it in the frat houses. It's amazing how these idiot Republicans treat this style of torture.

    2. Anonymous12:02 PM

      They do a lot of dumb shit stuff at the frats but that doesn't make it right.

  16. Anonymous8:23 AM

    Like George W. Bush, John McCain will never live down what he did.

  17. Anonymous9:02 AM

    I wonder if McCain, if he were running for office now, would ask Sarah not to bring her whole family up there on stage. Nothing against Tripp and Sailor, but two kids out of wedlock now and with different dads? And of course there's Track.

    Speaking of Bristol, it's sad how she's posting pics of the baby more and more frequently, needing to do this to draw attention to herself. She has that so-called "blog" that's supposed to be about "faith and being a mom," but it's no blog. She never writes her thoughts out and at length (and I mean Brancy, not Bristol, of course). It's basically just another version of Twitter and using other people's articles to make it look like she's out there on top if things and sharing important info. But she completely misses what a blog is supposed to be. If she were to actually sit down and reflect and write something that felt real, she might get real notice and feedback from people.

    1. Anonymous11:02 AM

      Family values, PayMe style. If a black woman with numerous illigitimate kids tried this, they would be laughed off the internet. Bristles is too dummb to have any shame about popping out kids by different fathers every few years. I feel sorry for the kids, they will be taunted by classmates in the coming years.

  18. Anita Winecooler4:21 PM

    I don't like him (not because he was captured), but because he had no gravitas in his choice of VP. He erroneously though because Palin has women's parts, all women would automatically vote for him, what a fool.
    I wonder if he watched "Game Change", and how many times the ice princess's foot got extricated from his ass? What bothers me is, the man doesn't have a shred of regret, shame, nor common sense. He owes the world an apology.

    1. Anonymous5:42 PM

      It seemed like he was afraid of Sarah in that scene where Steve
      Schmidt confronted McCain about
      controlling her and he said she might turn on him.

  19. Google "john mccain yells at MIA families". If you ever had doubts about this person's character, this should clear it up for you. What a heartless shitbag.


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