Thursday, April 28, 2016

Donald Trump gets famed Indiana basketball coach Bobby Knight's endorsement. Basketball? Donald Trump? Sarah Palin is all over this.

Courtesy of the one basket wonder's Facebook page:  

Bobby Knight Endorses Trump! (Oh my God, you can almost smell the dampened Depends from here.)

Coach Knight knows what it takes! (Yes he does! Cussing out his minions, choking subordinates, and throwing chairs! The Bobby Knight keys to success!) This means a lot to Americans who really want to win again. Thank you, Coach Knight. You've always been a courageous one. 

And thank you, Hoosiers! And all the other states who slam dunked it for FREEDOM last night! Your good judgement in trusting the Trump Movement with your vote is so incredibly encouraging! Gives us faith in the oncoming Great Awakening many of us recognize and appreciate, where the GOP Machine shall deservedly be dismantled while eradicating the stupidity of the failed Liberals' agenda via votes representing the will of the people. (Saving the country from economic disaster, bringing health care to millions, and ending two very unpopular wars? Is this the "failed Liberal agenda?") Americans are sick and tired of the corrupt Establishment's status quo, so kudos to you: Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maryland, Delaware and Pennsylvania for last night's victories. 

The Trump Movement will not disappoint. We need a revolution; we've found our revolutionary for America to win. (Yep just like Cuba found Fidel Castro to help them win!)

Our candidate has the will to win. More importantly, as proven by his unmatched work ethic and record of success, Donald Trump has the "will to prepare to win..."

I have to admit that I am not sure how the "will to prepare to win" is somehow better than the "will to win" but then again I don't speak basketball.

You know I am not exactly sure that Bobby Knight's endorsement of Trump should be seen as a positive. This is what he identified as the reason that he supports Trump:

"We gotta talk about this presidential crap just for a moment here," Knight said. "I'll tell you who they said wasn't presidential. I don't even know what the hell presidential means (Well that's enlightening.), but they told him he wasn't presidential. And that guy they told all these people that wanted to say, you're not presidential, that guy was Harry Truman." 

"And Harry Truman, with what he did in dropping and having the guts to drop the bomb in 1944 saved, saved millions of American lives," Knight said. "And that's what Harry Truman did. And he became one of the three great presidents of the United States. And here's a man who would do the same thing, because he's going to become one of the four great presidents of the United States." 

So Knight supports Donald Trump because he is willing to drop a bomb on Japan?

Wait, wait, wait he MUST be talking about ISIS, right?

But you know the problem with that is that ISIS is not located in just one country, they are all over the place. So dropping a freaking nuclear bomb would only kill a handful of them at a time.

What's more we are not at war with any of the countries in which ISIS operates. So dropping a freaking nuclear bomb on them means killing potentially hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of peaceful non-combatants.

Quite literally if the United States were to do ANYTHING this horrible WE would be the terrorists and the entire national community would form an alliance against us.

Which we would completely deserve.

I think Bobby Knight needs to stick to throwing chairs and throttling basketball players, because when it comes to politics I think Trig Palin has a better handle on things.

P.S. Here is a look at what it means to be a fighter for ISIS. Nuclear bomb, you could take these idiots out with a pea shooter and a well placed stink bomb.


  1. Anonymous4:41 PM

    He's an old dope. Not very bright.

  2. Anonymous4:52 PM

    I just had a Trump Movement. Took three wipes and two flushes. All Better now!

  3. Anonymous4:54 PM

    Sarah is on it like a fly on a fresh turd!

  4. Anonymous4:56 PM

    Just like Sarah to overblow the fact she was on a small town varsity bball team that happened to make it to State. Since she had such a thin resume, they acted like she was an Olympian. Never mind she wasn't even good enough to earn a scholarship to one of the five colleges she went to, or even played after HS. Obama has played longer and is a legit baller long after her bullshit glory days at Wasilla High. But yeah, energy expert and executive CEO Sarah has to jump right in. Can you imagine Trump trying to talk sports without resurrecting dead pedo protectors?

    1. Sarah's brand of gobsmacking hubris coupled with her apparent complete lack of self-awareness is something I would love a psychologist to study.

      Or maybe I am just jealous that I do not accept offers for jobs I know I am not qualified for (*cough cough vice-president) and then don't get TV show and book offers I also would not really do myself? If only I had her confidence (read:extreme hubris and lack of self-awareness) then I too could be making all that sweet, sweet money ...

