Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Bristol Palin caves on daughter's name change. Dakota Meyer's name now added to birth certificate.

Courtesy of People: 

Bristol Palin has agreed to her ex-fiancé Dakota Meyer's court petition to have their 4-month-old daughter's last name changed from Palin to Meyer. 

According to court documents obtained by PEOPLE Palin and Meyer's daughter's name is listed as Sailor Grace Palin on her birth certificate, and will now be legally changed to Sailor Grace Palin Meyer. Meyer is also now listed on the baby's birth certificate. 

Palin's lawyer told PEOPLE in a statement: "Bristol consented to the change of name some time ago," adding that both Palin and Meyer are "talking directly and just being parents without involving the lawyers."

They are "talking directly and just being parents without involving the lawyers." Really? Because Dakota Meyer filed for his name change in court, which ABSOLUTELY involved lawyers.

And in fact it was her "not involved" lawyer who gave that statement to the press.

I kind of want to see this as a win for Dakota, and give him credit for keeping all of this in view of the public because THAT is what keeps the Palins from screwing with you.

But what bothers me is that birth certificate. If Dakota was the father, and Bristol KNEW that, why was his name not already on the birth certificate?

The reason of course is because he either refused to sign an Acknowledgement of Paternity, or he was never asked to sign one.

So one would hope that the DNA test that Bristol's lawyers claimed proved he was the father by a percentage of 99.9957, were indeed accurate.

Because if not Dakota Meyer has just become the latest victim in a long line of people victimized by the Palin family. Actually it could be argued that such is the case even if he is the father. 


  1. Anonymous6:21 AM

    They both deserve each other. The only sympathy I have is for Gracie; she's in for one messed up life that she had no choice in.

    1. Anonymous7:20 AM

      Being the daughter of an MOH...
      what's in it for me?

    2. Anonymous7:48 AM

      That poor junker kid doesn't have a prayer to grow up in a decent environment.

    3. Anonymous8:07 AM

      7:20 These perks are in addition to medical/dental insurance. Remember when Bristol wanted Dakota to cover the cost of her pregnancy and delivery?

    4. Anonymous8:08 AM

      6:21 Your sympathy won't have to be long-lived for the Sailor baby. Just as bristle was raised to be a no-nothing non-productive member of society in the hands of her grizzled mama, so will this child. Like the long string of Heath-Palins, she will be taught the 'me-first, the hell with y'all' way of life. Same as what has happened to her older half-brother who is well on his way to being a narcissistic spoiled brat like his mommy despite having the benefit of a fairly decent father figure.

      The new baby won't be as lucky with the uneducated, hateful gun-nut daddy that bristle selected to father her child. At least Levi uses his weapons to kill animals for his table. Sailor's daddy is so insecure he mostly likes to shoot people for purely political reasons.

  2. Anonymous6:23 AM

    Also on Dakota's FB photos, albums, he is celebrating a birthday with a little girl. Is this his daughter too?

    1. Anonymous7:07 AM

      Again, send dakota a message and ask him yourself.

    2. Anonymous7:32 AM

      I think he has been fixed. I won't bother to ask him since he lies.

    3. Anonymous7:59 AM

      Meyer may be a real jerk. At least he is not lying and hiding like he did with his first wife, Cassandra Wain.

      Did anyone learn how she benefited from the secrets? Did he pay her off on the down low? Was she able to get military benefits in another way?

      I wonder what that scheme was about. Did they bilk the taxpayers? Was it just part of Dakota Meyer's lies to get his undeserved medal and all that is in it for him?

    4. 7:32am, you've been saying that for months, with no up or shut up.

      7:59am, why should he talk about someone he divorced? It's not like they had kids or anything. Not everything is a scheme.

    5. Anonymous8:57 AM

      8:46 AM

      You want proof of what someone thinks? Don't they have a right to think what they think? Do you need people to prove what they think?

    6. They have been very insistent. I want to know why.

    7. Anonymous11:34 AM

      10:14 AM

      If you want to know why... you tell them to shut up? That is rude. If you want a conversation or something from someone, try a little decency.

    8. 11:34am, thanks for your input, but I don't need a hall monitor. Go bother someone else.

    9. Anonymous1:33 PM

      7:59, another moron.

    10. Anonymous1:49 PM

      Meghan, you rarely have anything positive to contribute here and you're more than willing to attack Palins and other readers. Fuck off and die.

    11. Anonymous1:53 PM


    12. Anonymous2:08 PM

      Meghan is a hall monitor. It must really twist her if she thinks there is another one. Meghan, it will be alright. You can learn to share.

  3. Anonymous6:25 AM

    Dakota won visitation dates and he won the name change. He has a good lawyer. I think Bristol knows she cannot screw him. I think Dakota is smarter than we think he is. I also think Bristol is all smiles with Dakota because she wants to show she is really trying, haha. Did we ever find out if Dakota is paying support?

    1. Anonymous7:43 AM

      If Dakota is not the biological father of Sailor, he is an idiot for perpetuating this relationship with the Palins.

    2. Anonymous9:05 AM

      That's why it's pretty flipping obvious that he is the father, 7:43. Occam's Razor.

    3. Anonymous9:09 AM

      Dakota has a past and much of it documented. There may be big lies in much of the documentations. People can believe what they want about all the questionable things in his life.

      I know there are articles about how he got the medal. He has his version and others have their versions. Believe what you want.

      Same with the incident where he was in a brawl and involved with a female friend, you can believe him or her.

      The first wife, if there are others he hides, no one knows.

      It is just an incident that demonstrates his character and integrity. No one needs to hear from his wife or ex-wife or wives. It is more important to keep it all a secret.

    4. Anonymous10:13 AM


      I don't know about Dakota Meyer and the biological parts.

      He is an idiot.

    5. Anonymous10:50 AM

      What 9:05 says.

      He is the sperm donor father.

      No man would accept fatherhood of someone else's child born from a cheating mate. You women do not understand that.

    6. Anonymous10:55 AM

      >> I think Bristol knows she cannot screw him. <<

      Apparently that already happened.

