Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Creationist Ken Ham takes to Twitter and preacher man-splains the Reason Rally and what Atheists actually believe.

So the Reason Rally is getting ready to start on June 4th, in Washington D.C. and people could not be more excited.

Well not all people.
I really don't think "worship" is the correct word in this context.
Okay that's a little closer, but I think the word "faith" is once again being misused.
Okay seriously, worship, faith, and religion are all words that simply do NOT apply to Atheists.
Okay well now we're just being silly.

Yeah well it kind of goes on from there. And on, and on, and on, and....well you get the point.

Essentially the problem seems to be that there are more and more people thinking for themselves, and not looking for purpose in any of the books sanctioned by any organized religion.

And that REALLY seems to agitate folks like Ken Ham who depend on people NOT thinking for themselves for their livelihood.

Gee, maybe it's time to start making an honest living Kenny.


  1. Ken Hamm irritates the hell out of me, not just for his arrogant ignorance but his lack of proofreading (to be kind) and avoidance of simple grammar skills. I guess we are both opinionated, but in my case I prefer to think of it as being right.

    1. Anonymous1:30 PM

      Yeah Kenny is definitely grammar challenged. Home skoolin'?

    2. CS Steinkamp8:16 PM

      This nut needs to go back to school and get himself an edumucation.

  2. Anonymous4:12 AM

    Hamm should be Trumps VP pick.. How else could we have a friggin pig for a POTUS without a little Hamm?

  3. Anonymous4:42 AM

    Funny and clever, 4:12 AM!

  4. Anonymous5:08 AM

    4:12 -- I know this is probably very wrong of me, but your comment is hilarious!

    And just as I'm working towards being kinder in my life.

    However--these two absolutely deserve each other. A match made in hell.

    1. Anonymous5:32 AM

      I'm with you, 5:08 AM, I've been working on being kinder for years but funny is funny!

      Good one, 4:12 AM!

  5. Anonymous5:27 AM

    What a crackpot. I'm guessing revenues from his ARK (since when did God say to build a monument to yourself and make money from it?) are not what he expected.

  6. Olivia5:27 AM

    Why is it so hard for these bozos to understand that atheism is simply the absence of belief in a deity? And why is it such a threat that they have to make up shit about it? Whatever your belief or non belief is, there should be loud bells warning you to look behind the curtain when you see this kind of hair on fire propaganda coming from creeps like Hamm. Follow the money!

  7. Randall5:31 AM

    We collect marbles.
    They [atheists] don't collect marbles.
    But that doesn't mean they aren't collectors...
    oh they ARE collectors!
    Just because they don't collect anything doesn't mean they aren't collectors!

  8. Anonymous6:11 AM


  9. Anonymous6:12 AM

    So before Trump said it, Bill Clinton said it.


  10. Anonymous6:34 AM

    Yes, I matter trump. Yes, I can stand in my own righteousness, my greatness trump. I can stand in my own greatness, whether I am Latino, Black Muslim, Native American or woman trump. I can stand in my greatness here in my greatness. I have been. trump yes can just go to hell, that is where you can stop muslims, blacks, latinos.......you pos.

  11. Anonymous6:52 AM



  12. Anonymous7:03 AM


    1. Anonymous7:38 AM


      bought GOD DAMN time...

  13. Anonymous7:14 AM


  14. Anonymous7:42 AM

    Not sure where I heard it, but declaring atheism a religion is like calling not playing football a sport.

  15. Anonymous7:46 AM

    "According to court papers, Trethewey had been accused of an incident three years before at St. Joseph School, a Catholic school on Capitol Hill that Trethewey attended."

    "Another noted that Trethewey had never had a consensual sexual encounter."


  16. Anonymous7:48 AM

    Sometimes, I really hate that I grew up in a country, where spelling was important - even in a foreign language!
    I have trouble with some 'authority' (cough, cough!), when they do not know the difference between 'their, they're, there',

  17. Anonymous7:58 AM

    God Sends Terror Attacks Because Of Bathroom Rights And Evolution

    ...Terror attacks such as 9/11 and the mass shooting in San Bernardino were allowed by God because of the gay rights movement and the acceptance of evolution, evangelist Anne Graham Lotz said.

