Sunday, April 24, 2016

Bristol and Sarah Palin included in "Alaska Outlaws, Rebels, or Cons" playing card set. Well of course they are.

Courtesy of the Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman:

Wasilla’s most famous family and the Valley’s most notorious cash crop are prominently featured in the newest update to the state’s most irreverent deck of playing cards. 

The 4th Edition of the “Alaska Outlaws, Rebels or Cons” playing cards have been released, with updates to many familiar faces and a few new members of the infamous pack of Alaska characters. 

“There’s a bunch of new ones,” said creator Jason Hahn, the Anchorage man who first came up for the idea of the novelty playing cards in 2008.

Over the years, other members of the Palin clan have been featured, including Sarah’s husband, Todd, and Levi Johnston, whose high-profile engagement to Palin’s daughter, Bristol, was a key issue in the presidential campaign due to Bristol’s teen pregnancy. Todd and Levi aren’t in the fourth edition, but Sarah and Bristol again made the cut. Mrs. Palin is back as the queen of hearts, and also gets special recognition as one of two “jokers” in the deck. Her daughter, meanwhile, is featured on the six of hearts. 

Although the Palins provide Hahn with plenty of content, the card-maker said he’s nearly at the point where he’s Palined-out. 

“I get almost as tired as anyone else does,” of the family, he said. 

The cards include brief descriptions of what led to each figure’s notoriety. Sarah Palin’s card features a picture of her shaking hands with Donald Trump and quotes from the former Alaska governor, including her “right-winging, bitter-clinging, proud clingers of our guns” line that garnered national attention during her Trump endorsement speech. 

As for Bristol Palin, Hahn’s depiction of the Wasilla blogger and reality television star includes an account of her second pregnancy and a much-publicized fight at an Anchorage party in 2014, in which Palin allegedly asked the host “who the f--- are you?” before punching the man in the face.

Though Hahn claims to be all Palined-out at this point (Who isn't?) how can you possibly have a set of cards depicting outlaws, rebels, and cons and NOT include the craziest Alaskan family of all? 

Personally I am a little confused as to why Track Palin did not make the cut.

After all what more do you need than to get your ass kicked at an Anchorage birthday party, beat up your girlfriend, and then threaten to blow your own brains out?

Oh well, maybe next time.


  1. Anonymous4:26 AM

    What? No Mavericks?! Just Rebels, Outlaws and Cons?!? Bwhahahahahahahaha! Love it!

    1. Anonymous9:30 AM

      Sarah has been on them forever. What I don't like about them is they have people like Timothy Treadwill and Christopher mCandles people who just happened to die in ak. Still I would like to order a new set, I see this web address of I'm going to order one if that is the right address. This is from the postcards of the same deck.

  2. Anonymous4:31 AM

    He should send a set of these to Nancy "I pretend to be Bristles PayMe" French. I personally do not believe she has spent any time with Bristles, she just does this for the paycheck. Great Christian, isn't she?

    1. Anonymous6:24 AM

      A bigger hypocrite than palin.

    2. Anonymous8:15 AM

      If that's possible, 4:31 AM. I have often wondered what type of screwed up mentality would agree to write like a 15-year-old. She also too fails at it.

    3. Anonymous8:36 AM

      She isn't a Christian of course, just a conniving opportunist. She's dishonest to the core. A complete fraud.

    4. Anonymous9:32 AM

      @ anon 8:36 am
      She is the definition of a typical xtian.

    5. Anonymous12:27 PM

      9:32am, not all, but the Fundies, sorry, yes

  3. Track isn't included because for years he has managed to stay away from the crazy. Just recall his "performance" on whatever thing that was about Alaska. He botched a job and was surly and uncommunicative on camera. Remember that? That's when I began thinking that maybe he sees clear through the bullshit and always has.

    1. Anonymous7:15 AM

      Here is a fun little clip of a tv appearance by Bristol that I hadn't seen before...maybe some of you remember. The comments are funny too!

    2. Anonymous7:55 AM

      I remember that, 7:15 AM! Horrible actress, and the personality of a dishrag.

    3. Anonymous9:04 AM

      Damn! Brisdull, don't give up your day job on DWTS.

    4. Anonymous12:03 PM

      From the comments at the youtube video:

      MamoDad 5 years ago
      Let's hear it for Teen Sex!

      "Feels great, pays well, and sure beats going to school and getting a real job."
      --Bristol Palin

    5. Anonymous3:09 PM

      Track is not a Palin, he is a Menard.

  4. Anonymous5:58 AM

    Where can I get a deck of these cards?
    With all of the BS from the Palins, they can fill ALL of the 52 cards + the 2 Jokers.