    7. Anonymous11:30 AM

      Mike Meyer was not the sperm donor and Dakota was born. Mike accepted the fatherhood part for someone else.

      I have known men, and know now, a man that accepts fatherhood of someone else's child. Usually cheating mates are involved.

      You must live in an isolated world. Both men and "you woman" know about men accepting fatherhood for sperm donors that are not around. You are very sheltered.

    8. Anonymous12:31 PM

      You are wrong 11:30, and you are a woman, and you don't understand men.

    9. Anonymous12:54 PM

      12:31 PM

      Go ahead and educate women like me. Thanks. Don't you want to be part of an understanding world?

    10. Anonymous1:02 PM

      11:30, don't be so stupid. Mike Meyer legally adopted Dakota because he was married to Dakotas mother, long after Dakota was born. Duh, such adoption situation happens all the time.

      No man, would take a child as his, born from another mans sperm, that the mother was cheating with. Ever. Compounded by the fact that the kid is halfway around the world, compounded by the fact that everyone knows Bristol was fucking around, there are no secrets to contain.

    11. Anonymous1:14 PM

      Hey Gryph- would you take on the lifetime burden, costs, energy sink, and every other hassle and risk involved- of taking an infant as your own, legally, after finding out that the child was not yours, and was someone elses that your ex-fiance cheated on you with?

      Please learn your ladies a lesson.

    12. Anonymous2:22 PM

      1:02 PM

      You know that Bristol cheated on Dakota? Tell us more.

      I heard she had a boyfriend, Joey Junker, long before she met Dakota. Dakota may have met Junker, may know him. Bristol and Junker were together for a long enough time. Sarah liked him. Junker was a cool pro in some snow sport. Everybody liked him from all I know.

      A man like Dakota would raise Junker's son. I am not saying that is what happened. You just talk like you know for certain that it is the scenario where Bristol cheated on Dakota.

      In your hard ass way you only know Dakota would not raise a child of a woman that cheated on him. For that reason it proves to you that Dakota is the father. You need to let people know how you know she cheated on Dakota.

      I hear she dumped Junker when Sarah set her up with Dakota.

      Also the baby looks more like Junker.

    13. Anonymous2:33 PM


      "A man like Dakota would raise Junker's son."

      Lololol. No he would not! No man would EVER do that.... you think because "Junker was a cool pro in some snow sport" Lol. How stupid are you?

      He would say, "the kid is yours fucker, good luck and see ya! I'm off to live a single and financially unburdened life"!

      Honestly how stupid are you women?

    14. Anonymous2:51 PM

      Sarah made arrangements for Dakota Meyer and Track Palin long before she made arrangements for Bristol's sudden strange deal to marry the MOH.

      Willow was in Alaska with Dakota while Bristol was in Arizona. There is no sign that Dakota even met Tripp until much later, like when the arranged marriage deal for his mother happended.

      The whole crazy arranged engagement deal only happened over how long? Was it 3, 4, 5 months? That was it?

    15. Anonymous3:48 PM

      Yes. If Dakota would raise Levi's son, as was to be when he married Bristol. Dakota would raise Joey Junker's kid.

    16. Anonymous4:09 PM

      lol. 3:48. no.

    17. Anonymous4:15 PM

      Dumbest non-nonsensical, false equivalency comment of the day 3:48.

      Agreeing to help raise an existing child in a new relationship, in no way equates to agreeing to be the father of someone else's child from a fiance that has cheated on you. No man would ever do this from a financial, freedom, not to mention complete embarrassment standpoint.

      Gryph- are you ready to weigh in, as a man, and put an end to this utter stupidity?

  4. Anonymous6:33 AM

    That is terrific? Hopefully it will have a positive effect for Tripp Johnston. Like Bristol will stop using an improper name for school and such. She can go back to court if she wants Palin-Johnston. Stop teaching a young child to be shady and use a fake illegal name. The school should be ashamed. There are enough criminals in the country without teaching kids how to be shady and using AKA so young.

    Jordan Loewe-Paranjpe can take notes and not create confusion for the next "Palin". She can skip the Palin if she wants and Track can approve or not. Palin-Loewe-Paranjpe works, too.

    How is is going for Track Palin's lawyer? Did he succeed in having Track get rid of that assault problem?

    1. Anonymous7:16 AM

      Palins don't need anymore drama at the moment Tracks drama is enough.

      The new video taken in court hopefully will be out soon.This is the media service.

    2. Anonymous7:17 AM

      The Dakota change of name thing is a distraction. Sarah doesn't want media or anyone to pay attention to what Kevin Fitzpatrick is doing. They might find out that Track Palin is still loaded and will have to fake an alleged PTSD treatment program.

      snooze... pay no attention to the Palins. Especially Track's baby news and his employment history. Oh yeah, that mistake with the guns never happened.

    3. Anonymous7:52 AM

      I noticed Sarah, Bristol, Jordan called up Daily Mail for the exclusive with all of Track Palin's current events! All that happy, happy blessings and family values news.

      Daily Mail is all over the happy news and will be interviewing Jordan Paranjpe any minute.



      Can't wait for the reception.

    4. Anonymous8:59 AM

      Punch drunk pregnant victim to marry her abuser. Sounds like a match made in Hell.

    5. Anonymous9:04 AM


      The hearing on the 10th was a pre-trial conference. Usually a discussion between judge and lawyer to discuss changing pleas or changes to the trial schedule. Track wouldn't even have been required to attend except by phone if he chose to. Probably not a very exciting video.

    6. Anonymous9:23 AM

      Trackmarks should be looking for a job so he can start supporting his bastards instead of being a deadbeat parent.

    7. Anonymous10:56 AM

      That other time Track was at Todd's cabin getting wasted with the Iron Dog brawlers. I can't see Track in court at all ever since he is probably more likely to be working up to another black out drunk episode. He has a family of enablers and now he is going to marry into a family of more enablers. With more access to drugs. Why would he go to court? Mommy will pay his way out, he can stay drunk.

    8. Anonymous1:07 PM

      It was not that long ago and the buzz with the Sarah support people (I think they dissolved by now), prior to Ak15 assault... Trackmarks was fighting in Iraq again, according to those that were hooked on Sarah myths. It was said he returned after his first Iraq and Afghanistan deployments.

