Sunday, April 10, 2016

Paul Krugman accuses Bernie Sanders himself of becoming a "Bernie Bro."

Courtesy of The New York Times:  

Mr. Sanders is starting to sound like his worst followers. Bernie is becoming a Bernie Bro. 

Let me illustrate the point about issues by talking about bank reform. 

The easy slogan here is “Break up the big banks.” It’s obvious why this slogan is appealing from a political point of view: Wall Street supplies an excellent cast of villains. But were big banks really at the heart of the financial crisis, and would breaking them up protect us from future crises? 

Many analysts concluded years ago that the answers to both questions were no. Predatory lending was largely carried out by smaller, non-Wall Street institutions like Countrywide Financial; the crisis itself was centered not on big banks but on “shadow banks” like Lehman Brothers that weren’t necessarily that big. And the financial reform that President Obama signed in 2010 made a real effort to address these problems. It could and should be made stronger, but pounding the table about big banks misses the point. 

Yet going on about big banks is pretty much all Mr. Sanders has done. On the rare occasions on which he was asked for more detail, he didn’t seem to have anything more to offer. And this absence of substance beyond the slogans seems to be true of his positions across the board.

I think Krugman has a point here.

Sanders likes to use bumper sticker ready slogans to make his arguments, which sound good when shouted out at rallies, but are much trickier to rationalize when confronted with just how they would translate into actual policy, and who he would find to support him in creating those policies.

And as we learned by reading that New York Daily News interview Sanders does not have a clear idea himself of how to accomplish what he promises, if elected, to accomplish.

Remember if your only tool is a hammer then every problem you see is a nail.

But what happens if your hammer is non-existent?

Speaking of non-existent that seems to be the definition for Sanders' invitation from the Vatican as well.

Courtesy of The Hill:  

Sanders earlier on Friday had said the Vatican had invited him to attend a conference on social and economic issues to be held on April 15, just days before the New York primary. 

The Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences is hosting the event. "It was an invitation from the Vatican," Sanders said on MSNBC's "Morning Joe." "I was very moved by the invitation."

Invitation from the Vatican, during a contentious American election season? Why would the Pope interfere like that?

The short answer is that he wouldn't.

This from US News: 

Margaret Archer, president of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences, blasted the Vermont senator for "monumental discourtesy," suggesting he wrangled a back-door invitation that kept her in the dark, according to Bloomberg Politics.

"Sanders made the first move, for the obvious reasons," Archer said. "I think in a sense he may be going for the Catholic vote but this is not the Catholic vote and he should remember that and act accordingly – not that he will."

This was further corroborated by the Pope's spokesperson:

Father Federico Lombardi, the Pope's spokesman told the Italian news agency Ansa that the Academy of Social Sciences invited Sanders, not Pope Francis, and that His Holiness doesn't plan to give the senator an audience. 

"For the moment there is no expectation that there will also be a meeting with the pope," Lombardi said.

You know when your brand is that of a truth teller you might want to make sure that the truth is what you are telling. 

Update: To be fair it appears that Vatican politics are playing a role in this little drama, and in fact Bernie may not be the one who is failing to tell the truth.

It is still accurate to say that Sanders was not invited by the Pope, but not accurate to say he was not invited by the Vatican.


  1. Anonymous6:24 AM

    Sorry, folks. The Vatican invitation to Bernie Sanders is real. And it’s spectacular.

    Not surprisingly, and as all reasonable people already surmised, Archer, the President of the Academy of Social Sciences at the Vatican, was simply miffed that the Sanders invitation was extended by higher ups rather than by, you know, her:

    1. Anonymous7:30 AM

      He's still not meeting with the pope, like he claimed. A boring conference with bad English isn't going to get him much in the way of prestige.

    2. Anonymous8:17 AM

      No not really. It's a very small conference and the interla politics his invitation has aroused will not do him any favors. His people should have vetted this invitation for what it was, backstabbing prelates on steroids and turned it down. If his people can't distinguish between a legit offer (and he hired them) what does that say about who he'd hire as president... not fucking much.

    3. Anonymous8:42 AM

      Why would he accept an invitation to the Vatican when they are hiding pedo priests, bishops, and cardinals, from around the world to help them avoid prosecution for their crimes against children?

