Saturday, May 28, 2016

Dakota Meyer spends Memorial Day weekend with this daughter. Time for some product placement.

Courtesy of the most recent Bristol baby daddy's Facebook page:

We are flying Delta Airlines this Memorial Day weekend and just wanted to say thanks for all their support and making sure my most precious cargo is happy. — with Delta. 

Okay seriously does EVERYBODY associated with the Palins use their children like this?

It's like grifting is an airborne disease and if you get close the Palin family you catch it. 

Before you ask no I don't know if Bristol is with Sailor and Dakota on this trip.

All I know is thatTripp is with Levi and Sunny and that Bristol is currently out of state.


  1. Now, tell me again, how old is this little one?

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    2. Anonymous1:34 PM

      Try 7 mos on 6/4.

      No way 5 mos.

    3. Anonymous2:40 PM

    4. Anonymous4:00 PM

      2:40: Correct! That baby is not an insecure five month old that is barely able to stand. She looks quite confident in this picture - more like an almost seven month old.

    5. Anonymous5:44 PM

      What a mess.


    6. Anonymous5:43 PM

      Re that "unplugging" photo: Look at his arm around his "friend's" bare waist. What red-blooded Murrican guy would do that? So I'm going there: Is Dakota gay?

      If he's gay--and in the closet--that'd certainly explain: his mysterious, very brief, first marriage+divorce; his mysterious sudden engagement+breakup with Bristol; his claiming the baby as his (when she is not); and...a quickie re-engagement+marriage to Barstool after all.

      All through this latest baby crap, I kept thinking, there's just not enough sweet SarahPAC payola for him to say the kid is his, pay child support, continue to deal with the Palins indefinitely, etc. So Sailor MUST be his.

      But, yeah, if he's gay, he's lucked into a gift that'll keep on giving: He's a RWNJ and wants to run for Congress. He needs a wife and kids for that. Not to mention that the Palin connection could still help with some potential (wingnut) supporters.

      And it'd be a BIG win for stupid, lazy, mean, promiscuous Barstool: Marriage to a MOH recipient and potential future congressman. With what she'd have on him, she can fuck around forever to her heart's content...and he'd be the official baby daddy.

    7. Anonymous2:04 AM

      Do all the Delta Sky Clubs have the same/similar exteriors? If you are in Anchorage you might be able to tell if the above picture is Anchorage.

      Delta Sky Club entrance at DTW
      “The main club has showers which are very nice, and the place is aways clean.”

      You can't see those 'bugs'. Does he use Lysol?

      What would Dakota do if Sailor had diarrhea and he needs to give her a shower at the same time a transgender had to shower?

  2. Anonymous11:54 AM

    All I see is a potential head trauma, dislocated hip or elbow or shoulder as Sailor strats to topple and dumbo grabs any piece of body to avoid said head trauma.

    1. Anonymous12:08 PM

      Oh please. Leave the drama to the nut job tribe. Nothing wrong with this pic of her at all, except her professed age.

    2. Anonymous12:32 PM

      11:54: Don't be a doofus! He is holding her quite securely around her waist - even if she should twitch or turn somewhat.

    3. Anonymous12:39 PM

      F you 12:08 and 32
      Pediatric nurse commenting. I've seen babies take a header with even the most diligent parents holding them securely they thought.

    4. Anonymous12:41 PM

      12'32 have you held a live child against your waist with your arm only ever?? Ever?? REALLY??

    5. Anonymous12:49 PM

      How nice of Dakota to stand in for her Biological Dad, like Todd did for Curt Menard Jr.

    6. Anonymous1:20 PM

      The baby is darling-- too bad she might grow up to be mean, like her mom and grandma.

    7. Anonymous1:23 PM

      12:41 PM - have you ever posed with a baby? I've got eight grandchildren. For pete's sake, look at the the picture again and get over it! Holy crap.

    8. Anonymous1:45 PM

      12:39 thank goodness you chimed in. It is your job as a pediatric nurse to report child abuse yes? You should identify yourself and provide all your license credentials to the jurisdictional police and protective service authorities. Make sure that they know all the immediate danger this child is in and provide detailed explanations as how you came accross this information.

      It is frankly amazing this child isn't already dead without your professional and personal intervention. Hell it is amazing any child has survived in this world without your expert involvement.

      Go now, call the authorities, thwe world is depending on you.

    9. Anonymous1:49 PM

      12:49 ;)

    10. Anonymous1:51 PM

      1:23 Is that you Sally Heath?
      Maybe ou dropped your kids on too many times on their heads. Would explain some of the idiocy.
      Yes, I've posed with my own kids and literally have held thousands of children in my job. I guess safety first is ingrained in me more than most.I practie in the "think of the worst thing that can happen when caring for a child and planning accordingly. In this case, the baby lfts her legs quickly out of Duhs hands, he doesn't have enough pressure on her with his arm against his waist, or she moves slightly changing the force he has her with and splat. Baby goes to ground.