      Uh, no thank you. I like myself just the way I am. I would never trade my talents, intelligence, gifts, relationships, knowledge, self-awareness, artistry, loves and passions, for hers.

      She is a sad shallow shell - she was able to fool some people for some of the time. Had she stayed in Alaska she might have fooled a lot of people for a lot longer time.

      But she just couldn't say no to John McCain, and everything that has happened since is laid right at her feet for that decision. Hey Honey, you could have said "No! Hell no, I'm not qualified to be VP, I could not possibly act as president if you died or were incapacitated, please ask someone else, there's lots of other people who know more stuff about stuff than I do, like maybe that Lieberman guy".

      Sarah, ya should have Just Said No.

    2. Anonymous5:46 PM

      She wasn't anything but that's been her whole political career as well, and why she hates Katie Couric to this day for exposing her.

    3. Anonymous6:31 PM

      She's too short to ever have been a true basketball player in college. Maybe they were desperate in Wasilla.

    4. Anonymous6:50 PM

      College? $arah loved college so much that she didn't graduate. You can tell every time she tries to open her mouth, plasticity/Botox being what it is.

  5. Anonymous4:59 PM

    Fuck you Sarah Palin

    How's the view from the cheap seats (facebook)?

  6. Anonymous5:01 PM

    Sarah Palin you don't have time to make Facebook posts. You are too busy chasing your daughters to make sure they don't get pregnant.

    1. Anonymous7:46 PM

      AH, but she forgot to hand Track his condoms--little punching bag is now pregnant with the altos Palin bastard grandkid. Will any of her children ever produce a child IN wedlock?

    2. Anonymous8:00 PM

      Also the cover for the newly pregnant Jordan from her physical abusing boyfriend son. I wonder how she'll spin that one.

    3. Anonymous4:23 AM

      Oh, another blessing from the good Lord. Seems he showers the PayMe clan with one almost every year. Someone had better find a legitimate JOB.

  7. Anonymous5:06 PM

    Sarah honey, we KNOW you were a fucking bench warmer. You scored very few points in that big championship when you were a senior. And, contrary to what one of your personalities thinks, you did NOT score the winning basket - your team was already winning. As in all things Sarah Palin, what you did was Superfluous.

  8. Anonymous5:06 PM

    Yes, but a nuk-u-lar bomb is so much more manly. We win, you lose!!

    What more could any rational person hope for from life, than to blast into pieces anyone who disagreed in the slightest, or even maybe looked a little sideways??

    Rill Murcans rule!!!!!!

  9. The Bobby Knight who said, "if rape is inevitable, relax and enjoy it."

    1. Yup. That's the one.

    2. Anonymous5:33 PM

      I think she did.

    3. Anonymous6:12 PM

      And let's not forget "Levi raped me in the tent." Of course he did. One sick family.

    4. Anonymous6:57 PM

      Wrong, that was Clayton Williams, who ran an unsuccessful bid against Ann Richards for the Texas governorship. He wound up losing the race in large part due to that "joke".

    5. Anonymous7:25 PM

      6:57....Bobby said it in 1988, too.

    6. Not wrong, they both said it.

    7. Anonymous9:20 PM

      6:57 PM Research is too hard for you?

  10. Anonymous5:10 PM

    Trig Palin us a very severely retarded 8 year old so it's exagerrating to say that he has a better handle on this. However, it's true.

  11. Anonymous5:13 PM

    If Sarah did this to Bristol then maybe Bristol wouldn't be the National Sperm Bank of Alaska.

  12. Anonymous5:14 PM

    She finally found another excuse to use the pics of herself when young. It's so embarrassingly obvious, so pathetic.

    And Knight acted like an asshole and was finally canned for good. Maybe it's too bad he never threw a chair that hit one of her parents while they were watching a game or choked one of her kids. It's so sick that she's praising this violent, immature moron.

  13. Anonymous5:15 PM

    Is that picture on top of this post Sarah Heath's first 3 Way?

    1. Anonymous6:31 PM

      very well could be though doubtful as that's her big bro chuck_tard jr.
      and between he and their dad the incest in that dysfunctional family more 'n likely produced 3 ways well before that pic was taken ..

    2. Anonymous6:32 PM

      That's what Todd said.

  14. Anonymous5:17 PM

    I'm so sick of her crap. First of all, she was no basketball star; she was a nothing! Everyone and their dog knows this. Is she going to be stuck in childhood forever?? Maybe better not to answer that.

