Saturday, April 16, 2016

I am not sure that Dakota Meyer understands parenting.

I was really only able to make it to the minute mark in the video.

If I had actually seen them strike that child I would have lost my shit.

They are hitting that young boy with a paddle. Do you have any idea the psychological damage an incident like this can cause?

Well I do, because that was done to me.

In fact I was not only spanked by a school principal, I was spanked by my mother, my grandmother, babysitters, and the men who were dating my mother before she remarried.

One time I had cuts on my legs where a guy had used an electrical cord to "punish" me for not falling asleep fast enough. That school principal used half of a baseball bat sanded down with the words "Louisville Slugger" on the handle.

Five strikes, I remember every one of them.

Do you want to know how that approach corrected my behaviors?

It didn't.

But it made me an angry and violent young man, who often engaged in physical confrontations with my peers to the point where I sent more than one of them to the hospital.

I trained up to four or five hours each day, so that I would be a more effective fighter, and then I looked for trouble virtually every day so that I could punish the world that at the time I felt had horribly abused me.

Don't get me wrong I was not a bully, at least not in the classical sense. I wanted to fight tough guys who bullied or intimidated others.  But I was a raging asshole, of that there is no doubt.

This lasted into my late teens.

After that I was able to gain some perspective. which came as the result of some very caring teachers and school administrators who did not want to kick me out of school and destroy my life because, thankfully, they felt I was worth saving.

I owe them everything.

Today I care for the children who have been brutalized, neglected, and psychologically damaged by parents and others without the education or intelligence to deal with challenging behaviors.

Apparently this child was paddled for spitting and aggressive behaviors.

I have dealt with spitters before. Do you know what you do?

You get a bucket and you ask them to fill it up with all of their extra spit.

After a little bit their mouth goes dry and they ask to stop, at which time you simply say "Are you all out of spit?"

They answer in the affirmative, and you tell them "Well I am going to keep this bucket handy and the next time you need to spit we will come right back here and you can try to fill it again."

I have never had a child spit again after that.

Somebody needs to let Dakota Meyer know that there are many, many, many effective methods for teaching a child that do not involve scarring them for life.


  1. Anonymous6:25 AM

    Good luck Sailor Grace. Looks like you lost big time in the parents sweepstakes.

    1. Anonymous7:41 AM

      Perfect comment.

    2. Anonymous8:00 AM

      Indeed. The poor kid doesn't have a chance of a normal, healthy life.

  2. Anonymous6:27 AM

    So Sailor has one parent who'll let her get away with anything (her mother) and one parent who'll probably discipline her physically (her father). She's screwed.

    1. Anonymous6:57 AM

      They both have other kids....
      Barstool 6 total She only keeps 3
      MOA-2 or more???

    2. Anonymous7:32 AM

      6:57-- He does NOT have other children. And Bristol? Maybe she does or maybe she doesn't. Where is the hard proof?

    3. Anonymous7:34 AM

      I thought DumbkotAH had to take a parenting class? I guess they didn't teach him about physical (or emotional) abuse of a child...

    4. Anonymous9:14 AM

      7:32 proof>

    5. Anonymous9:25 AM


      There was a B/W pic of him with a gun and his 1st daughter. But this will do.>

    6. Anonymous10:33 AM

      That's his friend's or relative's kid, the same little girl that helped him celebrate at the baby shower thrown for him in Kentucky.

  3. Our Lad6:32 AM

    The difference of course being that Dakota Meyer is a grown man who clearly has not the brains to pour piss out of a boot.

  4. Anonymous6:35 AM

    Ding Ding Ding! Bet you $10 bucks he tried to hit Tripp and thats why Bristol bolted

    1. Anonymous7:38 AM

      Ding ding ding, I was thinking the same thing. Only, I think that Dakota did hit Tripp for something minor and that scared Bristol out of there. He may have threatened to strike her, for all we know.

    2. Anonymous7:38 AM

      6:35 I often thought that there were problems between Dakota and Tripp in regard to discipline issues. In fact, I wouldn't have been surprised if Tripp had to sleep with mom every night being that he was frightened and both lonesome for Alaska and their family and friends. Bet that got old with Dakota. Remember when Bristol's friend came to visit her in KY while Dakota was on the road? I'm sure that played a role in Bristol's decision to leave too.
      Plus, Dakota's family, it appeared are very Christian...and how long was Bristol going to fake that?

    3. Anonymous7:40 AM

      After reading his comment I had the same thought. His put-down of the mother made me wonder if that was a jab at Bristol. In any event - his stance is not a good one. This will come back to haunt him - and B will use it.

      On another note - this article has allowed many readers to comment on their own experiences - some very sad.

      Pat Padrnos

    4. Anonymous7:52 AM

      Dakota may have come close or punched on Bristol. Bristol punches men and her brother punches on women. It is a family trait.

      Puffer Mouth is looking more and more like a Cusack. You bet she was at the place she claims she works. She is working on her beauty secrets along with Lucy.

    5. Anonymous8:04 AM

      Sorry, I have a very hard time imagining Bristol leaving a man she wanted because he mistreated her child. She's just too self-centered and too terrible a mother in other respects. Much more likely that Meyer did something directly to her. And it's just as possible that he broke up with her, isn't it?

    6. Anonymous8:16 AM

      If Dakoda had hit Trippp, as a working victim, Bristol would have made money off of it.

    7. Anonymous8:20 AM

      I agree she would not leave a man who mistreats her son. I think it was something towards her.

    8. We haven't heard any DNA results yet, have we? (I might have missed it.)

      Because I still think he left her because her due date and her (deduced) conception date were incompatible with him having fathered Sailor.

      I hope he did get the DNA and I think referring to him as the father is designed to put pressure on. Bristol wouldn't stand for somebody hitting her kids and not because she thinks is wrong but because she has a deep and profound respect for ownership. She might not mind the hitting but, if it happened, she'd want to do it herself

    9. Anonymous8:44 AM

      8:04 If I remember correctly, Dakota and Bristol were to show up for a dinner the night before the Kentucky Derby. Several people had paid a good amount to sit at their table but Dakota and Bristol were a no show! I believe Dakota had just returned from a trip and apparently something happened at that time. Bristol was home by the time Dakota ever took down his "love" post of her on his facebook. I think she left him for a multitude of reasons and seriously he is no better than her in the baggage department.

    10. Anonymous9:04 AM

      If Meyer had physically assaulted either Tripp or Bristol, Bristol would have brought it up in the custody case and Meyer wouldn't be having unsupervised visits. Even if he threatened physical violence or came close to it, she would have used it against him.

    11. Anonymous9:21 AM

      I can't help but laugh picturing the kind of people who would pay big coin to sit with those two. Folks whose eyes are -- like Dakota's -- an inch apart, I suppose.

  5. The worst thing is, they were spanking a five year old for missing school. Its not a five year olds responsibility to make sure he gets to school, its the parents. At five years old the kid has no real understanding of responsibility.

    1. According to Fox the kid hit and spit on someone which I dont believe.

    2. Anonymous7:00 AM


    3. 6:45 Even if he did spit and hit; anyone who has been educated about behavior in children or claim to be educators should know--- you do not meet a violent negative with a violent negative. Understanding, positive reinforcement and common sense are needed. Hitting a child out of frustration proves all of these people shouldn't be working with children.

      These people are idiots.

    4. Anonymous10:24 AM

      Not to mention lying to the parent. She could have immediately taken him out of the school and "homeschooled" him. It is legal in all 50 states. She could also have claimed a religious or conscience objection to hitting a child.

    5. Anonymous11:02 AM

      My kids started school in 1985. The principal at that time HAD a wooden paddle in his office, which I know he used now and then. Several years later, corporal punishment was banned, and the guy had no clue what to do with kids who acted out. I was a parador in a 1st grade room, and we had a kid who was always breaking rules, hiding under desks, couldn't tolerate praise or change of any nature, and peed on the floor of our classroom bathroom on purpose. Oh, and he was a terror on the playground as well, so of course his brilliant parents let him wear cowboy boots to school so when he kicked, he hurt people.
      We did the best we could (same time they were phasing out elementary counselors-another brilliant GOP cost saver) but sometimes we had to send him to the principal just to get something done with the other 27 kids in the room. I recall going down to get him for recess one afternoon, and he was kicking the man, who had no idea what to do.
      Long story short, the kid did graduate from high school and has never been in trouble with the law in 25 years since, but he was a kid that in the wrong district, would have ended up beaten and in jail by 16.
      That said, I would NEVER allow my child alone with an adult who thinks hitting children is the parent's 'duty.' That is sick.