      YOU get over it.

    11. Anonymous1:59 PM

      You are welcome. It really is amazing that SAilor has come so far already isn't it? Mom breastfeeds while eating 310 shit. Uncle Track hangs out drunk and wielding guns.
      And yes, there are too many kids to list who are alive right now because of my expertise.

    12. Anonymous2:02 PM

      Newborns are one thing, pediatric nurse, 7 month olds are quite different.

    13. Anonymous2:31 PM

      You can tell all that from a picture, 1:51 PM? Hew do you know what pressure he had on her. His knuckles weren't white?

      Puh-leeze. Not Sally Heath; I can't stand any of them.

    14. Anonymous2:48 PM

      1:59 it is also good to know you would never let your unhealthy obsession with a d-list reality star family that you've never had any contact with... mar or influence your professional judgement or conduct.

      But what are we going on about, time is of the essence.

      You should be faxing your professional credentials, along with a detailed witness report as to the child endagerment you are confident of, to every authority possible.

    15. Anonymous3:02 PM

      Anonymous 1:45 is the only sane person on this thread.

    16. Anonymous4:25 PM

      Oh 3:02 PM, contributed to it, made me giggle.

    17. Anonymous1:12 PM

      DLM is the type of parent that figures her head is soft if she lands on it and they can mold it back into shape. Any other problems, if he dump,s her can be dealt with later.

      He won't pay any attention to the silly information about the 'Superbug'. The kid can live on anti-biotics. Bristol is so conscientious as a mother that she already adds anti-biotics in Sailor's #310Shakes.

      These things happen when you are under a year. Who cares?

      Who cares? Not these mothers. Brought to you by Sally Heath.

  3. Anonymous11:55 AM

    I remember something about Dakota's family doesn't like Bristol. They don't mention her name in their house.

    1. Anonymous3:42 AM

      Maybe someone in his family will sneak a DNA test? That is unless the PayMes have him signed into an iron clad aggreement to keep this lie going. Maybe Duh and Bristles think they can weasel a reality show out of this? Who would be interested in two lying, morally bankrupt losers like these two low lifes?

    2. Anonymous7:29 AM

      Mrs. Dwight Meyer must be doing shit loads of listening this week end. Sad to think how much she trusts the MOH. She would not trust Bristol, EVER! She does believe Sailor is Dakota's baby. If Dakota wants Bristol back in his family's fold she would need to forsake her deceased husband. She has already had to think of her as her great grandchild's mother. I imagine her name is mentioned in her house often enough and dear Dwight is turning in his grave.

  4. Anonymous11:57 AM

    Of course, every time I fly I make a public comment on my FB page thanking the airline lol.
    Usually I bitch and moan about overcrowding, delays, ignorant staff, nickle and diming us to death etc etc.

    1. Anonymous1:07 PM

      I'm sure Mr. MOH is flying first class and gets pre-check fast lane access. If he has access to the lounge he's a VIP and isn't bothered by the mundane travel woes of us little people.

    2. Anonymous1:12 PM

      There sure isn't much to thank the airlines for these days. I guess being such an important person, MOH and his traveling companion get special treatment.

  5. Anonymous11:57 AM

    Goodness, that's an adorable 6-7 month old child. Too bad she lost the parents litters.

    1. Anonymous1:09 PM

      That's what I was thinking.

      That baby doesn't look like it's 5 months old.

      Guess they're not trying to hide it any more.

      I only hope one of Dakota's wise female relatives points out the obvious and questions the birth date.

  6. Anonymous12:04 PM

    Great parenting. Airlines are COLD, and she has no socks even-shades of Sarah's book tour when she had Trig out in the snow with nothing but a torn tee and a diaper. These people should not be able to have kids.

    1. Anita Winecooler2:14 PM

      Don't worry, she packed a book for Duh. "Fatherhood" by Bill Cosby.

    2. Anonymous6:36 PM

      Bill Cosby!

      What has he been up to lately?

    3. Anonymous7:14 PM

      Sharing trade secrets with Bill Clinton.

    4. Anonymous7:36 PM

      7:14: NOPE! Sharing secrets/tips with Two-Toned-Toad!

    5. Anonymous8:29 AM

      @7:14 PM Sharing bastard making secrets with Sarah, Track, and Bristol. How soon will Piper join the bastard baby making group of unemployed leeches?

    6. Anonymous1:16 PM

      Lol so much unhinged Palin hate.

  7. Anonymous12:05 PM

    The kids are away from mommy for the weekend?
    How lucky can they be!

