Friday, March 11, 2016

Sarah Palin viciously attacks old boyfriend Ted Cruz on behalf of new crush Donald Trump. Update!

So yesterday Palin fired up one of her ghostwriters, who I will assume is NOT Nancy French, and posted a meandering backstabbing of her one time pal Ted Cruz on her Facebook page.

Here are some of the lowlights:

Calling GOP frontrunner supporters "low information" disengaged voters, Ted Cruz's insinuation reeks of all the reasons America knows "the status quo has got to go." The arrogance of career politicians is something at which the rest of us chuckle, but Cruz's latest dig strays from humorous into downright nasty. Cruz is right, though - independent, America-first, commonsense conservatives supporting Donald Trump ARE "low information" when it comes to having any information on Cruz's ability to expand the conservative movement, beat Hillary Clinton, unify and lead the nation.

Oooh, like we used to say in the 70's "What a burn!"

Actually to be honest if there were no "low information" voters in this country the GOP would cease to exist.

But Palin was not finished yet.

Where's information on any Cruz success whilst in his short, half-term U.S. Senate seat, proving his resume's advantage over another career politicians's lawyerly ("Politicians's?")executive inexperience that includes never having created a single private sector job, but boasting of his constitutional law teacher creds? (Remember America experimented with that resume before; how'd that work out for the country?)

Wow comparing Rafael to President Obama.  In conservative circles that is liking calling somebody a commie or socialist.

Palin even goes after Cruz surrogate and old friend Glenn Beck.

Any info on why he won't denounce his highest-profile campaign buddy, despite Glenn Beck's proclamation that he "hates" America's innocent victims of 9/11 and calls the families crybabies?

Palin goes on for quite some time, often resorting to using facts (Gasp!) to twist the knife even harder, and in the end she sums it up thusly:

How does it help unify the party or the nation when that holier-than-thou narcissism manifests itself through negative, biting, deceptive tactics... when he's had so many opportunities to disavow his campaign's shenanigans and apologize for his own?

You would be forgiven for thinking she was was referring to the Trump campaign, but nope she is talking about Cruz and his campaign.

I legitimately do not think there is enough popcorn in the world to satisfy our cravings as this infighting among the Republicans plays itself out.

My favorite part however has to be the response from Palin's Facebook supporters to her attacks on Cruz:

Eric Kessin If Palin is for it, I'm against it. If Palin is against it, I am for it. John McCain, what were you thinking? 

John Newbanks Gov Palin. I liked you in 2008 and you were the better half of your ticket, but every since then I have found your thoughts and statements to be half researched at best. 

Stephanie Alan this is blatantly false and you know it! We stood by you while your family was being falsely attacked and maligned. Now you are the one lying and attacking? Very disappointing. 

Phillip Gladney Welp, I guess I'm "unliking" Sarah now. Don't need this pablum in my feed...

Is it possible to slip into a popcorn induced coma?

Update: Glenn Beck responds 

Sarah Palin, 

Who is writing your Facebook page because I know it isn't you. 

You are better than this. After all your family has been through after all of the lies and smears you have weathered to now use known lies and distortions to hurt others is just not you. 

It is really sad for those of us who have watched, defended and rooted for you for many years. 

Yes, we don't agree and we had a falling out, but to knowingly lie is the saddest tale yet in your story. 

I remember the woman who sat on my set when I told her she gave me hope that we could win, that decent people still had power. 

We are not perfect people. Neither of us. It is what makes us human. But what makes us divine is when we try to be better everyday. 

Please tell us it isn't you writing these horrible media matters lies and smears.

You know I have often said that I don't believe in heaven, but I might have to take that back.

What is happening right now to the conservatives certainly feels heavenly to me.


  1. I think I see Trump's short fingers going up Sarah's butt.

    1. Anonymous11:01 AM

      I think that's another very short member not his finger.

    2. Anonymous11:09 AM

      11:01 AM

    3. I know she's aligning herself with Trump because she sees his (inexplicable) popularity as way to keep herself in the limelight but due to the viciousness of her attacks on Cruz I'm starting to wonder if they didn't have some kind of falling out.

    4. Anonymous2:20 PM

      Oh, boo hoo, Beck. Someone pass him a vat of Vicks Vapor Rub so he can shed some crocodile tears.