    6. I think it's appalling that the school does this, and that is a situation that should be corrected immediately.

      I don't know the mother's response to this incident, but homeschooling may be beyond her capacity. I understand that the top homeschooled scholars score pretty much equal with top public schools and top private schools. All can be excellent.

      That said, I think "she should homeschool" is simplistic. She may have a job, for example. She may be a single parent. She may simply not feels herself qualified to homeschool, and as a former public school director, I can say that most homeschooled students don't appear to meet grade level when they enter. All parents aren't equal, and some parents have obviously been fed the "he will learn MORE at home, it's easy! The materials tell you how!" line. Frankly, some people are stupid; this may be a case.

      Not saying all homeschoolers are bad... but there is no accountability for the parents if they choose to homeschool, especially if they are homeschooling for religious reasons and the state has no say in checking the kid out at intervals to ensure that education is happening. Also, yes I know, homeschoolers will say this is a minority, but I think the rate of child abuse in this country should be addressed, and the very least that parents can do is let the kids appear publicly every now and again. The child in a "homeschooling" household who never gets off the property, even to play with friends? That scares me.

  6. Anonymous6:38 AM

    I'm female and grew up in a household where my mother was the disciplinarian. She was very quick with the hand slaps, using yard sticks, willow branches, fly swatters or anything else handy. She would dig her finger nails into my arm while if we were out in public and If I misbehaved in any way she'd whisper to me that I better not make a scene. My father never used physical punishment, but used to talk with us very calmly. Guess who I listened to? I never wanted to disappoint my dad. I raised my children the same way my dad did me, and my kids turned out great - with no physical punishment. I also have a close relationship with them. I know I inherited my mothers volatile temper, and sometimes it's hard to control but I never wanted my kids to experience what I did growing up. You can break the cycle of abuse.

    1. Anonymous7:41 AM

      6:38, you and I must be sisters!

    2. Anonymous9:34 AM

      That sounds like my mother. Although my dad was a better parent, my mom was so bad, I never wanted children of my own. Yet another effect of child abuse.

    3. Anonymous10:18 AM

      You can break the cycle.

  7. Anonymous6:43 AM

    I'm so sorry to hear that story Gryphen. I've only been reading your column for about a year. I am curious, did your father approve of your mother and grandmother's physical abuse? I hope not.

    1. Father wasn't around.

      He was an alcoholic.

    2. Gryphen, you are the best.

    3. Anonymous7:18 AM

      What a fool... I doubt Bristol or Mama Grizzley have the common sense to realize it (and likely agree with Dakota's brutal attitude), but in reality he probably just gave them an enormous amount of ammunition to use against him should there be future custody/visitation hearings.

    4. Anonymous7:30 AM

      6:59 You got that right!
      (with a little help from his friends).

  8. Anonymous6:55 AM

    Intelligent people outwit their children, not beat them into submission.


  9. I was raised with corporal punishment and I do not believe in it I was pushed by my I laws to use it on my young son and I know it left emotional scars. I am so grateful that parenting has changed and it has not been used on my grand children and is not approved in public school any longer. It is wrong.

    1. "... is not approved in public school any longer." - Pam @6:59

      Wrong! Unbelievably, it is still legal in 19 states!!

    2. Anonymous8:36 AM

      Sarah Palin's adult kids exhibit their upbringing by the violent ways that they handle confrontations. Children who are abused while young retaliate when they are big enough to fight back, hence Track's anger problems, and fighting with Todd, and Bristol's crotch grabbing while fighting Todd.

    3. Anonymous9:56 AM

      What is this "crotch grabbing" you guys keep referring to?

    4. Anonymous10:31 AM


      It came from an "anonymous source" a few years ago. Here is the post:

    5. Anonymous11:04 AM

      My MIL wanted us to do the same thing! Luckily, I convinced my husband that hitting kids was stupid. They never gave us cause to even worry about them (well, except once when the 16 year old took off from our Paris hotel because she thought we had all gone to dinner without her!) But they are awesome adults, and great parents themselves.

  10. Anonymous7:09 AM

    Our teachers were allowed to hit us anytime for any reason. Most of them had paddles, but my fifth grade teacher would slap us in the face, which I particulaarly hated because my mother slapped me in the face on a regular basis and so hard she left hand prints at times. I never wanted that teacher to hit me. We had another who would shake the children so hard, it was astounding. I remember she was called Lead Bottom Jessie after LBJ, who was president then. She shook this one boy so hard, his head was flopping around like you could not believe. I watched her do it. She was just a mean old woman. I think she probably caused him brain damage. He was ten, but a very small boy for his age. My father was also alcoholic and he had a belt and horsewhip and would leave big welts on your skin that would sometimes break open and blood droplets would appear. Another mean drunk and he did worse things to me as a girl that my brothers escaped. It is not beneficial to the mental health of a child to be hit! Schools need to change their policies. It is prevalent in the south where I am from and it is wrong. I still remember working in the school office during study hall and having to go pull boys out of their classes with a note so the coach could paddle them. They sure should not have been paddling the boys at that age either. When you are a little child and you see a raging adult coming at you, so they can scream at you and hit you over and over, it is terrifying. Just wrong, wrong, wrong. It is wrong to hit animals as well. It scars children and animals. Half the population should not have been allowed to have children. Childhood is so important when children shoudl be mentored and treated with kindness, not rage and anger. It leaves scars for a lifetime.

  11. Anonymous7:18 AM

    I was at a store walking to my car and a woman in the parking lot smacked her kid so hard he fell to the ground. I was younger then so I didn't say anything. I cried the whole way home and wondered what happened behind closed doors if she could be that brutal in public.

  12. Anonymous7:19 AM

    I wonder how the courts feel about a parent who thinks it's ok to administer a beating as the correct method of disciplining a child.

    1. Jkarov10:02 AM

      In several states, including IDAHO, you can beat your children with no fear of prosecution because it is a state that has laws about "sincerely held religious beliefs"


      So Christians can beat their kids, abuse them, pray for them while dying of meningitis, let them die, and no one will care at all.

      THAT is what religion is doing for children in the USA, and not just in Idaho.

  13. Anonymous7:20 AM

    Dakota Meyer and Bristol Palin. Two peas in the stupid pod.

    1. Anonymous7:43 AM

      We have to remember that Dakota Meyer is the putz who thought it was a good idea to get with Bristol Palin.

    2. Anonymous8:21 AM

      And she with him. Both are living reminders of the cost of growing up in dysfunctional families and not using education to find a way out of the cycle of wrong.

    3. I really can't think of a single reason why any respectable man would be attracted to Barstool, the well-used. Her face isn't real, her figure isn't real, her family members are hoodlums and grifters she's too dumb to raise her own kids, and she can't contracept worth a damn.

      A man would have to be insane or dead stupid. And no man should be stupid enough not to use a condom when with her: her integrity and honesty? Not so much. Doesn't matter if she tells you she's on the pill. And aside from having to be with her... you'd wind up also being around the adult members of the family, and I'm not too impressed with them, either.

  14. Anonymous7:21 AM

    This is a hot button topic for me. I had witnessed my mother and her telling my oldest sister how to discipline her children with verbal, mental and emotional abuse. I observed the father being the fun parent neglecting physical needs and undermining all discipline intent their be no consequences. Their children acted out drinking heavily, truant from school, dropped out of school, became drug and alcohol addicts. One was placed in a state school and two sent away to private boarding schools a family member paid for. Just saying neglect of needs, chaotic parents, environment of abuse , abandoning kids 8-11 years old for days at a time and scapegoating the oldest for problems and parental deficiencies is damaging to kids. Calling two and three year olds "little fucking bastards from hell" for not being born to know to put toys away to abuse them to clean up is crazy.

    Just saying in not wanting to be like some people there is a lot to learn about childhood development, human needs, setting limits, consistent consequences and teaching self discipline.

    Physical abusive discipline is bad and verbal mental and emotional abuse is worse. Both are about making or forcing and controlling compliance and obedience void of teaching and clear limit setting.

  15. Anonymous7:28 AM

    From FB>
    To the woman and child who sat at table 9,

    I did not introduce myself to you. My name is Tony Posnanski. I have been a restaurant manager for fifteen years now. My day consists of making sure my restaurant runs well. That could mean washing dishes, cooking and sometimes even serving tables. I have also dealt with every guest complaint you can imagine.

