Sunday, March 20, 2016

Let's take a look at Donald Trump's most recent rally in Arizona. Or as I like to call them, a night at the fights.

Courtesy of TPM: 

There was an apparent replay of the escalating Trump rally violence at a rally in Tucson this afternoon. We're still trying to piece together what happened. But one incident seems oddly reminiscent of the incident in Fayetteville, North Carolina where a Trump supporter sucker punched a protestor as he was being escorted out of the arena. This time another protestor was being escorted out of the arena when a Trump supporter punched him, knocking him to the ground, and then repeatedly kicked him before being restrained by police and himself being escorted out of the arena.

Here is another angle on the attack.
Oddly enough this is a case where a BLACK Donald Trump supporter attacks a WHITE protester.

How's that for a paradigm shift?

Here is a description of the incident as well as a few others in the venue:

Bryan Sanders, 33, was wearing an American flag shirt and carrying a poster depicting Trump with a Confederate flag superimposed on his face when he was jumped. 

Police quickly arrested the attacker, Tony Pettway, 32, for misdemeanor assault. 

As five police officers responded to the assault, Trump assailed the protesters. 

"That's a disgrace. Y'know, they're taking away our First Amendment rights," he said. "They're troublemakers; they're no good. We'd better be careful. We've got to take our country back, folks." 

In another incident, a female protester — reportedly a University of Southern California student — was punched by a man in the crowd. She was being treated by paramedics at the scene after the rally. 

Another woman, 67 years old, was cited for assaulting a TPD officer, after she poked him in the chest while trying to explain how she was injured by a Trump supporter, who she said pushed her against the railing and kicked her.

And not all of the violence happened inside the Tucson Convention Center.

At one point a jeep drove through a group of protesters blocking the road to the Trump event, and outside of the convention center police sprayed an increasingly unruly crowd with pepper spray.

Like I said yesterday things are only heating up and I fear it is only a matter of time before there is a loss of life at one of these rallies.


  1. Anonymous8:54 AM

    "Y'know, they're taking away our First Amendment rights,"

    --Clearly he uses the same school of thought on interpretation of the Constitution--you know, the one where voicing your opposition via protest is exactly equivalent to the government making laws that prevent people from voicing their opposition via protest.

  2. Anonymous9:01 AM

    I would love to see the loss of life be that of Donald Trump! He is the devil incarnate of the USA!

  3. Anonymous9:01 AM

    I'm glad there are protesters. I wish they would refrain from any violence, but otherwise, I'm glad they are doing what they're doing.
    Watch and see how the story turns towards the black guy doing the punching and the KKK hooded protester, instead of the flag-wearing hippie dude. I've already found a few articles that report that it was the KKK-wearer who got punched.
    Also, how about the police protection for the flag-wearer being escorted out? One tiny lady cop.

    1. Anonymous10:06 AM

      You are glad that a liberal protestor is wearing a kkk outfit to a Trump rally specifically to cause a problem?? What the hell is wrong with you people? You are sick?

    2. Anonymous10:30 AM

      Someones reading comprehension is poor.

    3. Anonymous10:34 AM

      up yours, 10:06. They are doing it as satire, to make a point- the guy likely had a poster or shirt that explained that. Since NO ONE should be getting punched at ANY political rally, your objection is as ignorant as T.Rump's supporters.

    4. Anonymous10:34 AM

      Maybe some of these Trump supporters need to have a mirror held up to them and the man they are supporting.

      (The goal of protesters is to cause problems. Did you think it was something else?)

    5. Anonymous10:35 AM

      I wonder if the Black Trump supporter realizes that actual KKK members support his candidate.

    6. Anonymous11:22 AM

      A mirror held up to them lol.... the only one there wearing a kkk outfit was a liberal, specifically to cause a problem. Liberals are retarded.

    7. Anonymous12:17 PM

      The only one wearing kkk garb but not actually associated. Those guys are Trump supporters. Hence the mirror, dummy. Are you really this obtuse or do you just play that way on the Internet? Because, holy shit, impounded don't seem to get it.