      Oh, say it isn't so, Sarah. Where was Beck when Palin was inciting violence and telling lies against then Senator Obama?

      It's not the status quo that's got to go, it's this nasty old ho, that's got to go!

  2. Should she really be lobbying "short, half-term " as an insult?

    "Remember America experimented with that resume before; how'd that work out for the country?" Uh, pretty well, dipsh*t. Lower unemployment, marriage equality, affordable healthcare....

    1. "Half-term" Palin criticizes "half-term" Cruz!

      It's the Republican circular firing squad all over again!

    2. Anonymous9:41 AM

      And the funny thing is, half a term as a senator is longer than half a term as a governor.

    3. Anonymous9:52 AM

      She also ought to shy away from "inexperienced" and "career politician" as they somewhat describe the town council member turned town mayor turned half-term guv. Well, except for the word 'politician' which isn't exactly what she was but the only kind of jobs she was ever able to con herself into.

      btw, will someone remind me what 'jobs' she created???? Not sure that pretending to run a family fishing business fits on a resume.

    4. Anonymous10:12 AM

      9:52 That would be>
      Queen Esther's 'BLOW-JOBS".
      Gratification Guaranteed.

    5. Anonymous12:05 PM

      Stoopid $carah: Businessmen as presidents:

    6. Anonymous12:05 PM

      Business men as presidents:

    7. Anonymous12:06 PM

      And one more:

    8. Anonymous12:07 PM

      I'll take a good community organizer and Constitutional scholar any day.

    9. Anonymous12:36 PM

      Ok who in their right minds would suck on an object that they PEE with? Ewwwww! GROSS!

    10. Anonymous5:26 PM

      Does she still label her facebook page as politician?

      I would bet that Sarah is just chomping at the bit to get out there with Trump and egg on those supporters to punch those meanie protesters.

      Her kind of campaign rallies-"kill him".

    11. Anonymous11:59 PM

      She is completely irrelevant.

  3. Anonymous9:16 AM

    "Politicians's." I doubt her followers notice that she can't write, they can't either.

    1. Anonymous9:56 AM

      Palinspeak at its finest!

    2. Anonymous1:36 PM

      She missed the apostrophe/plural lessons in grade school.

  4. Anonymous9:17 AM

    "Whilst"? Not Sarah, for sure.

    1. TwoBlueJays9:37 AM

      That's a hoot. Is she a Brit now? I'm positive she copied this from someone else, either an article or FB post. No ghostwriter. Unless the good ol' Daily Mail is helping her 'publish' her crap now.

    2. Anonymous9:43 AM

      Hmmm, "whilst" struck me as exactly the type of word palin finds and frequently inserts when she is trying to sound worldly and erudite when she is actually a cave dwelling brainless nincompoop.

    3. Anonymous12:00 PM

      Exactly, 9:43. This is her bullshit, run-on nonsense. What we see in that FB comment is what goes on in her head. Scary!

    4. Anonymous12:11 PM

      I agree. Whilst is a word she would use--and has used before

  5. Anonymous9:23 AM

    Half-term...holier-than-thou narcissism...negative, biting, deceptive...was she cutting & pasting from her hate mail?

  6. Anonymous9:29 AM

    Wow, she is really putting all her "eggs" in the tRump basket!? When he loses, it will be all over for her. She is no longer "conservative". Also I think she is attaching MOH, "Low info voters"
    Yes I wonder if you can OD on popcorn?

  7. Anonymous9:33 AM

    03/10/2016 Defendant's Motion to Reconsideration of interim order on custody

    Attorney: Tiemessen, John J (9111105)

    John J Tiemessen (Attorney) on behalf of Bristol Palin (Defendant)

    Filing Party: Palin, Bristol

    Case Motion #3

    1. Anonymous10:02 AM

      OOPS! Barstool isn't happy with the custody ruling.

    2. Anonymous10:04 AM

      This will get her another round in the tabloids and some extra clicks and some more money. As long as Mom is paying the attorney, go for it.

    3. Anonymous10:43 AM

      This could go on for years.

    4. Anonymous10:59 AM

      Those Palins can't let anything go. I'm sure she's just hoping to cost Dakoda a bunch of money to go along with his suffering.