    A few weeks back you came into my restaurant. I was very busy that night. I was running around helping the kitchen cook food. I was asked to talk to a table close to yours. I did and they said your child was being very loud. I heard some yelling while I was talking to that table. I heard a very loud beep from a young girl.
    I started to walk to your table. You knew what I was going to ask. You saw the table I just spoke to pointing at you. I got to your table and you looked at me. You wanted the first word. You said…

    “Do you know what it is like to have a child with Autism?”

    You were not rude when you asked the question. In fact, you were quite sincere. Your daughter could not have been more than five years old. She was beautiful and looked scared that I was at the table. She looked like she thought she was in trouble.
    In fifteen years I do not have a lot of memorable moments as a restaurant manager. I remember some guests who were mad that their burger was not the way they wanted it. I remember a woman who called corporate on me because she said I gave her a regular Coke instead of a Diet Coke. I remember having to cut people off from drinking alcohol and I remember having to tell tables to have their child be quieter.

    However, I do remember everything about the day my son was born. How I cried when I heard him cry. How I stood there and told him I would do anything for him and be the best father possible. I remember the day I married my wife. How I cried and promised to be the best husband possible. I remember the day my daughter was born. I did not cry that day. I was just so relieved because I lost a child two years earlier.

    I know what I was supposed to say when I went to your table. I was supposed to politely tell you to please not have your daughter yell. I was supposed to offer to move you to another area. I was supposed to offend you by not offending you…
    I did not do any of that.

    Instead I just told you I hoped your meal was awesome. I high fived your daughter and then I told you that your meal was on us tonight. It was only sixteen dollars. It meant more to me than that. I do not think the other guests I spoke to were happy about it. At that moment it did not matter to me.

    I do not know how you reacted. I had to leave to go cook because the kitchen was not doing very good that night. When the server asked me why I bought the food I just said you did not enjoy your steak. I did not tell anyone what you said to me. I was thankful you did say it to me though.

    You asked me a question that I did not answer. The truth is I do not know what it is like to have a child with Autism. I know what it is like to be a father. I know what it is like to be a husband. I know what it is like to not tell his wife how much he loves her enough. I know what it is like to want to spend more time with his children.
    You asked me the question right away. You have been through this before in other restaurants. I did not want to be like other managers for one moment. I did not want to tell you what you always heard.

    Honestly, I wrote this to you and your beautiful daughter because I wanted to thank you both.

    You have given me a great restaurant memory. One that I needed for the last fifteen years.

    You also taught me a valuable lesson…

    Sometimes doing the right thing does not make everyone happy; just the people who need it the most."


    Tony Posnanski, Restaurant Manager"

    1. Wow! Powerful story. Good on you!

      Proof positive we don't know the whole story by only what we see.

      Thank you!

    2. Anonymous10:32 AM

      OK, nice guy, but he shoudl have gone back to that other table and told them that the little girl has autism. THEY may have bought the dinner, but more importantly, they would have learned to ask WHY a child is noisy.

    3. Anonymous2:49 PM

      So, the kids has autism and therefore the family has free rein to annoy the other patrons? What about their right to enjoy a meal in peace?

    4. Anonymous4:22 PM

      Autism is one of those "diseases" like ADHD, that unfortunately seems to be not recognizable in the womb.

      I have hope that medical science will soon be able to diagnose these types of defects genetically, in the womb, so that woman can terminate.

      I feel so bad for those parents that are surprised by these things. It must be hell to have to deal with that.

    5. Anonymous6:18 PM

      I have two beautiful children with autism. We (a therapist and myself) spent nearly a year taking the children to all different family friendly places, gradually staying longer and longer. Now it is a special time when I can take my children out for a lovely meal, something we all enjoy. Some days it feels very tiring, however, I would not say it must be hell. In fact, at this point, my kids are 8 and 10 and I assuredly can say that my kids make me and a lot of others a better person.

  16. Anonymous7:28 AM

    "The only problem I see with this is that the mother is so incompetent that she's not doing it. Good on the school for disciplining and holding the child accountable when the parent fails at that." Dakota Meyer

    If that's the ONLY problem he sees when watching that video, he is one sick young man. No wonder he hooked up with class dunce Bristol Palin.

    1. Anonymous10:21 AM

      The mom made him miss school Dumbfuck Duhkotex!!

    2. Anonymous11:44 AM

      10:21 One of us is confused. I read the story and I believe it said the kid spit or caused trouble in school.

      The Mom said that if she didn't consent to the paddling, the kid would be sent home and then would be charged with truancy because the school wouldn't let him go to school.

      How dumb is that right?

      So the mom consented to the paddling because she would go to jail for not sending her kid to school because the school wouldn't allow the kid in school unless he got paddled.

      She said she couldn't go to jail and care for her kids, so she had no choice but to allow the paddling.

      So that the school that would have her thrown in jail for truancy after it threw the kid out of school would only not have her thrown in jail if she consented to the paddling which would allow the kid to stay in school.

      Did I get that right?

      What is wrong with that school??? That whole town???

      Sheesh! Poor kids all around.

  17. Anonymous7:29 AM

    What kind of idiot allows themselves to be videoed doing this kind of thing? Does it add to their sense of power and control?

    The nuns whacked me, but they never did it in front of adults, not even another nun. And that was in the early 60s.

  18. So sorry about what happened to you as a kid Gryphen.

    I did say that Dakota Meyer was a stupid man a long time ago. Bristol is just another side of stupid. I cannot fathom why anyone thinks its a good idea to beat a child. Hell, read a book about child behavior for dog's sake. People spend more time watching TMZ than learning how to deal with their own children.

    I remember the day I knew I would never hit anyone--ever. I was in sixth grade. A male teacher was in the hall paddling a seventh grader. He had to have another teacher as a witness. I was walking down the hall and saw the look on his face as he paddled her. He had a smile on his face and a gleam to his eyes----. Its only as an adult that I realize that he was getting off on it. As a child, I just thought it was barbaric. The teacher he got as his witness had her back turned and looked sick.

    Professionals who hit children don't need to be in the field. And parents who think beating their children is the only way to get positive behavior better watch out for the day the kid might not treat them or others as well when they see vulnerability.

    People need to keep their hands to themselves. Period.
    Educate yourself on how to treat humans you want to go out into the world and do no harm. Oh yeah----Dakota Meyer is indeed an idiot and an asshole.

    1. Anonymous8:02 AM

      Completely agree, Angela. Great post!

      And dumbass Dakota made a big mistake by posting/supporting this awful behavior. I predict it will be used against him one day.

    2. Spot on!

      Really wish we had up/down or like options on this commenting system.

    3. Anonymous8:24 AM

      Bristol punched a man in his face several times even though he did not retaliate, what makes anyone believe that Bristol does not spank any of her children? She comes from a violent family of drunks, and has been led to believe that 'hitting' is acceptable. What about grabbing her Father's crotch when fighting him?

  19. Gryphen:
    Your story reminds me of a book I think you will like:

    'Townie' by Andre Dubus III.

    Give it a go.

    1. Anonymous8:12 AM

      Love that book. Takes place in my hometown, Haverhill, Mass.

  20. Corporal punishment is still legal in about half of the U.S. with southern states comprising the bulk. The child was hit once and told beforehand what was happening and why. I hope the mom videoed it in order to ensure nothing more happened.
    I live in a more enlightened state (Washington) where corporal punishment is illegal.
    I have a feeling Dakota is going to get a lot of well-deserved advice about parenting in the days to come.

  21. Anonymous7:41 AM

    I thought corporal punishment in schools was outlawed nationwide in the '60's? Teachers should not hit kids. Administrators should not hit kids. If a kid really needs a swat on the ass or hand, it should be done by a parent. I said swat on the ass, not a smack(s) with a bat!

    I was abused as a kid. Serious marks left only where the school wouldn't see them. My father was big and looming and had hands of steel - he came from an abusive home. I was slapped across the face frequently by my mother. I finally had enough of the slapping and retaliated (after warning her never to do it again) as a teenager. I was never slapped in the face again.

    A really great psych study would be to track childhood forms of punishment with current day prison populations.

    I love Jesse's bucket solution to spitting.

    1. Anonymous10:34 AM

      By the time they are verbal and in school, the swatting can stop. Swatting is used to keep a kid who is pre-reason from doing something worse - like reaching for a hot stove.

    2. Anonymous11:11 AM

      I never swatted my kids. Good grief. How about saying "HOT!" and taking their hand away? If you're close enough to hit, you're close enough to be human about it.

    3. Anonymous1:39 PM

      Don't hit your kids.

