Monday, April 18, 2016

What was the point again?

This twitter poster came under attack for this graphic, and he responded brilliantly.
Well that earns a follow from me.


  1. Anonymous2:30 AM
    1,299 to 1,105.
    That’s the “insurmountable” delegate lead Hillary Clinton has over Bernie Sanders.
    And there are still 1,674 pledged delegates yet to be awarded in twenty primaries and caucuses to be held over the next two months; scores of up-for-grabs delegates yet to be decided via state and county Democratic conventions; and hundreds and hundreds of super-delegates to be wooed by both candidates in Philadelphia this summer — with not a single one of them having officially committed themselves to anybody.
    That’s the cold, hard truth — the indisputable numeric data of the current election cycle — but it’s not the story Americans are being told.

    1. Anonymous5:36 AM

      Bernie Sanders' surrogate calling them all "corporate whores" is really going to make them want to switch to Bernie's side.

    2. Anonymous5:37 AM

      The cold hard truth is in the math and the math says he won't win.

    3. Anonymous7:16 AM

      He will not get the nomination. I've been saying it, Hillary Clinton will be our next president.She will make the perfect puppet for the corporation interests that really run this country.

    4. Anonymous7:52 AM

      The guy who wrote that, Seth Abramson, is insane.

  2. Anonymous3:04 AM

    I admit I don't get this at all. What's the point of posting it?

    1. Anonymous6:38 AM

      I don't get it either.

    2. Anonymous7:55 AM

      To show how worthless Bernie is & how purposeful HRC is. Bernie is for Bernie. That's the point. HRC cares about down ballot races. HRC is a Democrat. Bernie is not.

    3. Anonymous9:35 AM

      Why any Bernie supporter would be glad to have his/her candidate directly associated with the pedophilia and corrupt Wall Street ties of the Vatican at this point in the campaign is beyond me. I agree with Gryphen.

    4. Just some more Bernie Bashing.

    5. Anonymous3:07 PM

      You think he did a good thing spending hundreds of thousands of his contributors money to take a chartered plane to Rome for one night, mlaiuppa?

      Is that a good use of your money? He won't fundraiser for democrats but he'll fly his family to the Vatican for $300,000 for a 24 hour trip.

    6. Anonymous4:12 PM


  3. I don't care if you support Hillary or Bernie. The rhetoric coming from both sides serves nothing more than division of the Democratic Party. I don't recall hearing such nastiness from each candidate ever. The Republicans would like nothing more than to stick a wedge so deeply that the party will not be able to unite again. All of this talk needs to be taken with a grain of salt.

    1. What you are seeing is not the Democratic Party spewing the ugly nastiness, it's the "Independents", the BernieBots who are being so vicious and spewing the vitriol. None of them will back the party down ticket or the policies, they just want use the Democratic Party to achieve one seat, the Presidency. It is just wrong.

    2. Anonymous6:25 AM

      Yes Donal,because Hillary supporters are such retiring shrinking violets. I am a democrat who supports Sanders but will vote for Hillary, so please don't generalize.

    3. Anon 6:25
      My statement refers to the Bernie supporters who are not Democrats, don't support the Democratic Party, the down ticket candidates or the DNC policies and are attempting to win the nom for Bernie by aggressively and maliciously campaigning against HRC and will withdraw any support if she wins the nomination. You are a Dem first and a Bernie supporter second. The Bernie Bots are Bernie supporters first and there is no second choice.

    4. Anonymous7:58 AM

      Those Bernie supporters who are "Bernie or Bust" are libertarians or even GOP.

    5. Anonymous8:36 AM

      Anon at 7:58 am, they're also the same kind of fake overly "idealistic" (in their own minds) progressive idiots who supported Ralph Nader way back when and helped give us George W. Bush. So, Bernie has left-side libertarians, left "progressives" (who would never deign to call themselves "Democrats" who disdain political parties, kids who haven't a clue about anything, and some GOP intruders who will do anything to keep Hillary Clinton from getting the nomination.

  4. Anonymous3:26 AM

    The more I see of Sanders the more I dislike him.

    Dragging the pope down with his lies to the level where the pope has to defend himself is the last straw.

    Not to mention how much Ms Jane seems to be wallowing in the lurks and perks and power of her new position. There's something about her I've never trusted- and carefully hiding the tax returns she herself prepared isn't the only thing.