    5. Anonymous11:00 AM

      It's win-win for Dakota. As long as he's pretending to be the father, and Bristol keeps him away from Sailor, he's the martyred loving dad being kept from bonding with his young daughter. If and when, as we expect, the truth is revealed, then he's the martyred upstanding young man who believed his ex-fiance and tried to do the right thing, and is grievously wounded to learn that he was deceived.

    6. Anonymous11:02 AM

      Oops, I guess Barstool doesn't want to provide that breast milk since she has none.

    7. Anonymous11:22 AM

      Is it the unsupervised visitation, the overnights starting in May, providing breast milk that she doesn't really have, the possibility of him doing a DNA test, or the child support based upon shared custody that she is upset with? Any of them, all of them...

    8. Anonymous11:59 AM

      She's coming off the news that the father of her son had to spend $100k to get reasonable visitation. Now she's going to fight against a Medal of Honor recipient who just wants to spend time with his daughter.

      What the hell is she paying her PR dude for?

    9. Anonymous12:10 PM

      The actual order says breast milk or formula per the Daily Mail. Sounds like she's really scared of his being able to get a DNA test done.

    10. Anonymous12:53 PM

      Well we will all know Bristols side of the story just as soon as the DM can type up and post the press release she gives them. Sheeshhhhhh.

    11. Anonymous1:22 PM

      Did she really believe that she would be able to be present during Dakota's visitation? She REALLY does NOT want Dakota to have time with Sailor without her.

  8. Anonymous9:34 AM

    BWAHAHAHA, short, half-term just like you, Sarah Palin.

  9. Anonymous9:34 AM

    "How does it help unify the party or the nation when that holier-than-thou narcissism manifests itself through negative, biting, deceptive tactics... when he's had so many opportunities to disavow his campaign's shenanigans and apologize for his own?"
    I ask the same of you, boopsie, care to answer? No? But of course.

  10. Anonymous9:40 AM

    Is Sarah capable of disagreeing or disputing respectfully? She seems to have stopped maturing at around 14. What a B. I hate Ted Cruz's politics but he seems to be a better human than Sarah or Donald.

    1. Anonymous10:17 AM

      teddy the CruZZer is a>


      booger eater.

    2. Anonymous12:04 PM

      " I hate Ted Cruz's politics but he seems to be a better human than Sarah or Donald."

      There isn't a nickel worth of difference between them. Both are of the dominionist persuasion. Both are scum.

    3. Anonymous12:11 PM

      Nope. He's just less obvious, more snake.

    4. Anonymous5:31 PM

      I agree with 12:11, Cruz is dangerous because he is more devious than Trump or Palin.

      I don't think he is telling all his "plans" for America. First and foremost to turn it into a Theocracy. We will get that surprise once he is elected.

  11. O/T

    Speaking of Old Boyfriends & New Boyfriends. Wasilla's favorite Barstool is in the news again.

  12. Anonymous9:40 AM

    I bet she records the rant, and someone types it up and rewrites it a bit. It sounds just like her speeches.

  13. Anonymous9:42 AM

    Drunk. Again!

  14. Anonymous9:44 AM

    Congressman says Trump is palin on steroids!
    Sarah Palin Channels Her Own Liberal Media Critics to Bash Ted Cruz
    I can't wait until Red State and GlenDuh's site rip her a new one!

    Prohibitedweapon ‎@321ThroatPunch
    She needs to shut down access to that clown car of a uterus first.Bristol Palin & Dakota Meyer Child Custody Ruling …

  16. Anonymous9:46 AM

    She's a freakin' joke! Her post reeks of desperation. I really would like to know what kind of deal Trump gave her. To slam Cruz like this after having supported him is very interesting. She touted Cruz as one of those non-career, new energy kinds of politicians, now she says he's a career politician, status quo. Give it up Sara, it ain't gettin' any better. The thing is, she knows she fucked up supporting Trump and burning her bridges. Now she can only double down on her stupidity. Sara, you're done. There's no coming back from this. Your own people have finally figured you out and Trump is playing you. He used the same rhetoric on you as he is using on his supporters. I can just hear the conversation he had with her: "Sara, I'm gonna make you great again, and it's gonna be Huuggge, you hear me, huuggge!

    1. After the initial endorsement fiasco, Trump has not shown any particular favoritism to Palin.

      Wanna bet that nasty little gumboil has been slithering up to Cruz, batting her eyes, and trying to secure some sort of deal with him?