    1. Anonymous8:23 AM

      Sneaky Bristol may be sneaking off to Kentucky for Dakota's drunken Memorial Day? Not sure how lucky Sailor is.

      The public figure Dakota will post quotes. Will he attempt more writing for his brothers and sisters that died in combat?

  8. Anonymous12:06 PM

    Sailor looks a lot like Bristol. Same legs and same chin. She is definitely older than 5 months. That is certain.

    1. Anonymous1:03 PM


    2. Anonymous1:40 PM

      Brissy bought her chinstrap from Dr. Jackmeoff so there is NO way the infant has her bitchmom's chin.
      As far as the legs go, I can't disagree with you. Both have shapeless legs but I give the baby a pass since she can't walk yet. Or can she? Just how old IS this kid?

  9. Anonymous12:09 PM

    Well this isn't a selfie so someone is taking the picture. That is what jumped out at me.

  10. Anonymous12:10 PM

    I guess MOH realizes that if Joey Junker shows up to finally claim his spawn that he can 'outgun' him. Keep up the charade, MOH. It makes you seem so hetero!!

    Junker dodged a bullet, FOR NOW. He'll be the one stuck dealing with the Chinstrap and child support when MOH tires of this act.

    How much $$ do Slednecks make? Better get your ass married to that nice gal you been dating this past year, Joey. Let Chinstrap know you're taken or you're TOAST!

    1. Anonymous1:55 PM

      What is it with the Palin women? As long as "someone" is willing to claim the child they are good with it.

    2. Anonymous8:37 PM

      "Slednecks"- Perfect!

  11. Anonymous12:15 PM

    I see the 'breastfed' baby has a pacifier clipped to her skirt. Too bad no one thought to put tights on her for the cold airplane ride. And where exactly is Daddy's diaper bag with the formula, toys, extra clothes for when she poops through that dress...etc etc. Let me guess. He hired someone to fly with him and handle his 'precious cargo.' See, she isn't a child, she's 'cargo.'

    1. Anonymous12:21 PM

      Maybe it's sitting on the ground out of camera range? You can't be this ignorant, 12:15 PM.

    2. Anonymous12:43 PM

      Bristles went with him.Planning their next grifting gig.

    3. Anonymous1:10 PM

      Do babies have to be buckled into "car seats" when in a plane just like when traveling in a car?

    4. Anonymous1:10 PM

      I agree that the baby should not have bare arms, legs and feet. Airports and airplanes are overly cooled and that's not good for tiny children.

    5. Anonymous1:16 PM

      Thank you 12:21 pm. There's at least one sane person reading here.

      How does Gryphen know where Tripp is? Answer that one, blog owner man.

    6. Anonymous1:43 PM

      12:21 &1:16 posters are one and the same. It's good that you're polite to yourself.

      You might be a schizo, but at least you'll always have each other.

    7. Anonymous1:55 PM

      No we aren't, 1:43 PM, but thank you for sharing. The theories here have long since gone overboard on Palin posts. SMDH. At least Gryph patronizes those who need their fix.

    8. Anonymous2:13 PM

      what would we do without 12:21/1:16/1:55 to tell us what's what? Thanks so damn much for telling me when things have gone overboard, I was gettin' worried! Gryph's site got YOUR click, didn't it? Love it when the "rationality troll" shows up to let us know we're in too deep, got the vapors, got nothin' better to do, etc.
      What the fucking hell are YOU doing here then?

    9. Anonymous2:14 PM

      @ anon 1:10pm
      No they do not have to be and I think all airlines allow children 2 and under to be held on their parents lap for flights. Using a carseat ( like many families do) means buying another ticket.

    10. Anonymous2:53 PM

      2:13, easy there honey, the vapors are getting to you now.

    11. Anonymous3:08 PM

      Anon at 2:14 pm. I didn't mention anything about holding or not holding the baby. I just think that she should have had more clothes on.

    12. Anonymous3:21 PM

      Wrong again, 1:43. Must be nice to know everything. Or almost everything.

    13. Anonymous3:30 PM

      Spot on, Beaglemom. I fly 100K miles/year and have never once seen an infant on an airplane wearing nothing but a sleeveless frilly dress. Can you imagine how uncomfortable she was, was she was in a car seat or in somebody's lap for what must have been a long plane ride? Those idjits really don't have the first clue how to care for children.

    14. Anonymous3:49 PM

      If you are on Fakebook, then you know that Tripp is with his father this weekend. Seems like he might split his time 50/50 now, Thursdays through Sundays usually with his dad. Sunny drops him off/picks him up at school then.
      That means, Bar$tool has the whole house by herself on weekends, when DumbKotAH is coming over...
      Also, too: Sunny posted the other day that Tripp said his baby half-sister needed cheek implants, and then said "oops, I said too much".