    1. Ms Jane wants to be in the White House where she can be the "Power behind the Throne"".

    2. Anonymous8:02 AM

      Everything you fear about Jane Sanders -

    3. Anonymous11:31 AM


  5. Anonymous3:52 AM

    The Bernie followers appear to be as loyal to the Democratic Party as Bernie himself is, don't they? They ought to get something in there about him running for his seat again as an Independent. Seems he has little use for the Democratic Party once his Presidential adventure is over.

    1. Anonymous9:23 AM

      We wish he would have run as an Independent, not sure why he jumped on the Dem bandwagon, but many of us consider that a deal breaker.

    2. Anonymous10:02 AM

      So I guess you didn't/aren't going to vote for him, 9:23?

  6. Anonymous4:00 AM

    I would like to know where he got all the figures. I haven't seen any of this publicized.

  7. Anonymous4:13 AM

    But, just a few days ago, Bernie Sanders' campaign helped out three downstream candidates in Congressional primary races. . . .

    Bernie Sanders got caught in one of the stupidest and clumsiest campaign stunts of the last umpteen years. He did not do very well in last week's debate and his NY Daily News interview was a disaster, especially compared to Hillary's.

    He has supporters who are becoming amazingly similar to Donald Trump's thuggish supporters. Including, unfortunately, Jane Fonda - who should know better.

    1. I think Jane Fonda is in Hillary's court. She just stated the fact that if H is elected there will be a backlash from the 'toxic masculinity' prevalent but stated too that H is the most experienced, competent, and ready to "hit the ground running".

    2. Anonymous6:49 AM

      5:51 I am amazed by how the left has misconstrued Fonda's statement. It just shows that too many on the right and left read the news with a bias

    3. Anonymous6:58 AM

      4:13 i think you misunderstood Jane Fonda>HRC
      "she has the background to deal with all the complications.”
      "Should Clinton indeed win the Democratic nomination and the ensuing election over the Republican party, Fonda predicted “there will be violence”.

      “Every time women move forward, there is going to be problems,” she said, spurred by an audience member who asked Fonda about her feminist principles. “So one of the things we have to do is help men understand why they are so threatened – and change the way we view masculinity. We have a toxic masculinity and that’s what needs to be addressed.”

  8. Anonymous5:03 AM

    Yeah, thold double standards display where Hillary is concerned. In the eyes of Sanders supporters Sanders can do no wrong and Hillary can do no right even if the truth is staring them in the face. They HAVE become the teaparty of the Left. Facts do not penetrate their anger.

  9. Anonymous5:11 AM

    This post is sure to bring out the Bernie supporters crying foul over Gryphen daring to favor Hillary. How dare Gryphen favor Hillary over Bernie! lol

  10. Anonymous5:56 AM

    It's amazing how short sighted some Sanders supporters are. Clinton is out there raising money to help democrats get elected throughout the US, including in red states. This is how change is really going to come about. Sanders has helped raise money for three down ballot candidates and it just so happens those are the three who endorsed him first. He can't even say for sure that he will work to raise money for down ballot dems if he gets the nomination.

    The real work gets done in the legislature. Sanders knows that. Why can't he "share the wealth?"

    1. Anonymous6:08 AM

      As others have stated, in the beginning I liked him but he's showing more and more of who he truly is. No thanks!

    2. Anonymous6:20 AM

      Really good points here. The real work does get done in the legislature, and Bernie knows that because he works there. He is open about why he is decided to run as a Democrat rather than an Independent, but he doesn't seem to acknowledge the obvious when he talks about the "revolution". It's not going to magically happen just because people believe.

    3. Anonymous8:06 AM

      The best long essay I've read on Bernie, vetting his policies and his plans, etc. - "On Becoming Anti-Bernie" :

  11. CLASSIC!! Thanks so much for sharing. I think the breakdown of the financial haul from that Clooney fundraiser is an excellent fact and should be brought to light. It says it all.
    Thanks again from this Hillary supporter. And not ashamed to say it.
    (I for one like reading your posts that are about something else then the sordid, never-ending sagas of She-Who-Should-Not-Be-Named.)

    1. Anonymous6:23 AM

      Since you prefer to not dirty your mouth with the name, allow me to do it for you.

      Sarah Palin or Bristol Palin.

    2. Anonymous10:21 PM

      The PLAINS. Just plain dumb people.