    4. Anonymous9:01 AM

      The better question is why would Sanders lie about meeting with pedo priests, bishops and candinals from around the world?

    5. Anonymous9:19 AM


      I agree, really bad optics for any candidate to ally themselves with the Catholic Church, a den of iniquity if there ever was one! This really turns me off. I hate when candidates pander to religious organizations; I thought Bernie was above this.

    6. Anonymous9:48 AM

      @ anon
      If Bernie was above pandering he wouldn't be running under the Democratic party.

    7. Anonymous10:37 AM

      "spectacular"? You are a kook.

    8. Anonymous10:41 AM

      Why would he leave the country right before an extremely important primary in NY?

    9. Anonymous10:41 AM

      He told the View that he was meeting with the Pope. That was a lie.

    10. Anonymous11:13 AM

      @ anon 10:41am

      a lie? Or a sign of dementia?

    11. Anonymous4:52 PM

      Maybe both!

  2. Bravo. Thank you for not falling under the spell of Berniemania. As I posted yesterday, we Stand With Her. We are all in for Hillary. And I wish Bernie would realize that at some point, he will begin doing damage, instead of whatever good he thinks he is accomplishing (i.e., moving Hillary to the left).
    Just MHO.

    1. Anonymous8:49 AM

      Screw Hillary, she is a bigger liar and a shady person, who is a political relationship and is an obvious closet lesbian, that lacks the balls to stand up for the people of this country.

    2. Anonymous9:13 AM

      Bernie is nothing but a misogynic asshole as are his followers and anon 8:49am is a perfect example.

      @anon 8:49am
      till got those Mommy issues huh?

    3. Anonymous9:20 AM

      Do you wake up each morning and type "I Stand With Hillary" just like the people at the pond do with Sarah? That's a little creepy, just sayin'.

    4. Anonymous9:40 AM

      849 and 913 kinda sound like a rude schizophrenic individual having a fight with himself.
      You may be suffering from untreated mental illness, but at least you'll always have each other.

    5. Anonymous9:47 AM

      @ anon 9:20am
      Do you get up every morning and make misogynistic statements against women? That is not only creepy, but speaks to the type of person you are.

    6. Anonymous4:53 PM

      Down with Bernie!

  3. Anonymous6:32 AM

    "While I absolutely hate to see any negative articles run on Sanders, and think that Clinton's camp has greatly exaggerated what took place in Sanders' interview with our Editorial Board, I think the end result will be the candidate’s better explaining how he will accomplish some of his biggest ideas and finding ways to speak about Sandy Hook with more sensitivity."

  4. Anonymous6:32 AM

    Nothing brings out the petulant, juvenile nature of many self-described "progressives" more than challenging the inevitability of their Wall Street-, private prison-, and defense industry-funded standard-bearer. Sanders definitely has an uphill road ahead of him and may indeed fall short, but if the intellectually and morally bankrupt arguments many of my Clinton-supporting friends on facebook have made in her defense --- as well as the sneering, asinine tone most of them positively seem to delight in sliding into --- is any indication, "Team Hillary" is going to have a pretty rough time winning back a lot of his supporters given that these purportedly "reasonable, calm, mature, and realistic" Democrats have spent months insulting the intelligence of the "overly-idealistic" members of their party and slinging mud at their preferred candidate. Here's an idea --- rather than finding new and (in your own opinion) clever ways of saying Bernie Sanders is an asshole and his supporters are delusional fools, how about first actually winning the primary season instead of acting like it's a fait accompli, and then working your ass off to earn back the trust and support of the millions of voters you and your candidate have alienated through your cheap and divisive rhetoric, rather than just assuming we'll fall lock-step back into line with your dull, centrist, mass-incarceration-supporting, bank-deregulating, union-busting, war-mongering version of the "modern, sensible" (I.e. ideologically hollow and functionally impotent) Democratic party.

    I understand you've found a new shtick, because the Palins aren't really panning out for you anymore, are they? I mean picking on Bristol for the way she loojs or Sarah for how stupid she is isn't really garnering the comments it used to, and the Palin obsession makes you look a little stupid at this point. They're pretty much laughingstocks and has-beens now.
    This new "Bernie Bro" division you're playing into isn't helpful. The "us or them" mentality of the Clinton vs Sanders posts are not helping the state of our own party. We need to come together, quit pitting your readers against each other, it's gross and a very Republican tactic. I guess your just looking for page clicks. In the grand scope of things, it's really not THAT important, you're just a low-level blogger with dwindling readership. I mean, how many times can you read about Bristol being a slut or Sarah being drunk? The whole thing is just boring now.

