Thursday, May 05, 2016

And so it begins.

Anybody who does not see through this obvious obfuscation needs to have their eyes checked.

This actually works on two fronts.

First Trump gets the opportunity to screw with the Democratic race a little by suggesting that it is rigged in Hillary's favor, and perhaps hoping that will help Sanders win the nomination.

And secondly when he loses in November he simply says "See, I told you it was rigged."

I swear this guy is almost as transparent as the "hair" on top of this scalp.


  1. Our Lad6:32 AM

    The Republican party finally has what it never wanted, a person who actually is spewing forth the poison that it has fermented for a half century but always denied. The first one's free but now you're strung out and your soul belongs to your dealer. How's it feel, motherfuckers?

    1. You put it together perfectly ... you have a way with words. :)

    2. Anonymous7:11 AM

      I must say it is very enjoyable to watch the GOP destroy itself while at the same time revealing the ugly core they have tried to hide.

      That said, we MUST all get out to vote in November and not take the GOP's destruction for granted.

    3. And vote Democratic on as many of the downticket races as possible. And if it's "non-partisan" then Google them to find out who their supporters are. That's usually a good tell on what their POV is.

    4. Anonymous12:46 PM

      And no matter how many times a BernieBro tries to tell you to write in Bernie or to vote for Jill, not Hill, don't listen.

      Half of those voices are Rove and gang trying to keep Bernie supporters all riled up by suggesting that she really didn't get the votes -- it was rigged!!! Never saw a more gullible bunch in my life, but hey, most of them have never voted in a midterm election or read anything not on Daily Kos or Facebook.

  2. Anonymous6:37 AM

    1. And Romney doesn't. He's not attending the convention.

      Cross him off your VP list.

  3. Anonymous7:00 AM

    "MY life would be based on merit alone." "But because they felt the need to attack me every single time I posted anything remotely favorable to my candidate of choice, because I have spoken to countless women who have stopped posting on Facebook and Twitter because they are afraid the Bros will pounce, because some of them have turned out to be as misogynist and careless in their attacks and speech as The Donald himself, they have been part of my growing education.""I would never vote for a female candidate based solely on gender. But to vote for someone like Hillary because she’s eminently qualified and because she’s a woman? You betcha. I Am Woman. Watch Me Vote."

    1. That's how I feel. Here at IM I feel safe voicing my thoughts. Not so elsewhere. I was supportive to both Bernie & Hillary initially. They both had something to offer. Now Bernie has turned me off. IMHO, most of the vitriol has been coming from Bernie's side. I think his wife, Jane, has much to do with it. I realize Bernie has a mind of his own, but I can't help but think the major push for him to keep it going is coming from Jane. I think Jane really likes putting the screws to Hillary. I watch her face & body language when she speaks. IDK, I could be wrong, but my intuitive sense picks up something about Jane. :sigh:

    2. Anonymous9:41 AM

      8:56 Men do not like to be "pussy whipped", or do they?

    3. Anonymous10:10 AM

      Giggles @8:56> Just your name makes me smile. Right there with you.

    4. 66gardeners8:21 AM

      Same here giggles. Bernie's driving force against Hillary is that she is a woman.

  4. Anonymous7:07 AM

  5. Anonymous7:10 AM

    Our Lad -- you're right.

    I was wanting to write all this other hopefully clever explanatory stuff, but gods damn it, you're right.

    (How does it feel to have some random person on the internet say that?)

  6. Anonymous7:12 AM

    Lyin' Ted, low energy Jeb, crooked Hilary and asshole Trump

    1. Anonymous8:33 AM

      Trump calling Jeb Bush 'low energy'! Cracks me up.

      Watch The Donald walk across a platform or move up and down stairs - he's slow in his pace, uses bannisters when there to support him, very much over weight and reflects low energy himself!

      The pot calling the kettle black is what I'd say. Trump is a friggin' jerk!