  12. Raz Lemons6:10 AM

    The desperation is popping up like sweat beads on Hills Shills foreheads, Gryph included, This fundraiser has been repeatedly billed as a Hillary Clinton campaign event a fund raising dinner for Hillary, But now that its unpopular its suddenly a Democratic fundraiser, If Hillarys campaign gets one red cent out of this she owns it : / and Bernies " Vacay " was an invite by the Vatican to speak at a conference and while he wasn't a paid speaker the Vatican picked up his airfare, I'm really disappointed in you Gryph, This is all public information that can be found in two minutes on the web, you just chose not to look, Do you don a dark wig, makeup and stuffed bra and pretend your Sarah in the confine of your home at night ?

    1. Anonymous6:42 AM

      Only a true BernieBro would claim someone dresses in women's clothing and pretends to be Sarah Palin for daring to disagree. So, I will say it in the official BernieBro language: #BernieSoDesperate #PopeStalker #BerniePanders #NotADemocrat #BernieBrosAreTheNewTeabaggers #FeelTheMath #WhereYourTaxRecordsAtBro

    2. No the Vatican did NOT "pick up" the airfare cost for the private plane.

      To do so would have constituted a campaign contribution, and the Vatican stays out of American politics.

      Currently this is being used by the Sanders' campaign as a comparison to Hillary's fundraiser with Clooney all over the internet and cable news.

      Sanders used an unwitting Pope Francis to gain a political advantage over Hillary Clinton.

      Which I would argue was the point all along.

    3. Anonymous7:11 AM

      You're having a fever dream or something, perhaps living in another reality?

    4. Anonymous8:08 AM

      6:10 - the Pope implied that Bernie needs to see a shrink!

    5. Anonymous8:13 AM

      Video footage as Bernie disses the woman who revealed that the Pope did not invite him

    6. Anonymous9:12 AM

      The desperation is actually dripping off your post and it's also dripping with lies. The Vatican does not pay for any visitors to travel. And to say " But Hillary..." just shows how desperate Bernie and you Bernie Bros are.

    7. Anonymous9:14 AM

      @ Raz Lemons
      You're ( You might want to note the correct spelling) nothing but a typical misogynistic Bernie Bro.

  13. Anonymous6:39 AM

    ● [HIGHLIGHTS] From The Week

    The Week:
    ● [YUP] Bernie Sanders' awkward Vatican junket

    ● [YUP] fundraisers are pretty mundane as far as presidential politics go. A quick jaunt to the seat of the Roman Catholic Church isn't.)

    ● [WE CONCUR] And Sanders' trip to the Vatican was controversial from the moment he announced it.

    ● [WE KNOW WHY] First, Sanders' political allies expressed confusion about his decision to leave New York for 36 hours when he is trailing Clinton in the polls, all to give a 15-minute speech to a group of people who can't vote for him.

    ● [THIS IS WHAT YOU CALL SPINNING] "Some things are more important than politics," Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver shrugged.

    ● [STOP IT! YOU GOT CAUGHT] "When you get invited by the Vatican, I think you go."

    ● [WE KNEW IT] Then the president of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences, Margaret Archer, accused Sanders of inviting himself to the conference for political gain.

    ● [SMH] but that failing to go through her office was "a monumental discourtesy.")....

    ● [OUCH!] ● .... it's pretty clear that the Vatican did not want Sanders to drag the pope (further) into the 2016 U.S. presidential race. Sanders did not seem to take the hint.

    ● [CAN YOU SAY STALKER]] "This morning when I was leaving, Sen. Sanders was there, he had come to the convention," the pope said. "He knew I was leaving at that time and he had the courtesy to greet me. I greeted him, his wife, and another couple who were there and were sleeping in Santa Martha," the hostel where Francis also lives. "When I came down, I greeted him, I shook his hand, and nothing more. This is called good manners and it is not getting involved in politics....

    ● [WE CONCUR] That's awkward.

    ● [ANOTHER OUCH!] But his trumpeting of the meeting does not speak well of his diplomatic skills. Indeed, the entire trip was downright bizarre.

    ● [WE AGREE] Set aside the weirdness of Sanders using his campaign funds to charter a 200-seat Boeing 767-300 to fly 8,500 miles to Rome with his family and a small Secret Service detail so he could briefly talk about income inequality and climate change

    ● [PREACH IT] Instead, let's look at why Sanders made the trip in the first place. He and his aides are adamant that the journey wasn't motivated by politics or courting Catholic Democrats in the heavily Catholic, delegate-rich northeastern states where Sanders is struggling. Let's take him at his word — Pope Francis is very popular among liberal Catholics, but more as a moral figure than a celebrity, and certainly not as a campaign prop.

