Wednesday, March 23, 2016

President Obama VS Donald Trump: Talking about women.

Trump vs. Obama: Talking About Women
Posted by BuzzFeed News on Tuesday, March 22, 2016
Just the very idea of replacing President Obama with his misogynist bag of shit makes me nauseous.

Do you know what makes me feel better?

The idea of replacing him with the first female President after she kicks that orange orangutan's ass.

(H/T to HuffPo.)


  1. Anonymous4:36 PM

    President Obama is such a wonderful person, a person that is such a good role model, tRump...not so much ( I would compare tRump to a jackass but I happen to have a jackass and he is much nicer than tRump plus he isn't orange)

    1. Anonymous5:08 PM

      The fact that President Obama is such a decent person who respects everyone annoys the GOP almost as much as his black skin. They have been waiting almost 8 years for him to do something "wrong" to give themselves a reason for why they have obstructed him during his time as President. Obama always takes the high road so the gop had to make crap up about him.

  2. Sharon4:46 PM

    Let's not stop there....replacing Michelle is another impossible task, not even gonna name the trophy wife, ewww and the children.
    I don't know which son is creepier, I think its Erik that looks like he has hair plugs already and they both hunt big game like cowards. Ivanka getting sued for stealing shoe design...chip off the old block, Donald taught them all well.

    1. Anonymous5:37 PM

      Well, Michelle has been FORCING childten to eat their vegetables for nearly 8 yrs now. I'm aghast!

  3. Anonymous4:46 PM

    I was so proud of my pres as I watched him speak from Argentina this morning. Fox and Trump were all whining about how the pres should have flown back to the States Tuesday. What Pres Obama's accomplishing this week is important, and they just can't see or admit it. And I loved that he stayed and didn't hurry back. He easily could have decided that he wasn't exactly in the safest of places, and he surely could have felt that way at the ballgame, but he stuck around and sent a message to everyone that we truly believe in what we say we believe in and we don't scare easily.

    1. Anonymous5:56 PM


    2. Anonymous5:59 PM

      don't miss this!

      President Obama's full speech to Cubans from Havana 34 min

  4. Anita Winecooler4:56 PM

    Just compare and contrast for a second, and it's clear there's one mature man speaking from his heart about one of the most important issues the world faces, treating all people fairly regardless of their sex. To Trump, women are a commodity to be used and tossed aside when you're done. To President Obama girls and women are deserving of respect and dignity for everything they contribute to society, beauty comes from within, and reaching any goal you set for yourself. He "get's it" because he's lived it.
    What a uniquely singular man of conviction, I'm going to miss him as President.

  5. Anonymous5:09 PM

    There are certain questions I ask myself when it comes to weighing who I think people are. When it comes to whether a man is decent or not, I ask myself: "If watching minors in porn were not illegal, would he watch it?" With Trump the answer is absolutely.

    1. Anonymous5:21 PM

      Great idea, great post, 5:09! Bravo!

    2. Anonymous5:46 PM

      I can never understand how the party of the Bible and purity and all the rest can embrace a man who's cheated on TWO wives-you know, Gingrich, McCain, and Trump? Why are their standards so low for the folks they want to elect, and so high for Democrats, who usually are still married to their first spouse?

    3. Anonymous6:32 PM

      Me, personally, 5:46 PM? Reality television. We have been so dumbed down that people think it's normal.

      Even the Duggars got their show back. If that doesn't tell you something.....

    4. Anonymous7:27 PM

      Advertisers Do Not Want To Be Associated With New Duggar Show

    5. Anonymous9:50 PM

      Companies up in arms at TLC after they air their commercials during new Duggar show

      Seven companies voiced their displeasure when told their ads had run on the new Duggar family program, Jill and Jessa: Counting On
      The show's episode on Tuesday also lost over 300,000 viewers from the previous week, which addressed oldest brother Josh's sex scandal
      Cici's Pizza, The UPS Store, Verizon Wireless, Pure Michigan, White wave Foods, Choice Hotels and Mattress Firm did not know their ads had run
      Verizon said they did not intend to be on the show while Choice Hotels said if an ad ran it was an 'error of the network'
      Cici's said; 'When we learned one of our ads was placed adjacent to controversial programming, we took immediate action to stop it'

    6. Anonymous10:07 PM

      TLC is bringing back ’19 Kids and Counting’

      '19 Kids And Counting' – Maybe Including Josh Duggar – To Return To TLC

      19 Kids & Counting Return: Planned By TLC All Along?!

  6. Anonymous5:13 PM

    Thanks for posting this Gryph. Trump is heinous. - sjp

    1. Anonymous5:43 PM

      So true. And I have to laugh. I just checked his latest tweets. He says that he believes he'll get enough delegates by the time of the GOP convention, but he thinks it's so "unfair" to him that so many have been in the race this year. It's unfair that other American citizens have run for president. What as ass!