    8. Anonymous12:38 PM

      Sorry,11:22 ,I thought it was just reading comprehension,now I see it is all comprehension.

    9. Anonymous1:02 PM

      *you don't seem to get it (smart phone, not so much)

  4. Anonymous9:07 AM

    Same rally Trump's campaign manager corey Lewandowski again picked on someone smaller than him. With a muscle guy in a black track suit, he grabbed a guy by the back of the shirt collar and yanked him back when the guy turned his back.

    1. Anonymous10:37 AM

      That guy is perfect for Trump. I'm trying to decide if he's Trump's Goring or Himler.

    2. Anonymous11:19 AM

      Perfect, 10:37 AM! The people need to pay closer attention that are supposedly backing Trump! He is Hitler II! Fuck him and may he rest in Hell soon!

  5. Anonymous9:09 AM

    The introduction of one $arah Palin in'08 made this all possible. Talk about unleashing the hound from HELL and the media did absolutely nothing but sit with their collective thumbs up their butt watching instead of doing their DAMN JOBS.

    Have at me, trolls, I don't give a shit, but tell me how ANY of this is "Christian" or "godly" from the book you claim to live by. It ISN'T.

    1. Anonymous10:00 AM

      Well I don't hear Trump preaching 'Godly or Christian', so where are you getting that?

    2. Anonymous10:33 AM

      10 am ,where did you see the poster refer to Trump?It looks like they referred to trolls,meaning you.

    3. Anonymous10:39 AM

      But many evangelicalfundabangelists on the right ARE supporting him. And he's trotted out some church attendance and a laughable biblical misquote and "I'm a Christian claimes(see fight with POpe Francis) to pander to them. Even though his church attendance at one point was just to pick up a mistress.

      SO, let's ask the question again - how does what T.Rump says align with purported Christian values, and if they are in opposition, why do Christians support him, while attacking others for their lack of Christian values?

    4. Anonymous10:59 AM

      Thank you, 10:39 AM, that was my point.

    5. Anonymous11:27 AM

      So in other words, you are all trying to smear Trump with your own bullshit lies. Typical.

    6. Anonymous12:14 PM

      Is that a fact, 11:27 AM. Please cite examples where we're wrong. I was raised Lutheran and I DARE you to.

    7. Anonymous4:32 PM

      Trump has trotted out the bible in multiple occasions.? He's proclaimed himself a good Christian (despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary).

      Maybe you should get your hearing checked.

  6. Crystal Sage9:28 AM

    Someone is going to earn a doctorate or write a best-seller regarding this period in US history. It is becoming uglier than the years leading up to the Civil War. We are being drawn into a black hole of hatred and fascism and there seems to be no way out. And yes, there will be deaths, coming soon to a Trump rally near you.

    1. Anonymous11:16 AM

      Almost certain of it, Crystal!

    2. Anonymous11:17 AM

      There is a way out - Hillary Rodham Clinton. Stop Trump on your ballot.

    3. Anonymous1:43 PM


      You can try to "stop Trump on your ballot" but unfortunately the Electoral College elects our President.

      They will be beholden to the desires and will of the primary voters and vote for the party that is the delegate majority rule in their state.

      More importantly we should vote for down ticket candidates, that we can control, POTUS, we as individual voters don't control one aspect of the race.

      Obama won two Presidential elections, however, voters did not bother in the midterms and that hogtied him in many of the important items that he wanted to see passed in his 8 years.

  7. "Police quickly arrested the attacker--Tom Pettway."


    Poor Tom is still wondering how he got to be the first Trump supporter arrested for assault. Someone should tell dumb ass Tom that he wasn't a Trump supporter to the cops---he was just a black man who has the sense of a piece of stale bread. I wonder if Trump got him out of jail.

    It was just a matter of time before the self-loathers started getting their asses kicked defending the sociopathic racist.

    1. Why do you believe Donald Trump is a sociopathic racist.

    2. Why do you think Donald Trump is a sociopathic racist.

  8. Anonymous9:37 AM

    The Jeep just kind of slowly pushed through the obstructionists, allowing them to get out of the way so he could proceed. It's not as if he barreled through the crowd at a high rate of speed.