      And got told no, in no uncertain terms and by God, now she has no choice but to keep yodeling away, trying to convince Trump that he neeeeds her.

    2. Anonymous10:58 AM

      Oh, I think she's still got her nose clear up his butt, Nefer, he's just not trotting her out after the Iowa/Kansas fiasco.

    3. Oh, definitely, 10:58, I think you are absolutely right. But that wouldn't stop that backstabbing little weasel from seeing if she could line up something with someone else who would trot her out on stage and make sure she had cameras on her 24/7 like she thought she could get with Trump.

    4. Anonymous5:05 PM

      9:46 nailed it. Trump is a master manipulator. He sized Palin up as useful in Iowa, and maybe OK, so he sucked up to her long enough and well enough to get what he wanted. I expect it was along the lines of, there will definitely be a place for Sarah Palin in a Trump administration. It wouldn't have taken more than that, on top of the mere association with his celebrity, for her to wee wee in her Depends. Trump can't have anticipated the Track fiasco, so maybe the distancing happened faster than it would have otherwise. But it would have happened fast in any case. There aren't many places or demographics left where Sarah Palin is an asset.

  17. Anonymous9:50 AM

    Your kind of people, eh Sarah?

  18. Anonymous9:51 AM

    But didn't the half-term Quitter endorse Cruz for his senate run?

    1. Anonymous10:59 AM

      To hear her tell it she WAS the reason he got elected, she thinks she alone made him and she now believes that she alone can take him down.


  19. Anonymous9:53 AM

    Yeah, that "Whilst" is too funny.

    But so much of what I do read that people say wasn't actually written by Palin does sound like her. Maybe she just started to imitate her ghostwriters when talking? I dunno. But I hear her voice whenever I read stuff that can't let go of strings of adjectives (often made-up ones) and I see favorite words of hers, like "boasting" and "reek" and of course "career politicians." She has this weird, very awkward way of using verbs, like in the "boasting" and "proving" phrasings. Like, she'd never just say, "As people were giving me gifts." She'd say, "As people were gifting me." She's always using language in a way that she thinks elevates it, but it is so freaking cheesy and awkward to the ears of people for whom English is a first language.

    1. Anonymous11:26 AM

      Methinks you are in the right, knave.

    2. Anonymous11:36 AM

      You nailed it. Her attempts at being erudite just plain cheesy. Never an original thought and the most awkward, wordy way of trying to express them (whatever they are).

    3. Anonymous12:40 PM

      while she lays in her bed with her head the size of a basketball someone said a time ago?

    4. Anonymous1:26 PM

      English is my second language and she sounds cheesy, freaky and awkward to me too lol.

  20. Anonymous9:55 AM

    Marc A Bowyer Sr. - Never understood all the bashing you received, now it's understandable. You've lost touch with reality. Never will I follow a single word of what you have to say. You have lost my respect.
    Lots of replies such as this! I guess no one is paid to monitor her page anymore?

    1. Anonymous11:00 AM

      There were thousands of these types of comments the day that she endorsed Trump over Cruz.

      The Tea Party is done with her; they have dethroned their former "queen".

  21. Anonymous9:55 AM

    Beck has replied
    .Read his letter addressed to the quitter on his facebook and The Blaze site.
    Get your Popcorn girls

    1. Anonymous10:51 AM

    2. Anonymous10:53 AM

  22. "Whilst". Really?

    And I love the idiotic "The status quo has got to go". Palin, like most children, loves herself some rhyming.

    Besides being a drooling foolish attack dog, Sarah needs to pay Bristol to yak on her Facebook posts to make them sound a bit more sane. And everyone knows how that will work out.

    1. Anonymous10:09 AM

      The Sarah Palin status quo needs to go!

    2. Anonymous1:32 PM

      She uses that little rhyme every time she opens a pen or her ugly mouth. She thinks she's clever. Bet she has it on a baseball cap or tee as well.

  23. Anonymous10:08 AM

    Gryph, look at those two pictures you posted. Do they prove that Sarah has learned to count to two? Ohhh. look how proud she is of it.

  24. Anonymous10:09 AM

    O/T but did you catch this, Jesse?