      Trackmarks list of jobs. Remember the fantasies about how he was on a black-ops mission and nonsense like that?

      Trackmarks will never work and support his bastards, even if he marries the fools he knocks up.

      Thankfully, Jordan's rich family can take the burden off of Todd and Sarah at the compound. The Paranjpe's will pay for the socialite family daughter's wedding, honeymoon and all. They can build the house so they can stay near Sarah on the dead lake. The Paranjpes can support Jordan and her man. Sarah and Todd have had enough burden with all the lawyers. One can only imagine all that is to come.

    9. Anonymous1:52 PM

      7:16 AM-
      I saw the video on YT and have also subscribed to golodoffmediaservices on YT to be able to see any other new videos about Tracks trial.

    10. Anonymous2:58 PM

      1:52 PM

      The last one with Fitzgerald should be up.

      That is if Sarah didn't arrange it so nothing that has to do with Track will make it to video. Not even his lawyer.

      I think they could be more cover up.

      When is the federal justice peeps going to deal with this corruption and perversion of the American system.

      Have you seen Track Palin's mugshot photos yet?

      No one in Alaska complains about anything? Those are legit complaints.

  5. Anonymous6:50 AM

    OTmother? "“the five children were interviewed and said their mother spanked them with a rod that left them with bruises and marks, struck them with a belt, slapped them on their faces and private areas, used soap in their mouths and called them names.” Five of the children eventually fled, hiding their mother’s guns and flagging down a car and begging for help."Sharp hasn’t exactly denied the allegations, instead hiding behind the supposed biblical exhortations to beat your children with a “rod”. She also alleges that she’s a victim of a government conspiracy, since her 18-year-old daughter, Victoria, was with the Oregon militiamen when they were arrested and witnessed the shooting of militiaman LaVoy Finicum.

  6. Anonymous6:54 AM

    snooze alert. nothing to see. who cares?
    Bristol looks like Octo-mom in the photo.

    1. Anonymous7:21 AM

      She sure does look like Octopussy!!!

    2. Anonymous8:24 AM

      She looks like she has to pee.

    3. Anonymous11:42 AM

      Bristol looks like an over medicated pissy Octopussy to me. She doesn't seem to have a clue what is going on with baby Gravytrain Meyer.

      I hope the guy that wants to take on fatherhood regardless of who the father is, I hope he has plans to get little Gravytrain out of harms way at the Palins. Where you can see no one is giving her the attention or love she needs for a healthy life.

  7. Anonymous6:56 AM

    If Dakota couldn't find a way to change the name Sailor I say he is a big loser. I am embarrassed for him. She is still humiliating the sucker. Is he so dumb he doesn't know?

    1. Anonymous7:06 AM

      Never get involved with a Palin. EVER.

    2. It's called choosing your battles. Having the name Meyer was apparently more important then arguing with Bristol about changing the first name. Especially if it's true and they've been calling her Gracie.

  8. Anonymous7:12 AM

    why was his name not already on the birth certificate?

    Dakota is not the bio father. This is just an extension of the original scheme and fraud from these people.

    Dakota is a victim and Sarah/Bristol are his victims. It will be an ongoing power struggle for all the fools involved.

    1. Anonymous7:23 AM

      ...and couldn't happen to a nicer bunch. /s

    2. Anonymous9:16 AM

      I can't believe some still think that dumbkota is not the father. Why would he go along with such a lie? It doesn't make sense. And he is no victim either, he's a hateful douchebag just like the palins.

    3. Anonymous10:17 AM

      I'm with you, 9:16. I don't admire the Palins at all, or Dakota either for that matter, but really. He's claimed paternity, filed for joint custody, insisted on having his name on the baby (and the birth certificate) and is traveling from Kentucky to Alaska twice a month. And some people still think the baby isn't his? It's just not credible.

    4. Anonymous10:21 AM

      9:16 AM
      I can't believe some still think Sarah birthed Trig. Many have long since come to the conclusion that things are rarely as the Palins present them.

    5. Anonymous10:51 AM

      Neither Bristol or Dakota have any credibility. Trust their lies if you like. Their games and propaganda is what is not credible.

    6. Anonymous12:27 PM

      I'm convicted the Palins have something on him. Big enough to make him play.

      This name change may be part of the deal. By the way, name changes are filed with a court. Doesn't mean it was forced.

    7. Anonymous1:23 PM

      dumbkota does not look like he is the father.

      Joey Junker looks more like he is the father. I know it could be someone from a toilet stall in some motel or one of Marina's friends. Possibly others.

      The baby so far looks more like Junker.

      dumbkota is too creepy and shady to trust and there is nothing concrete that says he is any blood relation to a baby that looks more like Junker.

      The mystery is going to continue. Nothing is near being settled. Of course, dumbkota could settle things if he wanted the truth told or to honor and respect the baby.

      Too bad there is all that about Trig's birth and nothing was settled. It is important for Bristol to look and be credible beyond question. Pictures of the baby looking more like Dakota would help. But that is not solid with all the other indications this is a lie about the birth of Bristol's 2nd (known) bastard.

    8. Anonymous2:15 PM

      Dakota is the biological father to be clear.

      1:23 is full of nonsense, belongs over at Malia's conspiracy for dummies blog.

    9. Anonymous3:01 PM

      Did Bristol have no father to name on the birth certificate?

      Did Bristol change the name of the father on a birth certificate? Or Dakota had it changed when he did what he did to be on the birth certificate?

  9. Anonymous7:15 AM

    Sailor name change?

    Nothing is free/is Bristol agreeing to this so eventually Dakota will marry her after he sees she's is nice and cooperating?

    1. Balzafiar7:26 AM

      Dakota won't marry her after he reads the required prenup that she is free to fuck anyone she wants to at any time.

    2. Anonymous11:07 AM

      And that includes Marina.

  10. Anonymous7:20 AM

    Doubt it's his kid. Its an "Arrangement". How do you think he can afford to fly back and forth? Mike took on duh,who isn't blood. Now duh took on grace $$$! HUSH $$ The first dna showed he's Not the daddy.