    2. Anonymous12:05 PM

      I think it behooves us all to continually refer to Trump as the "short-fingered vulgarian" candidate. Since he funtions at the level of Triumph the insult dog, he should get it back in turn (although, in all fairness, Triumph does it better).

  7. Anonymous7:16 AM

    Hillary Clinton Begins The General Election Leading Trump In Every Swing State

  8. Anonymous7:19 AM

    Clinton calls Trump a ‘loose cannon,’ risky choice for president

    NBC Shows Their Pro-Trump Bias By Broadcasting Nightly News Live From Trump Tower

    1. Yes, NBC/MSNBC seems to be supporting Trump although I cannot figure out why. MSNBC has more interviews with Trump than any other candidate. I don't watch any of those. Trump is a blight on our nation.

    2. Anonymous10:01 AM

      All the nightly new programs lead in with Trump, Clinton and Bernie seem to be an after thought. I guess the entertainment value is still more important.

    3. Anonymous11:01 AM

      1smartamerican - Trump's show was on NBC for 14 years. That's why NBC/MSNBC are in the tank for him. By furthering him, they are furthering their own brand and profits.

    4. 66gardeners8:23 AM

      They are also exposing Trump's incompetence

  9. Anonymous7:20 AM

    Other pro-Hillary sites are writing similar posts laying the groundwork for blame Sanders if Clinton gets the nomination but loses to Trump. "See what ammunition Bernie keeps handing to the Repubs because he Just.Won't.Drop.Out!" If Clinton gets the nomination and loses, the blame falls squarely on the shoulders of Clinton and the DNC. People on the left and the right want fundamental change in our system. That's why the right picked Trump. Everyone knows what they'll get with Clinton is more of the same and that's why she'll lose if she gets the nom.

    1. SallyinMI7:51 AM

      Clinton will not lose. How in hell would Trump change anything for the better? He has spent his life screwing workers, women he's not married to, and the system. Now he's suddenly going to save us all and make the middle class exist again? How? How? How? He has no ideas, just bumper sticker platitudes like Palin. Hillary is poised, experienced, intelligent and ready to lead. Like it or lump it, but we will NOT elect a bully white misogynist hateful millionaire to the WH. Never.

    2. Anonymous7:58 AM

      Hillary Clinton will win and any Sanders supporters who don't vote for her on principle or out of spite will be thanking the rest of us for saving them from Trump.

    3. Anonymous8:02 AM

      Hillary isn't going to lose in November, but Bernie will lose in June and plus he will have to live with Baby Jane after he loses.

    4. Anonymous8:30 AM

      Clinton will have my vote and many others by family and friends that surround me.

      She can walk into the White House the day she takes her oath as POTUS and begin working due to her knowledge and experience.

      Trump nor Sanders can do that! Sanders has become a disgrace and is not a Democrat where Trump is purely driven by ego and idiocy!

    5. Anonymous9:04 AM

      Trump is courting disgruntled Sanders fans. If you want to join the KKK and other racists in supporting him, that's up to you.

      There's nothing like voting for a man who represents the 1% to show that you're all about income equality.

    6. Anonymous9:49 AM

      Good night, sweet Bernie. And a flight of Delta sing thee to thy Jane.

    7. Anonymous12:50 PM

      Gee, another "I'll never vote for Hillary" post!

      Donald Trump thanks you from the bottom of his cold, cruel heart. What punishment do you think a woman should receive for having an abortion? What color would you like the Trump wall to be?

      Is this your first rodeo?

    8. 66gardeners8:25 AM

      The first female president is not more of the same. Trump is an old, rich white guy which is more of the same.

  10. Anonymous7:21 AM

    Exceptionalism creates Ugly.

  11. Anonymous7:26 AM

  12. Anonymous7:33 AM

    WATCH: Rob Reiner shames the media for coddling ‘lunatic’ Trump — and ‘Morning Joe’ loses its mind

    1. Anonymous8:26 AM

      Good for Rob Reiner!! Those two idiots on "Morning Joe" have supported and promoted Donald Trump since he's reared his ugly head for POTUS!