    ● [FOR VOTES & DELEGATES] But if Sanders isn't trying to touch the political hem of the pope's garment, what then?

    ● [JUST LIKE MCCAIN] Sanders is the underdog, and underdogs have to take risks. But presidential campaigns are job auditions. Taking time off before a big deadline to meet a personal hero on company money is nice work if you can get it, as the Gershwins said. But it does leave some questions about how committed you really are to the job...

    Read entire post at

  14. Anonymous6:56 AM

    Does Bernie Sanders and wife need to declare the cost of the round-trip on a private jet, room and board and everything else they received on their trip on their INCOME TAXES next year?

    Bernie didn't go on behalf of the government or his campaign!

    One of the reasons Bernie went was to stalk Pope Francis. Now Bernie can scratch it off his bucket list.

    "Some things are more important than politics,"
    - Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver

    1. Anonymous9:10 AM

      No they don't need to declare it at all since the money used came from his campaign donors. Though I am wondering if this folly to Vatican City is legal use of campaign funds.

    2. Anonymous9:32 AM

      9:10 - no, it's not. He flew his family of 10 there! I'm sure the FEC will be most interested.

    3. Anonymous11:07 AM

      Why not? Sarah used to do it all the time and still does. Living the good life on OPM.

    4. Anonymous11:52 AM

      11:07 - Sarah's not a declared candidate. Big difference.

  15. Anonymous7:15 AM

    From your side-bar blogroll G:

    A Significant Reason Most Superdelegates Are Pledged to Hillary Clinton, Wealthy Donors, Bundled Money, Sent To State Democrat Offices And Laundered Back To Her.

    How Hillary Clinton Bought the Loyalty of 33 State Democratic Parties

    #TheyreWithHer alright!

    Bought and paid-for from the top down.
    It's the whole Billary operation's MO.

    1. Anonymous8:12 AM

      You're an idiot if you don't understand how the party system works.

    2. Anonymous8:24 AM

      How Bernie supporters are lashing out and hurting his campaign in CA -

    3. Anonymous9:08 AM

      BS, Hillary raised money for other candidates. Too bad Bernie only cares about himself but yet he has no problem taking funds from the DNC for his campaign.
      But if the DNC is soooooooo bad, why is Bernie running as a Democrat? (gasp) it can't be he sold out his so-called ethics for $$$$$$$$ is it??!!

    4. Anonymous9:39 AM

      Bernie supporters making enemies in NY -

  16. Anonymous7:24 AM

    Sounds like a personal decision to go


    From the Washington Post

    "This is not going to be a political speech or event,” Devine said
    - Tad Devine,
    Sanders’s chief strategist

    "It’s something I would be very proud to see happen,” Sanders said of an audience with the pontiff.
    - Bernie Sanders

    "I would be kicking myself forever if I did not seize the opportunity,” Sanders said in a telephone interview Wednesday.
    - Bernie Sanders

    The decision to head to the Vatican even came as a surprise to one of Sanders’s closest advisers, who admitted last week that he played no role in the planning. But for Sanders, there is no mystery in accepting a chance to meet the pope, whose pronouncements on economic justice and environmental conservation he has long admired.

    1. Anonymous8:14 AM

      It's been a PR disaster for ole Bern Bern. The Pope inferred that Bernie needs a shrink!

    2. Anonymous8:16 AM

      If Sanders so admired the pope, why didn't he meet him last September in DC when everyone else did? Because: campaign stunt.

    3. Anonymous9:39 AM

      I hope he enjoyed himself because he'll never be invited again after this stunt.

    4. Anonymous9:40 AM

      This opportunity to use campaign funds to charter a plane?

  17. Anonymous7:44 AM

    We have been hearing about the crowds at Bernie Sanders’s rallies

    Who comes up with the attendance numbers? Methinks it is just a campaign flunking padding the numbers.

    These people attending Bernie's rallies are most likely the same bunch jumping from rally to rally.

  18. Anonymous9:21 AM

    So neither of the Democratic candidates espouse the sort of liberal values that most Independent and Democratic voters hold. What do we do when neither candidate meets our criteria?