    1. 66gardeners6:47 AM

      Coming to a blog and posting a full page of comments about how lame it is just may be a reflection of YOU being beyondpathetic.

      Isn't your time better spent somewhere else? Apparently not. Loser.

      Also and too, learn how to make paragraphs.

    2. Anonymous6:57 AM

      Really? That's the best you can do 66gardens? Petty insults and name-calling?
      You're truly a a shining example of the typical intelligent IM commenter.
      Hey look!!!
      I think Bristol just posted something on Instagram! Quick! Go call her a whore or something! !

    3. Judging by your comment it seems you think every sentence requires it's own paragraph

    4. Anonymous7:55 AM

      66gardeners, you really need to give it a rest. This is not your blog. Start your own.

    5. Anonymous8:18 AM

      Off your meds, love?

    6. 66gardeners8:38 AM

      Nice to know I push all the right buttons here.

    7. @ 6:32 You said, "We need to come together, quit pitting your readers against each other, it's gross and a very Republican tactic."

      You have some good points: said angrily but heartfelt. Hillary will indeed have a very hard time convincing the dedicated Bernie supporters she will do anything to rock the Washington boat.
      (She certainly does not want people to hear what she is telling her BIG donors -- using white-noise machines even...)

      I don't think Gryph is "pitting his readers against each other," but the blog's comments have too often become ugly name-calling of anyone who posts anything FOR Bernie or AGAINST Hillary.

      This is unworthy of progressives and only makes each side entrench further.

      Bernie is not a substitute for Sarah Palin, now that we don't have her to kick around anymore (as much).

      But she is still to blame for much of the "words don't matter" in the GOP campaign now appealing to the lizard brain.

      Gryph played an extremely important role is keeping her in the faces of journalists who finally see her for what she is...and are brave enough to say it in public. Thanks, Gryph!
      (Even Andrew Sullivan gave up.)

    8. Anonymous8:42 AM

      6:57's characterization of the attitude toward to Bristol (for example) is spot on. I think that the original post at 6:32 has some valid arguments. That said however, I am supporting Hillary all the way.

    9. Anonymous 6:32 AM wrote: I guess your just looking for page clicks.

      That sentence has no verb. What about his search for page clicks? "I guess your search … WHAT?"

      If you are going to be so harshly critical, how about learning the difference between a possessive pronoun and a verb?

      I suggest that people who use a word that simply sounds like the one that—perhaps—conveys what they are struggling to say are people who move their lips when they read.

    10. Anonymous8:51 AM

      Anonymous6:32 AM

      An almost 400-word petulant comment accusing others of being petulant. The irony meter just went off the scale.

    11. Anonymous8:53 AM

      Don't get mad a me 6:32 but why do you mix politics and FB? Do you ever post anything on FB that angers any of your friends? This Primary has gotten to the personal-attacks stage. Take a deep breath and campaign for your candidate and don't worry about what others say. The Democrats have two great candidates. Let's hope that one of them will win the WH and not let Trump, Cruz, or "other" sneak in.

    12. Anonymous9:16 AM

      Have you once thought that those of us supporting Hillary will not necessarily vote for dead beat Dad Bernie?

    13. Anonymous10:05 AM


      A lot of us Bernie supporters won't vote for Hillary, it works both ways.

    14. Anonymous 9:16 AM wrote: Have you once thought that those of us supporting Hillary will not necessarily vote for dead beat Dad Bernie?
      Anonymous 10:05 AM wrote: A lot of us Bernie supporters won't vote for Hillary, it works both ways.

      ANYBODY whose personal ranking of the presidential candidates would place ANY current or possible Republican candidate above either H or B simply has not been paying attention.

    15. Anonymous10:39 AM

      Anonymous10:05 AM

      You obviously include yourself in that statement.

  5. I liked Bernie in the beginning but now he is really irritating me.

    1. Anonymous7:43 AM

      Me too, SPHASH. It's a tired old adage but all I see is "get off my lawn!" Something changed.