    The protesters were blocking a public right of way, he was well within his rights to politely push them aside. The police were pushing the obstructionists out of the way to allow egress for the Jeep.

    I guess none of the protesters felt strongly enough about their beliefs to become a martyr for whatever their cause is.

    1. Anonymous10:11 AM

      I like that you describe the scenario calmly, and don't let the "us-vs-thems" take over. But then you end with snark, and I would point out that we've all asked nicely for the trumpians to mellow out, and now, it's time to be more public in our condemnation of trump's tactics. The fact that we in America can protest is marvelous. We should appreciate it.

    2. Anonymous10:38 AM

      When the Nazis came for the communists,
      I remained silent;
      I was not a communist.

      When they locked up the social democrats,
      I remained silent;
      I was not a social democrat.

      When they came for the trade unionists,
      I did not speak out;
      I was not a trade unionist.

      When they came for the Jews,
      I remained silent;
      I wasn't a Jew.

      When they came for me,
      there was no one left to speak out.

      I'm sure you think that Trump and his cult will not come for you.

    3. Anonymous10:43 AM


      The Chinese Communists would have loved to have you doing PR for them after Tiananman Square. Perhaps those martyrs were more to your liking.

    4. Anonymous11:27 AM

      The obstructionists are breaking the law. Arrest them all.

    5. Anonymous11:45 AM

      Donald Trump is a fascist. Not fascist-like. Not fascist-lite. Fascist.

      It’s not funny. It’s not cute. It’s no joke.

      If Donald Trump becomes president, he really, truly intends to create a nation ringed by walls and patrolled by not-so-secret police empowered to throw millions—including many born in the U.S.—beyond the razor-wire-topped limits of the fatherland. He’s said so. Repeatedly.

      Within those walls will be a nation where First Amendment rights to protest, or to voice criticism of the leader, are sharply curtailed. A place where journalists are subject to restraint by the powerful, and never the other way around. A place where opposition is subject to a beating. Or worse. That’s his promise.

      A land where there is no place free from the death penalty, no matter what those who live there might want. He’s put that in writing.

      A country where one religion is raised high, while others are shunned, persecuted, or outright banned. It’ll be a land where women will have all the rights that men allow them. A place where political enemies are to be dragooned before kangaroo courts, where the Internet is cut through by a Great Firewall of America, and where corporations can act with disdain for regulation. It’ll be a smoky, dangerous land where environmental rules are overturned and safety is at the discretion of “job creators.” Flint, Michigan, not just in its tea-colored water, but its usurpation of control by appointed “managers,” will be the role model for the nation.

      Those are just the things Trump has openly promised. Those are the things he is proud of. When Donald Trump says “make America great,” this is what he’s talking about. And it’s not even a complete list.

      Oh, and of course he’s promised to bomb the hell out countries we don’t like, while ignoring treaties and blackmailing our “friends” into doing what we tell them. Or else.

      This aggressive, monocultural, corporatized nationalism is fascism. There’s no other name for it. There doesn’t have to be. For those thinking Trump is only using violent rhetoric to generate votes and that he will rein in his attacks should he ever get to actually reign … please point to any example who has followed this course. Elected bullies don’t moderate. They become more powerful bullies far better equipped to beat down their opponents.

      And with or without Donald Trump, this is where the GOP has been going for years. It’s the only destination on the road Republicans are paving.

    6. Anonymous11:49 AM

      Everyone, watch the video closely and you'll see that the jeep was not going as slow as it should have been and multiple people lost their footing and fell because of the way that jeep moved. There were so many people--no way should that jeep have kept moving, unless the driver expected to cause injuries.

      "Egress" is a favorite Sarah Palin word that she uses in such an unnatural way (like so many of the words she tries impressing us with). Must be a Palin or Palin adorer here.

    7. Anonymous12:49 PM

      Sure thing 11:49am I'm a Palin posting here. Wow, you really are probably believe in the "cousin" too, right?

