Sunday, March 06, 2016

NRA head Wayne LaPierre blamed the shootings in America on gun free zones. And did so while standing in a gun free zone.

Courtesy of RT: 

NRA head Wayne LaPierre spoke Thursday at the annual conservative convention, lambasting the creation of gun-free zones. He called the areas ‒ which often include schools, movie theaters and restaurants ‒ "the worst and most dangerous of all lies." 

"The simple truth [is] that the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun,” LaPierre said, repeating a favorite conservative talking point. “The politicians and the media be damned."

There was of course this rather embarrassing fact about the convention at which LaPierre was speaking.
Yep the conservatives want to allow guns at every public place in America. Except in one where they might be shot of course.

On a related note:

On Thursday, gunmaker Smith & Wesson (SWHC) reported huge quarterly numbers. Third quarter revenues rose 61% year-over-year to $211 million, boosted by a 25.3% jump in handgun sales. Earnings per share of $0.59 beat estimates by $0.18, and the company is even more optimistic about the future, issuing strong guidance for next quarter. 

In the company’s latest annual filing, the gunmaker said, “We experienced strong consumer demand for our firearm products following a new administration taking office in Washington, D.C. in 2009. In addition, speculation surrounding increased gun control at the federal, state, and local level and heightened fears of terrorism and crime can affect consumer demand for our products. Often, such concerns result in an increase in near-term consumer demand and subsequent softening of demand when such concerns subside.”

In other words with the NRA's help gun manufacturers were able to dramatically increase gun sales with claims that the Obama administration would soon make some gun sales illegal, or would even be "coming for our guns."

That fear, punctuated by reports or mass shootings, helped to put more guns in the hands of frightened people, terrified by the government, crime, and of course terrorism. (The Islamic kind of course, not domestic.)


  1. Anonymous12:24 PM

    Is it still ironic when the comparison is between gun-free zones and metal-detector-protected gun-free zones? Does CPAC also have a few armed security guards?

  2. Anonymous12:53 PM

    Whatever, LaPierre. He "celebrated" Sandy Hook as much as Palin did. Remember his speech? That's when I knew we were screwed.

    Unfortunately, there will always be tin foil hatted types that are scared to death of the boogeyman. Must be hell to constantly look over one's shoulder.

  3. Anonymous1:10 PM


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  4. Anonymous2:37 PM

    Wouldn't you think the gun manufacturers would be all about electing democrats if that produces such phenomenal profits for them?

  5. Anonymous2:41 PM

    The "Gun Free Zone" myth is a red herring. There is ZERO evidence that shooters choose their targets based on them being gun-free zones.

  6. Anita Winecooler5:13 PM

    Yeah, signs work wonders. I keep passing signs with hooooooooooge piles of guns tossed in a pile below them, and the Drug Free School Zones, the same thing. Piles and piles of drugs. Or people trying to make "k" turnabouts not to get caught.
    Wayne LaPierre can go screw himself. It's all bullshit, and the people who sell them, especially assault weapons have blood on their hands. Make the laws stronger and enforce them. Tax the hell out of ammunition, if it saves one life, it's worth it.

  7. It makes me cringe to read about this massive example of hypocrisy - and fills me with a combination of jaw-dropping disbelief and outrage over how effortlessly the NRA has convinced SO MANY citizens to accept the horror without question.

    To suggest Sandy Hook could've been prevented if a "good guy" was there with a gun to stop the slaughter of babies!! To ignore the escalating bloodbath of mass shootings, to accept LaPierre's talking points, to no longer feel a sense of shock - that is, until it happens to your child, your loved one - indicates this country has lost our moral compass - lost our MINDS!

    I was born in the 1950's - i lived through the hippie culture, Vietnam, Nixon, Watergate - and never, ever, could I have imagined the horror we see today. I can't fathom how a child is no longer safe in the classroom. An employer becomes a target of enraged former employee, mass shooters - murdering our citizens - and they're not foreign threats - OUR OWN CITIZENS are killing each other.

    Those murdering others WERE good guys before they became the enemy! A moment of rage with a loaded gun isn't a new phenomenon. We've always known that's a bad combination no matter who you are. Yet, we've allowed the NRA to convince us it's all because we don't have enough good guys to shoot the growing number of bad guys. Fucking insane

  8. After a felon-many-times-over shot and killed a local cop in our town a month ago -- someone who should never had had access to a gun -- our local public pool/recreation organization felt it necessary to post a sign in the lobby saying absolutely no guns allowed.

    I didn't see it personally, but a friend using the pool the same time I was earlier today said jokingly to me, "I hope you left your gun at home today!"

    I've had dark thoughts about what we swimmers and therapy-pool users would do if someone came into the pool area with a gun. We'd be totally helpless. There's an outside door near the warm pool I am usually in, but there's no way we'd get to it in time, splashing through water.

  9. Anonymous2:01 AM

    That sob should be held accountable for every good and bad guy that uses that gun to kill. It is evil that this organization/corporation is flooding this country with assault weapons. It is outrageous and the public must demand that it stop. This is not about the 2nd. This is about the crime of arming idiots. Law enforcement does not need idiots with guns getting in the way. How would they know who is good vs bad when bullets are flying?

  10. Anonymous4:45 AM

    If all it takes is a good guy with a gun, then there would be very few, if any, cops getting shot.

    What we really need is not only everybody armed, but with guns drawn and safety off. Only then will we be truly safe.

    The stupid, it burns.

  11. I call bullshit on Rank Penis. The mass shooting at UCC in Roseburg Oregon happened in a not free gun zone . In fact, there were several students carrying
    a weapon when the shooting started but they opted to stay put for fear of the police shooting them.

  12. Anonymous10:10 AM

    Follow the money... as always.


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