    The SCOTUS Time Bomb That the GOP Are Freaked Out About

    It’s been under the radar for the most part, but an upcoming docudrama on HBO is going to blow the lid off the Capitol Dome this coming Spring, unintentionally timed, as it is for release in mid April, just as the Senate will be forced to confront what was only a few weeks ago unthinkable: another Obama Supreme Court nomination as the current, already-off-the-charts election season is fully underway.

    The film is “Confirmation,” a dramatic retelling of the Clarence Thomas Supreme Court nomination hearings before the Senate Judiciary Committee chaired by then-Senator Joe Biden. The synchronicities surrounding this made-for-TV movie, its timing, and the personalities both from the infamous ‘91 hearings and the current cast of political players in Washington DC will provide a surreal backstop to the contemporaneous vortex of news cycles that will be juxtaposed to it.

  25. Anonymous10:25 AM

    The most positively stupidest part of all this is when she says that Ted Cruz, this eeeeeevil man who has absolutely has no business running for president because he's such a Saul Alinsky clone, should remain in the legislative branch.

    He's a bad, bad man. Let's keep him as a senator. Gotcha half-term governor.

  26. "How does it help unify the party or the nation when that holier-than-thou narcissism manifests itself through negative, biting, deceptive tactics... when he's had so many opportunities to disavow his campaign's shenanigans and apologize for his own?"

    This is genuinely funny. Replace the pronouns with "she" and "her" and it could be written, accurately, about Sarah herself.

    1. Anonymous1:31 PM

      And it applies to Trump's evil campaign as well.

  27. a. j. Billings10:42 AM

    I think someone else wrote that.

    Either that or $tupid $arah upped her dosage of Adderall to epic levels

    She actually says
    "Where's information on any Cruz success whilst in his short, half-term U.S. Senate seat,

    HALF TERM??? Failed, defeated, quitter, loser, 1/2 term governor wants to play the Half Term game????

    WTF $tupid $arah, that's incredibly dumb, even for you!

    1. Anonymous10:55 AM

      You got that right, AJ!
      Cottage cheese for brains.

    2. Anonymous12:38 PM

      I wish Cruz would respond to her in a like manner. I hate him but he's an intellectual giant compared to birdbrain sarah.

  28. So Beck understands about damning with faint praise.

    1. Anonymous1:05 PM

      But it's kinda funny anyway, because Beck already dumped Sarah Palin in writing some years ago.

  29. Anonymous11:07 AM

    Hold onto your witches' hat, IM friends, I am about to agree with Sarah Palin. Ted Cruz, aka the single most conservative member of the Senate and an unlikable girly man to boot, does not stand a snowball's chance in heck of beating Hillary or broadening the GOP ranks. If anything he'll collapse the ranks down to the far, far right wing faction. It's pretty ironic that the GOP powers that be are viewing Cruz as the stop-Trump if he's the horse they'd want to put their money on?! They clear as day went into this election season with their hopes pinned on a moderate (Bush) who would appeal to moderates and independents in addition to the far-right base.
    This whole thing is, however, totally delicious, not because Sarah Palin is wrong about everything she says (a rare day), but because of what it reveals about the extent of disarray both in the GOP and in Sarah Palin's head.
    Keep the popcorn coming, please.

  30. Anonymous11:12 AM

    I think this is hilarious. My bet is a Trump staffer wrote this, trying somewhat to sound like Palin. Imagine the difficulty to do that. What a feat to insanely write a post coherently. Hahaha! Let's try this again: Try to write an understandable post while mimicking an insane word salad woman! Hahaha! Sounds like a fun job!

    Anyway, anytime anyone wants to kick Cruz in the nuts is fine with me. The Republican clown car scares the hell out of me, and Cruz frightens me the most. Besides him being creepy (and having an ugly mouth), he is sneaky, & what he tells us of his policies is dangerous. This is an intelligent man armed with a law degree.

    My bet he has thought of ways to legally bamboozle Americans to push his religious agenda. He does not compromise. He does not bend.

    He wants a theocracy. He doesn't care how we have interpreted the Constitution all these years, he will lecture us as to what our forefathers really meant & he'll do it in a way where every Christian conservative will crawl out the woodwork to support him, and claim religious persecution against those of us battling against him.

    I know this sounds crazy, but Cruz is crazy.

    If Trump were to become president, my bet they'd start impeachment proceedings fairly quickly. Trump is playing games with his base right now.

    Marco is a robot willing to be rented out to the highest paying bidder.