    “Our nation seems to be shaking its fist in God’s face and telling him to get out of our politics, get out of our schools, get out of our businesses, get out of our marketplace, get off the streets,” Lotz told conservative radio host Steve Deace, according to audio posted online by Right Wing Watch. “It’s just stunning to me the way we are basically abandoning God as a culture and as a nation.”

    When that happens, “God abandons us and he backs away and takes his hand of favor, blessings, His hand of protection away from us and he abandons us,” she said.


    Seriously. Insane.

    1. Anonymous1:33 PM

      Why does God send all those tornadoes into the heartland where the rill Murkins are? Why not NYC or LA?

    2. Anonymous4:33 PM

      See, Bily Graham and the Westboro Phelp's aren't really that far apart.

    3. Anonymous6:44 AM

      She didn't get that memo in 1Corinthians 14:34 where her god inspired some asshole to write that women are to keep silent in the church. If god wants her opinion, he'll ask her husband, her father or her oldest brother for it (even if said brother is younger than her!)
      Stupid stooooopid! Hate on those gays, lady, just forget what your religion has to say (and what is actually quoted in your thousands of years old desert fables) about what you as chattel-female are supposed to be doing, making babies for your man and being all submissive and silent.

  18. Anonymous8:00 AM

    Samantha Bee Breaks Down Why The Religious Right Is Voting For Trump


  19. Anonymous8:25 AM

    As a christ-follower, I don't agree with Ken Ham either. He is crass and uses twitter to make his belief known? Why isn't he demonstrating the fruit through example? Isn't this the guy that built a monument replicating Noah's arc and a grand creationist museum in his name? Doesn't he even read the bible?

    What Ken Ham and others like him do is not see the plank in their own eye, yet try to find a splinter in other people's eyes. He is breaking a huge commandment by building idols made of stone and wood. His OT would tell him absolutely no way is that permitted. The Jerusalem temples have specific requirements and had gold artifacts made for temple worship, but only under direct use of the priests. The OT Israelis dared not build monuments and statues that could be worshipped as it grieved God. Notice the lack of statues in ancient Israel compared to Rome and Greece.

    Does Ham realize that a man like Trump builds towers with his name on it? This is pure and unadulterated idolatry and self-worship. The NT also commands believers to love their neighbor as they love themselves and using twitter to offend and castigate others is offensive to God. He didn't die for man's sins so they could then judge and condemn others; and the Hams and the cultist group of christians who take on the Name and thrash it, are doing the real gospel a disservice. It's a way of life, not some ritualistic formula, and he and many like him must feel some guilt, because only guilty people spew their hatred and condemnation against others, others who never even hurt a hair on their head. When they're looking for a fight, it's very obvious they never really knew Christ.

    Yeah, let me rant........

  20. As an atheist, I spend very little time thinking about atheism. I don't set aside daily contemplation time or a day or two of the week to observe my belief. I don't tithe it, I don't commune with other like minded individuals to embrace our atheism. I am not a member of an atheist club or organization. Though Hamm is not addressing me personally, he gives me way too much credit for my beliefs and agenda. I believe in a lot of things, but they are not religions. In many respects Hamm and others like him do a disservice to the concept of God. So often believers are judgmental, hateful, bigots who offer themselves up as God's children. They are not the kinds of people I wish to be around in life, much less eternity. There are Christians I know and like. And they are very different from Hamm's kind of Christian. Not different enough to convert me, but at least I can respect them.

    1. Anonymous4:34 PM

      Yep. And when I take a yoga class, I don't Ohmmmmmmm because I'd giggle. I take it because I need to stretch my muscles.

    2. Anonymous6:48 AM

      I'm with you, 4:34. I can't take the classes, they're all way to into the 'religion' of yoga. I need yoga for natural pain relief and practice on my own, with dvd's and books. And use the Esmonde Technique! Shout out to miranda wesmonde white, you French Canadian, you. She'll kick your ass!

  21. Wow, Ken Ham really seems bothered by the fact that atheists have put on a big get-together, what, twice now? It must be very threatening to him, though Christians gather in large groups like this almost constantly. I hope that his fears are justified, that soon we will be so commonplace that there is no stigma attached and every person in the US will know that having no belief is an option that does not make you the target of violence etc.