    1. Anonymous9:31 AM

      I match 100% with Dr. Jill Stein (according to but I'm voting for Hillary because I care about the Supreme Court, retaking the Senate, the House and gubernatorial races, and a woman's right to choose. Also, I care about foreign policy.

    2. Anonymous9:42 AM

      They both do have liberal values, but nobody is perfect, not even Bernie Sanders.

      The problem with Sanders is the same problem that Nader had. It's purity politics.

      When you create a purity test nobody, not even the candidates themselves, will meet that standard.

  19. Anonymous9:37 AM

    This is the same kind of "travel expense" BULLSHIT Fox "News" pulled on Obama.

    Happy now, @Gryph? You're one of them now.

  20. Anonymous9:41 AM

    It's shocking how much the developments on this site mirror the Trump/Cruz schism on C4P.

    1. Anonymous10:45 AM

      Why? Both the GOP and the Democrats have been infiltrated by fakers/con artists.

  21. Anonymous9:52 AM

    With all this Bernie bashing going on, I doubt any of you actually read the speech he gave.

    The Urgency of a Moral Economy: Reflections on the 25th Anniversary of Centesimus Annus

    "I am honored to be with you today and was pleased to receive your invitation to speak to this conference of The Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences. Today we celebrate the encyclical Centesimus Annus and reflect on its meaning for our world a quarter-century after it was presented by Pope John Paul II. With the fall of Communism, Pope John Paul II gave a clarion call for human freedom in its truest sense: freedom that defends the dignity of every person and that is always oriented towards the common good.

    The Church’s social teachings, stretching back to the first modern encyclical about the industrial economy, Rerum Novarum in 1891, to Centesimus Annus, to Pope Francis’s inspiring encyclical Laudato Si’ this past year, have grappled with the challenges of the market economy. There are few places in modern thought that rival the depth and insight of the Church’s moral teachings on the market economy.

    Over a century ago, Pope Leo XIII highlighted economic issues and challenges in Rerum Novarum that continue to haunt us today, such as what he called “the enormous wealth of a few as opposed to the poverty of the many.”

    And let us be clear. That situation is worse today. In the year 2016, the top one percent of the people on this planet own more wealth than the bottom 99 percent, while the wealthiest 60 people – 60 people – own more than the bottom half – 3 1/2 billion people. At a time when so few have so much, and so many have so little, we must reject the foundations of this contemporary economy as immoral and unsustainable.

    The words of Centesimus Annus likewise resonate with us today."

    You can read the whole speech and find the historical context thru the links I provided. You may realize that Senator Sanders was the perfect person to be invited to speak at this event.

    Imagine that: a world leader, at a global conference, stating his case about the very things he has based his whole life fighting against...or you can just keep screaming 'PR stunt'.

    1. Anonymous10:10 AM

      He didn't have to go all the way to Rome to give that speech. He can, and does, give it right here every day.

      He has far and away more international coverage during debates and stump speeches right here in the United States than he got for saying the same thing at the Vatican.

      So, why go to the Vatican for 24 hours a few days before one of the most important primaries? Why spend 10s of 1000s of dollars of his campaign money, why go on the view and tell them he's going to meet the Pope?

      PR stunt.

    2. Anonymous10:19 AM

      I'm glad this Pope is concerned about world poverty and the wealth gap, but I'm not buying this "human freedom in its truest sense" crap.

      Tell Catholic women all over the world it's ok to use birth control. Tell them they can have abortions if they get raped or if their lives are in danger (or because they can't afford another mouth to feed). Tell women they can divorce their husbands if they need or want to. Allow women to be ordained. Stop allowing the protection of priests who molest children.

      Then we can talk about "human freedom."

    3. Everyone knows there is something deeply wrong with the Catholic church. It just becomes more and more obvious the more light is shone upon it.

      The very fact that there is a Pope so far ahead of his so-called peers or whatever they are referred to in that abyss of ignorance is something to be happy about.

      The world is moving so quickly there is hope for those indoctrinated to open their minds.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. Anonymous1:17 PM

      I'm not familiar with this website. I posted something in reply to your "human freedom" post.

      It went something like this: the Catholic Church is affiliated with all kinds of f'ed up forms of oppression, hatred and medieval weirdness as are many other forms of Christianity and other religions.