    Kasich is a Koch brothers, or John Birch kinda guy.

    Cruz is a zealot, the most dangerous kind. None of these guys are Presidential, Congressional,or dog catcher material.

    Sorry for the rant. I do enjoy the wacky Palin family comedy road show.

    1. Anonymous1:32 PM

      I do not think that anyone allied with Trump would have anything to do with Caribou Barbie, much less write a Facebook entry for her.

      He's not returning her calls and now she's doubling down on Cruz hate in an attempt to get back onto the Trump bandwagon, but given his facial expressions in Iowa he's done with sharing the stage with as big a narcissist as he is; there is only room for one #1 on his stage, and that's him.

      She turned an endorsement for Trump into a 20-minute speech about her. I guarantee you that was the last time she'll share the stage with him, regardless of how hard she hates on Cruz.

  31. Anonymous11:15 AM

    Glenn should consider that Palin hasn't changed and, that the 'smears' against Palin and family were actually the truth and that he was fooled by her just as Trump supporters are being fooled.

    1. Anonymous11:39 AM

      I've noticed that too! All her old fans that left when she endorsed trump say the same thing, that she has changed. They refuse to believe that WE were right all along!

    2. Anonymous11:49 AM

      I wait for the day when the pee pond hangers-on finally realize how they've been had!

    3. Anonymous12:27 PM

      Why Gryph gets the troll traffic that he does. You bet that we were right, it was clear as a bell!

      Even when RAM was writing the screeds, we all pretty much knew what she was going to say before she said it. $arah is fooling no one....who has any semblance of brain matter, that is.

    4. Anonymous1:29 PM

      Beck was not fooled. He's a character, just like Trump, and he used Sarah because she brought him ratings and money. He knows a grifter when he meets one-hell, he's the King of Grifters.

  32. Any day now as I get up each day and check the news/facebook and your blog, I expect to see a post that this whore of babble-on has overdosed by her own hand. I swear this woman is on the edge. What a fucking nutjob.

    1. Anonymous11:36 AM

      Yes, I've often thought she's going to "Elvis" herself off the planet one of these days.

    2. Anonymous1:03 PM

      LOL when was the last time Sarah Palin was actually seen anywhere?

  33. Anonymous11:22 AM

    Too bad there isn't another photo of that Cruz-Palin moment that showed Cruz' hand gesture behind Palin's head.

  34. Anonymous11:22 AM

    I wonder why, in the first photo above, the Messiah's Usher Ted Cruz is giving the "sign of the Beast" with his hand? Or, is that the sign of a bull's horns, signifying that all he says is bullshit? Or, is it the sign of "Horny", signifying his feelings for $$$arah?

    1. Anonymous11:54 AM

      That is also a sign for rock and roll and probably a few other things also, too. Perhaps, he was getting ready to go after a double booger....

    2. Anonymous1:28 PM

      Isn't that the Texas "hook 'em horns"?

    3. Anonymous4:08 PM

      More like Hooker Horns...

  35. Anonymous11:24 AM

    Clearly, when we call her a narcissist it rankles her!

    1. Anonymous4:01 PM

      Sara is a (hooha spelling)


      (a)nd ALWAYS HAS BEEN..

  36. Now lawyers are the problem with Washington, huh?

    We are a nation of laws, Sarah: not men or women. Which is why lawyers are elected to, you know, write laws.

    Palin can't handle the truth: US presidents don't create jobs; the lawyers in Congress do.

    1. Anonymous11:38 AM

      it is so blatantly obvious that she never took a civics class.

    2. Anonymous12:26 PM

      @ anon 11:38 am
      Or passed 4th grade.

    3. Anonymous12:27 PM

      And the jobs Congress creates are the jobs of doing what the people elected them to do - you know, largely federal employee jobs. And private sector contracts.

    4. Anonymous12:32 PM

      Lawyers are elected to write laws?? lol.

      Didn't know that was a prerequisite for writing laws.....

      Also wasn't aware that lawyers create jobs lol....

    5. Anonymous12:38 PM

      Black constitutional lawyers.

      There, I fixed it for her.

    6. Anonymous1:28 PM

      The Palin family has provided job security for at least one lawyer, John Tiemessen.

      He's been on retainer for nearly 8 years now, and has had his hands full with gubernatorial malfeasance, breaking/entering/vandalism, and child custody concerns.