    4. Anonymous1:40 PM

      There is a lot of longitudinal research that links childhood abuse to negative outcomes.

      People who were abused are more likely to engage in criminal behavior as adults. They are more likely to abuse alcohol and drugs. They are also more likely to be victims of violent crimes.

  22. Way to go dumbass. You just gave bristol something to run to court with.

    PS. Bless you, Gryphen and bless the adults in your life who saw where you were headed and put you on a better path.

  23. Anonymous7:50 AM

    I agree with your approach. In northern Virginia children must go to kindergarten and often children being children find it difficult to adapt to a rigid system. Christ, they are only five!!!

    1. Anonymous10:35 AM

      And there is ONE legitimate reason to homeschool. There are others. Some on this blog don't accept that.

    2. Anonymous11:14 AM

      Sorry, but hiding your kid from school because you disagree with their policies or their curriculum is not the answer. Get on the PTO. Question the Board. Make sure the principal does not use the paddle, even if it IS allowed. No, you'd rather keep your innocent little kids under your watchful eye for 18 years. Then what? What happens when they go off to college and someone acts badly? How will they handle life? What if they decide to become a public school teacher? How will they handle disciple? Believe me, they do not teach that in college. When I'm the teacher, I am using what worked for my own teachers.

  24. Anonymous7:52 AM

    I thought that we have "evolved" enough to understand that hitting children was not a good thing. I was mistaken. Here is a website which lists the laws regarding corporal punishment of children.
    And the answer is that parents or someone in authority can beat the living **** out of your kid. This may be the kind of justification that police have in using deadly force when we see them beat up and shoot someone.

    On the other hand, I work in a facility where kids show up for an after school program. I had to go through a training program about what was considered what was considered abuse, verbal, physical, sexual and emotional abuse, and I was prevented from all of it. I had to pass a test to be a mandated reporter. That way, if I saw a kid with bruises, I was supposed to report it to the appropriate law enforcement authorities. When my kid fell and split her lip, we ended up in the Emergency Room where they questioned my kid about whether I had hit my kid, or did she really just "fall down."

    After reading Dakota's facebook, it sounds as if he decided he didn't like something that Tripp said or did. Frankly, Tripp might just be a bit of a brat, considering the way his mother raised him. (Example, teaching Tripp to stick his tongue out at the photographers. Other examples of bad behavior were seen on Bristol's reality show. Bristol said that she had to bribe Tripp with popsicles to get him to mind her). Dakota's discipline of Tripp might have been one reason why Bristol left without saying anything. If Dakota approves of striking a child, given a drink or two, Dakota just might be capable of striking a woman who disagreed with him. If Dakota and Bristol signed non-disclosure agreements when they agreed to live together and eventually marry, Bristol couldn't talk about it. While Sarah's lawyer may have been protecting Bristol from Dakota's comments, it might have worked the other way.

    1. Anonymous8:15 AM

      Tripp to Dakota...(possibly)
      You're not my dad! You can't tell me what to do!

    2. Anonymous8:44 AM

      Hmmm, I'll bet you're right: that's a convincing explanation for why Bristol never denounced Dakota after the breakup -- at least not until she whined that he paid no attention to her while she was pregnant. Any other time, the Palins never miss a chance to talk trash about anyone they're displeased with.

    3. Anonymous11:53 AM

      I think you all are giving Bristol too much credit for why she left Dakota.

      Given what the court records say, I think it is true that she chose to leave and wasn't booted out.

      If she had any reason to even hint that Dakota was violent with her or Tripp it would have been in the court cases as we know Bristol would use any and every thing against Dakota--even if she had to make it up. (Can we say breastfeeding?)

      I think you do a disservice to give Bristol any excuse and validity to something that clearly there is no indication of being a fact.

      If Dakota had been violent with Tripp or Bristol we would have heard about it before and he wouldn't have gotten unsupervised custody.

      So please quit giving Bristol an excuse to cry victim. She's perfectly capable of coming up with her own victim excuses.

  25. Anonymous8:03 AM
    Corporal Punishment

    These days, parents have lost custody of their children due to spanking or utilizing other forms corporal punishment. Although it may be considered legal in some states, corporal punishment is often seen as an inappropriate form of discipline and is frequently used against custody cases by being construed as child abuse. If your discipline includes spanking or physical repercussions, stop immediately and use alternative discipline techniques.

  26. Anonymous8:11 AM

    My dad used to beat me up and my mom allowed it but protected my sister. Once she told me that I was crying as a 2 yr old and dad hit me on the bottom and that shut me up. I do not understand this behavior to this day. Also, I am a women.

    It's called assault.

    1. Anonymous3:27 PM

      My oldest sister told me that one time our father hit her so hard in the head she was unconscious. Next she said well I was a bad kid it was my fault (she was unconscious). Instead of a bath, pajamas and reading my mother directed throwing a glass full of cold water in the face of a two year old having a late night melt down. If you did not clean your room up mom would pour a pitcher of ice water over your head while you slept.

      Tragically abused kids grow up and some repeat the cycle abusing their children.

  27. Anonymous8:11 AM

    I read the comments from the mouthbreathing rednecks on his page, most agree with him. It turns my stomach than anyone in this day and age thinks it's ok to hit a child; there are many more effective ways to discipline. Hitting is lazy and puts the adult in the same mental stage of development as the child. Ugh, I'm so disgusted.

    1. Anonymous10:42 AM

      Sigh - it is not lazy if you don't have the time for other punishments because you are running between jobs and responsibilities. One reason why it is the low income classes that often utilize physical punishments (timeouts can make you late for work.being late for work gets you fired. being fired means you and said kid won't make the rent bill.)

      There is also great insight into racial attitudes towards physical violence in one of TaNehisi Coates books. Blacks and others feel that they as blacks have to always behave because not behaving has such consequences police brutality and police murders of BLM protest news sort. They are beating their kids out of fear. Fear= terror that if their kid steps out of line, kid will be killed.

    2. Anonymous11:56 AM

      10:42 Good comment and it makes a lot of sense.

      Not an ideal situation for sure, but makes sense given the circumstances of some people's lives.

  28. Cracklin Charlie8:16 AM

    Sorry that you had to suffer such abuse, Gryphen. I have never understood why people think reacting to bad behavior with violence will teach a child how to behave. All they learned was how to execute a violent reaction.

    But can I relate a somewhat humorous story about my last paddling? I think I was in tenth grade, in study hall, and, I admit, there were a bunch of giggly girls in there that hour, and we WERE talking, and it was just before lunch.

    About ten minutes before the bell, the monitor, the head football coach and assistant principal, started walking up and down the rows of desks, and told about twenty five of us to report to the principal's office, for talking in study hall, when the bell rang.

    We all go down there, and that asshole told us that we could skip lunch and sit in study hall for the lunch hour, or we could take two licks with a paddle. We were bossy girls with minor attitude problems, we didn't like that guy, and we were hungry. So a little more than half of us took the licks, and went to eat...the others did study hall.

    At suppertime, I told my mom about it. She asked me a few questions, like who was there, how many, who was in the principal's office at the time, etc. She didn't act freaked out at all.

    But something changed the next day. I am pretty sure that neither the principal, or vice principal ever made eye contact with me again; and neither I, or my siblings was never bothered by a teacher, or principal ever again. Looking back on it, they acted like teen wolf's principal, and would practically scurry away, if they saw me coming down the hall.

    Well, at my 25th class reunion, I found out why. The school secretary came to my reunion, took me aside and told me that my mother had gone to that principal's office the next day, and read those administrators the RIOT act, and told them that if they ever touched any of her children again, that the very least important thing they would need was a good lawyer, because she and every other one of those paddled girl's parents would make sure that they would never work in a school again. That secretary lady told me that my mom was her hero for the way she stood up for me, and all those other girls. I had never known that any of that had happened. I would have loved to have been a fly on THAT wall.

    1. Anonymous10:24 AM

      Wonderful story!

    2. Anonymous10:46 AM

      "All they learned was how to execute a violent reaction."

      But for a lot of kids, fear of encountering that violent reaction again, does indeed keep them from transgressing, at least for a while, or at least right in front of the parent. In the long run, this won't work, because this only raises fearful kids, and the violent reaction or the authority that wields it has to increase in response to their size and autonomy. But it appears to be effective in the short run, and that's the attraction.

      To discuss corporal punishment, you have to be honest about it.

    3. Cracklin Charlie11:07 AM

      I can be honest...Corporal punishment doesn't work. It's really very simple.