    2. Anonymous9:25 AM


      I'm sure that Bernie is heartbroken over his loss of your support. Now go back to bashing Bristol, isn't that really your bread and butter?

      You have to be one of the most divisive and jealous anti-Palin bloggers out there, oh, and the most foul-mouthed too, all while professing to be this most christian woman.

      People like you are why I'm an Atheist.

    3. Anonymous9:56 AM

      I feel the same way. I think it has to do with his anti-woman stance--women's issues, according to him, are "not important". He's also a deadbeat dad.

      Then there are his followers, who are every bit as loud, uninformed, and aggressive as any Teatard professing their undying love for Sarah Palin, despite the fact that she's nothing like what they imagine.

    4. Anonymous10:42 AM

      Bernie needs every single vote he can get.

    5. Anonymous4:54 PM

      Me, too! He is very irritating!

  6. Anonymous6:32 AM

    Gryphen, thanks for posting this. Someone mentioned in the comments yesterday but didn't put a link and I tried goggling it but didn't find it. Appreciate b/c I wanted to read what pissed off the Bernie bros so bad :)
    I guess truth hurts!
    And Thanks G for keeping us always updated and all the news not just the payme's. They are fading fast, as you know...pathetic loser can't wait until they take the nomination away from Trump.

  7. 66gardeners6:35 AM

    Nina Turner also is a berniebro

    1. Anonymous8:18 AM


    2. Anonymous9:13 AM

      Nina Turner

    3. Anonymous9:26 AM

      A woman is a Bernie Ho, not Bro, thank you very much.

  8. Anonymous6:35 AM

    Well, if he does go and then speaks as "eloquently" as he did in the New York Daily News interview, he will have made himself the laughing stock of the European social science community as well. I wonder if he'll remember to take along all of his "papers" so that he can provide facts rather than platitudes and fiction.

    1. 66gardeners6:48 AM

      Bernie has decided to engage in the Ron Paul retirement plan.

    2. Anonymous8:45 AM

      @ 66gardeners
      That is exactly what is happening the RP retirement plan.

  9. Anonymous6:35 AM

    When the banks fuck us again, KeystoneXL gets approved, TPP passes and we send more troops to the Middle East,,,

    Don't. Say. Shit. About. It.

    All of the above WILL happen under Third-Way 'Democratic' President Clinton, so don't complain about it when it does.

    1. Anonymous6:48 AM

      check under your bed at night for the boogieman

    2. 6:35 -- yep. And ignore the sniping of 6:48.

    3. Anonymous9:04 AM

      Oh, goodness, I hope not, 6:35.
      Okay my state hasn't voted yet. I guess I better vote for Bernie instead of Hillary so Keystone XL doesn't get approved, TPP doesn't pass and no more troops to the Middle East. Will my one little vote really matter? I feel powerful now! Thanks for the convincing argument for Bernie, 6:35.

    4. Anonymous9:18 AM

      Calm down and smoke another joint. Those are just dust bunnies under your bed because your Mama told you to clean your own room.

    5. Anonymous9:27 AM

      It's true. Hillary will face unheard of levels of obstruction and the majority GOP Congress is basically going to do whatever they want, even continuing to research her emails and Benghazi, even if she is elected POTUS, they will not allow her to get anything done.

    6. Anonymous10:44 AM

      Why do insist on these black-and-white, us-against them sound bite statements? The world is not black and white. Banks do serve a pupose in the economy you? How can you just "break up the banks" without crashing the economy? What is Bernie's plan for doing this? Why won't he tell us? Is he waiting for Elizabeth Warren to tell him how she would do it?

  10. I'm curious what you make of Elizabeth Warren, without officially endorsing him, saying she's been rooting for Bernie all along. Her opinion has a lot of heft.

    1. At least Liz isn't trying to split the Democratic party like Bernie is.

    2. Anonymous7:47 AM

      Hey, SPHASH, I love your blog!
      I have to respectfully disagree with you re: 7:08 comment.
      I don't think Sanders (or Hillary) is trying to split the party. Rather, I wonder if the primaries are calling attention to something that has been going on all along in the Dem party/society. It is inevitable that differences of opinion lead to splitting.
      I respect your opinion, SPHASH, and respectfully disagree. Still love ya, though.

    3. Anonymous8:41 AM

      Bernie is a part-time, temporary democrat.

