Monday, March 28, 2016

Here let Ted Nugent explain to you how guns are better than women.

I know that you're first instinct here is probably to call Nugent a pig, but seriously is that being fair to pigs?

And what the fuck is with Sarah Palin?

Does she ONLY hang out with misogynists?

Not only is she "married" to a pimp, but she endorsed Donald "I want to bang my daughter" Trump, and of course pals around with Nugent every chance she gets.

So I guess that answers my question, now doesn't it?


  1. Anonymous4:10 AM

    What do Nugent and dTrumpf have in common? Never mind. I don't have that much time. the only real difference between them is how they dress.

  2. Anonymous4:25 AM

    That meme has been around for years and I don't know where it originated. The fact that he espouses it makes him a malignant, narcissistic pos. I hope someday someone does a post birth abortion on him. It cannot come soon enough.

  3. Anonymous4:28 AM

    Remember that he is referring to any woman desperate eough to hang out with him. No decent woman would, so he has no frame of reference. REAL women would not touch him with a ten foot pole, not Donnie or
    Teddy either also too.

  4. Anonymous4:42 AM

    I really do not understand how a woman can like a man like Nugent or Trump! It really confuses me.

    1. Anonymous5:27 AM

      It isn't confusing at all, some women are just as stupid, racist, gun obsessed assholes as some men. Trump and Ted speak their language is all.

    2. Anonymous6:24 AM

      There are women who want to be seen as "cool girls" by the gun nuts. Sarah Palin is one of them.

    3. Anonymous9:37 AM

      I would guess that $arah gravitates to misogynistic men because of early sexual abuse=reward/approval.

  5. Anonymous4:47 AM

    I refuse to waste ten words on Nugent. But what's with Todd? Did he die in that hospital? Did Sarah smother him the one time she went to visit? Are his life-threatening injuries miraculously healed? Why is it that she will comment on her yoga class, but give no updates on her husband's condition after two weeks? Not that I care, but it is curious. Plus, I don't think she's left Alaska since she returned...and that is really curious.

    1. Anonymous5:56 AM

      I understand. The Palins certainly made everyone aware of their chronic victimization-it's part of their brand to portray themselves as Christian martyrs.

      No photos sold to the Daily Mail while the event was hot. I have to conclude Todd got his ass kicked, maybe by a family member. Just a thought, pls don't sue me.

      I hope Cruz does not forget that Sara chose a now RNC-defined RINO.

    2. Anonymous6:08 AM

      Not suing you, 5:56 AM, I believe the same.

  6. Anonymous5:05 AM

    Speaking of pimps, has anyone heard from Sarah's? Is he in traction at home? On the road again? Still drunk? [I'd mention Ted Nugent, but...]

  7. Anonymous5:08 AM

    Ted the traitor isn't worth commenting on.

    O/T Andrea Mitchell Says Trump Is “Completely Uneducated About Any Part Of The World”

    Sunday on Meet the Press, Donald Trump ran afoul of fact when NBC’s Andrea Mitchell laid bare the truth about the Republican presidential frontrunner, saying Trump is “completely uneducated about any part of the world,” and that “When he doesn’t know something, he just changes the subject, makes it all about himself.”....

    ....Most glaringly, he failed the “Palin Test,” being unable to name any sources of information, books or articles, he had read or used to inform himself.....

    1. Anonymous8:09 AM

      Thanks for the link. Will go check it out. I'm eager to read the NY Times interview that today's news is saying is horrendous. His WaPo one last week was so embarrassing. He'll be on Hardball Wednesday and must be cramming for that. Matthews better not be easy on him.

    2. Anonymous10:41 AM

      Matthews will be a wimp when it comes to interviewing Trump. Last time he chatted w/him (on the phone, if I remember correctly), he bad mouthed Trump before talking to him and then folded completely once he was connected to him!

      Trump will talk constantly which is his usual procedure - repeating all of his usual crap!