    15. Anonymous5:09 PM

      I don't have a baby. Asfor children and myself in public it is the germs I think about. Now there is that super one with the antibiotic problem. I would be grossed at if older kids had bare legs and all and touched anything. Airborn is worse.

      We know Sarah and Bristol are not like that fussy.

      I wonder if they had to use a bathroom? The camera person can take Sailor to the ladies room.

    16. Anonymous10:53 PM

      Anonymous 3:49, people lie on social media all of the time. IF it's true (and I do not believe it is), it still does not make it appropriate to talk about one's family like that on the damn internet. Alas, some people have no class.

    17. Anonymous8:26 AM

      10:53 PM "Some people have no class"? We have seen the no class Palins for 8 years all over the internet and one was pregnant on DWTS, another has been arrested for being in possession of a weapon while drunk and domestic violence (beating up his pregnant girlfriend). Where is that DWTS baby, farmed out to nannies? When was the last time that Sarah Palin, Todd Palin, and Track Menard Palin were employed? You worship false idols, kid.

    18. Anonymous8:38 AM

      More sanity. Think about what this news could mean. Not a bad idea to keep up to date. Everyone consider the world of bacteria and antibiotics. Unfortunately, there is a lot of science involved. If your religion blocks the science they think is
      inconvenient for their beliefs, you will see more of folks like the Palins. Sarah with the Dakota Finger.

      U.S. sees first case of bacteria resistant to last-resort antibiotic

      The mcr-1 plasmid-borne colistin resistance gene has been found primarily in Escherichia coli,

    19. Anonymous11:22 AM

      DWTS baby is as real as Maloe lol.

      But of course you believe in both.

    20. Anonymous11:40 AM

      11:22, you tell it like it is. Thank you.

    21. Anonymous12:12 PM

      11:22am: no argument there.
      Or did the DWTS pregnancy end with a late-stage abortion?

    22. Anonymous1:22 PM

      11:22 is not telling enough of like it is.

      After seeing the mother's day mess I was wondering...

      Was Maloe one of Sarah's personalities?

      She was right about the diarrhea going down the leg. Bristol style of mothering. She must have learned it from her elders.

    23. Anonymous3:03 PM

      Your wondering just makes you more stupid 1:22. I would suggest you stop doing it.

  12. Anonymous12:29 PM

    I saw this picture yesterday, and then I saw $arah's fandamily picture with tRump, Bar$tool missing, and I put 2+2 together. The 'breastfeeding at night only' Bar$tool is on this (free-to-her) trip. Wonder if she acknowledges it to the IRS next tax season.
    (I just wish someone in Ala$$$ka would spill the beans on her and her family to the IRS. There are enough incriminating facts posted by them online!)
    Karm is supposed to be a beotch, but from what I see, the beotch is Bar$tool!

    1. Anonymous6:37 PM

      Sarah actually says Fam Damily.

  13. Anonymous12:30 PM

    'Karma', that is!

  14. Anonymous12:55 PM

    Maybe Bristol and Marina are finally having another private getaway one year since the last time they partied their asses off and Bristol had sex with someone other than her fiance (and other than whatever she does with Marina).

    1. Anonymous8:59 AM

      Bristol will post pictures of her get away if it is not something scandalous and unseemly, the BSMP LLC public relation professional will advertise to her public only what has approval.

      Bristol has no choice for her life of
      un-Christian crimes and degrading morals than to NOT POST those truths.

      We know what no posts of the out of state week end means.

      She may be working on something for the rags with Dakota, Sarah or someone else to show her doing the appropriate publicity. That may come out at another time.

      You know Track and Jordan are not going to help Sarah with her veteran fantasy life.

      That is all up to Bristol, she is the one with the set up and the Marine.

      Marina has been locked out and can only be in the secret life of lies now.

    2. Anonymous1:29 PM

      Speaking of the Russian plow ox, what has become of brissy's bff Marina? I mean, her OTHER bff, since MOH is her latest bff.
      Haven't heard a peep outta her.

    3. Anonymous1:38 PM

      Bristol may be out of state to do an epic or not so epic photo shoot for a new publicity piece.

      They may be working on a better production to sell to Hollywood or some film industry, TV or what ever.

      She may be producing something with Dakota and we will hear or see something about Sailor meeting Dakota's dad and family in Ky for Memorial Day.

      It may just be Bristol escaping all the fraud and getting off with some secret wild sex fling.

      We will see what she posts next.

      If she leaves out anything about her get out of state get away that will be an obvious indication.

      If she has a promo for being military and memorial, not drunk and eating but something with flags or flag like symbols. Well, the latter is obvious.