    4. Anonymous9:46 AM

      Bernie isn't a Democrat at all and never has been. He is using the Democratic party for one reason....$$$$$$$$$$.

    5. Anonymous4:56 PM

      He's a con man!

  11. Anonymous7:02 AM

    The Democratic party has largely evolved into Republican light. Bernie is a lifelong progressive. But I will support whoever is the Democratic nominee, because the alternative is unthinkable. However, where the party is headed in the future is a debate that must happen. But if you're just going to be divisive and shill for Hillary, I'm outa here.

    1. Well said. There are legitimate concerns with Hillary and Bernie has raised them. They are the adults in the room having exchange of positions on issues. This is a good thing!

      The Repubs are just blathering personal grievances and wolf whistles.

    2. Anonymous8:26 AM

      I'll join you. Shilling for Hillary is not why I go to this website. Let's hear about Bubba's outbursts, and talk about which corporations and countries have donated to the Clinton Foundation, and what that means about Hillary's IOUs.

      Do we want Bill Clinton back in the White House? Does anyone not think that he believes he'll be running policy in his third term?

    3. Anonymous8:49 AM

      And there are legitimate concerns over Bernie, he doesn't support planned parenthood and thinks women's healthcare concerns and reproductive rights are unimportant. He also said " I haven't thought about foreign policy yet". To me those are two huge concerns which make me feel that I just cannot vote for him under any circumstance.

    4. Anonymous9:16 AM

      There you go again with your easily debunked talking points.
      And the same old-same old you've desperately been pushing for at least a week. At least you've improved your writing style from yesterday's weak attempts as it really gave you away. Glad to see you took my advice.
      You can keep repeating the lies in hopes of catching more fish. At this point we have all read the wiki pages, and countless other pages of policy info from both Dem candidates.
      Please either come up with legitimate concerns you can back up with facts and references. These 3 dead horses you keep beating have been disproved. There are enough TRUE neg. facts you could list if you were serious about Mrs. Clinton as a candidate which I think you're not.
      You are simply a GOP troll shitting on us Dems and trying hard to rub salt and vinegar in a paper cut. Don't fuck with IMers.
      Here, hunny let me help you with one--you might try saying that Bernie hasn't released all his tax info yet.
      At least you've let that deadbeat dad lie go.

    5. Anonymous9:43 AM

      @ anon 9:16 am
      They aren't easily debunked since they are Bernie's own words and they were videoed.
      "Planned parenthood is part of the problem"
      Bernard Sanders 2016
      "Women's healthcare shouldn't even be discussed by politicians, it's unimportant"
      Bernie Sanders 2016

      "Foreign policy? I haven't thought about it yet."
      Bernie Sanders 2016

      So are you lying or is your dead beat Dad( the fact he is a dead beat Dad isn't going to change) candidate lying?

      And according to Bernie the fact he hasn't released his tax returns is all his wife's fault.

    6. Anonymous9:44 AM

      @ anon 9:16 am

      BTW if you think those aren't legitimate concerns then you are a bigger idiot than I originally thought.

    7. Anonymous10:46 AM

      Anonymous8:26 AM

      So you don't want this site "Shilling for Hillary" but you want it to shill for Sanders? Get your own site.

    8. Anonymous10:54 AM

      Hi 8:49-9:43-9:44!
      I'm anon 9:16, the burr under your saddle blanket. I rated two responses from you, stop it you're spoiling me!
      I must have really poked your sacred cow in the eye, so sorry!
      Thanks so much for the informative links you provided to the pages and articles you got your *snicker* 'facts' from: "Bernie Sanders 2016" IS a reference citation then for the mysterious 'video' and the 'quotes' you lifted out of context? You're too funny darling, you're just precious!!
      Calling you out as a GOP troll hurt your anus didn't it. They make a creme for that.
      These turds you keep throwing against the same wall you're banging your head against don't seem to stick at all when I try to look them up.

      And each time I DO look them up, as new info is released all the time.

      These would be legitimate concerns if true. You said only "two huge concerns" but you named 3 so it seems you MUST be getting bored with yourself(I second that). We'd hear about these talking points from ALL the media, not JUST YOU if this had legs. But keep on truckin' Honeybuns.

