Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Check out who the White Supremacists have chosen to make up Donald Trump's administration.

As entertaining as that is check out who they pick as his Chief of Staff at the bottom of this second tweet.
Hardly a surprise that with White Supremacists putting together a cabinet that HER name is added to the list somewhere.

Also check out who they chose for the United States Trade Representative. 

Thing that make you go "Hmm."


  1. Leland2:45 AM

    Do these idiots not realize that Commerce is one of the things specifically listed in the Constitution as the responsibility of the Federal government?

    1. Anonymous4:45 AM

      In all probability Leland, yes.

    2. Well, obviously they are idiots.

      Ben Carson as surgeon general?

      That's for starters.

      Sarah Palin as chief of staff is a dead giveaway.

  2. Anonymous3:50 AM

    The whole Bernie Sanders campaign has been suspect for me for quite a while. I was enthusiastic about him at first. But for the last three months have come to realize that initially his supporters were real liberals. But then he started attracting the Rand Paul misogynistic libertarians and teapartiers, and even many republicans. Each with a different motive for supporting him. Quite a lot of them want him to beat Hillary, so that Tump can beat Bernie. Now we have the white supremacists.

    1. Anonymous8:29 AM

      Thank you for pointing out that Bernie's campaign was hijacked by people afraid he was gaining too much momentum.

    2. Anonymous8:45 AM

      Doesn't change the fact that was hijacked and would not have nearly the support he does without the hijacking.

  3. 66gardeners3:55 AM

    Reality Sets In...for Kirsten Powers

    Who is to blame for the unraveling of the Republican Party?

    If you listen to establishment gurus, you'd be led to believe that the Republican primary voter revolt was birthed by the governance of President Obama, creating fertile ground for the emergence of one Donald Trump. This fairy tale version of reality casts Trump as the villain who has swept in to capitalize on voter frustration with Obama’s alleged weakness, lawlessness and rampant liberalism.

    The villain must be stopped or the Republican Party will be destroyed. Or so we are told.

    The old saw that you have to first acknowledge that you have a problem to solve the problem applies here. What the GOP "leaders" refuse to accept is that Trump is not the problem. They are.

    The dissatisfaction among a large cohort of GOP voters is directly attributable to their unhappiness with a party that they believe does not represent their interests. In exit polls, high percentages of GOP voters registered displeasure with their leadership. In Tennessee, 58% of Republican voters said they felt “betrayed” by their leaders, as did 47% in New Hampshire, 52% in South Carolina and 54% in Ohio.

    Those who feel betrayed have been most likely to vote for Trump. Trump has been a particular draw to white working-class voters who feel left behind economically. Such voters have been treated with dismissal and outright contempt by the GOP establishment even as this group has become more critical to Republican success. Pew reported in 2012 that “lower-income and less educated whites … have shifted substantially toward the Republican Party since 2008.”

    The fact that so many establishment types continue to blame a Democratic president for GOP primary voters disliking their own party leadership demonstrates how disconnected from reality they are, how incapable of self-examination they seem to be. This is the same detachment from reality that led them to believe wholeheartedly in 2012 that Obama would never win re-election. That led many to expect a Mitt Romney victory up to the last minute, despite all evidence pointing to the contrary. Or more recently, that led them to insist long after it was reasonable that Trump would be slain by Marco Rubio even as Rubio lost state after state.

    We know that the GOP establishment is a long way from accurately diagnosing its problem because the ostensible solution it has devised is so patently self-destructive. These people are going to save the Republican Party by destroying the Republican Party. The plan is simple: Stop the person with the most votes from getting the GOP nomination through a contested convention.

    What could go wrong?

  4. Anonymous3:55 AM

    Some jackass(es) put a lot of time and thought into these.

    Carson is obviously an honorary White person.
    Sanders and Stein are honorary non-Jews.

  5. Anonymous4:03 AM

    So happy they included the poet laureate. (eye roll)
    Coulter (ROFLMFAO)
    Palin (that was a given)
    Isn't it cute how they're pretending to have a say in anything?

  6. 66gardeners4:08 AM

    Republicans blame President Obama and refuse to be spurred into some meaningful self-reflection.

    On the GOP's tombstone: "Here Lies the GOP. Killed by a feckless, weak, timid, unpopular, ineffective minority should-have-been-a-one-term president."

    If such a man as Obama created the Republican suicide march, he deserves more credit than his foes have given him. Or perhaps the GOP's hate-fest tumor just ruptured.

  7. Anonymous4:13 AM

    Are white supremacists more lame than the Peepond?

    From the archives (or the outer limits) part 1:

    The bent ignoramuses at the Palin Cult HQ have molested their quivering brain cells yet again in the service of their Princess Jesus, and gathered over the holidays to select the next Vice-President of the United States of America because, yeah, in the land they inhabit these Einsteins can do that.

    Stephanie87 says:
    I’ve thought for while now that she could end up picking Giuliani, too. He’s liked her and stuck up for her from the beginning, and he’d be a great draw for the independent vote… and the NY and California voters.

    Jindal, I like, but I don’t think he’d be all that great of a campaigner. He’s brilliant in interviews, but it’s almost impossible to catch all the brilliant things he says cause he talks too fast.