    1. Anonymous7:43 AM

      Agree. Now he looks fertile. He also has a situation he can use his skills at control.

    2. Anonymous8:13 AM

      I agree. It appears that Dakota needed a beard and Sarah offered him a deal he could not refuse. Remember how fast it all happened and they had to try and make it appear they knew each other much longer than they did?

      He did meet Willow earlier and it would have been more believable to think he knocked her up. But she wasn't pregnant and Bristol needed the child support.

    3. Anonymous8:47 AM

      I forgot that Dakota never knew his birth father, only the man who adopted him. This would fit right in with that kind of history.

      Fathering a child is a good image for Dakota, makes him appear macho and fertile. We have only seen photos of Dakota with a couple of women and no serious relationships. Marrying Cassie at 19 and divorcing a few years later was a secretive kind of thing, too, since he left it out of his biography. So it does help Dakota's macho image to appear to have had a relationship.

      Dakota once said that he might want to run for Congress. He might still want to team up with Sarah if he is looking to get into politics. She needs some kind of high profile activity and so does Dakota. It was an easy bargain to make.

    4. Anonymous8:49 AM

      Notice she wont be wrestling much with his demands because he's got her over a barrel. Junker baby.

    5. Anonymous9:18 AM

      ... Dakota once said that he might want to run for Congress. ...

      Yes, that may be a big reason he is working on projecting a particular image and wants to forget the truth. Kentucky right wingers want the family values like the Palins say they are. He can't entirely make up he is a happily married family values father so he is doing the next best he can with what he has to work with.

      I think people are to forget about the mess with the way he got his medal. Forget the other things like he forgot a wife or whatever that mystery was about.

      The dude looks like a Palin type fraud and I doubt he wants that. There are reasons why birds of a feather flock together.

    6. Anonymous10:05 AM

      Oh good grief, he "looks fertile now"? Is that a guy thing? I can't believe sara has enough money, or would part with it, to fly dakota to Alaska twice a month for the next eighteen years!

      And while I'm complaining, dakota's lawyer would never let him pretend to be the dad or even try without a DNA test that the layer had control over.

    7. Anonymous10:47 AM

      dakota's lawyer would never let him pretend to be the dad or even try without a DNA test that the layer had control over.

      WRONG. If there was a DNA test it does not matter how it turned out. The lawyer works for the client. All they need to do is have the so-called parents sign papers to say who is to be the legal parents.

      Can you show where Alaskan court has a DNA test?

      As far as anyone knows there was no DNA test.

      If there was and it says Dakota Meyer is not the father, that does not matter if the parents are signing the papers to give whoever the legal status for the birth certificate.

    8. Anonymous11:07 AM

      8:47 How do you know that Mike Meyer is not Dakota's bio father. They look like father and son. And, he was at least 10 years older and it wouldn't look good if he had knocked up the preacher's daughter. Gracie looks like Rev. Ron Feree.....Gracie's great-grand-paw paw. Family tradition, you betcha.

      Just because Ko's attorney said he was divorced from wife number one doesn't mean he was signed, sealed, and legal. Did he lie on the marriage application? Grandpaw Feree married Ko and Cassie and Mike a Felicia also, too.

      DNA=Did Not Acknowledge

      In addition, how do some of you know that Gracie was stewing in a shitty diaper?

    9. Anonymous11:47 AM

      Mike Meyer. That is true. So many lies, how do we know who Mike Meyer is. He looks like a decent, good hard working man that adopted Dakota and gave him a good life.

      But Dakoata has a front and it looks good. Scratch the surface and most of his front could also be a lie.

    10. Anonymous1:26 PM

      10:05 AM

      "looks fertile now"

      That possibly comes from the old, old rumors about his sexuality.

      Some Marines have deep and serious problems with issues.

    11. Anonymous1:33 PM

      Dakota was probably another of granny's blackmail attempts. Barstools home DNA results photo shopped. Junker baby has new daddy on paper.

    12. Anonymous3:39 PM

      I think Dakota can fly space available on military flights, free

  11. Anonymous7:24 AM

    So Duhkotx decided to not go with hyphenated. He likes the name Palin Meyer, like he would name her Sailor Grace Anne Meyer. Meyer is her only last name now. She can easily drop the Palin later. That stupid shipyard name also too. Grace Meyer is better.

  12. Anonymous7:28 AM

    I will be surprised if Bristol calls her Sailor Meyer even once.
    Just like with Tripp, has she ever called him Tripp Johnston? Even his school document says Palin on it and that's not even his name.

    1. Anonymous3:05 PM

      Do you think Bristol put Joey Junker's name on the birth certificate?

  13. Anonymous7:33 AM

    She'll do the same thing with another guy and Sailor will be set aside.

    1. Anonymous8:02 AM

      Did you see the Mother Day photo? It looks like Bristol has already abandoned Sailor. Poor kid is already being documented with hideous child abuse.

    2. Anonymous8:26 AM

      Kid was stewing in shitty diapers .

    3. Anonymous1:36 PM

      Yeah, you could see the poop stain on inside leg of her outfit. Poop burns your baby's skin,stupid.

    4. Anonymous2:04 PM

      Poop is what makes babies smell so bad. Have you ever been around a baby that didn't smell like shit and farts? Oh, puked up milk too. They smell like shit, farts and sour milk. Why do you thing they make baby wipes and baby powder smell so strong?

      It's to cover up how bad little baby humans smell.

    5. Anonymous3:11 PM

      Poop burns your baby's skin,stupid.

      It is unhealthy. It proves a neglectful mother to let them stew like Bristol does.

      This is not the first time for her and the stewing dirty baby.

      Of course, if Dakota is the bio dad or even a stranger that cares about children, he would do something about this. It is a repeat problem with her.

      It not only shows she is a bad mother, it looks like Dakota's motives are not about him being a bio dad.

  14. Anonymous7:36 AM

    Dakota eventually Bristol will be working on you marrying her and giving her the same last name as Sailor.