  8. Anonymous5:16 AM

    Look no further than Creepy Chuck Sr.

    I might get pelted for this, but a father IS a daughter's first "boyfriend" and their relationship can, and usually does, mold a daughter's self-image early on. It is obvious to me that Palin was taught early on that women were simply an object, hence her "boys will be boys" mentality and over the top style of dress for her age. Who needs an education? Women were put on this earth for one thing and one thing only, right?

    That $arah is who she is today shows just how weak and cowardly she is. She is a nobody, and has passed onto her daughters the same premise that all that's needed in life is a working uterus.

    1. My first thought as to why Sarah hangs out with misogynists: she was sexually abused as a child and was told that's was love is and does.

    2. Anonymous5:59 AM

      I believe the same. What kind of father tells a daughter not to sleep with panties on? Easy access?

      Chuck Sr. gives me the creeps big time.

    3. Maple6:25 AM

      I think the simple answer is that Sarah has no self-respect. If she were indeed abused as a child, that would explain it. She is always seeking approval, and it's the douchebags like Nugent and Trump who seemingly give it to her. I'm almost at the point of feeling sorry for her, but perhaps more sorry for her offspring.

    4. abbafan6:31 AM

      I totally concur with you all! Something happened to her in her youth that left her emotionally scarred, and she finds comfort in those who exhibit those same character traits. I would not be surprised if daddy Chuckles diddled her. She had to seek his approval ("does it kick daddy"?) to have some self-esteem, which she sorely lacks. Besides, what kind of father sports a t-shirt that boasts "hottest governor ever"? No fuckin' wonder she hangs around with nugent; she is damaged goods!

  9. Sarah loves men who hate women because she is not that fond of women anyway. Everyone always thinks she hates men with all the sexual innuendo she throws their way. I think she wants the power that she believes men wield. But because she is emotionally damaged, she'll attach herself to the loudest, grossest and piggiest of the bunch because she sees that behavior as powerful for some reason.

    Of course when her buddies like Nugent are truly vile misogynists or hate on special needs people in public---she becomes deaf and mute.

    1. Anonymous5:37 AM

      Very good observations, Angela.

    2. Anonymous5:56 AM

      True that, angela!

    3. Anonymous6:06 AM

      The old bat hates herself. I read once that you can never love anyone if you don't love yourself.

      She thrives on her hate. It feeds her. My Mom was the same way. She just had to hate somebody, anybody. It was so much easier for her to hate than love.

      You are the only one that can make you happy. Too bad the Alaska hater never learned that.

  10. Anonymous5:21 AM

    Just like with Trump, it is Nugent's followers I find more disturbing. I read some of the comments at his Facebook, some from WOMEN gleefully saying "oh how funny", "this made my day." Gag.

  11. Anonymous6:08 AM

    Sounds like gun-humping Ted doesn't have much success with real women.


  12. Anonymous6:25 AM

    The freak probably doesn't talk to Sara since he endorsed Cruz.

  13. Anonymous7:02 AM

    Stupid, who would trade a 44 for a 22?

  14. Anonymous7:04 AM

    He left off his real reason: "Guns don't care if you have a micropenis."

  15. Anonymous10:36 AM

    Boy, how Palin has aged! She surely doesn't look like that anymore!!!

  16. Anonymous1:16 PM

    Is it possible Todd's 'accident' involved a gun? That might explain what appears to be a high level of embarrassment.

  17. Anonymous3:32 PM

    They are both low rent sewage rats!

  18. Anita Winecooler6:00 PM

    Tell me who you hang with, I'll tell you what you are. Some shit pantsed draft dodging one hit wonder with brain damage compares something that takes lives to women who give life, an asshole like Donald Trump, and no wonder why Sarah's family is so full to the brim with wife beaters, nymphomaniac drug and alcohol abusers. That's all they're exposed to, so to them it's "normal". Wonder if Brissy taught Sailor to raise her middle finger and drop homophobic sayings yet?


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