      Rob Reiner has been appearing on many talk shows lately and indicating his dislike of Donald Trump! Yea!

    2. Anonymous9:25 AM

      Glad Reiner. I am sick of news about that pos t runp

    3. Anonymous9:35 AM

      Mikron dRumpf:"should i stick my HEEL down his throat?"

  13. Anonymous7:35 AM

    Racists urge lone wolves to slaughter Muslims and Latinos in Sacramento: ‘Leave no survivors’

    Police are trying to determine whether a notorious white supremacist left threatening leaflets on vehicles in a Sacramento neighborhood.

    The leaflets warned against “white genocide” — a white nationalist slogan — and threatened targeted violence against Muslims and Hispanics, reported the Sacramento Bee.

    The fliers urged “white resistance groups and lone wolves” to activate the “hundred little death camp policy” and begin slaughtering Muslims and Latinos in the U.S., Europe and Russia.

    “If you have not secured a body dump-site, do so now!” the leaflets warn. “Kidnap, rob, torture for information and execute all Muslims and Latinos. Leave no survivors.”

    The letters are signed by Greg Withrow, a white supremacist who in 1979 co-founded the forerunner to the skinhead Aryan Youth Movement that eventually displaced the Ku Klux Klan.

    1. Balzafiar7:51 AM

      This kind of shit has no place in our country. Find the perps and put them into the deepest bowels of the worst penitentiary in the country.

    2. Anonymous8:23 AM

      I swear to god that America is becoming more and more frightening in which to live!

      Start getting rid of the above type actions by NOT voting for Donald Trump for POTUS. He's the devil incarnate and supports the above type crap!

    3. Anonymous8:35 AM

      "“The first amendment does protect the right to free speech, even if that speech is deplorable or despicable,” said Officer Matthew McPhai, of Sacramento police. “Part of the investigation will be trying to determine if there is some crime associated with the distribution, some sort of other act that has taken place.”"

    4. @7:35 .... O.M.G. this leaves me speechless ...

    5. @8:35am: The First Amendment does protect free speech, but this speech is rallying people to torture and kill innocent people because of their religion and race. This does not seem like it should be protected speech. Maybe when people are killed in direct response to these leaflets, the organizers can be held responsible! Too bad about those killed, eh?

  14. Anonymous7:37 AM


  15. Anonymous7:42 AM


  16. Anonymous8:38 AM

    The White Vote Can’t And Won’t Save Trump – Republicans Are Screwed

    Donald Trump is now the unofficially declared Republican nominee. Congratulations, Republicans, you went from Abraham Lincoln, to Dwight D. Eisenhower, to George W. Bush, and now Trump. We didn’t think it could get much worse, but it did.

    Thankfully for the Democrats and other sane Americans, both Clinton and Sanders stand to beat Trump in a landslide in a general election. The math favors Clinton to be the Democratic nominee, for she only needs roughly 180 more delegates out of the 1,100+ left in the rest of the contests. No matter who you support, this is a good thing.

    So, unless there is a divine intervention (on both sides), it’s going to be Trump v. Clinton.

    Anti-establishment Republicans are elated though for some weird reason – their candidate is screwed.

    Take a look at the numbers: CNN has Clinton beating Trump 54-41 percent, a thirteen point lead. That’s pretty sizable. And what’s even more remarkable is the fact that Trump leads Clinton with white voters by only nine points (52-43). Remember, white voters are supposed to be Trump’s saving grace in this election – the angry white voter, new-age Southern Strategy is supposed to carry the xenophobic buffoon, and he is only leading by nine points.

    In 2008, McCain garnered 55 percent of white voters to Obama’s 43 percent – 12 point difference – and still lost.

    In 2012, Romney nabbed 59 percent of whites to Obama’s dismal 39 percent – a 20 point difference – and still lost.

    Projections show that Trump will have to win 70 percent of white voters if he wants to take the White House. And why is that? Because Clinton is absolutely crushing him among non-white voters. In CNN’s poll, 81 percent of nonwhite voters are backing Clinton, while 14 percent are backing Trump, a 67 point difference.