      From your own comment:

      "In the long run, this won't work, because this only raises fearful kids, and the violent reaction or the authority that wields it has to increase in response to their size and autonomy."

  29. Anonymous8:17 AM

    When I first heard about this hitting of the child, word was that the mom allowed it to happen and taped it because she had no choice for a couple legal reasons not having to do with the boy’s attendance record, and then yesterday I saw on TV that the child had an insane number of absences and his mom had been penalized for it by way of arrest, and this was the second time the boy had missed a lot of school days and she could be arrested again. She said the absences were due to doctor’s appointments, but there were so many that this reason sounds unbelievable. There is definitely something wrong in the home. The mother is not making sure her kid gets to school. He is acting out for some reason. Much has to do with his family life. I hate that the teachers laid a finger on him. He was afraid and confused. So much of what is happening with this boy is about the parenting he’s been getting. And he may need help—I’m no expert, but he may need a diagnosis. And if those doc appointments are for real, are they about him, and if the school knows, why isn’t he getting the special attention he needs there?

    1. Anonymous10:47 AM

      Because mom is poor, or low IQ and doesn't know how to work the system or is too unstable herself to do so.

  30. Anonymous8:19 AM

    Dakota Meyer is an undereducated member of a military branch that values physical might above brainpower, and congratulates itself on its "honor" while its members consistently behave dishonorably in civil life. He comes from a poorly educated family that likely used corporal punishment, and continues to live in a community of undereducated people who almost certainly share those "values." He surrounds himself with a bubble of like-minded people. In addition, he has a history of alcohol abuse and PTSD.

    There's nothing surprising about his thinking physical abuse of children is good parenting. Nothing surprising -- but plenty that's sad.

  31. Anonymous8:20 AM

    Man, how can Dakota be so dumb as to post his approval for all the world to see? It's horrible that he approves, but that aside, how could he have posted the words and using the tone he uses and give Bristol something to use against him? I mean, how dumb can you be.

    1. Anonymous11:31 AM

      Why? Because he set nothing wrong with hitting a child, any child, to correct him or her. The military turns young men into killers, remember? And they come home and get their medals and their health care and their small pension, and they get no help reframing their thinking. It;s why he and many vets require guns at all times. They were in war zones and always armed. They overreact out of self-preservation. They drink. They may use drugs. Has Dakota found any real job in three years? No. Has he shown any maturity at all? Not really. He is a ticking time bomb, if you ask me.

  32. Anonymous8:20 AM

    Phyllis Schlafly OT?>
    “We all know that married men can still be violent to their families, but they are far less likely to be violent against women than are live-in boyfriends.
    Why is this? It’s true that women who have found men who are already better partners are more likely to marry them, but it’s also true that marriage settles men down. Being married makes a man care more about his family’s expectations and future because he sees his family as enduring. It also makes him more faithful and committed to his partner. Marriage makes men directly protective of their wives, and living in a home with their daughters gives them the opportunity to be directly protective of them as well. Marriage also creates indirect protection for wives and daughters, because married women and their children tend to live in safer neighborhoods.
    So what’s the answer for women who worry about male violence? It’s not to fear all men. It’s to reject the lifestyle of frequent “hookups,” which is so much promoted on college campuses today, while the women pursue a career and avoid marriage.”

    1. Anonymous9:04 AM

      Schafly is an ancient woman whose beliefs regarding marriage and relationships is stuck in the 1950's.

    2. Jkarov9:54 AM

      @9:04 No, Schlafly is stuck in the 1350's!

      She is a despicably ignorant fool, who wants women to be submissive slaves to their Christian husbands because that is EXACTLY WHAT THEIR BIBLE TELLS THEM:

      Ephesians 5:22:
      "Wives, submit yourselves to your own husbands as you do to the Lord."

      Get that ladies? Husbands are gods, and whatever they tell you to do, you MUST OBEY.

      Get that ladies? You MUST GET MARRIED, which is the message of all the far right Christian cults like the Quivering idiots that the Duggars belong to.

      In those cults, girls have just one purpose: Grow up to become a slave and brood mare to a man.

      Schlafly is stuck in Christian Taliban territory

    3. Anonymous10:52 AM

      Schlafly is a moron (law degree not withstanding) who hasn't a clue how to actually utilize science. Correlation =/= causation.

      Here's the science:In response to increases in cohabitation in the United States, researchers have recently focused on differences between cohabiting and marital unions. One consistent finding is a higher rate of domestic violence among cohabiting couples as compared with married couples. A prominent explanation for this finding is that cohabitation is governed by a different set of institutionalized controls than marriage. This article explores an alternative explanation, namely, that differences in selection out of cohabitation and marriage, including selection of the least-violent cohabiting couples into marriage and the most-violent married couples into divorce, lead to higher observed rates of violence among cohabiting couples in cross-sectional samples. Our results suggest that researchers should be cautious when making comparisons between married and cohabiting couples in which the dependent variable of interest is related to selection into and out of relationship status.
      NCBI report.

    4. Anonymous10:55 AM

      physical violence is often seen as "protecting." Protecting from the victim's impulse's, behavior or, in "Xtianist families, "beating the devil out of them." So, as usual, Schlafly is off-base.

    5. Anonymous11:34 AM

      Gee, I went to college. Five years. Never once did anyone tell me that 'hookups' were the best way to go. Good grief. I could see for myself that drinking and partying were a waste of time. I got my degree, then got married, and except for a six year period when our kids were infants and toddlers, I have worked our whole marriage. Oh, and I have never been struck by a man. I suppose Cruz will name Schafly Head of Christian Homes or something.

  33. Anonymous8:21 AM

    Thank you for sharing your stories this morning fellow IM readers. Thoughtful, honest and inciteful.

    1. Anonymous8:44 AM

      and Important..

  34. Anonymous8:21 AM

    Well-raised kids don't act like hellions in the classroom. That is what he is inferring. Being a cutup is different from being an asshole.
    While I doubt he actually agrees with kids routinely being spanked at school, all he is alluding to is it starts at home.

    But not everyone is expectional like the parents of his daughter, one who has already raised a great kid who was a perfect preschooler and behaved student. And that is good considering how the boy's father struggled with adhd and it hurt him his whole school life. Though it didn't help that Keith J pulled him from school to hunt, which places more emphasis on hunting.

    1. Anonymous8:46 AM

      Fuck off Alicia... Or Marilyn.. or whomever you are.

    2. Anonymous8:55 AM

      Yes, we all know that Levi grew up in a terrible home, but we also know that many of Bristol's issues, and consequently Tripp's behavioral issues, which were proudly displayed on national TV no less, came from Bristol growing up basically "unparented", kids left to fend for themselves because Todd was away and Sarah was inattentive.

      Palin kids ate cereal for meals because there was no one to cook for them, they don't understand how to successfully navigate relationships or properly raise children because they were left to raise themselves, which is why Bristol was pregnant at such a young age, there was no one minding her.

      No family is perfect but these two definitely are less perfect than most, which is why Levi and Bristol gravitated towards each other.

    3. Anonymous8:58 AM

      You are twisted.

    4. Anonymous9:01 AM

      Ohhhh, it starts at home?

      Forgive us. Dakota Meyer is a genius at parenting and we should be grateful he brought that important information to all us ignorant people who thought parenting started somewhere other than home.

      (you're an ass)

    5. Anonymous9:30 AM

      Maybe you should ask for a raise from SarahPAC? Peddling the same old bullshit that everyone knows is untrue must be tiring.

    6. Anonymous2:23 PM

      Levi has ADHD? Since when?

  35. eclecticsandra8:25 AM

    Remember your principal explaining how he/she is your "pal"? Can you see this boy going to that pal?

  36. Anonymous8:28 AM

    but, but, but, Dakota took an online parenting class and has the certificate to prove it!!!

    What a joke-an online parenting class.

  37. Anonymous8:43 AM

    Dakota had a haphazard upbringing full of parental abandonment issues. He is not very intelligent and was a lackluster student. His only career option was to join the Marines where they trained the empathy out of him and turned him into a stone cold killing machine.

    He saw and did terrible things and now cannot mentally deal with those things. He found himself in a terrible situation and acted in a heroic manner that garnered him a medal. (although some question his account of the battle that let to his being awarded the MOH.)

    In a nutshell, he is none to bright, still suffers from childhood mental stresses, abandonment issues and now raging PTSD, and was probably not properly debriefed/deprogrammed after leaving the Marines. He's a poster child for they type of person that condones violence, even though he's seen the worst of the outcomes imaginable from physical and weapons violence.