    I remember watching a video of the first Reason Rally with my ten year old son.........we were excited to see so many other skeptics in one place, we both had big smiles on our faces. I wish it wasn't such a long trip from Alaska to D.C., I would love to go with my two kids and just be surrounded by people who have a similar outlook on life!

  22. Anonymous10:38 AM

    My father was an agnostic. As a Native American I was caught between a few different beliefs. The one I like the most is that we all go back to mother earth to fertilize her soil. It's people like Ham who misrepresent what kindness to mankind would have been said in the bible. They want us to get on our knees and suck their dicks in the name of God. Oh, and don't forget to leave an offering. I totally dislike these people. But as time passes, assholes will continue to exist and spew their do this and don't do that religious views so what can you do. Life goes on and we all believe what we choose, and then we die and if our relatives don't cremate us, we go back to the earth. Although, I don't think we benefit the fertilizer process as well as the other organisms on earth. We take more than we give, in other words.

    1. Anonymous6:52 AM

      Check out the Body Farm, Knoxville TN off campus facility.
      You can help fight crime by literally donating your body after death to this place, some restrictions apply. From the doco, it looks like a peaceful forest to let your body naturally decompose, while these scientists study the process and the knowledge gained helps crime fighters bring justice to victims of violent crimes who can't speak for themselves anymore.

  23. Anonymous4:29 PM

    Not only is "faith" being misused but they're=/= their. Go back to third grade where you belong, Hammie.

  24. Anita Winecooler4:59 PM

    Why is it that when more than one atheist gets together, at least in my own experience, atheism, belief and religion are almost never mentioned among the atheists? BUT you put a bunch of people like Kenny boy and his ilk, and you're automatically given a definition that borders on the absurd? My favorite is "But, we ALL have to believe in a God, Right?". Don't mind the inquisitive, but it's the extremeists that don't practice what they preach.

  25. I don't know much about Hamm, other than his self-defeating attempts at legitimizing creationism. He's on another fool's errand if he's trying to establish a definition of atheism, as atheists bicker even amongst themselves about matters of degree. In Pew polls, some atheists paradoxically indicate a belief in God. Maybe they're accidentally checking the wrong boxes. In spite of what Gryphen writes, atheists are not axiomatically endowed with superior critical thinking skills. They are represented across the spectrum of intelligence, as are the religious.

    New Testament scholar Bart Ehrman offers the most logical definitions I've read. He bases his explanations on the derivations of the root words of agnosticism and atheism: An agnostic does not know whether God exists or not. An atheist does not believe God exists.

    The distinction between knowledge and belief is clear. It's an essential point which often gets lost in heated disagreement.

    A = not. Gnosis = knowledge. Theism = belief in God.

    An anonymous IM reader has objected to lecture-like statements from other commenters here. I make no apology for being pedantic; it goes with the territory of academe. Like the man said, skip over my comments. Heaven forbid you should tax your brain with big words and ideas that challenge your own cherished status quo.

    While I'm on the topic, I wish I never had to read another corny one-liner along the lines of "Atheism is a religion like off is a TV channel." No one talks about what they watch on TV when it's off. Yet atheists are notorious for proselytizing. Greta Cristina barely stops short of saying she prays for believers who are being "hurt" by religion, so that they might be enlightened, as she believes herself to be. She's preaching as self-righteously as any evangelical--although her belief is the polar opposite.

    Atheists can be straightforward and nonjudgmental in their beliefs. When they deviate from that, and insist that only their ideas have merit, they reveal themselves to be as sanctimonious and narrow-minded as the fundamentalists of every faith tradition. No good can come from either extreme.

  26. Anonymous3:51 AM

    Doing great with my Heavenly Father.

    1. Anonymous6:58 AM

      So how are you doing with your fellow humans, ya know, the flawed creation created by your 'creator'?

      So powerful and all-knowing was 'he', that it built in alllll these flaws in its faaaavorite creation?
      Whasa matter, couldn't give 'himself' a do-over? Wasn't like there was any witnesses to yuk it up later over that little goof.


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