    8. Anonymous12:57 PM


      You forget that there are checks and balances within our 3 branches of Government that will never allow that to happen. Just look at how effectively an obstructionist congress voted against most of the good things Obama tried to achieve during his 8 years, and Trump will find even LESS support than did Obama in the halls of our congress. He would be a fantastic reason for Dems and Reps to start getting along and caucusing together again because he would very much be a common enemy.

      He'll either be neutered by lack of congressional and military support (remember, all of the leaders of our military have said they will NOT do his bidding and would quit en masse before following his orders) OR he'll be impeached before his first year is up.

      There is no reason for concern; if he gains office he doesn't have the support he needs to achieve any of his stated goals.

      I'm pretty weary of the rending of garments and tearing of hair regarding this man and his campaign and possible election as POTUS.

      If it happens it won't last and it might finally be the wake up call that both sides need.

    9. Anonymous1:04 PM

      Unfortunately, The Palins aren't the only dull-wits willing to display their ignorance on the internet.

    10. Anonymous1:40 PM


      99% of the internet is composed of "dull-wits", as you call them, posting stupid things, the minutiae of their uninspiring lives, cats and stupid "wisdom quotes". Where have you been for the last 15 years?

    11. fromthediagonal2:37 PM

      Anon@ 12:57: I do not share your optimism.
      Please permit me a fair warning about the impending perils of this nation:
      Yes, we have a tri-partite system of government, but if one part fails, the other two are in jeopardy.
      At this point, we have a Legislative Branch sworn to obstruction by racist, regressive, visceral disloyalty against the Executive Branch because it is headed by a non-white President. This is exacerbated by fury over the superior intellectual and diplomatic capabilities of said President.

      Now they use the death of Justice Antonin Scalia, a man who did not choose to be a neutral interpretor of the Constitution, as a club with which to continue hammering progress.

      Color me discouraged.

    12. Anonymous3:45 PM

      Woah, that was really heavy 2:37pm you need some fresh air, and a walk.

  9. Anonymous9:39 AM

    The Con>

  10. Anonymous9:44 AM

    Well if I die this week, it won't be because I'm @ a trump rally.

  11. "When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross."

    Various people have said this, but it's so widespread now that it doesn't matter anymore who said it first.

    It has become true.

    There will be deaths.

    1. Anonymous10:22 AM

      And, I so hope the death is Donald Trump!

    2. Anonymous10:40 AM

      I'd rather see him jailed, or bankrupted into homelessness.

    3. Anonymous11:18 AM

      Sinclair Lewis?

  12. Anonymous9:59 AM

    The Iraq War started on this day March 20, 2003 – December 18, 2011 (8 years, 8 months and 28 days) #OTDIH

  13. Anonymous10:03 AM

    Still trying to figure out the liberal logic of how organized and ill-intentioned protestors showing up at Trump's events specifically to cause these kinds of problems is Trump's fault?

    1. Anonymous10:34 AM

      No one has said that their *showing up* is Trump's fault, brainiac. The violence is his fault because he talks about the need for it at every one of his rallies. Cognitive dissonance much?

    2. Anonymous10:42 AM

      How is exercising one's first amendment right "ill-intentioned?" Yet you don't say that about every asswipe that buys a gun. They're applauded and encouraged for exercising their second amendment rights. DOUBLE STANDARD MUCH?

    3. Anonymous10:44 AM

      Keep trying. You'll get it one of these days.

    4. First--its called the 1st Amendment.

      Second---Other candidates have protesters and manage to handle them without incident.

      Third--I can't remember any of the democratic or republican campaigners other than Trump claiming they wanted to punch faces,wished to have the protesters carried out like the old days, says they will pay legal fees if his fans beat the protestors up and then yell get 'em out repeatedly to get his supporters over excited.

      Get his culpability now? He is thinned skinned and cannot brook ANY opposition and when he gets it, he proves what kind of leader he would be. A bully.

    5. Anonymous11:00 AM

      It's easy to understand that it is the poorly educated who support him.

    6. Anonymous11:07 AM

      Apparently it's also the poorly educated who think he has nothing to do with it (see: the OP).

    7. Anonymous11:26 AM

      No. You liberals are all hypocrites. Typical liberals. Causing problems at an otherwise peaceful event that they have no reason to be at... other than to cause problems.