    WARNING WILL SMITH those Palin's hoohahs and seeds are fertile. So don't use her supplied condoms, they may have holes in them. Bristol's hoohah is not free, ask Levi. That girl is pining for a husband who will marry a single mom (unemployed?) with two kids who are half siblings to each other.

    1. Anonymous8:18 AM

      2 kids? Bwahahaha.;_ylt=AwrTccucfDJXMu4AGNQnnIlQ;_ylu=X3oDMTEyY2llNDkxBGNvbG8DZ3ExBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDQjIwMDNfMQRzZWMDc2M-?p=Bristol+Palin%27s+Bizarre+Weight+Gain+Dwts+2010&fr=yhs-mozilla-003&hspart=mozilla&hsimp=yhs-003

    2. Anonymous1:37 PM

      Try 4-5 .

  15. bristol7:37 AM

    If Dakota ever does move on and get married, I will haunt him.

    1. Anonymous12:09 PM

      I don't know for a fact. Just plenty of hearsay that Dakota is hiding many things. Yeah, he may not prefer to marry a female.

      In other words it is not likely he will marry.

      To marry a man is a big problem in Kentucky.

    2. Anonymous3:16 PM

      Dakota has an image to maintain. He will do that at any cost.

      Many men in the Marines prefer men but they are serious about keeping that a secret. They do all kinds of crazy and have to live as people different from their true selves. It is sad.

  16. Anonymous7:41 AM

    The nick name Gracie works to easily change to Gravie or Gravy.

    Gravy Meyer.

    Gravy Meyer is perfect since that is what this is all about.

    Sarah was going for a gravy train and concocted the plots using a daughter and a MOH. It's all about Sarah.

    Gravy Meyer it is!

  17. Anonymous7:51 AM

    What will Bristol do with Sailor's last name if Tyrone impregnates her? No this is not a racist comment.

    Sailor Palin Meyer Washington?

    1. Anonymous9:27 AM

      Yeah, it's a racist comment. And you know it, but wanted to say it anyway without being man or woman enough to own your racism. You're the worst of both worlds.

    2. Anonymous11:31 AM

      Agreed 9:27. It's racist as hell.

    3. Anonymous1:40 PM

      And it's the same commenters making those comments over time,I'll bet. Racist as hell. Get a life.

  18. Anonymous8:03 AM

    There is a ton of precedent law that supports a single mother keeping the babies last name the same as hers. Bristol would have won this had it been contested, so it does show a smidge of agreement on her part. This is probably the best move for the baby. If the child can ditch the Palin last name, they might just make something of themselves in the world.

    1. Anonymous8:34 AM

      From what prestigious University did you acquire your law degree?

      If there is an acknowledged father in the picture (real or not as in this case), the child usually gets the father's name.

    2. Anonymous8:48 AM

      Cite them.

    3. Anonymous9:09 AM

      I'm not 8:03, but he or she is right. There's no legal reason for giving a child born out of wedlock the father's surname. For that matter, there's no legal reason for giving a child born WITHIN wedlock the father's surname. It's custom, not law.

    4. Anonymous9:10 AM

      Why are the posters here such hidebound traditionalists? Is everybody in their 80s? Most of you sound like Republicans.

    5. Anonymous9:38 AM

      Sarah pays Sally's friends to obsess here.

    6. Anonymous9:52 AM

      The name matter with Palin Meyer is settled. Done. It is over.
      B/c Palin and Meyer are not what they claim, the happy co-parents. They had to go to court and use lawyers. It was the court that settled Palin Meyer name thing.

      Mother's can name a child anything they want. I think Adolph Hitler is an exception in some places. If a man is the legal father (he does not need to be a blood relative) he can petition the court, if the mother is not in agreement.

      If they are positive co-parents and don't use or need lawyers, they can do the name change lawyer free and on their own.

      Bristol and Dakota do not have the happy lawyer free co-parent arrangement they claim.

      That is propaganda for their public relations images. Lies. It is just part of the mythologies they both need to exist to get money out of others. It is a life of lies, they are brands and it is business. They both have a lot of help to run the business parts and help distribute the lies.

    7. Anonymous12:12 PM

      No, they can't. It must be done in court.

    8. Anonymous12:16 PM

      Also, the People article makes it sound like it's a done deal. It's not. Dakota has filed the petition for name change and Bristol's written consent. There is a court date in June for the court to grant or deny the name change (but it will most likely be granted).

  19. Anonymous8:06 AM

    Why didn't one of these mothers change the shitty diaper?

    1. Anonymous9:01 AM

      Barstool looks like she is kicking that shit shoulder of her "look at me" slut VP wanna be mom.
      All are Creepy..

    2. Anonymous9:21 AM

      The whole family is filthy.

      Look at them.

      See what they did to the old grandma? Did they have to medicate her to get her to pose in the middle of that mess?

    3. Anonymous1:43 PM

      Sarah Is that mess.

  20. Anonymous8:28 AM

    "If Dakota was the father, and Bristol KNEW that, why was his name not already on the birth certificate?"

    Because she didn't know it. Because she'd slept with him and at least one other guy during the key time period.

    If she'd known for sure he was the father before the DNA test finally confirmed it, there is absolutely no way she'd have refused to name him during that long, long pregnancy. Palins do not let grievances go unaired. Ever. If someone accidentally steps on one of their feet, they're issuing vicious public statements about it.

    1. Anonymous9:27 AM

      8:28 is the winner on both insight and logic.

      Wild Tortoise

    2. Anonymous10:03 AM

      My only quibble is that it is by no means clear that (his) paternity was established after the fact, only that he's apparently agreed for whatever reason to play ball.

    3. Anonymous10:45 AM

      Yes, it is actually quite clear he is the biological dad 10:03. That 'quibble' you have, is the rocks bouncing around in your empty head.

    4. Anonymous12:53 PM

      I have to agree that it is NOT clear that he is the biological father. The Alaska courts do not require a DNA test to prove the identity of the father. If the petitioner for custody (Dakota, in this case) names the father and respondent (Bristol) names the same father, then the court considers it a non-issue. One or the other party would have to make it an issue before the courts would get involved in the paternity question. Don't take my word for it. Go ahead and take a look at the Alaska Courts website family law regarding child custody for yourself.