  5. Anonymous6:00 AM

    Part 2: Is sarah palin really unstable?,, 2011.

    I re-read the aforementioned. Very scary.

    The IRS should review her Sarahpac financials in detail. Nobody on either side of the aisle would object. We may see Sara sporting an orange jumpsuit yet. At least she will look clean and sans wig.

    The reason I say this is because Sara chronically defies authority and uses a victim card when caught--successful behavior.

    Has Sara paid property taxes on her many homes in Alaska as well as back taxes owed?

    Importance of paying property taxes in Alaska.

    While I don't like property taxes, the community infrastructure and schools require this money to function. You never realize how important your taxes are until you live in a small municipality, affected by a far north harsh climate with its inherit peculiarities such as permafrost, water and sewage issues etc. Alaska is not a member of the contiguous US therefore, we don't have access to and we pay more for everything.

    So while Sara pedals her ass and blatantly refuses to pay taxes on her multiple homes, she free rides off of her far less priviledged tax paying neighbors. Sara should be excluded from this municpality's services.

    Just a thought.

  6. Anonymous6:04 AM

    Sarah as Queen of Hearts must be someone's idea of a sick joke.

    1. Anonymous6:26 AM

      I would have made her the Queen of Spades.

    2. Anonymous9:55 AM


  7. Anonymous6:12 AM

    How can I buy a deck from the lower 48? No, seriously.

  8. Anonymous6:14 AM

    Never mind. Amazon is selling them!

  9. Anonymous7:34 AM


  10. Anonymous7:47 AM

    If thecstories about Todd are true, he should included, too. There is always a joker in the deck of cards.

  11. LOL Marina should've made the cut. She's taking pole dancing lessons

    1. Anonymous9:07 AM

      Lol I went to her Facebook and read her "about me" my 8 year old daughter has better grammar. She's a strong women you all (why do so many people refer to one woman in plural) who dosent be afraid to go after her dreams.

    2. Anonymous9:26 AM

      Hahahahaha,I hope she don't bring down the pole!

    3. Anonymous9:55 AM

      Jimminy Christmas! The thought of Marina or Barstool poledancing...


    4. Anonymous11:43 AM

      9:07 I believe English is not her first language and that easily explains the "weird" wording of anything she puts out.

      BTW, how's your Russian? Would you like me to laugh at your foreign language skill?

    5. Anonymous1:50 PM

      11:43 am WE WOULD NOT POST OUR WEAK RUSSIAN LANGUAGE ON THE INTERNET. THAT IS THE DIFFERENCE. Even spellcheck could not help her. How many years did she complete in High School in Alaska?

    6. Anonymous4:52 PM

      11:43 Actually, English is my second language but I still know when to use "women" and "woman" "doesn't" and apostrophes, so no reason for you to laugh at my second language skills. You see, I'm a woman who doesn't make fun of other's way of speaking unless they are Palins or Marina Lupas. I don't like those nasty women.

    7. Anonymous6:31 PM

      Alaska if full of fucking Russians that have somehow made their way over here and are on the public dole and they are all weird and religious and wear weird clothing and really, they just all need to go back home.

  12. Anonymous8:39 AM

    Well, Sarah, there's goes your bullshit bigotry defense and busted by none other than Fox.

  13. Anonymous9:16 AM

    IMO, the Palin's biggest con of all time was stealing the labor & materials from the Wasilla Sports Complex and using them to build their house on Lake Lucile.

    She could still go to jail for this crime, the paper trail is there. Maybe that's why she resigned as Governor? A subpoena to the construction firm should be in order. Can any resident of Wasilla ask for an accounting of the complex?

    1. Anonymous11:45 AM

      9:16 Sorry, she got away with that one. Statute of limitations ran out.

      How about this angle...if they got freebies, that would count as income and should be reported to IRS.

      If they didn't, IRS can claim they were attempting to defraud the government and there is a much longer statute of limitations (or none at all) on purposeful tax defrauding your returns.

  14. Anonymous9:34 AM

    Ho come pimp Daddy Todd didn't make the cut?

  15. Anonymous10:15 AM

    Yeah, but they forgot to show before and after pictures of their fugly faces. Play what is same tripper.

  16. Anonymous11:13 AM

    Somehow, I don't see Bristol Palin as either a "blogger" or a "reality television star." I see her as a desperate and not very happy single mother who is not very bright and is trying very hard to be her mother.

  17. Anonymous12:24 PM

    Sarah and Bristol should be as embarrassed as Hell being included in this deck of cards, but I'm sure they're not. More notoriety, you know - albeit negative.

    "Jokers" will always be their spot in the history of Alaska!


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