      We should look at this Pope as a gift for obvious reasons. Personally, I'm surprised he hasn't been taken out.

      Think like Hillary Clinton: it all has to be accomplished incrementally. GAG.

    6. Anonymous2:33 PM

      The catholic church is one of the problems in the world today and it needs disbanded and their actual massive wealth shared amongst the poor brainwashed people that support them. Disband, sell off assets and share the wealth. Simple, and necessary.

    7. Anonymous3:12 PM

      Women (and girls) have died or nearly died in Catholic countries because hospitals refuse to give them abortions when their lives were in danger. Does the Pope with his talk about human dignity and freedom think that's what his god wants?

    8. Anonymous3:37 PM

      I like how you use the word disbanded. Right on.

      Speaking of which, how about we start taxing the churches right here in the good ol' U S of A.

      Tax the tithers. How in the hell these so-called places of worship do not give anything to our government in taxes for all the wars they so fervently support...

    9. To whomever is so upset about what god wants :
      I am openly selling clues. I will give you ten million for free.

  22. Anonymous10:23 AM

    I dont know. But did Cruz just gain like 40 pounds in the last few days? Hmm him and satah.

    1. Anonymous11:20 AM

      Link and photo, please?

    2. Anonymous2:26 PM

      Wow. And this is what you care about? Hillary has "cankles" or whatever.

      Donald Trump has a small wee wee.

      It seems to me this doesn't matter one whit in the face of so much insanity more especially being faced with so much more.

      The world is on tenterhooks and we care about Ted Cruz gaining weight?


  23. Anonymous3:23 PM


    Q. Where did Bernie Sanders fly to on such a short notice?

    A. Bernie Sanders traveled to Rome on Friday to give a 15 minute speech

    Q. Secret Service detail, a group of campaign staffers and members of the press went with Bernie to the Vatican. Who were the freeloaders?

    A. He was joined by his wife and ten family members including grandchildren.

    Q. How many people went with Bernie?

    A. The total group of what is believed to be below 50.

    Q. With a group below 50, did Bernie fly commercial?

    A. No, Bernie chartered a Delta 767 jet for their trip which can seat between 211 and 261 people but they flew about 50 people 4,435 miles from New York to Rome and approximately 16,596 gallons of fuel. Multiply that by two for the return trip. The whole round-trip boondoggle took less than 24 hours. A 767 aircraft carries up to 23,980 gallons of fuel, which is 'enough to fill 1,200 minivans', according to Boeing.

    Q. At the debate on Thursday Sanders claimed he 'introduced the most comprehensive climate change legislation'. Does Bernie practice what he preach?

    A. Well by flying 50 people on a a chartered jet that holds 261 people just added to global warming. Funny thing, Bernie also attacked rival Hillary Clinton for her stance on fossil fuels.

    Q. Would it have been cheaper and more economical for Bernie to fly 50 people on a filled commercial jet to Rome instead of taking college kids money to lease a jet?

    A. It is unknown how much it cost Sanders to charter the plane for the one-day trip, but according to a 2012 article from the Wall Street Journal, many sports teams charter similar aircraft and pay as much as $200,000 for one-way domestic flights.

    WHAT? $200,000 for one way trip? Who cares right Bernie? The money didn't come from Bernie's pockets?

    Do you think Bernie would charter a jet for $400,000 and fly to Rome and back if he had to pay for a whole jet out of his pockets?

    Regardless of his criticism on fossil fuels, Sanders still decided to fly 50 people to Rome on a 767 jet following the debate on Thursday night, saying the opportunity to give a 15 minute speech was too meaningful for Bernie to pass up.

    That sounds like a selfish personal act by Bernie Sanders.

    1. Anonymous4:07 PM

      Keep in mind $200,000 is for one way domestic flight for sports teams.

    2. Anonymous5:06 PM

      That's the "socialist" side of running a "clean campaign", don't take money from businesses, take it from small donors, then party on, dudes!!!

    3. It's really sad that people are arguing about the fucking Pope. The point is this:
      stop messing around with people's heads.

      It is absolutely astounding that we all have our heads so far up our asses that it doesn't come down to sheer human.

    4. Anonymous4:35 AM

      Oooohhh 9:43 called the Pope the eff word.

  24. Anonymous3:36 PM

    Bernie Sanders takes a private flight to Rome to speak at the Vatican conference - burning gallons of fuel just hours after attacking Hillary Clinton on climate change


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