    Second, Bobby Knight was a well known harasser of women; only one his WTH traits that he was fired for with good reason. Is this more of her "Boys Will Be Boys" stuff? Just how abused were you, $arah, that turned you into this monster with junior high mentality?

    That woman is SICK. Yes, $arah, let's just bomb the hell out of everyone that doesn't agree with us because of your "god" that you don't even follow. Muthee did not pray the devil out of you, he prayed it into you.

    Read the Sermon On The Mount sometime.
    Over and over and over again.
    Matthew 5.

    1. Anonymous6:23 PM

      Sara once knew how to mount and it had nothing to do with a sermon.

    2. Anonymous7:46 PM

      She can say what she wants. She now has yet another pregnant girlfriend grand baby coming from a known and documented, physically abusive and drugged out son?

      Who would EVER listen to her.

    3. Anonymous9:18 PM

      This son?

    4. Anonymous2:01 AM

      Track abd his girlfriend are known drunks and drug abusers. This child has a good chance of being born with FAS, or other disability. What a family of dysfunctional, selfish, low intelligence people this PayMe family is. Can't wait to see the birth photos with both parents giving everyone the finger just as they do in every photo.

  15. Anonymous5:26 PM

    Fuck off you grifting old hag. It is beyond time for you to hang up the Belmonts and SHUT THE FUCK UP!! YOU SUCK!!!!
    donalds gonads

  16. Anonymous5:53 PM

    All the bullies in America are getting behind Donald Trump. The biggest bully of them all. What a depressing state we are in, here in America.

    1. Anonymous5:43 AM

      Wonder how Sarah feels about this?

  17. Anonymous6:19 PM

    Was she held back a grade or two? She seems much more well endowed than her other teammates, by far. Weird.

    1. Anonymous7:01 PM

      Girls develop at different rates.
      I wouldn't read that into it.

    2. Anonymous7:57 PM

      What is weird is the scrutiny that some people do when it comes to how well endowed high school (underage) gurls are.

    3. Anonymous2:24 AM

      7:57 what is weird is Chuckles talkin about girls losing their underwear at night.......

    4. Anonymous7:07 AM

      What is weird is that Sarah's Dad is a pedophile, her husband is a sex trafficker,
      her son is a domestic violence suspect, and her daughter is a serial baby breeder. In Sarah's words, they are all family values Christians.

  18. The atomic bomb was dropped in 1945, not 1944. /Truman wasn't President until 1945/

    1. Anonymous6:42 PM

      Bobby Knight coached basketball at University of Indiana. He certainly was not a history professor. And, he was saying what McCain was saying, "Bomb bomb bomb Iran," or ISIS or anyone.

    2. Anonymous3:36 AM

      It's IU NOT U of I.

  19. Sarah apparently believes Indiana has already voted in the primary, when in fact we vote on Tuesday May 3. I don't know why I would expect a woman who reads only People and Runners World magazines to know the difference.

  20. Anonymous6:58 PM

    Sarah attracts the dregs,like stink on shit.Pretty much her thing.

  21. Anonymous7:02 PM

    Jeez. Truly pathetic that $arah thinks that her opinion about anything matters to anybody anymore. Poor thing. Bless her heart. Desperate doesn't begin to define her.

    And Bobby Knight. Like we need another small penis with a big gun.

  22. Um, Coach Knight, Truman dropped the bomb in 1945.

    1. Anonymous7:49 PM

      Glad I read your comment before I, too, wrote to remind the coach that Truman wasn't President until April, 1945, the European War ended in May that year, and the nuclear bombs were dropped in August, 1945.
      There is a great debate about how many lives were "saved" by the dropping of the bomb. My husband was in the Philippines, and would have been on his way to an invasion of Japan if the war hadn't ended. But there weren't thousands of troops who were saved -- and the political strategy to keep Stalin out of the Pacific war was another strong reason that Truman acted.
      Truman, although an interesting man and President, is nowhere near the third greatest person to hold that office! Coach Knight needs to go back to history class.

    2. Anonymous3:34 AM

      And the quote that Gryphen used is incorrect. Knight said "billion" with a b lives were saved not millions. Lawrence O'Donnell was talking about the number last night and how ridiculous and hyperbolic Coach Knight was. But it's just par for the course at a Trump rally.

  23. Anonymous7:15 PM

    Will she ever give this shtick up??

