Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Kentucky's Attorney General is suing the state's governor for stripping 41 million dollars out of the education budget.

Courtesy of Think Progress: 

This spring, Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin (R) bypassed the state legislature to unilaterally cut $41 million in education funding. Now, he’s getting hit with a lawsuit. 

State Attorney General Andy Beshear (D) is suing Bevin over what he sees as a violation of state law and the governor’s authority. Bevin ordered a 4.5 percent cut to higher education funding in March, and Beshear told the governor he had one week to renege on his budget cuts or he would face a lawsuit. Bevin has refused to renounce his budget cuts, so the attorney general is following through on his promise to take the governor to court. 

“No governor has the power to do what this governor has done,” Beshear told reporters during a Monday press conference. “Under (the governor’s) view, a budget is merely a suggestion and the legislature is merely an advisory body,” he added in a statement. 

Beshear is attempting to restore state education funding as soon as possible, and has scheduled a hearing on a temporary injunction in Franklin Circuit Court for this Thursday.

Of course the Governor has vowed to fight this in court which means he will waste more taxpayer money that his state clearly does not have instead of admitting that he is punishing the children for the sins of the politicians.

Isn't Matt Bevin one of the terrible Tea Party candidates that Sarah Palin once endorsed?

Why yes he is.

You know wasn't it another Republican governor in Kansas that cut the budget so severely that public schools were forced to close early? Yep, that happened as well.

Boy if you want to REALLY fuck up your state it looks like the GOP is you "go to" party for getting that done.


  1. OT-but I just have to post this, it says that Levi has been texting Barstool. Of course it's a rag, but it made me throw up a little.

    1. Anonymous1:38 PM

      No, you really don't have to post that.

    2. Anonymous1:55 PM

      Total bullshit

    3. |Of course it's bullshit.

  2. Anonymous11:41 AM

    THIS> Dick Cheney, for his part, has a long history with the kingdom himself. He directed the staging of the Gulf War from Saudi Arabia as the Secretary of Defense to Bush Senior and as CEO of Halliburton, which received billions in oil contracts from the Kingdom.

    1. May the release of these papers lead to the downfall of the House of Bush & Cheney!

  3. Anonymous11:50 AM

    Alaska's idiot really knows how to pick them, doesn't she?

  4. Poorly educated kids, teabag governor, southern state.
    Prime breeding ground for the making of republicans voting against their own self interest to become another subsidiary of Koch industries.

  5. kraftysue12:10 PM

    Crooks and Liars say Sarah OUT of climate debate.

    1. Anonymous1:37 PM

      Quitty McQuiter does it again!

    2. Anonymous4:15 PM

      Gryphen reported it first last week. It's just the Grifter doing what grifters gotta do - grift.

  6. Anonymous12:23 PM


  7. Anonymous12:26 PM

    Can KY recall the tea party governor? I follow several KY peeps on Twitter and they are all livid with Bevin. He's a nightmare!

    1. Anonymous1:30 PM

      You follow several liberals on twitter and they have the sads because they don't like him lol? What an enormous surprise.

      Governors don't get recalled just because some people from another party don't like him lol.

      That is why they have elections, and apparently he was liked better than the other candidates.

      So, you know, suck it.

    2. Anonymous1:50 PM

      Well, if he kind of breaks the law, yeah, then you can suck it, jerk.

    3. Anonymous2:00 PM

      1:30 - why so hateful and anti-social? They are going to get rid him for what he's doing to healthcare and education. He's overreaching his executive authority. AND - Who said they were liberals? Why did you make that up? TRY TO KEEP UP!

    4. Anonymous3:40 PM

      Go forth and try to recall him 1:50, over these suppose laws you think he broke... that he can be recalled for... go do it now lol!!

      You too 2:00, don't waste your time on a blog, go recall that elected governor because you don't like him lol.

    5. Anonymous7:13 PM

      Go back to the Palin Fan Club, dearie -3:40.

  8. Anonymous12:36 PM

    Thanks, Obama!

    Really. Kansas might be quite different today if Kathleen Sebelius had finished her 2nd term as governor rather than resign to become part of Pres. Obama's cabinet.

    1. Anonymous12:50 PM

      Wow! Blame Obama because Kansans chose a conservative for Gov? That's some silly thinking.

    2. Anonymous1:24 PM

      You aren't very bright. AT ALL.

  9. Anonymous12:54 PM

    Wow, it's just getting uglier and uglier.

    Team Sanders now demanding Hillary win 59% of pledged delegates

    Bernie Sanders’ campaign manager, Jeff Weaver, suggested this past week that Sanders will contest the Democratic nomination at the convention in July even if Hillary wins the nomination before that date.

    Talking to CNN, Weaver suggested that if Hillary doesn’t win the nomination with pledged delegates alone — the delegates you win in the state primaries and caucuses — Sanders will effectively declare a civil war at the Democrat convention this summer.

    When asked about this plan to disrupt the Democratic convention, Sanders refused to repudiate the idea.

    Sanders is basing this ploy on the fact that superdelegates don’t get to vote until the convention. So until they vote, Sanders argues, their vote doesn’t count — even if we know already how they’re going to vote. So, Sanders says, there’s no way to know if Hillary will actually win the nomination until the convention, unless she wins the necessary 2,383 delegates with pledged delegates alone.

