Saturday, April 30, 2016

Insiders predict that Hilary Clinton will crush Donald Trump in the all important swing states.

Courtesy of Politico:

In the swing states that matter most in the presidential race, Donald Trump doesn’t have a prayer against Hillary Clinton in the general election. 

That’s according to top operatives, strategists and activists in 10 battleground states who participated in this week’sa POLITICO Caucus. Nearly 90 percent of them said Clinton would defeat Trump in their home states in a November matchup. 

Republicans are only slightly more bullish on Trump’s prospects than Democrats: More than three-quarters of GOP insiders expect Clinton to best the Republican front-runner in a general-election contest in their respective states. Among Democrats, the belief is nearly universal: 99 percent of surveyed said will Clinton will beat Trump. 

In three of the biggest swing states — Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida — Republicans were particularly downbeat about the prospect of a Trump-Clinton contest. 

“There is positively no way for Trump to win in Pennsylvania,” said a Republican from that state. 

“Trump cannot and will not carry Ohio,” a Republican from that state insisted. “He will do well in Appalachia and in the Mahoning Valley, but he will get killed in the rest of the state. The danger for the GOP is losing Rob Portman, which is a very real possibility under this matchup.” 

Added a Florida Republican, who like all participants was granted anonymity in order to speak freely, “Trump is grinding the GOP to a stub. He couldn't find enough xenophobic, angry white Floridians to beat Hillary in Florida if he tried.” 

Once again in no way should this make us cocky.

There is still millions of dollars in Anti-Hillary propaganda, voter suppression, and hacked voting machines to contend with.

This is by no means over.

But it does mean that the wind is at the back of Democrats and as long as they make sure it blows them to a polling place in November this thing should be a lock.

However in my opinion it is not enough that Democrats win this election, we need to run up the damn scoreboard and send a message to the Republicans that the country is tired of their racist misogynistic attitudes and if they don't fundamentally change everything about themselves that the only way they will ever see the inside of the White House again is by climbing over the fence and outrunning the Secret Service.


  1. Anonymous2:03 PM

    Great post! Dems can rule if we get to the polls!

  2. Anonymous2:09 PM

    Never underestimate the ignorance and stupidity of U.S. voters.

    1. Anonymous9:59 AM

      Sad but true.

  3. Anonymous2:10 PM

    That pic of Clinton is 5 years old. Why not post a current one?

    1. Anonymous3:16 PM

      Great idea! Let's also put $arah and Bristol side by side then and now! Fair is fair!

      Fiorina also too!

    2. What does it matter one way or another?

    3. Anonymous4:11 PM

      Wy not post current pics of Bernie instead of ones 10-15 yrs old?

    4. Anonymous4:54 PM

      Hmmmm. thank you for being sooooo concerned, but according to the average life expectencies Bernie would be dead before his first term and Hillary will make it through 2 terms. But thanks for playing.

    5. Anonymous5:10 PM

      Life expectancy for women and men in 2014, women 81.2 yrs vs men at at 76.4 yrs old.
      PS Don't pull the ageist card when your candidate is old.

    6. Anonymous5:51 PM

      Gryphon is beyond the point of being able to view HRC critically. Don't expect to see the scathing RT article detailing the Clinton's connections to the Panama Papers here but if there's dirt to throw on Sanders, he'll be the first with a shovel.

    7. Anonymous7:30 PM

      @ anon 5:51pm
      I have yet to see Sanders apologize for his misogynistic articles he wrote or for driving a thriving college into the ground and taking advantage of naive college students.

    8. Anonymous9:42 PM

      7:30 Or for his pro-NRA votes

  4. Anonymous2:19 PM

    Well if the GOP can't win fairly, that leave s dirty tricks.

  5. Anonymous2:25 PM

    No matter what the polls say, please do not assume that Hillary is going to win in a landslide. When people think that, they stay home, thinking that their votes don't matter. EVERY VOTE MATTERS. GET OUT THERE AND VOTE AND MAKE SURE THAT IT IS A LANDSLIDE. Trump does not like to lose and he will do anything not to lose. Don't take it for granted that Hillary will smash him. We all have to smash. Our rallying call should be, Make the Loser Cry.

    1. True that. We need to smash. Hulk, Smash!

      No matter what the polls say, ever, always vote.

      If they say your candidate is going to win by a landslide, that's probably all the more reason to vote!

  6. Anonymous2:42 PM


    Senate Democrats join House in trying to slow down Obama administration effort to reduce drug prices

    1. fromthediagonal3:23 PM

      Bought and paid for, dammit! There are many democrats who deserve the DINO name, because they are as regressively entrenched as are those on what is euphemistically called "the other side of the isle".
      This is one of the reasons why we, as Progressives/Liberals have to badger those who are of like minds into the understanding that unless we VOTE not merely in the presidential elections, but even more importantly, in the off-year and down-ticket ones. We can only prevail if we vote from the bottom up: City, County, School Board (very important), State and Judicial election, all will eventually result in the progressive reforms we need in order to "form that more perfect union" that is so far from our grip at this time.