    The well is running dry, $arah, you know it, we all know it. It really has become pathetic. You'd be better to say nothing at all, as I'm SURE you been advised to. What happened to the campaign trail?

  24. Anonymous7:33 PM

    I seen that that speech by Bobby Knight, I felt like he was in the beginning stage of Dementia. I'm starting to get sick of $arah, and yet here I am.

  25. Anonymous7:54 PM

    Let's remember who Bobby Knight really is Women's groups nationwide were outraged by Knight's comments during an April 1988 interview with Connie Chung in which he said, "I think that if rape is inevitable, relax and enjoy it." The same comment had already gotten weatherman Tex Antoine fired from WABC-TV in New York twelve years earlier and would ultimately derail the Texas gubernatorial bid of Clayton Williams two years later.[51] Knight's comment was in reference to an Indiana basketball game in which he felt the referees were making poor calls against the Hoosiers.

    1. Anonymous2:21 AM

      No wonder Sarah responds to him.
      Daddy probably said the same thing to her when he was diddling her....and perhaps after a bit she did like it. Or one of her split personalities liked it.

  26. Anonymous7:55 PM

    Foul mouthed, too - no wonder Skanky $arah likes him: At a practice leading up to an Indiana-Purdue game in West Lafayette in 1991, Knight unleashed a torrent of expletives and threats designed to motivate his Indiana team. In one portion he exclaims he is "fucking tired of losing to Purdue." Unknown to most, someone was secretly taping the speech. The speech has since gone viral and has over 1.84 million views on YouTube alone.[52] Although it is still not known who taped the speech, many former players suspect it was former manager and current NBA assistant coach Lawrence Frank. Players who were present were unable to remember the specific speech because such expletive-filled outbursts by Knight were so frequent.[53]

  27. Anonymous8:34 PM

    Is this your son, Sarah?

  28. Wait. Harry Truman one of the THREE greatest presidents?

    I guess after Washington and Lincoln.

    But ahead of Thomas Jefferson, FDR, Teddy Roosevelt, JFK and Obama?

    Is dropping the bomb more important to this country than the Louisiana purchase? Is the United Nations more important that National Parks?

    What about a Man on the Moon?

    What about civil rights?


    In fact, as time passes dropping the atomic bomb on two civilian populations has become a poorer and poorer decision.

    Truman doesn't make my top five. Then again, I'm not a Hoosier.

    Well, if getting a coach to endorse you is so all fired valuable, will Drumpf solicit an endorsement from Dennis Hastert?

    Oh, and Truman was a Democrat. Wonder if Knight knows that. (LOL at coaches aways being assigned to teach a history class. Explains a lot about education and SOME athletes.)

  29. Anonymous8:51 PM

    Sarah loves Trump turds and hoaxes

    Trump Repeats Hoax Story About Shooting Muslims With Pigs Blood to Rapturous Applause

    It is all movement.


  30. Anonymous9:45 PM

  31. Anonymous10:06 PM

    Sarah and Todd Palin must hold the world record for the family value couple with the most bastard grand children.

  32. Anonymous10:27 PM

    MSNBC just announced Trump made up the story Hillary Clinton didn't answer the 3am phone call and wouldn't wake-up when our embassy was getting attacked.

  33. Anonymous7:44 AM

    I'm wondering who the other two "greatest presidents" are in his opinion. I thought it was pretty widely recognized that it's the four heads on Rushmore (Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt) plus FDR. Maybe his three favorites are Truman, Washington and Reagan? Reagan seems to have been a bad president to me, but conservatives do tend to love him for some reason.

  34. Anonymous9:26 AM

    Dumb and dumber are at it again. PalinUSA links to sport s expert or Nancy at patheos.

    April 29, 2016 by Bristol Palin: ESPN is ok with rapists, racists, slanderers, but not with Curt Schilling’s common sense

    This is a yuuge dill for the Palins. What happened to Track's happy news? Granny Palin and Aunty haven't heard? It is now said that Jordan Loewe is with a Bastard of Palin's Garage at the compound. Dead fish don't swim. So wtf Palins? How much denial and distractions will you dish out?

  35. Apparently when a state is so in love with you for winning a lot of basketball games, one's self-awareness disappears. Night exhibited no awareness whatsoever that he looked and sounded foolish. When one is continually praised as a hero, I suppose there is no longer a mechanism to perceive or understand why one should be embarrassed.


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