      The tax issue is the one I'm really watching because it deserves attention. The other 3 (Two, Sir) are stretched thiiiin.
      Do holla back. Gotta go now but I'll be back later to check on your 'work'.

    9. Anonymous11:10 AM

      10:54 am
      You are mixing up posters, lay off the weed and you might be able to figure it out.

      BTW making sexist, anti LGBTQ comments, and sexual remarks is not going to win your dead beat Dad hero any votes.
      Now run along and have Mommy make you lunch boy.

    10. Anonymous11:24 AM

      Those posts DO read the same, and they are all obviously your scat you left for us to find. Repeating lies don't make them true blah blah blah.
      I'm still undecided as a dem voter.
      Here, I got you a parachute. You're going to need it for all the conclusions you're jumping at. Don't want you to break a bone, get another hurty to go with your sore rectum. Get some creeeme for that Honey!
      FYI, babe, I'M the Mommy who makes herself lunch. While I do like a doobie now and then, it's just too early in the day and I reallly gotta go...HOLLA!

  12. Anonymous7:14 AM

    Krugman wrote much the same about Obama in 2008.
    Clinton and her surrogates are like a broken record recycling their attacks from 2008 to use on Sanders in 2016.

    Sanders called out and shut down the Clinton "Disqualify, Defeat, Unify later" attack plan.

    I completely agree that if Clinton gets elected we'll be in another $3 trillion war in the middle east before she gives her third state of the union address and she'll use the AUMF and keep the cost off balance sheet just like W did.

    1. Anonymous7:25 AM

      Hi RAM. Getting any?

    2. Anonymous8:14 AM

      This is what this site has descended to: someone rebuts an ant-Sanders smear article that has been criticized by HuffPo, Salon and others, and they get called RAM. FUCK YOU!

    3. Anonymous9:04 AM

      Look, 8:14, I agree with ya, but that 725 response WAS funny.

    4. Anonymous9:16 AM

      8:14 your panties are always in a wad these days

  13. Anonymous7:24 AM

    I think Bernie has lost control of his campaign. Things are being said and done without his knowledge. How NOT presidential.

    As for any detailed plan of how he plans to accomplish his pie in the sky plans, there seems to be none. Somehow, he has not taken into account that CONGRASS enacts the laws.

    As for the vatican, I wouldn't put any kind of shenaningans past them.

    1. Anonymous7:49 AM


    2. Anonymous8:51 AM

      Oh I think Bernie's campaign is being run just like he has always run everything. I think you have just gotten exposed to the "real" Bernard Sanders.

    3. Anonymous9:11 AM

      Yes, you are correct, it does take Congress but wouldn't it be nice if SOME of Bernie's ideas could come to fruition, like raising SS contributions, and getting rid of Citizen's United, and appointing true Progressives to the Supreme Court? I do fear the banks will screw all of us taxpayers again in the near future so we do need to demand that whoever becomes President is watching for that.

    4. Anonymous9:26 AM

      NO! Anonymous7:49 AM

      I meant congrASS.

    5. Anonymous9:46 AM

      7:24, 7:29 here. My apologies, and that's pretty damn funny! Didn't get your pun at first.

  14. Anonymous7:34 AM

    Federico Lombardi was the poor sap that was forced to explain that that horrible Kim Davis was smuggled into a private meeting between the pope and some Catholic social justice workers, and the pope had no idea before nor after who she was. There is no way on God's green earth that the pope would be caught dead anywhere near Bernie Sanders, the pope is nobody's fool.

    1. Maple8:15 AM

      I think the political machinations that go on in the Vatican would put the US political parties to shame! Pope Francis has made statements and pronouncements that must have the ultraconservatives chewing and spitting out their rosary beads. The Kim Davis fiasco, and probably this invitation to Sanders (and maybe many more to come) are efforts to embarrass the Pope, nothing more.

  15. Anonymous7:42 AM

    2 items of interest for you, Gryphen:

    Sarah Palin will address a meeting of 500 Wyoming GOP delegates in place of Donald Trump

    In the MA senate race, Elizabeth Warren was gaslighted in the same way as Hillary Clinton

    1. Anonymous8:29 AM

      "“When asked for one word to describe Warren, the word ‘liar’ appears more frequently than any other word"
      Men bank$$$ on it.......

    2. Anonymous8:31 AM

      also of interest to me, 7:42. Thanks!