  7. Anonymous2:45 PM

    For Sanders supporters like Dave Berry, 62, of Tacoma, Washington, the wooing may pay off as voters weigh the decision to stick with their party or stir things up in Washington.

    “I will probably put a check in Trump’s column (in the general election),” Berry said of a possible Trump-Clinton general election contest.

    He said he did not think the former reality TV star could win, but felt good about making Clinton uneasy about her prospects of securing an easy win.

    One risk for Clinton is Sanders voters who may sit out the election or choose a third-party candidate if their favorite is not on the ballot.

    Valerie Benson, 80, of Cleveland, said that if it came down to Trump against Clinton, “I don’t know that I would vote for anybody then.”

    1. Anonymous2:59 PM

      The Bernie Bots are very impressionable. I really fear the constant negativity, slurs, lies etc that will be thrown at Hillary will push people either not to vote or become enamored with trump.

    2. Anonymous3:01 PM

      The utter stupidity of people voting against some one just so they don't get "too comfortable". American voters have to be the stupidest on the planet. Imagine if enough people did the same thing - you get president trump.

    3. Anonymous3:02 PM

      We can't worry about people like this. Anyone who would vote for Donald Trump out of spite doesn't really value the progressive progressive policies they supposedly love Sanders for.

    4. Anonymous4:10 PM

      The BernieBots have no sway with most voters. I think the Bernie BOts need to look at reality.

  8. Anonymous2:45 PM

    "Paul Manafort made a career out of stealthily reinventing the world’s nastiest tyrants as noble defenders of freedom. Getting Donald Trump elected will be a cinch."

    This guy is part of Trumps team. A real sleaze bag that will use EVERY dirty trick in the book against Hillary. If you haven't heard of Paul Manafort, look him up.

    "Manafort has spent a career working on behalf of clients that the rest of his fellow lobbyists and strategists have deemed just below their not-so-high moral threshold. Manafort has consistently given his clients a patina of respectability that has allowed them to migrate into the mainstream of opinion, or close enough to the mainstream. He has a particular knack for taking autocrats and presenting them as defenders of democracy. If he could convince the respectable world that thugs like Savimbi and Marcos are friends of America, then why not do the same for Trump?"

  9. Anonymous2:51 PM

    What does that even MEAN, Hillary?? Supposedly you're a liberal? progressive? You worthless DINO! As I suspected, you're all talk. Whining about moving to the left is fucked.

    “Clinton Camp Says She's Been Forced to the Left Enough Already”

    1. Anonymous3:20 PM

      Please stop with the silly Bernie Bro retorts. Bernie lost!

    2. Anonymous4:07 PM

      FU_K BERNIE!

    3. Anonymous4:08 PM

      @ anon 2:51 pm
      It doesn't help to "move" the presidential candidate farther left than congress can be pushed. Also, Hillary is much farther left on women's issues than Bernie is.

  10. Anonymous2:52 PM

    Let's get behind this and make it happen! Listen, I understand the disappointment of the Sanders fans (Gryphen?) but please, let's get behind the only person who can keep the Trump camp and the Trump followers (Palin!) away - far away from the White House. Seriously. What is the problem here???

    1. Anonymous6:12 PM

      I'm sorry, I think Hillary winning is a loss for the country. Not as big as a Trump loss, of course, but the next four years are going to be bad.
      1. The current bull market is very old, there will be a recession in the next 4 years. (HRC is probably aware of this, so she might try to tank the economy after this election so that it will have time to rebound by 2020).
      2. Republicans will still be in control of Congress, even if a Trump ticket causes them to lose some seats. This is good for HRC because that means she wouldn't need to do pretend to fight for issues that are not in her donors' interests. No Wall Street reform, no inequality reform, no tax haven reform--she's already given up on college tuition reform saying that there are too many GOP governors so it won't ever work.
      3. The "out" party almost always makes gains in the mid-terms. Republicans HATE HRC (as we all know). HRC as president will have them stampeding to the polls in 2018. They'll have even larger margins. If we are in a recession by 2018, so much the better for them.

      Trump is racist, misogynistic, xenophobic and rude, but he's also a useful idiot and a distraction so that we're not looking into the fact that the Clintons' fortune has been built through donations and sweetheart deals by the .1% . Don't look for meaningful economic or Wall Street reform--the one thing we desperately need. From Hillary, it will just be the status quo.

  11. Anonymous2:52 PM

    Clinton 12,272,900

    Trump 10,116,714

    Sanders 9,123,141

    Cruz 6,911,023

    No landslide that I can see.

    1. Anonymous3:24 PM

      You think 2 million voters is nothing? You're a fool. Besides, you need to realize it's the November general election they (GOP insiders) are so upset about. It's going to be a rout; Democrats will retake the Senate & some governorships--and keep the Oval Office. Down ballot, baby!

    2. Are you familiar with the electoral college?

    3. Anonymous4:06 PM

      @ megan phillips
      No they aren't. Bernie voters have no clue how real life works.