    I've always believed that he did snap on Bristol or Tripp or both. As we saw at the Brawl and in the nasty way she's baited Levi all these years, Bristol is very good at pushing buttons and is extremely immature, and Tripp is infamous for his lack of parental discipline.

    I think between the two of them that Dakota finally realized that it was not healthy for him to be surrounded by these two loose cannons and sent them home before he snapped again.

    1. Anonymous9:26 AM

      I think when a man figures out he needs to get a paternity test when his gf is knocked up to find out if he is the baby daddy it usually ends the relationship.

    2. Anonymous10:21 AM

      @8:43 I like most of your comment, but I don't give Dakota enough credit for realizing that it wasn't healthy for him to be around Bristol and Tripp. I don't even give him enough credit for realizing how Bristol pushes those emotional buttons.

      I think that Bristol learned all of that button pushing from her mother, and it's instinctive, it's habitual. Bristol, like Sarah, has a mean mouth. She tried to make herself seem better by putting others down. She thinks that she is prettier because of the photos she posts and the adoring comments (which may be paid for).

      I think that both Bristol and Dakota are immature hot heads who don't think about the consequences of anything. He saw marrying Bristol as tapping into Sarah's political support if he ran for Congress. Bristol needed to clean up her image after the Brawl. If she was already pregnant, she really needed a husband, and fast. Or, she needed a stable relationship and she also seemed to want to get out of Wasilla. After two months, it might have dawned on her that rural Kentucky wasn't that much of a good trade off.

      I also think that the night that Bristol walked out, there might have been some alcohol to fuel an already tense relationship. If Dakota disciplined Tripp before, that night, he might have gone too far. Dakota might have taken a poke at Bristol. As the comment said, she sure does know how to push buttons. She probably pushed a couple of buttons too many and wasn't prepared to deal with the consequences. Bristol said that when she left, she wasn't thinking about being pregnant with Sailor. She must have been thinking about her own safety and/or Tripp's.

      One more thing to consider. If the stories of Sarah and Todd fighting and throwing tin cans (poor refrigerator)is true, Bristol grew up in a house with an abusive relationship. She may have mouthed off at Dakota one time too many and he couldn't take it. Neither of them seem to have the maturity to have worked out any differences. We also have to wonder why Sarah would show up a week later at the wedding-bbq to wag her finger at Dakota. That makes me think that he did something to make Bristol rush out of there, leaving her stuff behind. Later, she had to return with two cousins (protection) to pick up her stuff. I don't think that Dakota sent her away before he snapped again. I think that Bristol pushed too many buttons and set off the wrong reaction in someone with a drinking problem and PTSD. That never was a good match to start with. It's too bad that it will have an effect on Tripp, who already has seen far too much for a kid his age.

    3. Anonymous12:13 PM

      Sorry, but it is all conjecture on your part.

      If Bristol say any hint of violence she would have used it against Dakota in the custody case.

      We all know Bristol and vengeful is more her style than protecting Tripp.

      Oh, my bad, she did protect Tripp during the Big Brawl by leaving him unattended in the limo to keep him safe.

      I do believe that she will use this post by Dakota against him in future custody hearings.

      I said it before, please don't give Bristol so much credit for protecting Tripp. She has shown no indication of doing so in the past and giving this long story about how she and he were abused by Dakota just fuels her "poor me, give me sympathy" machine.

      What I think happened, generally speaking, is that Bristol couldn't handle being so far from home and being in a situation that required something from her.

      Her Queen of the World entitlement didn't work in Kentucky. Also, too it's one thing to have someone ghost writing about your pure Christianity and it's another thing entirely to have to actually act like you believe it, which was expected in KY.

      Good Riddance, I'm out of here back home to where I have a mother who OWES me and WILL give me and allow me anything I want or else.

    4. Anonymous12:00 AM

      Duhkota was in a serious relationship until about a month before he met Bristle, and he also had a secret marriage that she was unaware of. Maybe she found out he was a liar and/or a cheat, and that's why she left.

  38. Anonymous8:49 AM

    His FB commenters are mostly reaming him for this. Good.

    1. Anonymous8:57 AM

      Wow, that's surprising, but very good.

    2. Anonymous9:06 AM

      Hopefully this will be a learning experience for him and he will reassess his belief that adults should be hitting children, even their own children, even if their children are acting out.

      There are people out there who really don't know any better. And if they aren't critical thinkers, it takes a lot for them to change their minds.

    3. Anonymous11:36 AM

      HA. Like the Palins, the learning curve for Dakota is pretty steep.

  39. Anonymous8:53 AM

    Thank you Gryphen for sharing your story. I applaud you.

  40. Anonymous9:07 AM

    If I was in Bristol's shoes I'd definitely reconsider unsupervised visitation.

    1. Anonymous9:26 AM

      The Palin household is just as dysfunctional. Will Sailor's first word be "faggot?"

    2. Anonymous10:06 AM

      Before Track and Jordan drove back to the Palin house (where Track would beat up Jordan and threaten to commit suicide), they were at Bristol's house. According to Track, he was too drunk to drive so Jordan drunk drove to the Palin house.

      There was Track, someone with a violent temper, who was already drunk and abusive in Bristol's house. Does Tripp go to his room and hide when his real life Drunk Uncle shows up? Track brought Jordan who was also drunk. How about Bristol? Did she just sit by and watch them drink or was she drinking, too?

      What a great atmosphere for Tripp, Trig and Sailor to grow up in.

    3. Anonymous11:03 AM

      Anon at 10:06 am. And don't forget that infant Sailor was present too when Track and Jordan arrived at Bristol's house. What dreadful people.

    4. Anonymous3:23 PM

      Bristol doesn't get to decide about unsupervised visitation, that is up to the judge.

      Also the palin household is nothing to brag about.

  41. Anonymous9:08 AM

    My father was a batterer. Eventually I started hitting him back. I was a big girl. He knew if he kept it up...he'd lose. None of our family beats our kids. We learned not to,from him. Gryph,I wept watching that video. I,too had to stop watching it before they struck the child.

  42. Anonymous9:27 AM

    This is an angry, confused, frustrated child that is most likely abused at home, school needs to be his safe place not the place of more abuse.

  43. Anonymous9:31 AM

    And yet the Mom couldn't put her phone down to stop this, I think that is the worst part for me.
    My husband was beat up, not spanked, every time his alcoholic father was drunk. Neither one of us would have stood by and allowed this to happen to any of our children.

    1. Anonymous10:35 AM

      Check out Mom's fb ... what a piece of work that one is...

    2. Anonymous11:02 AM

      9:31 I'm with you. There is absolutely no way I would stand there and allow those two hags to treat my child that way. I would have taken that paddle and tossed it out the window, open or not. Then I would remove my little one from such a horrible school and do everything in my power to change the rules. Such bullshit. And how could the mother not put that damn phone down and comfort her little guy. It frightens me to think of what happened after the video ends. Bitches!!

    3. Anonymous3:19 PM

      Yes, I found even more horrific than the beating, that the child was terrified and screaming "help me!" to his mother, and she just stood there, holding the camera steady.

  44. Hitting is simply lazy parenting. It's quicker and easier to hit rather than take the time to correct the behavior in question. It's like fast food parenting. It may be quick and easy, but it does damage you may not see until later.

    1. Anonymous11:06 AM

      Stop with the "lazy parenting" bullshit. There are working poor parents who simply don't have the luxury time for other methods. ONE MORE TIME: Stay at home/professional level salaried working parents can afford to do time outs and other time-consuming non-violent parenting. Working poor parents have jobs to where they get fired if late. They have to catch buses that run on a schedule, instead of hoping in the car. They often can't afford to miss an appt, because the docs/legal/gov whatever help in their neighborhoods doesn't stay open late or allow you to miss x. So we need to do something about those upstream causes, before we bitch at the parents for lazy.

    2. So 11:06 you are blaming working poor parents
      for being batterers? You suck. My parents were working and poor and they never smacked us to get us moving out the door quicker. Many people sadly just do what was done to them without thinking of the consequences---right? Hey, if your parents hit you and you didn't end up being a serial killer, everything worked out ok---right? Nope.

      It is lazy parenting to hit your children because you are not able to use your time in a responsible way. Children are not put on the earth for some idiot who is self involved, has no time management skills and thinks its ok to knock kids around because they don't move fast enough. These parents need to get their asses up earlier. Oh----and use birth control. Much birth control.