      They may be able to pull off a flag scene type memorial scene including the family values unity using the Meyers in Kentucky.

      It will be interesting to see what kind of success they can manage. Daily Mail is always there for them. As is TMZ, People and others.

      They need to get others on board with the publicity and it is time they open up to more media. They need to pull off something less boring and more spectacular.

      Dakota is only a bff now. How long can they go along with that? They may start hinting their is intimacy and romance.

      More photo ops from the toilets Bristol loves to send her messages from.

    4. Anonymous1:13 AM

      I hope she sends photos from the Meyer bathroom in the hundred year old farmhouse. Doing fish lips of course. j/k

  15. Anonymous12:57 PM

    We should all start doing product placement. I am sure that everyone in the world cares about the products we all use as much as they care about the products those grifters use.

    1. Anonymous1:16 PM

      Anything not to work! Like I would use anything they ascribe to, and Delta is known for being one of the worst airlines there is.

    2. Anonymous2:12 PM

      @ 1:16pm
      Delta has actually improved ( or maybe it's just because I finally decided it's worth flying 1st class) and I fly them often since they are the only carrier in the region where my elderly Dad lives that has a contract with the smaller commuter carriers that I need to take to avoid a 4.5 hr drive.
      Personally I just flew SW for the first time for a trip to Vegas and I never will again since it was worse than loading a cattle car with livestock.

    3. Anonymous2:30 PM

      You are a nobody.

    4. "You are a nobody," says Anonymous 2:30.

      It's almost redundant, innit?

    5. Anonymous3:49 AM

      2:30 Is that you Bristles? Still trying to get Hollywood interested in a reality show about you, your "former fiancee" and the baby with a questionable parentage? You and Duh both would need personality transplants before THAT will happen. How is your mother's judge show proceeding?

    6. Anonymous7:21 AM

      You are also a nobody 3:49.

    7. Anonymous8:19 AM

      7:21 AM You are a trolling Palinbot with no life. How is that dysfunctional Palin family of dwarfs, bastard children, a disabled pimp, and a drunken, drug using, woman beating, unemployed adult child treatin' ya, fool? Are you still donating money to the Grifters? Is 'nobody' your talking point for the week?

    8. Anonymous11:23 AM

      8:19 is a nobody's nobody.

    9. Anonymous1:27 PM

      Damn I can't keep up with all these trolls....snicker...snicker....
      Alicia must have invented all these troll identities (the lol troll, the vapors troll, the nobody troll, etc) to correspond to all her multiple personalities.
      You go, Guuuurl!

    10. Anonymous1:40 PM

      You can't be somebody until you've been a nobody.

  16. Anonymous1:37 PM

    Dakota Meyer has an alcohol problem; is 'someone' with him helping through this trip? I can't stand either Bristol or Dakota; however someone needs to be the adult and help Dakota with this child. He has alcohol/temper problems. Hey, just like his almost was brother in law, Track! I can't imagine Track alone taking care of his daughter with Britta.

    1. Anonymous2:09 PM

      So does Bristol and yet you aren't complaining about her having custody. The child has two drunks for parents like most Palin/Heath bastards.

    2. Anonymous3:33 PM

      If he had a few drinks in that lounge that would explain that certain glow he has in the picture.

    3. Anonymous1:41 AM

      Maybe Sailor was NOT going with him. Maybe they were there to say "Goodbye" to -er - daddy?

    4. Anonymous1:47 PM

      The VA no doubt supplies Dakota with all the drugs he and his friends can take. That happens all the time.

      On top of that there is a Kentucky whisky that supplies him with more than enough booze.

      He is probably doing his medicine and keeping himself medicated 95% of the time.

      As long as he stays out of the bathrooms with Sailor, and they never confront a transgender, he may not go off and have an anger flashback and think he has to beat up or shoot the enemy.

  17. Grifters gotta grift. Congrats, Dumbkota. You are officially part of the Palin Grifting Family.

  18. Anonymous1:57 PM

    That's definitely not a 5 month old child. Have you tried looking in the Junk drawer?

    1. Anonymous2:08 PM

      Bristol tried looking in Junker's drawers.....

    2. Anonymous1:42 AM

      2:08 Well, Junkers and every other not too particular guy! He could not tolerate Bristles drinking, so he found himself a decent woman.

    3. Anonymous11:29 AM

      Heh heh, @1:42! I'll bet she's as mean and miserable a drunk as MOH is, when he's in his cups. A Payme relationship can only handle ONE mean drunk, amirite Scarrrah?

  19. Anita Winecooler2:10 PM

    We here at Delta do our best to honor those who served and gave a sacrifice to keep our country safe. Wanna bet he pulled a "Do you know who I am?" while asking for a discount. But do they put kids in the Cargo? I hope he packed enough breast milk for the visit. I thought that was reserved for things like pets and luggage. Isn't he just precious? She's just adorable, holding her head up on her own, how old is she supposed to be again?

