Saturday, April 23, 2016

The best part of Real Time last night.

Courtesy of Raw Story: 

Using a recent article in US magazine that disclosed that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton enjoys hot sauce on her meals, Maher’s writers came up with a similar fun fact list for the Texas senator. 

“We have something called ‘equal time’ in America so now the other candidates are getting their 25 things you don’t know about me,” Maher explained before sharing a few. 

Included in the list: 

“I spent my entire freshman year of high school stuffed in a locker.” 

“My nickname at Princeton was F*ckface” 

“I named the stick up my ass, ‘Hank.'” 

“Mirrors don’t show my reflection.”

I loved that mirror one.

I thought this bit was sort of funny, but what made it hysterical was watching Van Jones completely losing it


  1. Balzafiar5:13 PM

    That has to be the funniest Bill Maher segment ever!

    Someone needs to grab hold of Hank and give it a real hefty twist!

  2. Anonymous5:14 PM

    OT: I'm not understanding why you picked a pseudonym like "Gryphen" if you were concerned about people such as the Palins discovering your true identity. It's so close to your real surname.

    1. Oh I wasn't worried about anything like that and at the time did not even know the Palins existed.

      I was simply following advice I found online not to provide too much information about yourself so as to discourage trolls from harassing you.

    2. Anonymous8:42 PM

      No worries, Gryoh, we've got your back!
      At least you let them in. Wink.

  3. Anonymous6:11 PM

    Ted Cruz has a doppelgänger, and she’s agreed to make a $10,000 sex tape

    1. Balzafiar6:31 PM

      Now what we need is a Trump doppelganger so the two of them can have sex. Academy Award stuff!

    2. How tragic for her. Maimed when a child?

      Is there a GoFundMe for corrective surgery?

  4. Anonymous7:02 PM

    Prince's final gift to us all:

  5. Anonymous8:40 PM

    If laughter is contagious, more Van Jones, please!

  6. Watching the panel discuss the transgender bathroom situation (which Maher called "transvestite" in error) caused me to come to this realization:

    I think it was in the early 50's when a G.I. named GEORGE Jorgensen, became CHRISTINE Jorgensen. It had people's heads exploding right off their shoulders.

    So, in the succeeding 60 plus years, we've all stood or sat next to someone who underwent that surgery, in a public toilet, but NEVER NOTICED IT.

    Only NOW, have the pseudo-religious rightwingnuts called for the dimwitted villagers to grab their torches and pitchforks, and storm the local library and bus depot restrooms, in a rage.

    I wonder what it feels like to be played like a cheap, plastic harmonica?

    1. Maple6:58 AM

      Puritanism is still alive and doing amazingly well in the U.S......more's the pity. And when are the idiots ever going to get past the puberty stage and actually behave like sensible adults? America's obsession with any and all things sexual is getting really tiresome.

  7. Anonymous1:12 AM

    Interesting tidbit, Van Jones was at Paisley Park yesterday with Prince's sister and Sheila E. They gave out purple hat boxes with T-shirts and other memorabilia to the fans gathered outside the fence.

    1. Anonymous7:38 AM

      Cool! Thanks for posting that.

    2. Anonymous3:41 PM

      Van and Prince were very close friends, during the entire day's coverage, msnbc interviewed him about "being there to watch him nurture his talent". Prince came from humble beginnings, but gave back, especially to kids. He explored his spirituality and was a Jehovah's Witness for awhile. Van said Prince was constantly questioning things, starting programs in schools for music, supplying instruments, etc. Amazing how little the world knew of him.

  8. Anonymous8:14 AM

    That was laugh out loud funny. The Texans that voted for this lizard should be ashamed. Who wants to listen to that ugly mug and if he gets reelected here, the state is beyond hopeless!


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