      The Palin family circus has actually enriched this man beyond belief!

    7. Anonymous3:24 PM

      Goes to show you what a snake HE is!

  37. Anonymous11:48 AM

    OT-Kim Davis>

  38. "holier-than-thou narcissism manifests itself through negative, biting, deceptive tactics... "
    Sarah is describing herself.
    Trump is the one who said that he loved the poorly educated. Cruz is just echoing that remark, and yes, Sarah is one of them.

  39. Caroll Thompson11:54 AM

    Wonkette says it best:

  40. Anonymous11:56 AM

    Including Cruz.

  41. Anonymous12:29 PM

    Think you'll enjoy Matt Taibbi's article on Trump's endorsements, including Carson.

    "Trump's ignorance is monstrous, but it's nothing compared to that of his supporters..."

    "...Sarah Palin (whose endorsement speech seemed at times like a public service ad about the dangers of household inhalants)...."

    "The way you build a truly vicious nationalist movement is to wed a relatively small core of belligerent idiots to a much larger group of opportunists and spineless fellow travelers

    Read more:

  42. The Alaskan ho has got to go! The halfwits over at the pond are sooo certain that she's gonna be VP. Trump is definitely an egotistical, racist, misogynistic blowhard but he's at least smart enough to know that he'd lose some support if he "tapped" that retard!

  43. Anonymous12:37 PM

    Oh Stephanie Alan, I would love to know just one time that the Palin family was "falsely maligned and attacked", because maligning and attacking is what THEY do for family fun. The most awful things you read about them always turn out to be true.

    The Palins are a horrible family and they always have been, they're a tribe of drunken violent liars- they even lie about going to church, you can't get much lower than that.

  44. Anonymous12:39 PM

    Off Topic

    Brissy's attorney filed a motion for reconsideration of the court order. Someone sounds very sad over losing her second court date (and full custody of each) in a month with two different daddies (or maybe just one?)

  45. Anonymous12:47 PM

    G I really admire the skill with which you have come to interpret Palin speak over the years. Just sayin'.

  46. Anonymous1:03 PM

    I wonder what Ted Cruz did to her last year, not that she needs much reason to begin her whining victim spiel.

    Hey Sarah, why aren't you doing your job and loyally attack the brutal attacker of the Deadbart reporter? Or you could attack the slutty lying Deadbart reporter that's making false allegations against your boyfriend's campaign manager.

    Or will you do nothing to take the focus off of your trampy daughter and the legal mess she got herself into?

    Ha, who besides the Palins ever said it pays to be a desperate sad lying bitch?

    I know, decisions, decisions.

    But at least it might take some of the focus off Bristol Palin and her embarrassing woes.

  47. Anonymous1:13 PM

    She had them all thinking she and her family were being maligned. It's incredible how gullible her followers were. Even Glen Beck, who still thinks she was unfairly attacked, but is so sad that Sarah isn't the same gal she used to be.

    Wouldn't these people go back to Sarah's mayoral days and read up on her shenanigans way back then and the way she treated people in AK, up to and during her campaign and after her defeat. There aren't too many nice stories about Sarah Palin's accomplishments and kindness. Every story that comes forth is from her victims.

    Sad that these people couldn't vet her properly and now they're all shocked that she behaves this way.

  48. Anonymous1:17 PM

    What ever did Sarah get to go against the grain? Who owns her?

    National Review has lots of articles from David French's dismay at the Trumpeters and Trump's campaign abuse of that reporter. He can't figure out why anyone would support Trump. That's got to burn him, knowing his wife was all into the Palins. To be a fly on the French's wall.

    1. Anonymous3:43 PM

      Ghostwriters do what they're paid to do. No convictions, just a job.

  49. Anonymous1:20 PM

    OT, but I just noticed in the Daily Mail's pics of Bristol leaving Hawaii that she has an LV wallet or other LV accessory in her hand. Cheapest price I found was $137 if it's a canvas wallet with a rose pull, but it could be in the $300-400 range and even $1000 range.

  50. The Brain Trust at the Pee Pond is discussing Simple Sarah's future political path - and it's freakin' hilarious!

    DocBarry1 > renalin • 12 hours ago
    The Lady and The Trump have already teamed up. I still believe that Governor Palin would prefer a Cabinet Post to the VP slot - but time will tell.