    1. Anonymous6:07 PM

      Breast milk. LOL
      Gracie is darling; too bad her life is shot to hell before she can cut a tooth or utter a word.

    2. Anonymous8:21 AM

      My grand daughter was born Jan. 13th and is in the 90th percentile for height. I can't believe Sailor was born late December based on my sixty years of having and being around infants.

  20. So did Mr. MOH make a deal with Delta: free first class tix in exchange for product placement?

  21. Anonymous2:41 PM

    Take a look see at this pile of shit..

    1. Anonymous3:57 PM

      Looks like she filched a shirt from tRump in that yoghurt shop.

  22. Anonymous2:48 PM

    Just remember, Dakota, put the gun down on the table before changing the baby's diapers.

    (No, the baby in the photo is not Sailor Grace, but some other kid. Dakota's IG comments: That's just how we roll, ha ha).

    1. Anonymous1:53 PM

      That is how he rolls. He is not about to change. When was the date that picture was taken?

      Dakota is a lot like Bristol's brother. No wonder she is cool having her kids and any kid with the guns.

      They could be loaded and they may not be loaded.

      Remember Dakota's story about suicidal. How much was another of his lies? He had a mix up with loaded/not loaded gun incident.

      How would Track know what's loaded or not when he is so loaded?

  23. Anonymous2:56 PM

    Anyone at the airport could have taken that picture. I cannot imagine that if Bristol was with him, she would want a pic of her too...
    I wonder if Dakota had a hard time taking Sailor out of state? Maybe she is with him...
    Maybe more photos will show up.
    What makes me think Dakota and Sailor are alone is that Sailor is wearing a pink dress. Bristol never dresses her up, just torn pants, bandanas around her neck, like a boy.

    1. Anonymous4:56 PM

      When Dakota visited Sailor in March, he was accompanied by an aunt (?). Why couldn't she come along this time to help (and take the photo)?

  24. D'kota's chiclets are fascinating.

    1. Anonymous11:26 AM

      Are you talking about his weird teeth(chiclets)?
      Still laughing my ass off, you win, tinytwotone and your moniker never fails to get a giggle from me...

    2. I think D'kota had summer teeth. Summer there, summer not.

    3. Anonymous5:40 PM

      Dots for eyes and Chicklet teeth. What a catch..

  25. Anonymous3:48 PM

    Per the San Diego Union Tribune newspaper...

    Sarah Palin made a surprise appearance at a Donald
    Trump rally at the San Diego Convention Center Friday. -
    See more at:

    She was not invited... just made sure she saw him and made a photo op

    1. Anonymous9:24 AM

      They say he didn't know. He may have liked that story in case she was real drunk again and humiliated him.

      He could claim she was forcing herself to be there and use him.

      Trump would be innocent.

      Trump would want Sarah because he believes in her love of the military and all she does for vets publicity.

      He is not in good with vets and he both wants her and is most likely hesitant. Ivanka would be saying NO PALIN! NO PALINS! NOTHING! ZIP on the clown and her loser family.

      Trump would not be about to admit he would give her another opportunity to make a fool of herself at his expense.

      Trig is brought in to deflect on Track and the other family value failures. The whole deal why she needed the prop Trig since the beginning, makes Trig still viable and needed again. He is a terrific distraction from the derelicts in the family, forget all of them. Just remember the great supporters of the military that Todd and Sarah have always been.

      That rubs off on Trump. He needs to lose the McCain is a skunk and not a hero, he just got caught and captured. He needs to lose how he treated vets at his home in Manhattan. He needs to lose the money swindle with the fundraiser when he had to distract from the connection. Sarah in January and her neglected vet with the assault weapon and when he terrorized the girl.

      It is all part of the con and the publicity both of these charlatans do. They have to grift one way or another.

    2. Anonymous7:42 PM

      Right-o. Been a while since the bestest Palin prop was useful enough to be worth the trouble of hauling out, now that he's not so cute & easily managed any more. You know there were some high stakes at play, for our Sarah to have gone to that much trouble.

  26. Anonymous5:29 PM

    Dwight and Jean Meyer, helped bring up Dakota.

    'We don't ever discuss Bristol Palin in this family'

    It was always sketchy.


  27. Anonymous8:02 PM

    It's a little munchkin! It looks like a doll. Good for Dakota actually being interested in raising it instead of just throwing some money to its mother.

    1. Anonymous11:26 AM

      So far he just shows that he is using a munchkin for his product placements.