  7. Anonymous5:20 PM

    I agree with the posters above. I have never been so proud of a First Family in my life. No scandals, but a family that truly loves each other and watches out for one another.

    A stroke of genius to bring in Marian Robinson to watch over the girls when our President and First Lady had other obligations, yet there are people will always say, "that's my tax dollars at work? He golfs all the time, he hates war, he, he he..."

    Having just filed mine this last Sunday, I say, "YES, and have never been more proud to pay them." We will never see another like him in our lifetimes.

    1. Anonymous8:15 PM

      Yep, these past eight years I have proudly put up a falg and sang the Star Spangled banner. After eight years of abstaining in embarrassment. Really don't want to go back to being flagless and singing God Save the Queen (though it's much more singable than SSB.)

  8. Anonymous5:37 PM

    Not for a billion dollars, Donnie boy. What a repulsive, disgusting, piece of pig shit, he is. I actually feel sorry for any woman who lowered herself to be a sperm receptacle for that ugly, vile orangutan. Gross!

  9. Anonymous5:42 PM

    I also have nothing but love and respect for President Obama and his wonderful family. They are all wonderful representatives of our country! Plus the fact he has done an outstanding job as POTUS.

    He and VP Biden are going to be very difficult to replace!

  10. Anonymous5:53 PM

    Agree with all the great comments. He has been, and is, the best!

  11. Anonymous6:08 PM

    President Obama dancing the Tango at the Argentina State Dinner

  12. Anonymous6:11 PM

    Michelle looks stunning, as usual

    1. Anonymous8:16 PM

      That dress is gorgeous!

  13. Anonymous6:45 PM

    I love our President !!!

  14. Ximena7:09 PM

    None of my people support Trump y he will never get my vote.

  15. Anonymous8:03 PM

    Asshole Trump's newest tweet is a retweet showing side-by-side pics of Heidi and Melania. Of course it's a bad pic of Heidi and a professional pic of Melania. This is so low. It was one thing to stand up for his wife, but to not be able to resist retweeting the side-by-side pic thing--total asshole.

    1. Anonymous8:54 PM

      and he retweeted it at midnight eastern time. he was up and obsessing, it looks like, like when he obsesses over megyn kelly in the wee hours.

    2. Anonymous9:34 PM

      First 'my dick is bigger than your dick' now 'who's got the hottest chick', Trump is an overgrown 'mean girl'. No wonder Sarah pants after him like a bitch dog in heat

    3. Anonymous10:05 PM

      I see that at least two online news sources have covered that retweet, so by morning it should be all over TV. As well it should be.

  16. Anonymous8:40 PM

    Yep, latest tweet is so bad. See Little Green Footballs, apparently the first 4 responses under his tweet are from white supremacists. -sjp

    1. Anonymous9:02 PM

      You're right.

      And I didn't know about LGF--thanks!

      I really hope Trump gets blasted all over the morning news. He'll probably say some intern retweeted and he was asleep and had no knowledge of the retweet, but it's what he does.

  17. Anonymous8:41 PM

    I love President Obama. He and his family make me proud of our country.

  18. Anonymous9:05 PM

    I loved seeing Pres Obama alongside the pres of Argentina today. You could see how pleased the other man was to have BO there. I felt bad for him after a while because BO's answers were using up so much time and he was getting so much attention, but it was a great moment in history, following the visit to Cuba, and I also liked what BO said about how he was nearing the end of his term but knew that the relationship with Argentina would continue (with Hillary).

  19. Anonymous9:28 PM

    Off topic.

    Alabama Governor about to Palin.