      Kind of like BLM rioting and burning down their own towns, then blaming whitey. What a fucking joke you all are getting exposed as.

      Here is an idea.... Get jobs and live responsibly liberals!

    8. Anonymous11:29 AM

      it's not "Trump's Fault", since the term is too politically loaded to be useful here. It IS in reaction to Trump's promotions as a candidate for President. As others have said, protest is about standing against the intolerable. What else can we do as citizens of "one nation indivisible"?

    9. Anonymous11:38 AM

      When Trump tells you that he wants to punch you in your face, hand him an olive branch. Not too long ago, Sarah Palin was saying that someone needed a 'punch in the throat'. But you CONS are non-violent, right? Go away with your right wing gibberish, Troll.

    10. Anonymous11:43 AM

      11:26 AM
      Oh honey, go look at yourself in the mirror.

    11. Anonymous12:42 PM


      "What a fucking joke " Why yes,yes you are.

    12. Anonymous1:07 PM

      Did I speak that quote to you, 12:42 PM?
      Thank you for proving my point.

    13. Anonymous1:28 PM

      11:26 does the shit on your lips taste good? Because you are on real buttkisser.

      To protest is to be responsible, i.e, to respond as one is able. You don't think it is morally obligatory to exercise one's first amendment right to denounce what one sees as morally wrong? How sad, immoral and un-American of you. To be effective as a denunciation today, one has to have it happen in front of a media camera. T.Rump's playing of the media has caused those cameras to flock to him. That's why buttkissers like Palin, Christie, Carson (poor saps) are flocking around him. A willingness to face his thug staff and violent supporters shows a strong disgust with his message. The same sort of disgust I'm feeling for you right now.

    14. Anonymous3:40 PM

      You can barely write a coherent sentence, 1:07/11:26, etc..

      You spit out the same trite comments about "liberals" that troglodytes like you have been spewing for decades.

      How does it feel to be led around by your nose by the conservative powers-that-be? You do their dirty work and pretend you're anything but a useful idiot to them. You defend Trump, but he thinks you're lower than dirt.

      You're being used, you poor thing.

    15. Anonymous3:44 PM


      Why you so mad? I can tell you are because you make about as much sense as an "English as a second language" person!

    16. Anonymous4:29 PM

      Kind of a funny comment coming from someone who writes, "why you so mad."

      If you think 1:28 doesn't make sense, perhaps you should go back to school and take an English class. I have a feeling you didn't do too well the first time around. Compound sentences are hard!

  14. Anonymous10:25 AM

    Trump and his messiah complex. So sick of him and Sarah Palin. Wish this were just one horrible nightmare one could wake up from. But Freddy Krugar and his Chucky doll are on the roll, and it's not the end. Glad to see people protesting. For awhile people seemed kind of unbelieving that the Hitler was trying to channel through this fool.

  15. Anonymous10:32 AM

    BernieSanders on the border: "We don’t need a wall"

    1. Anonymous12:20 PM

      I'm really getting sick and tired of Bernie Sanders constantly repeating the same things over and over again. He and Trump are similar in that regard...repeat, repeat, repeat - over and over again! Gets old and boring!

      Plus, I think Hillary Clinton is far more experienced than ANY of the politicians currently sticking their noses in the air!

  16. Anonymous10:53 AM

    What would Gabby Gifford say?

    1. Anonymous11:04 AM

      Yes! She eloquently asked for the gun sights to be taken off Palin's page, paraphrasing, "it serves no purpose; inciting violence," and paid the ultimate price. Think $arah gave a rat's? The blood libel response.

  17. Anonymous11:17 AM

    Check out the photo of Corey in the article below, he looks like he is giving the photographer the evil eye. Someone mentioned he looks just like Nixon’s buddy, Halderman.

    A Paranoid Donald Trump Lies And Blames Arizona Rally Violence On Protesters

    Wondered how long it would take to blame all of this on Obama

    Huckabee's Daughter Tries To Defend Trump's Violence Inciting Rhetoric By Blaming Obama

  18. Hi Gryphen! OT. What are your sources telling you about what REALLY happened to Todd Palin? Give us the scoop please. Inquiring minds would like to know!