    3. Anonymous1:05 PM

      Poverty and stress are NOT excuses for the quick and easy way to discipline a child by whacking him until he gets in line.
      Quiet reasoning --- and I'm a hard-working, out-of-the-house-all-day mother -- can be worked on and, once your child trusts that you won't hurt him, he will see reason and cooperate with you very quickly.

    4. Anonymous1:09 PM

      Your children will be underachieving "working poor" too because you've condemned them from a young age to expect anger and violence against themselves. That will shut down their creativity, ability to absorb information at school, and lead to angry teenage dropouts who get minimum wage jobs, if they're lucky.
      The cycle continues. Only you, as the adult, can figure out a way -- and there must be ways -- to shelter your children and bring them up gently.
      I'm poor and hard-working. It can be done.

    5. 11:06am, that is the biggest pile of bullshit I've heard today.

    6. Anonymous1:20 PM

      I have no problem taking into account the challenges of teaching low-income, low-education people not to hit, but the rest of what you say is bullshit. You seem to think that the only alternative correction method to hitting is a time-consuming timeout -- that's your failure of imagination, not reality. The fact is that firm, calm, verbal corrections are more effective than violence IF they're used from the beginning AND consistently. Of course you can't switch midstream one day when you're late for work and expect results. Duh.

    7. Anonymous1:35 PM

      There are plenty of middle class and wealthy families with stay-at-home moms who hit their kids. And there are plenty of working class and poor families that don't.

    8. Anonymous4:19 PM

      I think the point that many above are trying to get across is that kids are not something that should happen until parents know that they have the resources to raise them correctly and give them all that they need to succeed.

      Too many people, the wrong people if you ask me, breed randomly and heavily and they are NOT the people that should be having kids and passing their broken genes to another generation.

      Kids should be a right for those that deserve to procreate, not just some random pregnancy that ends up with a kid that won't have all it needs to succeed, and yes, I am a fan of Eugenics.

      There are too many people in this world and I think selective breeding is tantamount at this point of world overpopulation. We need the best and the brightest from families that can afford to give them all of life's most important benefits. We don't need snot nosed dirty hoards of kids in trailer parks. We are full up with those already.

  45. Anonymous10:08 AM

    My mother used to beat the shit out of my sister and I. Head hits, hair pulling, violent stuff. Then she would come into our rooms and beg for forgiveness. Again and again and again the pattern went on. It was fucked up shit. At the age of 26 when she tried to hit me again, I put HER up against the wall and said that she will never hit me again.
    I had a lot of anger, obviously and good therapy got me over it, sort of. The damage is still done.
    I never hit my kids. Ever.
    Th basic difference is that my mother thought of kids as property and I think of my kids as humans.
    Hitting kids is not an answer ever.

  46. Anonymous10:12 AM

    When my kids were growing up and having a tantrum or bad behavior, I'd say: "I think you're either hungry, hot, or tired -- maybe all three. Let's get a little something to eat, get cooled off, and maybe lie down for a little while, or sit quietly with a book." It worked 99% of the time.

    If a child broke something or spilled milk or some other sort of mishap, I'd ask them if it was an accident -- something they hadn't planned -- or if they'd meant to do what they'd done? Of course, almost all child behavior of that sort is an accident, or they don't know the consequences of what they're going to do.

    Even little children can be reasoned with, distracted, soothed, and settled down. Sooner or later, they start to recognize for themselves that they're "hungry, hot, or tired," and would figure out a way to change their environment.
    My father spanked us in furious rages. My mother, now a happy 94, didn't believe in spanking and, while she couldn't stop my father's attacks -- he'd hurt her -- luckily he left, and she never lifted a hand to any of her five children. We're all non-violent adults -- she showed us the way.

    1. Anonymous11:07 AM

      You had the time to do those things. Many parents don't. Not if they want to survive, not if they want to move even a bit beyond survival mode.

    2. Wow 11:07. So you are saying having children and making them better humans by asking the child if they are tired or hungry---which takes less time than smacking them, having them cry and dealing with the after effects of physical violence is just how it is?

      Why don't you just say parents who swing at their kids instead of understanding their kids just don't know how to do it and shouldn't be. And if you are always in survival mode with your children, maybe a little birth control would help and permanent birth control should be in their futures.

    3. Anonymous1:33 PM

      "Let's get a little something to eat, get cooled off, and maybe lie down for a little while, or sit quietly with a book." Let's = Let US. Depending on the age of the child, that means the parent is stopping what they are doing, getting the food and/or drink, or sitting down and reading to the kid.
      Wonderful!!! The stay at home parent doesn't worry at all, the salaried professional goes in late. The working parent is trying to get the kid into clothes and out the door - late means a missed bus for one of them and even later for work. Now see if you can see the point I'm making.

      Sure, planned kids are good, but no one can plan even five years into the future - for jobs, spouses, health or the economy. No one knows when or if they will be in survival mode. But I wondered how long it would take someone to pull the "shouldn't have had kids" card. Thanks for playing (You didn't beat the record of 12 seconds for such a post on the right wing blog.You tool all of an hour and a half +. Perhaps there is hope.)

    4. Anonymous2:32 PM

      I think you are working very, very hard to try to justify what you know is simply wrong.

      Don't bother with the "I never said I hit MY kids!" crap. This is clearly personal for you, and with your continued, desperate defense of the indefensible -- attempting to cast yourself as the real victim -- you betray that you know it's had measurable negative effects on your children.

  47. Anonymous10:39 AM

    When we comment about Dakota who approves of corporal punishment, let's not forget the Palin Family and what Bristol saw when she was growing up. Maybe the refrigerator only has a few dents on it from flying cans, but we can be pretty sure that Todd and Sarah had some nasty fights. When they showed up at the party in Anchorage, Todd and Sarah might have been invited, but Track, his pal, and the rest of the family had not been invited. Track immediately began mixing it up and throwing punches. He was spoiling for a fight because he took off his shirt so it wouldn't get messed up in the brawl. Bristol came out swinging and had to be restrained. She fell because she was drunk. (And she probably couldn't see too well wearing $300.sunglasses at night. LOL.) That couldn't have been their first rodeo. Sarah's words are always confrontational. Bristol picked up her nasty attitude from her parents and the way that they treated each other. Sarah bad-mouthed Levi, and immature Bristol followed her example. In the following years of Bristol being pushed here and there by Sarah, Bristol may have acquired a new look but nothing inside ever changed. We also saw that Tripp was capable of acting out as well. Bristol admitted that she didn't know how to discipline him.

    All of that was a recipe for disaster. Bristol must have been on her best behavior, meeting Dakota, getting engaged and moving in with Dakota. A couple of drinks could spoil all of that. Dakota has his own heavy baggage, an attempted suicide, a drinking problem, PTSD. Bristol and Dakota are both immature and likely to blow up, especially considering everything in both of their backgrounds. The problem with growing up in an unstable home or an abusive home is that you have to do something to break the cycle, or you might be doomed to repeat the mistakes of those abusive people. So far, we see that Dakota approves of a good spanking, either by a parent or teacher. We know that Bristol knows how to throw a couple of punches, with either hand, so the match was doomed. It was only a question of time. It's amazing that they lasted from the end of January to the middle of May, 2015.

  48. Anonymous10:55 AM

    ‘Pro-Rape’ Pastor Compares Sodomizing A Child To Stealing Candy: ‘They’re Both Sins’

    ...Orten then compared Hopper’s crime to a child stealing a piece of candy before assigning actual blame to the child that Hopper raped while holding a razor to her throat.

    Both stealing the candy and raping a child are sins in God’s eyes, the pastor tries to explain.

    Furthermore, the pastor states, that if the girl “chooses to sleep with him,” she’s “just as guilty as he is,” seemingly unable to understand the difference between a child being raped by a grown man holding a razor blade to her throat and actual choice.

    “It takes two to tango,” Orten says inexplicably.

    The entire interview can be heard in the video above.

  49. Anonymous11:00 AM

    I doubt that MOH is much more intelligent than Bristol. He's poorly educated and has a sad family history. If the main part of his experience with discipline comes from his military experience, I feel sorry for his little daughter. None of this bodes well for his parenting skills. Perhaps someone could read Dr. Spock to him.

    1. Anonymous4:42 PM

      They are both idiots and if Bristol didn't grow up with wealthy parents she'd have had to go into the military as well, just because that's what she and people like Dakota do, just to earn a paycheck.

  50. Anonymous11:20 AM

    O/T: Bri$$le just posted a picture on her insta from almost the exact same spot Sunny posted a few days ago. Except Bri$$le's is just the scenery, and Sunny's is a picture of her family hiking/kissing.
    Bri$$le always has to imitate Sunny.