    3. Anonymous8:52 AM

      Good luck sitting through that, Wyoming.

    4. Anonymous10:48 AM

      It's a woman thing, whether anyone will admit it or not. Just look at the Bernie Bro response when Warren didn't endorse Sanders.

    5. Maple1:04 PM

      Damn right it's a woman thing, although many won't admit it. Hillary scares them silly, because she's scary-smart, extremely accomplished, and refuses to take any of their $hit. The GOP have already proven over and over that the only good woman is barefoot, submissive and pregnant. If women don't stand up for someone like Hillary, or Elizabeth Warren, or countless other smart, progressive-minded women, then you surely can't count on men to do it.

    6. Anonymous1:56 PM

      Maple, I know LOTS of men who want to see a female POTUS.
      These same men admire smart, progressive minded women, not shrinking lilies. None of them vote GOP, mind you. They mostly came from single-mom homes and they had great moms who weren't man-haters. My husband, for starters. I'd never marry a sexist.
      Your comment sounds reverse sexist.
      I'm sorry you don't seem to know how to attract men with the right attitude. That problem might stem from you.

  16. Anonymous8:04 AM

    OT: HUMMM>

    1. Anonymous8:58 AM

      CONSUMERISM as a social and economic order and ideology encourages the acquisition of goods and services in ever-increasing amounts.

      "Whether we like it or not, we are stuck with the world we have made, along with the deep problems it is causing us, and we have no choice but to innovate our way out of it.

      Danger Will Robinson Danger!!

  17. Anonymous8:33 AM

    That's it. You've finally convinced me of what an awful man Sanders is. If he's nominated there is no way I'll vote for him. It's Trump or Cruz from here on out. Thanks for opening my eyes, Gryph!

    1. Anonymous9:17 AM

      You can write in the Green Candidate, Jill Stein. We are.

    2. Anonymous10:29 AM

      WAAAAUUUUGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!! sniff, sniff!

  18. Anonymous9:10 AM

    I think Krugman is wrong. Bernie hasn't become anything, the media has just exposed him for what he is along with his own comments.

  19. Follow the money. Look at the votes. Look who worked for breaking up too big to be criminal. It was not Hillary and never will be. This "primary" has gone on way too long already and our brains our fevered by "Trump" every time a person turns on the radio. Get a grip or turn it off. Sit and think. Again -- look at the votes and published legislation. Hillary sat on the fence the whole time she was a Senator. Talk about a carpetbagger! And Bill is still an idiot.

    1. Anonymous4:58 PM

      Bernie's been in office over 25 years. Wake me up when he writes a bill that passes.

    2. Anonymous12:27 AM

      There are so many strange things with your statement.

  20. Anonymous9:49 AM

    Lay off the dope, it's still there.

  21. Anonymous10:11 AM

    Hillary's campaign and her supporters are trying to make it sound as if Sanders is an old, crazy man with wild ideas. She called him "silly" Krugman said his revolution isn't "cute" anymore. If anyone referred to Clinton as saying silly or cute things - she would be crying sexism. Remember Sanders, Trump and Clinton are not that far apart in age. They have been treating Sanders with a great deal of disrespect and nobody is calling them out for it.

    "The revolutionary isn't cute anymore."Paul Krugman
    APRIL 8, 2016

    1. Anonymous10:52 AM

      You're neither silly nor cute. Just flat out biased. Have you SEEN what they've called Hillary? Silly and cute would be a step up.

  22. Anonymous10:27 AM

    Hillary Clinton actually said bernie is "silly"?
    Or did her campaigners?
    Doesn't sound like her to me.

  23. Anonymous12:05 PM

    Wow!! Why are my comments disappearing gryphen? My original comment was on this post then it was gone. Next I left a comment asking why my original comment was gone and it is now gone as well after being posted!! What is happening?

  24. Anonymous1:15 PM

    I'm sure you talked about this NYDN article the other day, so at the time, I posted this video from CNN with Bernie spokesperson(?) Nomiki Konst explaining that "economics is hard".

    Now watch this guy break down that interview piece by piece better than I ever could:

    BTW ~ Original NYT fact check:

    Yes, Bernie Sanders Knows
    Something About Breaking Up Banks

  25. Anonymous12:24 AM

    have to add to the fact-checking!


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