    1. Anonymous11:41 AM

      Every damned thread.......

    2. Anonymous12:13 PM

      I'd like to know, too. The Palins have been silent and there are still no pics of any damaged snow machine.

      Yeah, every damn thread because it's not as if readers can start their own thread and inquire. We have to post somewhere. I doubt it upsets G when we go a little OT.

    3. Anonymous12:16 PM

      Who cares about any of the Palins? It's been wonderful not hearing a word uttered about them! Finally!!!!

      There has been no coverage in Alaska about them either. God has finally answered our prayers!

    4. Anonymous1:04 PM

      It is sooo refreshing to discuss other topics, 12:16 PM!

    5. Anonymous2:21 PM

      The Palins would hardly be called 'refreshing', 1:04 PM!

      They are the white trash of Alaska!

    6. Anonymous3:43 PM


      Actually, we white people of Alaska take offense at their "white trash" label, because really, the are mostly native except for Sarah, and Sarah is Idaho trash by birth, so stop bashing white people with the Palin curse because all of those kids that belong to Todd are lots of native!

  19. Anonymous11:20 AM

  20. Anonymous11:29 AM

    "They're troublemakers; they're no good."

    "Y'know, they're taking away our First Amendment rights."

    "We've got to take our country back, folks."

    But he's not encouraging violence. Nope, nothing to see here.

  21. Anonymous11:30 AM

    Something tells me Trump won't be volunteering to pay THAT guy's legal fees.

    Just a hunch.

  22. Anonymous12:09 PM

    RNC Chair Priebus All But Admits The GOP Is Trying To Steal The Nomination From Trump


    ...Here is what we learned from the Priebus interview. 1). It is 1,237 delegates or bust for Trump. A majority is not going to be good enough to get the nomination. 2). Priebus won’t guarantee that the Party would bring in a candidate who is not currently running if no one has won a majority of the delegates. 3). The Republican Party does not want Donald Trump to be their nominee.

    The Republican convention in Cleveland could be absolute chaos. Trump is arguing that close should be good enough to give him the nomination even if he doesn’t reach the magic number. The RNC is making it clear that they would rather have anybody but Trump at the top of the ticket, and they won’t be doing the frontrunner any favors.

    Perhaps, never in modern political history has a political party seemed so unhappy with their own frontrunner. The Republican convention will be governed by a different set of rules than in 2012. The door is wide open for the RNC to ignore what Trump has done in the primaries and hand the nomination to someone else.

    The RNC doesn’t want Donald Trump, and if given half a chance, there is no doubt that they will make sure that he is not the 2016 Republican presidential nominee.

  23. Anonymous12:11 PM

    An obviously paranoid Donald Trump told numerous lies while blaming the violence at his rally in Arizona on the protesters during an interview on ABC’s This Week.


    ...Donald Trump is trying to play the victim. Trump is blaming the protesters for the violence that he is inciting. In fact, violence appears to have become a part of Trump campaign strategy. Violent rallies equal more news coverage. More news coverage equals more free media.

    Trump’s attempt to blame the protesters was all part of an attempt to rally Republicans behind him by portraying his campaign as under physical attack from the left. Trump’s excuse that his campaign events have very little violence doesn’t hold up because the other presidential campaigns have no violence.

    Instead of challenging Trump’s strategy to promote and encourage violence, the media is turning a blind eye. Just once, it would be nice to see one of the Sunday shows stop dead in its tracks when Trump tells an obvious lie and press him.

    Donald Trump is showing the depth and degree of his paranoia, and the corporate media is letting him get away with vicious lies that are encouraging violence.

    1. Anonymous1:20 PM

      Screw the America media/press. We are becoming more and more like a third world country! There are zero good journalist in America today.

      Our country is changing and it isn't for the good - especially if the likes of an ass like Donald Trump prevails!

      Vote ALL Republicans out of office in the upcoming elections to save our country!