    The Washington director of has spoken out against the bullying being carried out by some individuals who claim to be supporting the presidential campaign of Sen. Bernie Sanders of Democratic superdelegates.

    1. Anonymous1:18 PM

      Trump fans threaten gun violence against protesters ahead of Pittsburgh visit

      Donald Trump supporters are planning an armed demonstration to intimidate protesters when the Republican presidential candidate visits Pittsburgh for a town hall meeting and campaign rally.

      A social media user posted the group’s plans about noon Tuesday on Reddit, saying at least 16 armed Trump supporters will form “roving support units” to stop protesters from forming road blocks, reported Pittsburgh City Paper.

      “The majority of us will us will be open carrying sidearms and long arms (AR-15 style preferred, but AK’s and such are fine),” said user ElDuderino412. “This isn’t gonna be a place to mess around!”

    2. Anonymous1:19 PM

      There's a big fight going in within the Sanders campaign now between Weaver and Devine. Devine does not want the "scorched earth" strategy but Weaver does, supposedly. (If you believe leaks from the campaign.)

    3. Anonymous1:20 PM

      The 2016 election has been a wild ride, with two insurgent grassroots campaigns literally giving the political establishment a run for its money. But as the events of this presidential primary season play out, it’s becoming clear the U.S. election — and even more so, the presidential race — is a big scam being perpetrated on the American people.

      Events from the last week have exposed the system as an illusion of choice and a farce. They have reinforced at least one study showing the U.S. is an oligarchy rather than a democratic republic.

  10. Anonymous1:13 PM

    OT but WTF?

  11. Anonymous1:28 PM

    Scott Walker Wants To Drug Test Wisconsin’s Children, Elderly, and The Disabled

  12. Anonymous1:31 PM

    Now we know why Sarah chickened out on the panel on climate change...

    NASA Publicly Humiliates Right-Wing Climate Change Deniers On Facebook With Real Science

  13. Anonymous1:56 PM

    I knew she would never participate in a "panel". Not ever. Call it in with no chance for questions.

  14. Anonymous2:56 PM

    KY politics are bizarre. A Kentuckian recently told me that at one point Kentucky had two parallel governments.

    Bevin probably won't even rate a mention in KY's history as being anything out of the ordinary.

  15. Anonymous4:12 PM

    I'm just thinking out loud here (and after I'm finished here I will go "Google it") but how is it the the State Attorney General is a Democrat and the Governor is a Republican? When Bevin was elected last year some said that the election didn't smell right in that there were more votes down ticket than there were at the top. Be prepared for many, many stories like this in the fall. Trump, and all the Republicans, have high unfavorables but we may be scratching our heads on Wednesday morning, November 9th saying how did Trump/Cruz get elected? It's the machines, stupid. Karl Rove won't be denied this year. Hey, Anonymous, you listening/watching and taking this all in?! Help us out here!

  16. Anonymous4:35 PM

    ‘The Trump Effect’: Hatred, Fear And Bullying On The Rise In Schools

    It was only a matter of time before kids started picking up the aggressive, divisive language that’s become a hallmark of the 2016 presidential campaign.

    According to a new report by the nonprofit Southern Poverty Law Center titled “The Trump Effect: The Impact of the Presidential Campaign on our Nation’s Schools,” the race is stoking fears and racial tensions in America’s classrooms.

    “My students are terrified of Donald Trump. They think that if he’s elected, all black people will get sent back to Africa,” one middle school teacher told the SPLC. The teacher was one of more than 2,000 educators who opted to take a survey conducted through the SPLC’s “Teaching Tolerance” program.

    “I have had Muslim students called terrorists,” said another teacher who submitted comments to the survey.

    “There is a boy from Mexico, who is a citizen, who is terrified that the country will deport him if Trump wins,” wrote a third teacher. “He is also scared that kids and grown-ups can and will hurt him.”

    Overall, more than two-thirds of the teachers who took the survey reported that their students — mainly Muslims, immigrants and children of immigrants — were worried about what could happen to them and their families after the November election.

    And more than one-third of the teachers said they’ve noticed a rise in anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim sentiment among their students as well.

    The nation’s schoolchildren don’t get to vote in November, but they’re paying close attention to this year’s presidential race. And large numbers of them are frightened by what they’re hearing.

    What’s more, educators are seeing an increase in student bullying and intimidation. And they’re struggling to teach about the election — stymied by their need to remain nonpartisan but disturbed by the unfiltered words children are hearing and worried about the lessons they may be absorbing.

    These are the most striking findings from an online survey of approximately 2,000 teachers K-12 educators conducted in March by our Teaching Tolerance project.

    More than 500 respondents used the words “fear,” “scared,” “afraid,” “anxious,” or “terrified” in their comments to describe the negative impact on students who are Muslim or from immigrant families.

  17. Anita Winecooler4:44 PM

    Sorry, Governor, it don't work like "Popeye" "If you give me a wimpy burger today, I'll gladly pay tomorrow". The money is set aside for a purpose, any other use is misappropriation, illegal and stealing. What if your state goes bankrupt overnight? Where's that money coming from, your bank account? Get the Teaparty and dump it in Boston harbor. The law doesn't apply to them for some reason.

  18. Anonymous4:45 PM

    Bernie Sanders Will Become Democratic Nominee Even If Clinton Leads in Delegates

    1. Anonymous7:14 PM


  19. Good luck with that.

    In the end it doesn't matter who wins. Education will never see that money.


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