    4. Anonymous4:48 PM

      Honest to God, I swear many don't know how our government is set up either! You just sigh and let it pass.......

  12. Anonymous2:53 PM

    381 Electoral Votes and Counting...

  13. Anonymous3:01 PM

    Robert Reich: "Hillary’s election to the presidency is absolutely essential to the future..."

    If Bernie doesn’t win the nomination, you have to decide for yourself how active you’ll be in supporting Hillary Clinton. If Trump is the Republican nominee, my personal view is Hillary’s election to the presidency is absolutely essential to the future of this nation and the world.

    Now Robert Reich has been a BIG Sanders supporter and still is. But he understands just how important this election is to the country and the planet. The above quote is the take-away quote and I don’t normally quote an entire post but I think the rest of the post is important to Sander’s supporters.

    1. Anonymous4:05 PM

      Bernie isn't going to win the nomination, get over it.

  14. Anonymous3:08 PM

  15. Anonymous3:20 PM

    Oklahoma courts rule forced oral sex isn’t rape if the victim’s too intoxicated to object

    Major trigger warning here: this story is bound to incense anyone with a shred of common sense about right and wrong in the world, which clearly doesn’t include the judges who dismissed this case.

    It involved a 16-year-old girl who has no memory of being forced to have oral sex with a 17-year-old boy who was supposed to be driving her home. The girl was eventually taken to a hospital where her blood-alcohol level registered at .341 and a rape kit revealed the boy’s DNA around her mouth.

    But a trial judge dismissed the charges against the boy and, on March 24, an appeals court upheld that ruling because, the judges said, the state’s forcible sodomy law doesn’t specifically designate that rape can occur when someone is unconscious or intoxicated. Apparently, it’s not rape if you can’t say “no,” or so the judges ruled, writes Molly Redden:

    This is just all kinds of wrong!

    1. Anonymous6:03 PM

      If you look at the story, you'll see the judge's hands were tied because the sodomy and rape laws were very similar in verbiage except that the rape law explicitly mentioned drugged/drunk people in a way that made interpretation of the sodomy law reliant on excluding the same victims. We're a nation of laws, and if you were charged with a crime that didn't match what you did, you'd want to be tried on the letter of the law. That said, the law needs to be fixed and a fix should be simple and not be a problem--the fact that the sodomy law wasn't updated was an oversight, but you can't convict someone on what you "meant to do". I do feel for the victim, however--perhaps there can be civil restitution.

  16. Anonymous3:37 PM

    Fuck this shit.

    1. Anonymous4:04 PM

      Did you have an issue with Bernie going to the Vatican?

      FU_K OFF

  17. Anonymous4:03 PM

    Hillary will crush Trump for two reasons, the black vote and the Hispanic vote.


  18. Never take anything (especially this election) for granted and it ain't over till it's over (Yogi Berra). Clear your calendar, ask for November 8th, 2016 off from work (or take a sick day). This is TOO IMPORTANT to miss. BE A PART OF HISTORY AND VOTE!

  19. Randall6:23 PM

    "...according to top operatives, strategists and activists..."
    "...said a Republican..."
    "...a Republican from that state insisted."
    "...Added a Florida Republican..."
    I know they were granted anonymity in order to get them to talk - but - without attributing these quotes to the actual people that said them, this isn't journalism.
    It's gossip.

  20. Anonymous10:01 PM

    But Bernie Sanders is not going to be the Democratic nominee for president. He isn’t going to quit or suspend his campaign. But barring the impossible, he is going to lose.

    What Sanders does between now and the end of the Philadelphia convention this summer will largely determine whether he is able to consolidate all his achievements. In fact, these next few weeks will decide whether his message and movement will continue to impact American politics.

  21. I'm rather perturbed over how seemingly EVERYONE commenting on this election, on this site, or elsewhere, assumes the voters will be choosing a KING or a DICTATOR.

    While the Executive Branch does indeed have SOME powers, it is CONGRESS that makes the bulk of decisions, especially over what the tax money brought in, will be spent on.

    My realistic hopes are that Hillary will keep the nation out of a deep recession, and even more significantly, out of World War Three.

    But I don't see any real progress being made, while the Tea Party nutjobs control the House and the Senate.

    At least that ALSO applies if we do the unspeakable, and elect the Grand Buffoon to the Presidency.

    Congress cannot pass a bill with ExLax smeared all over it, and will NOT vote to spend money on much of ANYTHING other than bombs and bullets.

    Billions for some ridiculous WALL? Nope.

    To pay to set up and administer a giant army of Aryan toughs, to go door to door and drag anyone out who doesn't seem white or "kristian" enough--then to herd them into boxcars to be shipped where no one will ever see them again? Nope--that could run even more than a thousand mile wall.

    Just the Orange Joker getting up to ask, "Are ya feelin' GREAT yet?" (To which the Trump zombies will nod their heads "yes.")

    And otherwise everything as usual.


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