  24. Anonymous12:11 PM

    OT, and yet not that OT. Now Mitch McConnell says that any SCOTUS nominee needs to be given the okay from the NRA:

    1. Excuse me, but when was the NRA elected to make decisions on our SC nominees? McConnell needs to tarred and feathered and run out of town! What a stupid comment.

    2. Anonymous2:19 PM

      McConnell, the most god awful looking man in the U.S. Congress, needs to be hung from the highest roof top in Washington D.C.!

      He's been a horrid black mark on the Republican party since the day President Obama was elected POTUS.

      Plus, he's really shown himself to be a nasty, old man that is very racist, from the State of Kentucky!

    3. Anonymous3:38 PM

      1smartcanerican -
      Haven't you heard? The NRA is the 4th branch of our federal government.

  25. Anonymous12:41 PM

    Was talking to my sister, and she seemed kind of resigned to a Trump presidency. It was sad. Like it already happened. Maybe it won't be so bad. she said. He'll have advisers. People say on tv that the persona that he portrays in his campaign is not the person he really is. I tried not to argue with her on this so I listened and after a while injected my opinion on Trump. She listened but her mind seemed opened to Trump. This is what we call people drinking the koolaid syndrome. Gads.

    1. Anonymous3:44 PM

      When asked in a recent interview to name his foreign policy advisers, he said, “I’m speaking with myself, number one, because I have a very good brain and I’ve said a lot of things."

      "I know what I’m doing and I listen to a lot of people, I talk to a lot of people and at the appropriate time I’ll tell you who the people are," Trump said. “But my primary consultant is myself and I have a good instinct for this stuff."

      Sure, that's just what we need handling delicate negotiations with foreign leaders - someone who's got an instinct for 'this stuff'.

      He doesn't listen to ANYONE!

  26. Anonymous12:46 PM

    If Donald Trump becomes the Republican Party's nominee, Utahns would vote for a Democrat for president in November for the first time in more than 50 years, according to a new Deseret News/KSL poll.

    1. Anonymous2:15 PM

      I cannot imagine the Mormons voting for the likes of Donald Trump! I think he will lose Utah!

    2. Anonymous3:36 PM

      The Mormons believe that some dude looked into a hat to read some gold tablets and that he was the only one allowed to look into the hat and read the tablets and those tablets were the word of "god".

      This guy was also one of the biggest shysters and snake-oil salesman to ever grace that period of America, yet these nutbags made him their "prophet".

      He also told them that Jesus hung out in North America, somehow, and they believed him.

      Mormons as a group have the largest disconnect from history and reality as any religious group in existence.

      I figure they'd vote for Joseph Smith if someone pretended to be him reincarnate.

      Although, and I'll give them this, they discriminated against black people until very recently, so I'd think they'd find a lot in common with Trump.

  27. Anonymous1:37 PM

    The man that the Donald Trump campaign blamed for grabbing a protester at one of his rallies instead of campaign manager Corey Lewandowski also works for Trump.

  28. Anonymous1:40 PM

    Trump Whines He Can’t ‘Fight Back’ Against Megyn Kelly.

    Donald J. Trump


    So the highly overrated anchor, @megynkelly, is allowed to constantly say bad things about me on her show, but I can't fight back? Wrong!

    1. Anonymous2:14 PM

      F--k, Donald Trump!

      Megyn Kelly is so much smarter than he, it isn't even funny. And, he knows it and can't handle it.

      He'd be the most incompetent candidate of our era to run for POTUS if the Republican party is stupid enough to put him in that position!

    2. Anonymous3:38 PM

      Megyn Kelly is a conservative die hard that denigrated our current President and lauded the Tea Party at every opportunity given her.

      I find it hilarious that Trump is smashing her pretty face in the dirt and showing her to be the absolute hypocritical person that we liberals knew she was.

      He does us liberals some favors sometimes, and the best one is calling out Megyn for the whiny fake she is.

  29. Anonymous1:45 PM

    Shades of Germany 80 years ago.

    This country has gone to hell... if I believed in hell.

    1. fromthediagonal2:55 PM

      Thank you, Anon @ 1:45, for both statements.