  51. Anonymous11:25 AM

    In the principals office at my elementary school hung the paddle. I don't remember getting it but I remember seeing it.

  52. Anonymous11:36 AM

    Bristol, if you read this blog, instead of spending your time posting stupid selfies and spreading rumors about Levi texting you, get your shit together and admit that Dakota is NOT Sailor's father so you can get this moron out of your lives forever! You won't know when, you won't know his breaking point, and you won't know what type of discipline he will use, but if Dakota is okay with this, then he will do the same thing to Sailor. And, the only way you will be able to get her away from him is if you get out NOW!

  53. Anonymous11:59 AM

    Hitting anyone for any reason is wrong. Hitting a child is criminal. Standing up and taking action for the abused and bullied is honorable. Teaching our children the healthy way to learn and behave is the answer. There is no reason for violence except in self defense.

    1. Anonymous1:27 PM

      When children are hit or spanked by their parents, they learn that if you are bigger and stronger, you can use violence to get what you want.

  54. Anonymous12:31 PM

    I swatted my kids from time to time............bare handed, never with an object. I would never have allowed someone other than myself or my husband (he gave me the discipline responsibility because he said that I was not even strong enough to accidentally hurt anyone, and it was always more of an insult type of thing anyway). So I'm not exactly an "anti-spanker". But this is really disturbing, and I have a serious problem with the schools philosophy that it's all right to whack a tiny kid with an enormous piece of lumber as a punishment, not only for the kid's spitting, but also as a punishment for the mother's actions of excessive (18) absences. So people think that it's okay to paddle a kid because their mother can't get him to school? Does a five year old kid have any responsibility for that? And as a parent, I would never keep my child in a school where they threaten to hit my kid if I don't behave to their standards. Once, our school made a clerical error and thought that my child had 20 absences. They sent me a letter saying that they would send the police to my home and that my children might be given to social services if I didn't straighten up. I was appalled to learn that this was "a thing" for low income parents to regularly get these threatening letters. First I had the urge to take my kid out of the school system altogether and home school her, which I am the first to admit that I'm not well qualified to do, though I have known many home school parents who can barely read and write themselves who somehow believe that they can do a "better job" than trained teachers. Finally, I went to the administrator who sent the letter and told her about my gut reaction, and then I asked her what she thought a parent who was an illegal alien would do upon receiving a letter threatening to send the police to their house? They'd probably disappear into the night and then never send their kids to school again! Well, they said that they'd really never thought of that.............

    1. Anonymous4:32 PM

      It doesn't really matter that you didn't hit your children "with an object" or "hard enough to hurt." You taught them that violence is an acceptable solution to problems, and that the bigger, stronger person gets to do whatever he or she wants. Not cool.

  55. I would have to side with Bristol if she used this against Dakota even though I despise all that is palin. It was not smart of Dakota to put this.

    1. Anonymous4:30 PM

      If she hit Tripp even one time in front of Dakota, or told him that she has, this is worthless in court.

  56. Anita Winecooler4:49 PM

    Can a judge change visitation rulings to "divided by glass" or "with a dozen armed men with itchy trigger fingers" or "Only at a police station"?
    I kind of had my hopes Duh would be a good dad because Levi sort of spoiled me with how hard he fought for visitation, but Sailor got the fuzzy side of the lollypop for both parents.

    Nothing comes from violence, especially a five year old who's visibly tormented and shaken by whatever "bad" he's done and what the idiots are planning to "fix" the problem.

  57. Gryphen, can you tell everyone where you got your psychology degree, or any degree from? Hmm, crickets! You're a legend in your own mind, a keyboard badass, a political book of knowledge that is nothing but blank pages and last but not least full of crap. Oh let's not forget, a Romeo thast loves married women, but that was their fault if I remember right. But hey, as long as your rabid followers on here love you what does it matter. You and your hateful followers are as bad as if not worse than the Palin clan. You have devoted how many years to trashing a family that is truly insignificant. They're living rent free in your head, if you can't see that your the one who needs professional help, and I don't mean talking to yourself. Post this and have the rabid followers have at it.

    1. Anonymous7:06 PM

      Posting this in response to a discussion about child abuse? That speaks absolute volumes.

    2. Anonymous7:34 PM

      I guess the rabid followers aren't rabid enough to reply to you. Keep talking to yourself, no one cares. Snort.

    3. Anonymous6:53 AM

      Keep beating your children. Or be a big girl and break your cycle of dysfunction and self-hatred. Your choice.

  58. Anonymous5:49 PM

    Remember justice won't be served. Plead guilty for short sentence. From some old book, every defendant should refuse to plead and demand a trial, the justice system would come to a halt. Lawyers would actually do research which cost alot.

  59. Anonymous8:07 PM

    I felt so sorry for that little boy. The mom seemed to talk like she was the victim. The adults were bullies. Take a little boy and beat him with a paddle. Dumbasses. Like that's going to solve the problem. The mom especially pissed me off. Like she had no power. As parents, we determine our children's lives. I would not have consented to having my kids behind paddled. When I was a kid, I got paddled all the time by teachers. I personally think they were perverts enjoying every minute of it.

  60. Anonymous11:55 PM

    See. I kept telling people that they were sticking up for the wrong parent. In the "lesser of two evils" area, his social media posts are much more disturbing than hers are. Hers are stupid, his are twisted. And as for his personal/love life, he may be more screwed than Bristle. Poor Sailor.

  61. Anonymous8:01 AM

    Dakota Meyer "Make time to enjoy the simple things in life." April 15, 2016

    Dakota Meyer "Good on the school for disciplining and holding the child accountable when the parent fails at that." April 15, 2016

    Five-year-old, Thomas Perez, can be seen trying to escape the paddling.

    Perez said he was absent because he was being checked for cancer.

  62. Anonymous8:05 AM

    How strange - on April 14 Sunny posted a photo of her and Levi kissing while on a hike with their kids.

    Then yesterday, April 16, Bristol posts a photo from almost the exact spot stating she went on a hike with her "littlest love."

    The Butte hike is probably a popular one.....maybe I'm reading too much into this.

    1. Anonymous9:53 AM

      Bristol's "littlest love"

  63. Anonymous2:12 PM

    What makes you think a kid would cooperate with the instruction to spit in a bucket? The whole problem arose because he was NOT doing what was asked of him. Plus it would require one-to-one attention from a teacher or aide for a long period of time.

    Spanking is counter-productive. But Gryphen's idea wouldn't work in real-life classroom management.

    1. Incorrect. It has worked on multiple occasions, with multiple individuals, in that very environment.

      Not every child responds to the same techniques however which is why we receive training each year and network with other professionals to add to our knowledge base.

    2. Anonymous4:56 PM

      It's called over-correction and is from the ABA approach to discipline. It's kind of old-fashioned but probably what Gryphon grew up with. It's too punitive tho.

  64. Anyone here taught school? Here's my two cents, from a couple of decades in DoD and CONUS school districts.

    Chewelry (just what it sounds like--trinkets that are safe for a child to chew on) might help this little boy. It was designed with autistic/ODD children in mind, but it can potentially help calm any child with aggressive behaviors, especially oral ones.

    There are three other techniques recommended for dealing with spitting. One is to ignore it. This can be the most effective, since the child is spitting to provoke a reaction. The problem is it's hard to apply consistently. Most people are repelled by saliva, and parents get especially upset at the thought of oral pathogens being sprayed around.

    Another method is to have the child wear a surgical mask. Some children think it's fun, and it can be effective, as it gives the child a sense of control.

    The old-school method is an incentive program with stickers as currency, and a jar of small toys available for purchase with a set number of stickers. Not my favorite. My initial teacher training was in the Montessori method, which avoids extrinsic rewards for any behavior, and I think Dr. Montessori was spot on in that regard. Even so, I've seen it work, especially with things like a single Cheerio given to reinforce the desired behavior.

    I've never seen Gryphen's idea used, but it sounds on par with getting a child to hit a pillow or a heavy bag. The adult is still responsible for controlling the child's behavior and channeling it acceptably, and the child is not learning that his spit belongs in his mouth. Again, there are those pesky bodily-fluid pathogens to consider. Get the bleach!

    This little boy's mother seems overwhelmed both by his behavior and by the school district's punitive policies. Sad state of affairs. Maybe it was in the news coverage and I missed it, but if an intervention hasn't taken place, it needs to be done. The child and the mother need help, not violence.

    Imagine if they tried to hit the mother with the bat, and it becomes clear why this is wrong for the child as well.


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