Saturday, April 30, 2016

Just for fun let's watch Carly Fiorina, who Ted Cruz just chose as his running mate, gush over Hillary Clinton back in 2008.

Courtesy of The Wrap: 

Back in 2008, while campaigning for Arizona Sen. John McCain, Fiorina released a special video with a message to women voters that heaped so much praise on Clinton, you’d think the two were besties, braiding each others’ hair at a slumber party. 

“I have such great admiration and empathy for Hillary Clinton,” Fiorina says in the video. “I know what it takes in some small measure to do what she has done.” 

 “As a woman, I take great pride in the fact that Hillary Clinton ran for president,” says Fiorina circa 2008. “And I also watched with a lot of empathy as I saw how she was scrutinized, characterized, talked about as a woman.” 

And just for kicks, she ends her ode to Hillary with this touching love letter: 

“Women in positions of power — particularly bold women — who are trying to drive change as Hillary Clinton most surely is … bold women, women in power are characterized, scrutinized differently than their male counterparts are.”

Oh yeah Republican women really admired Hillary Clinton right up until it started to look like she might actually win the White House.

And then it was all "She's so corrupt," "She's playing the woman card," She never accomplished ANYTHING!"

So either Hillary Clinton has fundamentally changed in the last eight years, or perhaps instead of her political opponents being impressed by her accomplishment they now are threatened by them.

Gee, I wonder which seems more likely?


  1. Anonymous8:37 AM

    My mom just emailed me that Trump has chosen fellow wife cheater newt as a running mate? Can we be so lucky?

    1. Anonymous11:14 AM


    2. Balzafiar12:31 PM

      That's a rumor. There was a panel discussion this morning posing that possibility, but it's just talk. As someone pointed out elsewhere, if Trump picked Gingrich he would lose every state except the deep south.

    3. Anonymous3:17 PM

      Newt Gingrich, the former House speaker, as well as Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama and the retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, said in interviews that they would consider joining the ticket if Mr. Trump offered. Two governors, Chris Christie of New Jersey and Mary Fallin of Oklahoma, have also told allies that they were open to being Mr. Trump’s running mate."

  2. Anonymous8:41 AM

    Clinton Cash' rears its head again, just as Hillary is getting a leg up over Bernie – and now the the harsh expose of political payback is being turned into a movie showing at the Cannes film festival

    Movie will be in theaters this summer just as Republicans are cranking up attacks on leading Democrat to try to keep her out of the White House
    Trailer features blood-stained cash and accusations of favor-trading
    Features reporting from author Peter Schweitzer, who rocked Clinton's primary campaign with deep dive into odiferous practices

    1. Oh, please. Peter Schweitzer? You forgot the quotation marks around "reporting" in reference to his pulling things out of his ass.

      MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell Presses Peter Schweizer On His Sloppy Clinton Cash Reporting

      Clinton Cash Author Peter Schweizer's Long History Of Errors, Retractions, And Questionable Sourcing

  3. Anonymous8:48 AM

    Bad News for the Clinton Campaign: Independents Are Allowed to Vote in the General Election

    Sanders Appears Poised to Win Majority of Remaining States

    1. Anonymous9:28 AM

      Yeah right, you have to win the nomination first then worry about the general. Sanders, grasping at straws pushed by his wife. Hen pecked is about the only word I can think of when I see him now a days. SHE is the driving force behind his continued campaign.
      As far as Sanders winning much more, I would not bet one thin dime on it.

    2. Anonymous11:17 AM

      Loved it when he told her "get off the stage," whatever primary that was. Can't remember.

    3. Anonymous1:05 PM

      He did NOT say 'get off the stage', he said 'don't stand there' because she was about to walk off the front of the stage and he was trying to protect her from a possible fall. Clearly, you can't remember because you're flat out lying.

    4. Anonymous3:24 PM

      Does "can't remember" register with you, 1:05 PM? So I got verbiage wrong, and she was nowhere near the front of the stage.

  4. Could it be that Cruz, not knowing about this video, has brought Fiorina on board so that she, rather than he, can say unkind things about Clinton as a woman?