    "When I stand behind you, and I put my arms around you, and I put my hands on your breasts, and I put my hands (unintelligible) and just pull you real close. I love that, too. "

    This is not the script from a bad 1980s porno.

    This isn't from a porno either:

    "Baby, let me know what I am going to do when I start locking the door. If we are going to do what we did the other day, we are going to have to start locking the door. "

    These are the words of the Governor of Alabama who makes quite the thing of his religion. One Robert J Bentley- one of those "family values Republicans".

    Those words were from a time when he was talking to Rebekah Caldwell Mason, his also married to someone else other than the governor (with children) decades younger "political advisor" who was on the governor's AND the state payroll for a time. This "advisor" has reportedly been about as tight to the governor as a tick on a dog's ear. For years as a matter of fact. Some say she is even partially responsible for his deciding to run for governor.

    The power couple have been flying on private airplanes privately with each other, she is with him at all times, and so on. Kind of like J. Edgar Hoover and Clyde Tolson, but PRAISE JEEBUS! there is no reason to believe that Bentley and Mason are THAT kind of sinners, as they are both apparently as straight as you can be.

    Did I leave out that Becky’s husband was getting paid by both the Governor and the state too? Whoops! Details of all that here-

    It is possible this is all a misunderstanding.

    JEEBUS knows Governor Bentley has been praying really hard and hopes that most everyone is gullible enough to continue to believe his sorry denials of any kind of impropriety whether monetary or WORSE. Other than the Jimmy Carter kind of sin that is.

    Except that his wife of 50 years recently sued him for divorce and the judge on that case sealed all the proceedings and now the Governor is a lot poorer and single. Until recently the Governor kept fairly devoutly on the up and up apparently. As wiki sez:

    "Personal life

    Bentley and his former wife Dianne have four sons and six granddaughters. He is an active member of First Baptist Church Tuscaloosa where he serves as a Deacon and Sunday School Teacher. At FBC Tuscaloosa, he has been the Chairman of the Board of Deacons four times and a member of the Youth for Christ Advisory Board as well as the Family Counseling Advisory Board."


    Then some family member of Governor Bentley got suspicious and recorded the governor talking about with his "political advisor" about things like handling her boobs and locking the door again . Apparently this recording had something to do with Governor Bentley's nasty and expensive divorce.

    Apparently this recording may also have had something to do with the head of the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency being fired.

    “Spencer Collier claims he was fired from his post as head of the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency on Tuesday because he refused to cover up Gov. Robert Bentley's alleged affair with top political adviser Rebekah Caldwell Mason.”

    JEEBUS! What will they think of next? A coverup?

    It might all be a misunderstanding: “At the press conference today, he said he loved all of his staff.”

    He says he did not have sex with that woman! either: “Bentley reiterated that the relationship was not sexual.”

    That’s what he said when asked for comment about:
    “You know what?" he goes on. "When I stand behind you, and I put my arms around you, and I put my hands on your breasts, and I put my hands (unintelligible) and just pull you real close. I love that, too. "


  20. I wish I could CONTROL this:

    Last evening I was sitting in a very comfortable chair on the patio, listening to birds finding a roost, and seeing a peach colored sunset through slit eyelids.

    I didn't quite fall asleep, but I DID hear what sounded like an ECHO. It was more than one voice, saying "Well, she ain't no REAL "president" cuz she's only a woman."

    I realized I was hearing what I've experienced a few times before...A FUTURE ECHO.

    In spite of the asinine comment, I felt VERY good about it! My entire being went into a relaxed, warm mental space.

    {Note: previous experiences like this, all panned out.}

  21. Anonymous3:17 AM

    As I relax with kona coffee in hand, watching sunrise, a song comes to me. What a wonderful Life by Louis Armstrong. So Stay positive, human and love life. Reject hate and negative. Our Children Learn By What They Are Taught!!! Sadly the results today. We have choice and options.

  22. Anonymous4:45 AM

    We really should look at his personal bankruptcies too. I am not comfortable with giving him the national purse. Trump is not bound to any rules and repercussions.

  23. Anonymous7:44 AM

    True colors! Leave someone else to PAY UP.>

  24. Anonymous9:05 AM


    Please do not insult and degrade orangutans by calling Trump one of them.

    Orangutans are far more intelligent, better looking and sociable than the Donald.

    Thank you !!!


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