    5. Anonymous1:12 PM

      10:45am, established by what, yet another falsified document from the gang that couldn't Photoshop straight? One sure assumes Dakota knows the truth, and has since the fateful day when he accompanied Bristol to a prenatal appointment. The only question is, is he springing a trap to expose the Palins once and for all, or does he have his own reasons for playing along? I could believe either one.

    6. Anonymous2:21 PM

      Yeah 1:12, it is quite clear you would believe anything but the reality and truth right in front of your face lol.

    7. Anonymous3:25 PM

      1:12 PM

      Don't you believe in Photoshopped proof? Real men do. They also know a woman that does not understand men.

      Nothing has been cleared, verified or made factual. Yes, Dakota is going through the courts with his matters.

      We do have to wait and see if he will expose the Palins or it is for his own reasons to play along.

      As of now there is nothing to convince anyone he is Sailor Grace Meyer's father. It is nice of him to give her a name other than Palin.

      I hope he will be able to get rid of that name that would humiliate a man in this situation.

    8. Anonymous3:59 PM

      Oh look, the lol troll is back.

    9. Anonymous4:04 PM

      Wrong 3:25. Everything so far has shown that he IS the father.

      And it has been settled as much.

      Sorry that you weren't subpoenaed by the court for your expert testimony based on information gleaned from blog comments lol.

  21. Anonymous8:43 AM


    Amazon Best Book of the Month!

  22. Anonymous9:00 AM

    Wasn't his lawyer in KY asking for a DNA test to be performed down there? I can't believe his lawyer would advise him to pursue the name change if she was not 100% certain of paternity and had ordered a DNA test in which she was involved in chain of custody of samples.

    I can't see any lawyer simply accepting the word of another attorney or even acknowledging the legitimacy of a DNA test that she was not 100% involved in.

    1. Anonymous9:36 AM

      Proof of how the Palin brand can deal with important matters is the story of John McCain vetting of Sarah Palin.

      The letter written by Dr. Kathy Johnson-Baldwin is thorough and believable? Some people or attorney's yammering about DNA or any tests is a big meaningless zero if you want the truth.

      The world is full of fools, the gullible and suckers.

      People like Dakota Meyer and the Palins know how to work them.

      Send them money, buy their products and don't ask questions or investigate anything.

    2. Anonymous9:42 AM

      No, that case said it was awaiting paternity results. It did not say where the test would be performed.

    3. Anonymous12:14 PM

      I wondered whether maybe his lawyers wanted it changed on the birth certificate so they can See the birth certificate and check the date. I doubt the Palins provided him with a copy.

    4. Anonymous12:19 PM

      Didn't the whole Kentucky part get dropped?

      I don't remember anything about DNA in Alaska. As far as I can tell there was no DNA in Alaska.

      If someone has a link, that would be good.

      Until it is made clear there is no DNA tests in this mess. No one needs to muddy the waters anymore. Just get the facts out.

      So far, I don't know there were DNA tests in Alaska situation.

      DNA results are another matter entirely.

      Did the Alaska part include the parents to have DNA tests?

    5. Anonymous1:36 PM

      Birth certificates do not need to have a DNA parent.

      Women who are married, cheat, get babies by say the milk man. The husband is on the birth certificate and he is the legal parent. The court does not go in and change the birth certificate milkman.

      If milkman and others want to change the birth certificate they can be like Dakota and deal with the court.

      If they want to establish DNA with a paternity suit, they can do that or not.

      Did Bristol and Dakota have a paternity suit and establish anything with DNA?

    6. Anonymous1:43 PM

      Bristol's Answer to Dakota's custody petition said there was a DNA test that was 99. something percent positive Dakota is the father.

    7. Anonymous1:53 PM

      Maybe it's an Agreement so palins don't air his dirty laundry and likewise. No dna required in Alaska and his lawyer instructed to move forward on it putting his name on bc. He was not the daddy on bristle ' s home test.dna doesn't change overnight.photoshop is palins go-to as we already know. Kid looks just like junker and that sure isn't going to change! :o)

    8. Anonymous2:12 PM

      Dakota is the biological father 1:53.

      Smart people know this.

      Enjoy wallowing in your stupidity.

    9. Anonymous3:33 PM

      1:43 PM

      That test has no meaning to anyone in the public.

      Bristol's lawyer just lied and said Dakota and Bristol don't need a lawyer because they are good at co-parenting. Yet they need a lawyer to do the name change.

    10. Anonymous3:34 PM

      Men can be so dumb. My nephew is in the same predicament and he's willing to accept he's the father of the ex-girlfriend's baby, and he has also convinced my sister (his mother) to accept the kid without DNA.
      Now the entire family, including myself, are attached to the offspring of the woman.

    11. Anonymous3:36 PM

      Anonymous2:12 PM
      I guess "smart people know this" because the "smart" people were there witnessing the insemination and gestation....hmmm..
      Who's the stupid one....

    12. Anonymous4:01 PM

      Keep grasping at straws 3:36.

      Keep grasping at anything but reality.

    13. Anonymous4:05 PM

      I hope the child's mother is not a serial killer.

      Have you seen Raising Hope? The son knocks up a serial killer and they are raising the baby. It's a funny show.

      But good grief, if parentage is in question who knows what the child is inheriting?

  23. Anonymous9:28 AM

    Even if both parents agree, you still have to file a court case to change the baby's name. Filing in court and getting a court order is required to change anyone's name. (I did it to take back my maiden name years after my divorce.)

    1. Anonymous10:33 AM

      Yes. You must do a name change for it to be legal.

      Bristol is taking it on herself to see that poor Tripp is already looking like a shady criminal. Some dope that can't live with their own identity. It is not fair to Tripp at all.

      I have no idea why the school is conspires with her child abuse.

      Except the Palins would only send their kids to bad schools that do shady things for shady parents.

      Teaching kids the worst way to go in life.

  24. Anonymous9:28 AM



    1. Anonymous3:31 PM

      the ex-wife has beautiful eyes. I bet barstool is jealous:

    2. Anonymous4:06 PM

      She is pretty.