    Rubio is going to be a Washington insider by then, and I kinda have a feeling Palin isn’t gonna pick someone without executive experience, either.

    dr_vicki says:
    Think about it. If there is no one, or only one or two candidates who pose a serious challenge, Gov Palin could one by one roll out cabinet picks. It seems like any of the minor challengers who wanted a shot at an executive pick might drop out in order to have a chance at an appointment. You know those other guys gotta be looking at Gov Palin as inevitable. Maybe not an inevitable winner, but an inevitable fight.

    section9 says:
    Way too soon for that. Remember what happened to Joltin’ Joe Miller? He was buying office furniture for Washington, and then lost has butt to Madame Write-In.

    Never pick the drapes in the Oval Office. People hate that.

    KeeleyH says:
    Not BEFORE she even has the nomination yet. But once she’s the nominee, it will be ok, IMO.

    JAN says:
    But won’t that leave the cabinet picks open to attacks by the MSM. The MSM would check into their backgrounds and if they found anything they would blow it into a major scandal and harp on it for weeks. They could even make things up. The campaign could turn into Palin’s poor judgment on cabinet picks.

  8. Anonymous4:13 AM

    part 2:

    KeeleyH says:
    I know a lot of people here like Allen West. But he is too much of an unknown to most people. Sarah needs someone older and already well known and well liked. I think it will be ok if she picks:

    Rudy Giuliani – VP
    Mitt Romney – Sec. of Treasury (to unite the Romney/establishment fraction)
    Joe Lieberman – Sec. of State
    John McCain – Sec. of Defense

    johnmd says:
    I dissagree with the last two. Lieberman is to old plus he is a wuss. Liz Cheney She is a foreign policy expert , has worked a long time under Condi Rice in the State Dept. She would be a good one there she also has a spine. I like Newt for sec of defense. He has asked some good questions like do we really need 942 military bases and do we really need a 250 million a copy ground support aircraft.

    susiepuma says:
    Are you serious???

    Giuliani – no vote from me – ugh!
    Romney – no
    Liberman – turncoat – no trust here – reminds me of spector, coleman –
    mccain – he’s done –

    excopconservative says:
    Please, no Lieberman or McCain. I would guess she might like Steve Forbes as VP. The economy is still going to be the issue in 2012 and he is strong there and she was a Forbes supporter in 2000. I’d take Giuliani as AG any day. The contrast between Holder and Giuliani couldn’t be clearer. I hope she keeps Romney at arms length. I think she’ll choose people she trusts and she probably doesn’t trust him. I’d also like to see Joe Arpaio as director of Homeland Security.

  9. The White Supremacist's last gasp.

  10. Anonymous4:25 AM

    Palin is way too lazy for the job of Chief of Staff.

    She wants something cushy. She wants to be the head of something that will be eliminated within the first couple of months (because it's not the government's place to be in charge of whatever, blah, blah, blah). That way, she gets the honor without have do do anything but make a speech when it's all over.

  11. Anonymous4:39 AM

    White supremacist as United Nations Ambassador. What could go wrong with that?

  12. Interesting that even white supremacists have liberal-ish feelings about environmental protections and a living wage.

  13. Balzafiar5:52 AM

    That list reads more like an enemies list than anything else.

  14. I don't under stand why they would nominate people like Jill Stein (EPA director) and Gary Johnson (Office of Management and Budget).

    Johnson while being fiscally conservative is a strong supporter of civil liberties.

    Stein is the current Green Party candidate for president. Not exactly conservative, let alone white supremacist.

  15. I don't under stand why they would nominate people like Jill Stein (EPA director) and Gary Johnson (Office of Management and Budget).

    Johnson while being fiscally conservative is a strong supporter of civil liberties.

    Stein is the current Green Party candidate for president, in addition to being Jewish. Not exactly conservative, let alone white supremacist.

  16. Anonymous6:24 AM

    #TrumpSuperpowers Becomes Massive Twitter Trend

  17. Anonymous6:27 AM

    It's been a rough month for Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL).

    After dropping out of the Republican presidential race after his home state primary, Rubio sent a letter asking the Alaska GOP not to release his bound delegates before the national convention.

    There was just one thing amiss: he referred to the delegates he won running for the highest office in the "Untied States."

  18. Anonymous6:46 AM

    Trump Fans Launch Brutal Attack On Teenage Girl At Wisconsin Rally (VIDEO)

  19. Anonymous6:50 AM

    Trump Gets P*SSED As TODAY Hosts Slam His ‘Lying’ Campaign Manager Over And Over (VIDEO)

  20. Anonymous6:55 AM

    WATCH What Hillary Says About Trump’s Bigoted Campaign In Her First Ad Targeting Him (VIDEO)

  21. Anonymous11:10 AM

    Bernie keeps bragging that he only takes money from the "little people".

    Well wouldn't it be better to let the little people keep their money to pay for groceries and let the bigwigs pay for his campaign.

  22. Anonymous3:13 PM

    But guns are allowed at certain venues that the president is speaking at.

  23. Anita Winecooler4:54 PM

    Poster child for education reform. Gowdie all!


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