  30. Anita Winecooler5:26 PM

    Donald is known for his love of wwf and Vince McMahan. I guess, at this point, he's got his paid goons and thugs to do his handiwork for him, just look how small and smooth his hands are! He never threw a punch that connected in his whole life, except for maybe four of his four wives and ex wives. He plays stupid, but knows damn well what's going on and how to incite a riot.

  31. Anonymous7:51 PM

    Bristol's instagram:
    Added picture wishing Piper a happy birthday. Piper actually looks pretty. It helped that they took a picture of Piper's face with a long distance lense.

    Also picture of Trig sleeping with his arm over Sailor. What if Trig wakes up and strangles that baby? Look how big that baby is. Should be crawling soon.

    1. Anonymous8:05 PM

      Is that Sailor? Comments says Sailor.

  32. Anonymous8:54 PM

    Come on Sarah Palin, not another Palin cited. It is a minor citation but they are adding up. I'm a mother of four adult children and none of them have ever been cited for anything, especially for Domestic Violence.

    Sarah was Bristol cited for driving with non working headlights? Was Bristol driving Sailor around in the dark without headlights? That is dangerous, somebody call the department of child endangerment.

    Case Type Minor Offenses (3PA) Case Status: Open File Date: 03/19/2016 Case Judge: Traffic Magistrate Judge- Palmer

    Party Charge Information
    Palin, Bristol S - Defendant
    Charge # 1 : 13AAC04020A - Minor Off per Bail or Fine Schedule (Non-Criminal) 13AAC04.020(a): Headlight Requirements (Correctabl

    Original Charge 13AAC04020A 13AAC04.020(a): Headlight Requirements (Correctabl (Minor Off per Bail or Fine Schedule (Non-Criminal))

    1. Anonymous10:39 PM

      Guess who is paying for Bristol's lawyer to do her paperwork?

      My guees is those dumbass SarahPac donors. Every time Sarah Palin's children or husband gets into trouble, it's time for another SarahPac fundraiser.

  33. It's AMAZING to me how violent these democrats are! There's no reason that people should have to fear this type of thing in a Country based on freedoms and the ability to vote for who you choose. I'm not a Trump guy but wow am I turned off by democrats these days, this is shameful! Wearing a KKK hood to a protest and what you're shocked that you got hit in the face by a decorated military man that's black. Wow, truly sad!

    1. Anonymous5:38 PM

      Maybe that Black decorated military man should be punching actual white supremesists, like the ones that support Trump.

  34. vexedne, please try this on for size. "decorated military man" is now a full-blown disgrace. See comment below by Guy Butler, made on a Facebook thread on this incident (Mr. Butler is either currently serving in the military or is a vet): Guy Butler who is still on the waiting list. I asked him if I could share his comment with you.

    "Article 134? Ah, if that was all the further it went, that would be awesome. Unfortunately, he committed a much greater crime that we're all going to pay for.
    What Staff Sergeant Pettway did is what's known as a Stupid Airman Trick (as opposed to Stupid Soldier Tricks, Stupid Marine Tricks, etc.). Ordinarily this would be resolved at the lowest level with a reprimand, Article 15, and the like. This sort of thing isn't that uncommon - SSTs (SATs, SMTs, etc.) are the sort of things that keep commanders and 1st sergeants from being bored.
    Unfortunately for the rest of us, the Airman broke the number one cardinal rule: "Don't show up on CNN."
    Right now, this is being seen at the Pentagon by people with lots of stars. Some of those people have asked, or are asking, or are about to ask "So, what are we doing to make sure none of our people wind up like this guy?"
    Those dread words are launching working groups, meetings, briefings, back-briefings, staff studies, decision briefings, legal reviews, public affairs reviews, external orders, operation orders, taskers, replies-by-endorsement, by-name trackers, sign-in rosters, and excel workbooks by the truckload that all say "By this date, you will brief all your personnel on what they can and can't do during the 2016 political season". Those briefings will use one to two hours to say "See this guy? Don't be this guy."
    This is how mandatory briefings are born." Seriously. Hippies were beaten up for having american flags sewn to the seat of their jeans. It was wrong to beat them up then; this is wrong now.


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