      He probably figures he will be getting money back with this product. All the publicity is favorable. And balances all the messages of killing machines (assault weapons and guns). Selling a baby for his deal about fatherhood makes him look much better. Things like whisky brings to mind his brawls and he is not being in treatment for his PTSD. He collects disability. The baby prop gets money from that as well.

      I think it is very valuable for him to sell the concept that he is a father.

      Not someone that is not in treatment. He just gets rewards for being PTSD.

      He is someone that drinks and brawls. Talk to Bing West, he knows that Dakota is also a liar.

  28. Anonymous8:10 PM

    Dakota should not put a good face on this by this picture. NO this should not be the norm and no it is not in Sailors best interest to be a human Yoyo bouncing back and forth between Alaska and Kentucky.I don't care if they get along, well if you do get married. Dakota doesn't want to leave Kentucky and Barstool doesn't want to leave Mama hey assholes you should of thought of that before you dragged a kid into the picture.Time to grow up and the older she gets the harder it's going to be on Sailor. Make some sacrifices and get your priorities straight.

    Hey Barstool what other guy would put up with juggling two kids by two different Dad's? Get real. Hey Dakota what woman wants to put up with a husband that has to travel to Alaska every three weeks to see his Daughter? This long distance thing is never, ever, in the best interest of the child. Get married you two retards and make a decision where you will live but never ever try to pass this off as being normal or good for Sailor.All the smiley faces you post of Sailor wont negate the fact that she is passed around like an object or a cute toy.

    1. Anonymous11:10 PM

      She can't move to Kentucky unless she's willing to move without her son. Levi would never allow it. After all this time fighting for him and all the money he had to pay to get Tripp in his life, no way would he agree to let him go!

    2. Anonymous9:55 AM

      She is not moving to Ky.

      Remember they are advertising as co-parents.

      Now Sarah is allowing the less scandalous
      "b a b y d a d d y b f f" meme.

      No sin for the Christian Bristol and no scandals. She is just a good parent, co-parenting.

      Even Dwight Meyer would welcome her in to his home, had he lived to see the revised version of Bristol that Sarah is producing.

      He would be happy to be in the Reality Show with his wife, Jean, for Dakota to show the baby is his, what a honorable man his grandson is and they all love the baby.

  29. Anonymous8:22 PM

    I think the baby looks worried.

    1. Anonymous8:48 PM

      You can't be my daddy.
      I'm biracial.

    2. Anonymous7:35 AM

      She may wish she could visit her real paternal grandparents. She is thinking why is this guy from her mother's bathroom taking me far away from Grandma Junker?

    3. Anonymous10:29 AM

      From Prostitutes Rising?

      Does that photo remain up on Bristol's INSTA with the product placements? Just curious. It was the end of Junker and the beginning of the engagement entrapment and scheme to snag the (not honorable) Medal of Honor fool.

      Junker was invested in Bristol, most likely Bristol pregnant at the time, enough to be concerned about her drinking. He had no clue about Dakota Meyer. After this he was clued in and he deleted her and stopped public communication.

      In spite of his Ski-doo and other connections to the arranger, Todd Palin. I suppose they are all friends again by now.

  30. Anonymous8:50 PM

    Bristol you can kiss our asses if you think we're giving you another bridal shower.

  31. Anonymous10:54 PM

    Brissy must have realized she couldn't do any better than Dumbkota. Countin' on Trump giving Mommy Dearest a High-Office-position in his adminstration? A White House wedding?

    Dream on, Girl.

    1. Anonymous4:21 AM

      That's exactly what they all have in mind. Sarah, Bristol and Dakota. They've been promised something and they're all hoping it pans out for them. Be very afraid.

    2. Anonymous8:24 AM

      Wasn't Bristol flirting with some stunt racing guy, maybe on line, maybe in person? I agree that when it comes to forming a political alliance, Sarah and Dakota are a good match, and Bristol would be the glue to hold it together.

    3. Anonymous9:42 AM

      Sarah is bad juju with and for the military now. She has only Dakota Meyer.

      Bristol doesn't have any choice or she is living on her own in a ghetto with Marina.

      Trump is not going to embrace his best military mark if she can't keep her myths together.

    4. Anonymous2:44 PM

      Anon 8:24 am, that's right! A guy named Sam who had been on an MTV reality show was posting photos of Sailor on his own IG. You have a good memory.

  32. Anonymous7:12 AM

    Trump sucks with vets, he knows it. He will be seen doing good vet publicity (using people like Palin, thinking she is good military cred). This is not a good week end for him. He has to deal with the vet fundraising disappeared money. Sarah needs vets (Dakota Meyer). Yes, people FORGET her bad news (Track Palin). FORGET the Dakota scandals and nefarious pals.