    Lennart Bilén • 11 hours ago
    One thought. Trump will be 70 before assuming office. Sarah Palin is 52. After 16 years of Trump/Palin and Palin/? Sarah Palin will still be younger than Hillary is now!

    Pete Petretich > Lennart Bilén • 10 hours ago
    I think it's possible that Trump might only serve one term due to his age, but it's his choice...

    Bill589 • 10 hours ago
    Sarah gave Ted a Senatorship, knowing his proper place if he chose to do the job well. With her endorsement and continued support, Sarah is giving Donald the Presidentship.
    Currently, Sarah is responsible for the leaders of the two largest groups of Anti-establishment Republicans in America. I’ve read this is 70% of the Republican voters who are against the Republican establishment.
    As more comes to light, they will eventually unite against the establishment with Trump. The GOP establishment will be defeated. Sarah will remain the undefeated.


  51. Anonymous1:25 PM

    Maybe someone writes her crap and then she adds to it. She always oversells everything when she talks. And how many times have we heard her use--looking now at just one paragraph--a "holier-than-thou," "narcissism," and a favorite, "manifests." As well as "disavow," another favorite, but "manifests" is a word I hear her use all the time.

  52. Anonymous1:40 PM

    Such wonderful material to comment on regarding the baboon feces aka Sera,Sera as it were.
    Love her usual choice of wardrobe like a Jr.high student in her hoodie and revealed tank top. In her usual slutty behavior ways.
    Whilst I read her bs I heard every screech! Yuk.
    Like I was there.scary.
    Always the same,grifter.Many don't know they were had by her and still don't .Mostly, many don't want to admit their own stupidity and ignorance, and are still being had by her.And she is the dumb one?

  53. Anonymous1:49 PM

    The mental illness of Narcissism runs in families. Some families more dysfunctional and disabled than others. The republicans are the party of dysfunction and narcissism. Each member trying to out do the other in illness and behavior. Over half the Citizens of the United States of America are completely disgusted with Republicans.

  54. Anonymous2:26 PM

    Is this how Sarah Palin channels Nancy Reagan? Polar opposites....

    1. Anonymous3:21 PM

      Nancy could not STAND $arah Palin.

  55. Anonymous3:06 PM

    She put all her money on a one trick pony. She paid for her ticket to go stand with Trump and thought he would bring her on board the bus. She saw $$ signs. As with all of his other endorsements, once the endorsement staging is complete, they are excused. She is going to lose the farm on this one.

    1. Anonymous4:37 PM

      She never was that bright. She went on her looks (fading fast) and a "mean girl" bully attitude, when in fact she's a coward, while Tawd did everything behind the scenes for her. She can't even run a lemonade stand.

  56. Anonymous3:22 PM

    The whole Palin bunch is one big festering
    boil. They keep slapping band aids on that
    thing.... not working. Hey Palins, try a couple of cases of super glue and duct tape. While you are at it, send some to
    that other big festering boil, the Duggers!

  57. Anonymous4:49 PM

    ...But Sarah Palin, though. Oh man. Half-term Sarah Palin. Yr Loving Wonkette would like to simply suggest (JUST SAYING, and only because we care) that maybe this is not the best way for you to help get your boy Trump’s little rage schlong into the Oval Office. You probably should stick to showing up at Trump rallies drunk while your son’s in jail for beating ladies or something, that seemed to work OK.

  58. Anonymous5:22 PM

    ...commonsense conservatives supporting Donald Trump ARE "low information" when it comes to having any information on Cruz's ability...

    Poor Sarah she was so busy trying to get the buzz word “low information” in her sentence, she ended up writing Trump supporters don’t have any information on Cruz’s ability to bla bla bla, I think, then again, it wasn’t written in English.

    I quit half way reading the rest of her crap; those long run-on word salad sentences seem to get lost in translation. Who is still reading her facebook page anyway? Those paid “likes” in India sure aren’t.

    Maybe Cruz will be some Cuban voodoo, evangelical hex on her.

  59. Anita Winecooler5:57 PM

    The stewing chicken's come home to roost.

    Hey, Brissy, duct tape her ankles and Sailor's got a new Rattle!!!!

  60. Anonymous11:52 AM

    Gryphen, Payme did not comparing Rafael to anyone. Rafael is Cruz's father. Cruz's first name is Ted.


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