    That’s not even taking into consideration the entire female vote, which Trump is losing in historic proportions.

    And it certainly doesn’t help that Republicans have lost ground with white voters (and white men) while Democrats have picked up the Republican’s slack. Reuters found:

    Among whites under 40, the shift is even more dramatic. In 2012, they were more likely to identify with the Republican Party by about 5 percentage points. In 2015, the advantage flipped: Young whites are now more likely to identify with the Democratic Party by about 8 percentage points.

    Bottom line: the white vote cannot and will not save Donald Trump. The face of the nation has changed, the demographics have shifted, and it’s no longer going to be the white man calling the shots. And no matter how many races and religions Trump wants to ban, the rhetoric will not be enough for his racist base. Of course never say never. There is always a chance he could win – if Democrats get too comfortable and stay home. But if Democrats get out and vote, Trump will lose, and lose huge.

    Let’s put the final nail in the white dominance coffin and send a message to the bigots on the Trump train.

    1. He won't get 70% of the white vote.

      Some of them are Democrats.

      And of the Republicans, some of them are women that won't vote for him. Even some men won't vote for him.

      He won't get enough of the black vote, hispanic vote or any other vote to make any difference. Certainly not to offset the white voters that will NOT vote for him.

    2. 66gardeners8:31 AM

      "you went from Abraham Lincoln, to Dwight D. Eisenhower, to George W. Bush, and now Trump"

      Let's now leave out Nixon, Ford and Reagan to that destructive party

  17. Anonymous8:38 AM

  18. Anonymous8:42 AM

    Toxic Trump

  19. Anonymous8:47 AM

    Donald Trump Is the Greatest Thing to Happen to Conservatism

    ...Many conservatives are horrified by this news. I’ll admit, both my liver and I would have been happier in the short term if Trump were not the nominee. But at the same time, I recognize that the nomination of Trump might be the single greatest thing to happen to the conservative movement since at least the rise of Reaganism.

    The inconvenient truth that few conservatives have wanted to address is that for decades, the movement has been rank with charlatans. True, there’s always been a firmly conservative activist and intellectual core and genuinely principled politicians to keep the ship righted. But a shockingly high percentage of conservative pundits are simply frauds at their core.

  20. Anonymous8:49 AM

    Gosh, Gryphen don't scare me like that. When I read the lede, I thought you wrote that.... 'crooked Hillary...' Was about to get all upset and vow to quit logging onto this blog every 25 minutes. Was going to cut back to logging on every 45 minutes....:)

  21. Anonymous8:50 AM

    On His First Day As Presumptive GOP Nominee, Trump Completely Reverses His Position On Minimum Wage

    Shortly after his opponents Sen. Ted Cruz and Ohio Gov. John Kasich dropped out of the race, Trump revealed that he has flipped on one of his key policy positions: the minimum wage.

    In November, Trump said unequivocally that he “would not” raise wages if elected president. But he told CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer on Wednesday that he is now “open to doing something with it.”

    “I’m actually looking at that because I am very different from most Republicans,” Trump said. “You have to have something that you can live on.”


    1. Duh.

      But give him some time. He'll reverse back again. And then again. The guy flip flops like a spinning top.

  22. Anonymous8:57 AM

    I'm not voting FOR her, I'm voting AGAINST Trump. The fact remains that both of the choices we have are despicable and most intelligent, informed people realize this.
    We're just choosing what kind of bread our shit sandwich is going on.

    1. Anonymous9:35 AM

      "most intelligent, informed people realize this"

      Wow, that's really condescending and elitist (not to mention completely untrue).

      Why is it so important to think you belong to some kind of super-smart club? Is it narcissism or low self-esteem?

    2. Anonymous9:47 AM

      Whatever works to stop Trump from getting the nuclear codes. It's bad enough that he's going to start getting the security briefings as the GOP candidate and his top guy is in love with Putin.