    Hail to Bristol and Dakota and the new 'baby daddy BFF' meme. (new cute prop)
    Jean is proud. What's the poop on that?

  33. Anonymous7:23 AM

    Too bad Bristol and Dakota can't afford socks and shoes for little Sailor, in an airport not less.

    Maybe Bristol hasn't been able to find a shoe company willing to pay her for product placement, until then barefoot only.

    1. Anonymous11:15 AM

      That is no doubt one colicky baby.

      The 'old wives tale' about socks always on a baby (all year long, regardless of the ambient temperature) to prevent stomach pain is true.

  34. Anonymous9:38 AM

    The lying fool. He should have never lied to Bing West.

  35. Anonymous10:05 AM

    Celebrities trying to keep up with the Kardashians.

    The former reality star celebrated her daughter, Saylor, turning 6 months old on May 23

    Sarah Palin's daughter shared yet another adorable pic of her baby girl, Sailor Grace, on March 16, 2016, writing: "Doesn't get much better than this." Photo: Instagram

    1. Anonymous11:08 AM

      SIX months old? If she was allegedly born in December, that would make her 5m old…did Bristol just reveal her lie?

    2. Anonymous1:19 PM

      Bristles isn't very bright so yeah she will eventually out herself on the birthdate lie.
      Mark Twain said a good liar has to be the smartest person in the world. They have to remember each lie and to whom it was told. Poor brissy can't keep up.

    3. Anonymous10:55 PM

      11:08 AM

      Saylor's mother, not Barstool was 6 mos.

  36. Anonymous10:54 AM

    Sarah Palin, Clean up this mess before you make up more bullshit for the rest of your Fam Damily.

    Did you mean DAMN FAMILY?

    BRISTOL PALIN: Hey Levi ... YOU OWE ME $60K.
    Now can Bristol hire someone more skilled in photo manipulation?

  37. Anonymous11:17 PM

    Dakota Meyer will vote for Donald Trump, why? He is a Republican. Republicans before disabled vets. Dakota Meyer is a disabled vet.

    The good deeds and work Meyer does is a lie. Now we know he puts a political party before vets.

    Disabled Vets 'Detriment' To NYC

    Trump on attending a military-themed boarding high school: “I always felt that I was in the military.”

    On avoiding service in Vietnam: “I had a minor medical
    deferment for a bone spur of the foot. Anyway, so I never had to do that, but I felt that I was in the military in the true sense because I dealt with those people.”

    On talking with Howard Stern about venereal disease and his own personal Vietnam: “I’ve been so lucky in terms of that whole world (AIDS). It is a dangerous world out there. It’s scary, like Vietnam. Sort of like the Vietnam-era. It is my personal Vietnam. I feel like a great and very brave soldier.”

    Here is news no one wants to know.

    Here's Why Doctors Are So Worried About the New Superbug

  38. Anonymous1:00 AM

    Into the Fire, written by Dakota Meyer and Bing West.

    West is an American author and former Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs during the Reagan Administration. He has quiet a resume.

    His 2004 book The March Up: Taking Baghdad with the First Marine Division, written with United States Marine Corps General Ray L. Smith, he received the 2004 William E. Colby Award, as well as the 2004 General Wallace M. Greene, Jr. Award given by the Marine Corps Heritage Foundation for "distinguished non-fiction dealing with U.S. Marines or Marine Corps life.

    Dakota Meyer married Cassandra Marie Wain in 2008 and divorced in March 2010.

    A significant major life event. Important to demonstrate Meyer's character. A marriage of two years is deep and meaningful. He may have married to give someone a green card
    or for a strange reasons. He may want to forget.

    It is still meaningful to who they were.

    The marriage to Cassandra Marie Wain was not told in the book "Into the Fire."

    When Bing West was asked, he said he did not know about the marriage, Dakota did not trust him with that part of his life and left Bing West clueless. In other words, Dakota Meyer lied to the highly regarded, distinguished older co-writer with many awards. A Republican of high status. You can't be much more disrespectful than to lie like that to a man he should have respect, an elder man you would think Meyer would honor.

    Bing's legacy as a writer was put in jeopardy. Now Bing is living the Palm Beach life in high society. He is old and some young punk that he trusted did about the worst he could have done to old Bing.

    A writer like Bing would want to know if his co-writer was telling him the truth. Like with your lawyer, you don't leave things out, you tell them everything. Including the truth.

    Bing West would want to be part of the decision to omit something of such meaning.

    Now Bing has been made the fool.

    Citizen Soldier: Into the Fire featuring Medal of Honor Recipient Dakota Meyer and Bing West

    To a better Memorial Day, one where those who are living aren't living a lie.

    The Eleventh Commandment "Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican"

    Reagan might today say "Thou shalt not act ill of any fellow Republican"


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