    1. Anonymous9:26 AM

      Yep, that's why she was allowed to stay in the debates as long as she did.

  5. Anonymous9:04 AM

    The big announcement of Fiorina went over like a lead balloon, now didn't it? So much for exciting the base.....yaaaawwwnnn.

  6. Anonymous9:14 AM

    Trump bodyguard once accused of having affair with Marla Maples never Got over the scandal, ex-wife says

  7. Anonymous9:31 AM

    O/T but looks great!

    Southside With You

    Okay, this is really charming. Southside With You is about how Barack and Michelle Obama got together, with the entire movie taking place during their first date. That might sound kind of cheesy, but it sort of looks too smart and cute to care. The film got great reviews out of Sundance, and now it's heading to theaters in August.

    1. Anonymous1:05 PM

      Oh, that looks like it's going to be fabulous! And it's stunning the resemblance that actor has to Obama.

  8. Anonymous9:31 AM

    Look a little bit longer and you will find all sorts of comments about Hillary in 2007 and 2008 that were positive to the point of gushing because the republicans didn't want Barack to win. A lot of republicans loved Hillary back then.

  9. Anonymous9:38 AM

    In that picture Snarly looks human. Now she looks awful. She is pulled and botoxed to the max. She looks mean and inhuman.Which I guess she really is.

    She kidnapped those preschoolers in Iowa and sat them before pics of fetuses while she described abortion. If I were cruz I wouldn't want her anywhere near my children.They have to be the most creepy,unlikable people in politics.Adding snarly as his VP didn't do him any favors.When cruz said he hadn't spoken 50 words to "Boner" he forget that he hired him as an attorney. They are both pathological liars and sick cruel people.

    1. Anonymous10:56 AM

      I forgot about that! What does Cruz care about kids? His own daughters hate him.

  10. Anonymous9:39 AM

    It's because politicians and often business "leaders" are a giant pool of sociopaths. They will lie, irregardless of whether it's recorded, then lie again. If they get called on it, they skim over it, or make a lame excuse. Carly is a pretty big sociopath, as is her co-hort, Ted. They are textbook examples, actually. Which is why no one buys their bullshit, except the highly propagandized crowd.

  11. Anonymous10:19 AM

    Obama Conquers GOP Hate To Restore Consumer Confidence To Highest Level Since Reagan

    ...President Obama has done something amazing. This president has overcome Republican hate and obstruction to rebuild America’s consumer confidence to it highest level since Reagan. It is another overlooked Obama accomplishment.

    1. Anonymous1:07 PM

      That's my president! So much will be coming out after he leaves office of his quiet accomplishments that never saw the light of day in this fucked up media environment. He is a STAR!

  12. Anonymous11:16 AM

    Saturday night will be the last night President Barack Obama will host the White House Correspondents dinner.

    Obama usually uses these dinners to poke fun at Washington, and he doesn't hold any punches when he goes after Fox News and people like Donald Trump.

    You might remember Obama's speech at the 2011 dinner, when he absolutely skewered Trump.

    The backstory behind Obama's legendary White House correspondents dinner takedown of Donald Trump

    It’s surreal to watch this 2011 video of Obama and Seth Meyers taunting Trump about a presidential run

    1. Anonymous11:27 AM

      I understand you can watch it on CSPAN starting a 6 ET. Starts with red carpet so I'm guessing actual event probably not til 8:30 or so.

  13. Anonymous11:20 AM


  14. Next, can we hear her sing her creepy little Disney Villianess song about the Cruz children?

    Oh, yeah, Ted picked a winner there.

  15. Anonymous3:23 PM


  16. Anita Winecooler4:06 PM

    Is this the same Carly who got her golden parachute and booked before leaving Lucent Technologies (an arm of ATand T) where she met mr Fiorina, doing the same when HP had to buy Compaq to show a profit?, then went bankrupt. Or is this the same Carly who sings songs to someone else's little girls on a tour bus?

    Google Carley Fiorina's house in Virginia, what a damn shame people have to live like that.

  17. Anonymous2:11 AM

    If Hillary does not use this video in her campaign, shes crazy.


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