      Poor Jordan. I wonder what happened to her lip.

  25. Anonymous9:40 AM

    That People article says something else interesting: "Just a few weeks later, Palin, 25, hinted that she and Meyer were back on good terms when she shared a photo of the former Marine and Sailor Grace on Instagram. That post appears to have been removed."

    So Bristol had to remove the pic from her IG that she stole from Dakota.

    1. Anonymous1:37 PM


    2. Anonymous3:54 PM

      Yep, they're in love!!!! It's official.

  26. Anonymous9:58 AM

    I still don't think he is the father. Where are the results of a REAL paternity test?

    Does he just want a kid so badly, he has signed on for 18 years of palin hell?

    1. Anonymous10:41 AM

      You are an idiot. Nobody signs on to take care of a baby that isn't theirs, especially if it was result of cheating. Seriously, you are an idiot.

      But let us say you are right (which you aren't, to be clear- the baby is Dakotas)... but if you were right... so? You would never know and what difference would it make?

    2. Anonymous10:44 AM

      By the way 9:58, you are obviously a woman. No man would ever do what you are inferring. No man would ever sign up as a father of a child, unless it was an adoption as part of a marriage. And there is no marriage, relationship, or adoption. Give it up, Dakota is the sperm donor dad.

    3. Anonymous10:49 AM

      Yes,he probably needs the image of fathering a child. He also courted Sarah's political influence before he became engaged to Bristol. Dakota and Sarah held up that FU Michael Moore sign together at the end of January 2015. He wished Sarah Happy Birthday on his facebook and warned people that if they didn't like the fact that he supported Sarah, they should not comment.

    4. Anonymous11:27 AM

      10:49 AM, you bet he did! Had stars in his eyes and saw political connections in his future. He got is "connections," all right, 18 long years of it.

      Careful what you wish for!

    5. Anonymous12:21 PM

      People who name call or start out with 'you are an idiot' are usually projecting. They are the idiots. I would not trust them.

    6. Anonymous12:28 PM

      10:49 and 11:27- idiots also too lol.

    7. Anonymous12:55 PM

      12:28 also too an idiot, the worst kind, the lecturing idiot.

    8. Anonymous12:55 PM

      Maybe Bristol slept with him way ahead of time that we know. Maybe the first time she met him...

    9. Anonymous1:39 PM

      Yep, name calling says lacks credibility.

    10. Anonymous1:57 PM

      10:44 Unless there was blackmailing involved and income loss due to it.

    11. Anonymous2:03 PM

      12:28 PM Has such a way with words. I wish you could tell the idiots and morons exactly what it is you want them to say. You sure know what you are talking about.

    12. Anonymous2:14 PM

      There is no teaching idiots and morons 2:03, better to just highlight their lack of brains as an example for the smart kids.

    13. Anonymous3:37 PM

      12:55 PM

      Bristol was sleeping with Joey and they were still communicating.

      Joey was blindsided when the sudden surprise plot with Dakota started up.

    14. Anonymous3:52 PM

      Is idiots and morons 2:03 a bible verse? Mine doesn't have it, and my google gets confused. Should I try Safari?

  27. Anonymous10:18 AM

    Co-parenting or no co-parenting, Bristol should stay away from the profile shots after all the work she's had done. That is one fugly pic of her.

    1. Anonymous3:37 PM

      She needs to stop neglecting her babies health.

  28. Anonymous10:26 AM

    When are we going to get the update on Kevin Fitzgerald?

    I hear Track is having problems handling the Mother's Day announcement. He may be passed out and can't function at all.

    1. Anonymous1:47 PM

      I grew up in a debutante world. That may be what Jordan was running away from when her mother married up. There may have been a lot of expectations she could not deal with. Track Palin would be a perfect rebellion for her.

      Now is Track going to have Sarah pay for all the wedding crap or what? It is Dr. Paranjpe's place if he is Jordan's father. I think her father is out of the picture.

  29. Anonymous10:56 AM

    I don't think that anyone joins the Palin family without signing a few legal documents first. Confidentiality agreements. Nondisclosure stuff. Levi talked too much and they sure dragged his name through the mud, calling him Ricky Hollywood while it was Bristol danced with the stars and bombed in her own reality show. Britt has kept her mouth quiet. So far, Jordan has not appeared in court to testify against Track.Why not? Instead, she's back with him and having his baby.That is even more crazy than Dakota agreeing to be named as the father of Sailor as opposed to trying to find the anonymous guy or guys Bristol and Marina met in Vegas in February. Please contribute generously to SarahPAC because these people do need the money, especially Sarah's lawyers who draw up the agreements and make sure that they are enforced.

    1. Anonymous11:23 AM

      Contribute to $arahPAC??
      Not on your life!

    2. Anonymous12:53 PM

      We don't know for sure if Dakota ever signed anything. I am sure his attorney told him not to unless he did while he was dating her. Jordan does not have to testify, the police filed an assault case. It is on even without her testimony.

    3. Anonymous12:54 PM

      Again, where does Track and Jordon live? Remember Track lived in Bristols basement during the brawl with Jordon. Do they live in Wasilla and where do they work?

    4. Anonymous1:40 PM

      12:54, there is no evidence that Track lived in Bristol's basement (or that she even has a basement). Track and Jordan were visiting Bristol that evening.

    5. Anonymous1:57 PM

      Read the police report. Track and Jordan were living with Todd and Sarah.

      When Jordan was mean to him he would go to Bristol. While they were baby making they could go to Bristol's and get drunk and drug with her.

      Jordan is a mean fighter and worse than Bristol, I hear. Read about Bristol at the Anchorage brawl. Jordan is much worse. Poor Track is a victim.

      That is why people say he lived with Bristol. Bristol was just saving him from Jordan. Mean drunk Jordan.

    6. Anonymous2:02 PM

      Quik,contribute! Sarah needs airfare to fly "daddy" back and forth to see junkers baby.

    7. Anonymous3:41 PM

      Jordan needs a house near Track's parents. She could use another new car and a wardrobe. How about some jewels and 3 of everything for the baby. Just in case she is to drunk to remember where she puts things, she will have back up.