    3. Anonymous10:19 AM

      I must have struck a nerve...
      It's still a shit sandwich no matter how you slice it.
      You know it, I know it, we all know it.
      Two abysmal candidates and one of them is going to be in charge of the most powerful country in the world.
      Neither gives a fuck about you or me, or anyone worth less than a billion dollars. Sad, sad state of affairs.

    4. Anonymous10:59 AM

      10:19. What fairy tale world do you live in that you expect any politician to genuinely "CARE" about you as an individual? I mean, are you a grown adult, right?

      But I do know that HRC has a much better track record of trying to improve the world than Donald Trump has. Go read her best-selling book: "It Takes A Village" for more.

    5. Anonymous11:21 AM

      You're supposed to go into public service, I don't know....serve the public, maybe? Care about the populace as a whole? Make the country a better place to live in? Not amass millions of dollars and bow to the Wall Street overlords, and sell the middle class down the river.

    6. Anonymous11:57 AM

      As I said, condescending and elitist.

      Also hyperbolic, histrionic, and smug.

    7. Anonymous1:57 PM

      11:21, your words make me think of the half-dozen times I've heard Trump say that if he didn't win it'd be "a complete waste of my time" having run for office. He has no real sense of a mission. There's no altruism in this guy. No sense of giving back after having taken so much.

      For all their faults, what I have always admired about the Kennedys is that they believe that they are called upon to do good, and the older and known Kennedys aside now, we don't hear about all the organizations the various generations are involved in but they are contributing all the time. People talk about Trump as having raised good kids. So, they've stayed out of trouble. great. But they do little to nothing that is not in the best interest of their wallets.

    8. Anonymous2:15 PM

      You didn't really say anything though, did you?

  23. Anonymous10:28 AM

  24. Anonymous11:03 AM

    He's going to use the 'crooked Hillary' insult as a way to avoid talking about policies(he doesn't have any, or at least none that are realistic). He is such a know-nothing juvenile. He's almost on the same level as the Wasilla idiot.

    1. As a business schmuck he's learned how to negatively brand an opponent.

      Like Little Marco, Lyin' Ted. Now it's Crooked Hillary.

      And he knows the Democrats won't stoop to his level and call him Tiny Hands Donald, or Bankrupt Trump or Serial Adulterer Donald.

      And they don't have to. They could run a negative campaign without getting their hands dirty by simply rerunning some choice sound bites of Trump with "Is this Presidential?" "Is this what you want representing our country?" "Would you trust his hand on the nuclear button?"

      Trump is his own worst enemy. You only need to use the mountains of footage he has provided against him. Perhaps some bloviating intercut with his supporters attacking people. Then maybe some vintage footage from the 30s with a few Sieg Heils in it.

    2. Anonymous8:37 AM

      Republicans have been trying to brand Hillary as untrustworthy for months. Then they go and vote for trump. We are about to hear countless stories of how Trump has actually been untrustworthy.

  25. Anonymous11:48 AM

    Everyone with a Twitter account needs to tweet about "Bankrupt Trump".

  26. Anita Winecooler4:57 PM

    What a maroon! I'm sure Hillary's got enough oppo research to bury him alive, he just won a party he fractured into a billion pieces, no one has any idea on what he stands for or how he'll accomplish his goals, he's madder than a hatter.
    Instead of getting his ducks in a row, figuring out a veep pick, picking color swatches that match his orange locks, buying tons of gold leafed gold coated rococo furnishings, get his wife freshly botoxed, waxed, nipped, tucked and buying new clothes, he's in his pj's on the computer flinging poo.
    Good luck in the debates, Donald. She knows a lot of words, huuuuuge words and she knows how to use them. Remember, you'll be up there by yourself and she'll be a few feet away.

    1. 66gardeners8:41 AM

      I believe Trump has dyslexia which is the reason he is so unbelievably uninformed. He has no capacity to give more substance in his speeches. Mark my words. Donald has no idea what is about to hit him.


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