      Or she can sell some of the crap people give her and buy drugs for Track and his friends.

  30. Janice A Soderquist10:56 AM

    I think that Bristol knows she better play nice and fair because she lost two cases in court with Dakota, visitation and name change. She knows he has a better lawyer. Dakota is not afraid of the Palins and he will be nice to Bristol for Sailors sake. He will never bad mouth her like she did Levi. He has learned. He does not want her back, her whole family is bad news. He works hard so he doesn't need her at all. As far as we know, he may already have a girlfriend.

    1. Anonymous11:14 AM

      Plus he's well known and for positive reasons, and that isn't going to change--it would be stupid of her to keep acting like she has been.

  31. Anonymous11:13 AM

    This is OT, but it's funny how Sarah still hasn't posted her usual big pics of Trump with congrats for his primary wins. She didn't post a thing urging people to vote and didn't post a thing yesterday after he won in NE and WE, and today there's still nothing. WE're used to Bristol posting baout Sarah's own husband and children before Sarah bothers to or remembers, but she usually is so far up trump's butt that it's hard to believe she's not posted.

    1. Anonymous11:28 AM

      Well he did say she's a free agent, that usually means that person is breaking up with you from my experience.

  32. Anonymous1:41 PM

    Donald Trump say that Sarah Palin is a loose canon or was it a free agent and then dismissed her?

    Is that what happened to Bristol? Did Dylan, Levi, Ben, Gino, Joey and Dakota tell Bristol she's a free agent because she's a loose cannon and dismissed her too?

    1. Anonymous2:05 PM

      Mother like daughter

  33. Anonymous1:58 PM

    There is simply no reason that a man who does not want to be with the mother of a child would agree that he is the father unless there was the burden of proof placed upon his paternity.

    Seriously what man wants to pay child support for 18+ years and in Dakota's case, spend 7 grand per month visiting AK for only 3 days at a stretch if he is not CERTAIN that he is it's father?

    1. Anonymous2:45 PM

      Wow, but I think this must be the 19th time in the past couple of days that I have read this almost identical argument. It feels like somebody must really want to convince us there is no there there! I must say, it is having quite the opposite effect.

    2. Anonymous3:09 PM

      And it is probably the thousandth time an IMer has gone down the rabbit hole birth conspiracy of Sailor lol.... what effect does that have on you?

      Not that it matters. Believe it all day long. It isn't going to change reality that Sailor is his kid, both legally and biologically, no matter what you wish to believe lol.

    3. Anonymous3:35 PM

      Just give it up already 2:45. Do you really think Meyer is doing this to gain something?? And what would that be? i agree with 1:58

    4. Anonymous3:35 PM

      I think Dakota can fly free on military planes, space available

  34. Anonymous2:26 PM

    There was an earlier comment that asked if Tyrone Washington married Bristol, would Bristol change Sailor's name to Sailor Grace Palin Meyer Washington? Then someone said that's a racist question. I ask is the person assuming every Tyrone Washington is an African-American? That's racist if you ask me. Is George Washington and African-American?

    1. Anonymous3:43 PM

      Was George Washington a slave owner?

    2. Anonymous3:46 PM

      O honey,twist away. The tyrone comment was just that. Racist and you know it. Tyrone is a common black name.

  35. Anonymous2:32 PM

    Racists I think you will find there are quite a few white Washingtons, considering George Washington had brothers who had sons. Why don't you visit Mount Vernon and buy the printed family tree chart? It shows lots of descendants. I know about 20, they are related to Charles. He is George's brother by his fathers second wife.

  36. Anonymous3:19 PM

    Meanwhile: 29005 N 82nd St, Scottsdale, AZ 85266 is STILL on the market after 142 days. Won't be long before it's been on the market for six months . . . that's half a year.

    How will Sarah afford to pay for Track's wedding?

    Oh, wait, all the groom pays for is the rehearsal dinner -- a few buckets of fried chicken, couple of cases of beer, a couple of fat boys to pass around and toke up -- that should handle it.

    1. Anonymous3:51 PM

      How about flowers? Did Sarah Palin splurge on Track's floral arrangement when he married Britta at their big redneck wedding?

      Flowers? That's not expensive for multimillionaire Sarah Palin's son Track. Look at Track's first wedding picture on the side of a road. Flowers looked like something you can buy at the Piggly Wiggly.

    2. Anonymous5:07 PM

      Get a life, old redneck.

  37. Anonymous3:37 PM

    The woman looks like the wicked witch in that photo. WTH happened to her face. She's aged 10 years. She looks 36 not 26.

  38. Anita Winecooler3:40 PM

    Bless Bristol's god loving heart, she's magnanimous when it comes to allowing her baby daddies without getting those pesky lawyers and such get in the way.
    Next headline, Bristol names her next child Magdalena Mariner Fishnet Palin Your Guess is as good as mine, because she likes the name and is afraid someone will think of it before she does.
    Notice she doesn't mention the word "rape" this time. Guess she'll be paying back the outrageous amounts she was getting from Levi.
    Speaking of Bristol, wonder if Duh's done any cow tipping while visiting?

    1. Anonymous3:57 PM

      NO. He's not done. And it's been going on for quite a log time, including in between other "dates."
      That's how THEY roll.

  39. Anonymous4:29 PM

    You people need to stop suggesting African-Americans cornered the name Tyrone.

    Tyrone Power (white)

    Tyrone Georgiadis (white)

    Want more?

    1. Anonymous5:14 PM

      Nah,you're not worth the time.

  40. Anonymous4:29 PM

    So Dakota just posted a pic on his FB of him holding Sailor and behind him is a closet full of jeans. People are commenting asking Dakota how could he wear all of those jeans...........what they don't realize is, in that pic both Sailor and Dakota are wearing the same thing as the are in this picture with barstool. Those aren't Dakota's jeans, those are a Palin's jeans LMAO

  41. Anonymous4:42 PM

    OMG!!! Bristol has posted to her Instagram page a close-up of Sailor . . . cute baby but what is it with those ripped jeans?!?!?!

    1. Anonymous5:19 PM

      Hobo baby with a unibrow!


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